The Civil War Never Ended

The Civil War Never Ended


R.E. Prindle


Considerable evidence exists to show that the Civil War began in England in 1066 when Big Bill Norman stepped ashore at Hastings with his hordes and pasted the natives. The Normans, named after Big Bill known in those days as William the Conqueror but now edited to meet current standards proceeded to enslave the Anglo-Saxons who had been lounging around the area holding the territory for the Normans. The Anglo-Saxons considered their enslavement a betrayal. A fierce debate concerning this so-called betrayal is still raging. The reader is invited to make up his own mind. Get a few more facts first.

Over there in East Anglia, on the East side of England, this slavery bit, iron collars and all did not go down well. A great deal of resentment was stored away. This was before the days of psychoanalysis so it went into their unconscious but not all that deep. This resentment blazed up in 1600 something when the East Anglians rose up and slew the good King Charlie the One. Old resentments die hard and a lot harder than you think. A lesson to be borne in mind.

The fight would have been contained on English shores but for the fact that the New World had been discovered shortly before Charlie’s head hit the basket, or he dangled, I forget which but when you’re dead how important is it? Escaping Charlie’s and his dad Jim’s oppression, real or imagined, a couple decades before a largish body of East Anglians now going by the name of Puritans fled across the big water, much bigger then when boats were slower, while sometimes not arriving at all, to land on the sparsely populated shore that they named New Anglia and that became New England.

Well, wouldn’t you just know it? No sooner were they getting settled than this fellow Cromwell from Old Anglia killed Charlie and seized England. Now the Anglo-Saxon ruled the roost and those damn Normans, now going by the name of Cavaliers, had to hightail it across the water too.

They now, in their turn, crossed over to the New World but veered South and formed the colony of Virginia, named after an English queen of doubtful virtue, don’t let the name fool you. It’s true that Charlie was a Scot and not a Norman but as nothing was named after him in the New World, it didn’t matter.

So, now, here is one of the great overlooked facts of history. The Puritans of New England were glaring almost eyeball to eyeball at the Cavaliers. I have no doubts they would have gone to war right away if the older colony of New Amsterdam, now New York, Old York is North of East Anglia in the Old Country, had it not been blocking the way.

But there was blood in the eye of the unforgiving Anglians. They stewed, their resentment festered. Then the Norman’s enslaved some savage Negroes from Africa. There, the Anglians thought, they went and did it again. It was a habit not a one off. But this time the Anglians were going to get those bastards and get them good. Kill them all.

Well, to make a long story medium long the Anglos began working up a head of steam about slavery even though they were not pure themselves. It wasn’t so much that they cared about the Africans, hell, they were just a bunch of savages anyway, but that slavery bit…if you know what I mean. We was slaves too and we’re not going to tolerate slavery now. If the Jews had been there in numbers it would have been quite a gathering of ex-slaves and slaves. A monster convention.

So the Anglians whipped up the bloodiest war there ever was and by force of excessive numbers, conscripting a whole lot of people who didn’t have a dog In the fight, they drove Old Dixie down. Yes, sir. They drove Old Dixie down. If you think that was enough for the Anglians, it wasn’t. They wanted to kill off the whole damn lot of those Normans, cum Cavaliers and any other White men who got conscripted, no distinctions. Justice is justice, yes, sir. Stern justice. Remember that. The field of Hasting’s will not be forgot although I don’t think it was mentioned at that time. I just made an historical interpolation, that’s all.

Well, those damn Yankees would’ve murdered the Southern Chivalry for sure except for, if you remember, New York was in the way, as well as Pennsylvania that had been added later. Cooler heads prevailed so the Yankees were reduced to imposing Reconstruction. They stripped that Chivalry of all weapons and denuded them of all rights and then made them subjects of their former Negro, African, dark slaves. Racist minds considered this an indignity, but the Negroes enjoyed it.

Yankee power would fade after a while and while Dixie didn’t rise again the White Folks would break their hold and bring their own heads level with their shoulders again. After another little while they had a silent revolution that was called Jim Crow and regained control of their country. Oddly enough they aligned themselves with their New England enemies and became the Democratic Party. Republicans had left a bad odor in the land.

Now, where was I? Oh yea, Jim Crow, believe it or not but the Rebs imposed Jim Crow on the whole of the United States. Then Jim Crow came to a crashing end in 1954, no whimper there, when the Negroes and their Northern allies staged a bloodless coup, a legal decision called Brown v. the Board of Education, something like that. Yes, sir, Jim Crow was over and the Liberal occupation of America began. Another revolution of sorts. Not unlike the first Reconstruction, the disenfranchisement of Whites began. You was with ‘em or you was Nazis. Yes, sir. The Yankees and allies became the Party of Virtue while any who objected to the occupation was of the Party of Evil, styled Nazis after the Party that fought Communism in the Old World.

The Party of Virtue had it their way, no matter what Party occupied the White House until 2016 when the game went wrong somehow. It wasn’t supposed to be that way but it was. The Virtue Party has kicked against the pricks, refused to accept the voice of Democracy that said they had overstepped the bounds. The Virtue party however became unvirtuous and would not accept the will of the country. Democracy or no democracy they should have won, they thought and said, hell, they even rebelled in the streets, they made Sumter look like child’s play. It is too early to tell, but maybe the Second Reconstruction is over and on the National level the Johnny Rebs are back in control.

As you can see, there is nothing new here, the war goes on, only the weapons change. What began in 1066 in England is still being fought out today. Will it end here? Nobody knows. The wheel of fortune is still spinning, the vagaries of history is still happening. My only hope is that it will be the best thing for the country. This I do know, it won’t be right if it comes from those Damn Yankees.


Battle Cry

Battle Cry


R.E. Prindle

When did our national discourse become so consumed with the state of our national discourse? Rarely has so much public dialogue been dedicated to arguing over what can’t be said, who can’t say it and just how they shouldn’t put it. It has always been politically profitable to frame your opponents’ rhetoric as irrational, cruel, even dangerous. But our now-constant public skirmishes over speech have moved to another level entirely: These days, the closer you can situate your opponents’ words to actual violence, the better.

When James Hodgkinson opened fire at a Republican congressional baseball practice in June—wounding Representative Steve Scalise of Louisiana among others—he was killed in the attack and left no manifesto to explain his actions. But the shooting immediately became, for many, a chilling example of the consequences of someone else’s rhetoric, and commentators raced to track down who that “someone” might be.

A Newsweek headline asked if “anti-Trump” rhetoric inspired the shooter…

Amanda Hess NYT

Magazine 8/20/17

This post concerns a discussion on Michael Sellers’ Facebook page.  It should be of interest.

Cc: Johannes Rebhan, Alan Derian, Ian Hawke, Scott Rosen

Gentlemen: In reply to your comments I had written a reasoned comment that attempted to deal with facts and historical opinion. However, since reading your comments among others on Michael Sellers’ post of the last couple days of scurrilous ad hominems and defamation I didn’t think you deserved it while it would be futile as you refuse to answer arguments preferring to resort to slander. Therefore I am going to tell you how you appear to an intelligent reader of your comments.

Scott Rosen is a mere thug with a mouthful of canards and insults. In addition he is not so bright as he spells the Adolf of Hitler Adolph with a ph. Scott is no longer welcome on my site.

Next, let’s consider Alan Derian. His reply was very interesting because he cleverly manages to threaten me with dire consequences if I don’t fall in line without exposing himself to the casual reader as he says it is my choice whether I want to be beaten or whatever thereby exculpating himself.

His comment is very well composed, he obviously knows what he is doing.


OK, RE. Before anyone else reacts to your last discussion about the science of the abilities of the races, let me address two points.


Here Alan admits that there is a science that addresses the relative abilities of the races. This is an important point because he admits that there are races and that they have differing abilities.

As an aside the Liberals on Seller’s thread always speak of scientific disciplines as if that knowledge is wholly different and separate from other knowledge. They speak of scientists as though they were a different race, almost alien, rather than merely someone whose specialty is physics or chemistry etc.. In point of fact anyone with the necessary intelligence can take up a scientific specialty although those who excel at them possess superior qualities and are few.

Scientific disciplines are one thing while the use of the scientific method is available to anyone and applicable to any task. When I was in college we were told to not take the course information too seriously but if we got the method that was the point. I got the method. You Ian, although a fine fellow do not have the method although you have an overweening self-confidence in your opinions.

Alan then continues:

Quote: First, you are correct in saying that in Communist countries opposing speech was censored and how America is supposed to be different [exceptional] and allow free speech. But that term “free speech” is a misnomer. America has freer speech, it has a wide range (of) what kind of speech it allows, BUT, all countries, in order to survive, must enforce their core values and reject and suppress those who work to undermine those values.


As we all know, America is a diverse society of many cultures each vying for dominance. Aryan culture did not inhibit the speech of any culture or political point of view. In other words whatever core values the Aryan society of the nineteenth century possessed and expected all immigrants to accept has now been split into competing cultures with different core values who wish to inhibit speech. So, Mr. Derian leaves open as to which core values he is referring to. As he here offers a tactic of the Jewish culture, which has no provision for free speech or conscience, it is obvious to which diversity Mr. Derian belongs and whose core values he wants to protect.

As Judaism is a semi-autonomous culture, as now are the Negro and Moslem cultures, while he seemingly speaks for Americans in general or universally his concern is for Jewish core values. In the struggle for cultural supremacy the Jews at present are leading the rest. Mr. Derian is also an Israeli citizen; a dual citizen who carries an Israeli passport or can obtain one but it is an important consideration. One needn’t ask where his primary loyalty lies.

Now, these White demonstrators characterized as Nazis by Mr. Derian are specifically guarding the core values of the Aryan population of the US. As Mr. Derian points out they must do this or be submerged. The problem is that they are competing with Jews, Negroes, Moslems on the same basis. Quite obviously they are the enemies of Mr. Derian and his Jews and vice versa. Virtue is not the issue here as all are fighting for the same cause but who they are. There is no possible way of faulting the Aryans without faulting Negroes, Jews and Moslems.
The Aryans were also shouting, according to reports: The Jews will not replace us. Given the competition for supremacy between the Jews and others this is a legitimate war cry. They are also reported as shouting Blood and Soil. As their core values, which Mr. Derian admits must be defended by any means necessary are based on blood as are Mr. Derian’s Jews as well as the Negroes, not so much the Moslems, and soil which means that as they are Americans they have no other soil to claim. This is not the case with Mr. Derian and his fellow Jews. Anywhere they hang their yarmulke is home to them.

Now, Mr. Derian says that ‘free speech’ is a misnomer and that in defense of a culture’s core values anyone who challenges them can be forcibly shut up by any means necessary. This is strange, as Mr. Derian then invokes the Constitution of the United States which guarantees unrestricted freedom of speech as well as assembly and has been confirmed by the recent decision of the Supreme Court as a core value of the United States. Mr. Derian is subjecting himself to a forcible rebuke.

He then quotes the words “all men are created equal” from the Constitution out of context and says that this is a core value that must never be attenuated as if a mere phase could be attenuated. He neglects to complete the sentence to: “in regard to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” There is no reference to preference of certain people. The rest of the sentence changes the meaning imputed by Mr. Derian as the evidence for all men being created equal makes it an oxymoron. Quite obviously all men are not created equal as a certain percentage of births are stigmatized with often horrible birth defects.

Further, in the broader sense, Mr. Derian has already admitted that there is a science of racial differences which implies that all men are not only not created equal but those differences persist throughout life.   Thus, Mr. Derian is hoist by his own petard.

For Mr. Derian it is enough to impose his opinion on US law even though no laws support his points.

Thus while other countries have draconian laws to protect ‘their ‘ core’ values, one of which in most European countries is to never, never criticize the Jews or their interpretations of the holocaust and WWII or you will be put in concentration camps called prisons and have at least a portion of your assets confiscated. It should be clear whose core values take precedence both in the US and Europe and that those values are not endemic to any European country.

The difference in the US, he says, is people might lose their jobs, that is, their means of subsistence, get screamed at by counter-protestors, that is, competing cultures, deprived of their core value of free, not freer, speech and otherwise to be made to feel bad. That is defamation, insults, directed hatred, which, one imagines are acts of tough love to bring the deluded in line.

To cap his climax Mr. Derian makes this dire threat, which one is led to believe is backed by the full force of the Jews and their auxiliaries.


Bottom line: all men are created equal. Not all men are more or less created the same depending on your race, gender, sexual orientation, or religion. Men. Equal. Period. You either adopt that or you get crapped on. Your choice.


So, Mr. Derian ends his diatribe with the threat that you either go along with his and the Jews’ program or they will fuck you over like you have never been fucked over before. Your choice: On your knees before your masters, slaves, or what happens to you you have brought on yourself. Your masters are free of guilt; you have been warned.

So, American democracy has come to that. The Jews are staged to replace Whites and the Aryan demonstrators were quite right to chant Jews Will Not Replace Us. That, does however, remain to be seen. The war is on, not over.

The Birth Of Two Nations



The Birth Of Two Nations


R.E. Prindle


In 1915 D.W. Griffith and Thomas Dixon Jr. released what is perhaps the most famous movie, silent or talkie, ever made. The movie that depicts the aftermath of the Civil War, that is Reconstruction, was the biggest spectacle ever produced to that time, and also the highest grosser.

The movie was addressed to the North. For the North the Civil War was a war of extermination intended to kill all the White Southerners. That they didn’t succeed is a mere accident of history. For instance, read War Crimes Against Southern Civilians by Walter Brian Cisco. After a hundred and fifty years later Southerners finally feel free to tell the truth. The book will help you understand Griffith’s Birth of a Nation.

Thus the nation Griffith and Dixon referred to was the unity of the Aryan Nation. The Birth was its hoped for reunification after the horrors of the Civil War. The plea was never to kill each other again; especially avoiding the genocidal horrors of Generals William Tecumseh Sherman and Phil Sheridan among many other Northern commanders.

Naturally the movie was seen as racial and racist and a great hue and cry was raised by Negroes and Jews but not by the men who fought the war either North or South. While the movie in many cases was viewed by participants and survivors of that great conflict, and thought to accurately represent the situation a barrage of defamation was directed at D.W. Griffith, the director, and Thomas Dixon, the writer.

Dixon who was a best selling author of talent and a good story teller was gradually turned into a racist monster having no place in American literature or culture. Both he and Griffith’s careers began a precipitous decline following the movie and both died penniless and in obscurity.

Now, a hundred years later in an effort to co-opt history a new film also titled Birth of a Nation has been written, directed and acted by Nate Parker. Nate is a Negro. His film deals with a slave uprising led by Nat Turner in Southhampton County, Virginia in 1831. The rebellion was a murderous, bloody, rapefest that ended as it must have once the surprise was over and the Whites organized. But, what is meant by Nate Parker’s filming the movie? Is it merely to mock Griffith and Dixon or is he calling for a unification of the present Negroes to exterminate present Whites?   In other words, a serious call for the birth of a Negro United States or Nation? The film certainly excites the Negro people to do battle with the White Demons. And that at a time when the Negroes are already working themselves into a lather finding excuses to kill, burn and loot.

The very people who denounce Griffith and Dixon now applaud Parker as the auteur of a fantastic picture. They little know that they are the projected victims of the film.

However Nate Parker has complicated the matter by having been tried for raping a White girl in college, sort of following Griffith and Dixon’s script that was denounced as defamatory.   The White girl is described as being unconscious, thus one imagines drugged, hence unable to give consent as Parker claims while having gratified his hatred of Whites on the girl’s body. Having gratified his hatred Parker invited his Black roommate into the room to have some too. So we have a gang rape.

So the Griffith film in which a Negro gratifies his lust on a White girl seems to have been reenacted by Parker even though the scene in Griffith’s film was called inaccurate and racist.

Parker, of course, represenst his rape of the girl as a mere youthful indiscretion and he’s put all that behind him; convenient for him although his victim subsequently committed suicide at the age of thirty. Collateral damage.   So let’s forget about the mistake and concentrate on Parker’s movie that calls for lots more murder and rape.

Let’s try to place Parker and his movie into a historical continuum. The Nat Turner uprising occurred in South Hampton County, Virginia in 1831 as noted. The uprising was not too far distant in time from the 1804 revolt of Toussaint L’Ouverture in Haiti which established the independence of Haiti from the French. Haiti was a major event in the consciousness of nineteenth century history. While Toussaint did not in any sense defeat Napoleon as some historians claim he did defeat troops of the Empire. The reaction among Whites was stupendous. Some feared an uprising in the US like that of Nat Turner other lauded Toussaint as the greatest military figure of all time surpassing Washington, Napoleon, Caesar and whoever. Just the greatest and that because he was a Negro. Matthew Clavin in his fine book Toussaint L’Ouverture and the American Civil War details the reaction to Toussaint’s victory. All the White men were massacred while the White women were given the choice of a horrible death or marriage to Negroes, but a real marriage not a mockery of one. Most women chose to submit to the Negroes.

The Whites not murdered during the Haitian Revolution fled to the nascent United States. While France had sold Louisiana to the US in 1803 New Orleans was still considered a French colony to which many of the slave owners repaired bringing their slaves with them. Many of the slave owners were mulattoes and Negroes thus New Orleans had a large corps of Negro slave owners at the time of the Civil War.

Others landed along the Gulf Coast so news of Haiti was general in the South among both slave owners and slaves. This Haitian rebellion then both incited Nat Turner and terrified the Whites. So, the result was murder, theft and rapine what it would seem Nate Parker is inciting with his movie. As far as rape goes he knows what he’s talking about.

Efforts are being made to prevent the theater release in October, not only by Whites but by Negroes also. This would seem wise. In the event of a Negro uprising that could occur before election time or at least inauguration that might seem to justify martial law and the continuation of Obama rule. Some worry about this and their worries may be justified. We’ll see. I fear that the US is now two nations and not one.

Vote Trump anyway.

Who Benefits If Western Whites War On Eastern Whites?



Who Benefits If Western Whites

War On Eastern Whites?


R.E. Prindle


There seems to be a growing threat of violence between the NATO nations and the Russians. Should such a war be forced between these two White sides who benefits?

Consider! A couple decades ago the Negro Kamau Kambon on public television announced that genocide should be committed on Whites. At the same time the Jew Noel Ignatiev then a full professor at prestigious Harvard University was touring US campuses delivering his sermon that Whiteness had to be eliminated from the planet.   This was with the full approbation of Harvard, he was never disciplined. Ignatiev did this with the full concurrence of the Jewish establishment. No Jewish voice was raised condemning him. He was cheered wildly by campus audiences so they were apparently comfortable with their own extinction.

So, both Negroes and Jews want to see White people wiped from the planet. All White people. Genocide.

Consider again that many reputable scholars believe that the Jews began WWI and WWII in which Whites fought Whites with terrible carnage if not to extinction. Thus if the Jews can foment another war of Whites vs. Whites it will be to extinction.

Since WWII Jews have been advocates of mass immigration to the US and Europe of colored and Moslem populations. In the event of war not only would Whites be fighting Whites but Negroes and Moslems who have successfully invaded Europe and taken over in the US would be enemies within.

In the US Jews, Negroes, Moslems and Mexicans or Hispanics if you prefer would be internal enemies in the US. Mexicans are already in revolt. Who is President of the US? The Negro Barack Obama who invariably favors his own Negroes and who are his apparent coreligionists the Moslems.

The Jews and Negroes are seconded by a large body of White Liberal Quislings in both the US and Europe.

So, let us ask ourselves why is the Negro Obama driving us toward war and who will benefit by such a war? Neither the US or Europe are enemies of the Russians or they us. Russia does not want war yet Obama is provoking the Russians to war as hard as possible.

Consider! Obama has said that presidential candidate Donald Trump will never be president. This is reputed to be a democracy so how could Obama prevent a duly elected Trump from being president. What does he mean when he says Trump will never be president? Only by violence, only by a coup in which he seizes the government permanently and prevents Trump from taking office.

We have been forewarned. The Jews and Negroes want to see us dead. They have the means to do so. They have the will. They are acting now.

I am reasonably certain that Trump will be elected. What then will he do? What will we do if Obama refuses to step down?

Well, arrest him.

Vote Trump or vote for your own extinction. Those are your two choices. Do the right thing, Vote Trump.

Beware The Great White Lone Wolf


Beware The Great White Lone Wolf


R.E. Prindle


I get it!  I get it!  I get it!

How could I be so slow?  First Obama issues a dire warning that the greatest terrorist threat in America isn’t organized Moslem hostility, oh no, no, the greatest terrorist threat in America is the Great White Lone Wolf.  Ils sont partout.

And, lo! and behold!  a Great White Lone Wolf appears out of the woodwork with his newly purchased hand gun and fifteen extra clips of ammunition.  He had a big job in mind.  He invades a peaceful Negro church full of old bent Negroes who seeing his woeful countenance volunteer a helpful hand.  No bigotry in this Negro place of worship.  And, what does this bastard Great White Lone Wolf return the good will?  He murders as many of the whole lot as fast as he can reload.

We are told he went through multiple clips and only bagged seven Negroes out of the whole church full.  Lucky for them the Great White shot like a Negro.

The MSM assures us that he was not connected to any other internet White Supremacist organization or other Great White Lone Wolves.  Of course not, superfluous for the MSM to mention it.  If he were associated with anyone else he wouldn’t be a Great White Lone Wolf would he?  I’ll answer that myself!  NO.  N-O. NO.  Period.

But, guess what The Great White Lone Wolf high school dropout did.   He wrote a neatly typed, well written, thoroughly coherent ‘manifesto.’   Of course, he wants the world to know.  The manifesto is a forgery much more obvious than the Protocols of Zion or the Donation of Constantine.

I can imagine the NYT editor, or perhaps Barry himself, sweating away beneath his lamp:  ‘Let’s see,’ he mutters to himself under his breath, ‘I’ve got to get everything I know these guys think in, oh yeah, and a couple crudities and grammatical errors.  Uh yea, and then a couple of really awkward expressions.  Hmm.  This is beginning to look like my own writing.  Oh well, never mind.  There, that should do it.’

Yeah, it should have, but it didn’t.  Hey, hey, boy, nobody gets by me.

We know there’s a few million more Great Whites out there, I mean, just look at those gun sales.  It is a fact, most of those guns are going into the hands of Great White Lone Wolves.

Once these church shootings begin, Holy Ground for Christ’s sake, and burning of Negro churches down South, nobody wants to burn a Negro church up North, gets rolling there won’t be a Negro left alive.  Stop it now!  Arrest and incarcerate any Great White who looks suspicious.  If you see one tell on him.

New Charleston Toodle-oo


More Charleston Toodle-oo


R.E. Prindle


The Charleston Toodle-oo was merely propaganda.  However the Negroes were mere tools of the Jewish Revolution that began in 1913

In the European phase of the Revolution Russia was wiped from the face of the map being renamed the USSR.  The Russian population was ruthlessly murdered while ending subordinated to the Jews, Poles, Letts among others and of course the Great Georgian himself, Joseph Stalin.

The Russians were expropriated of anything of value and/or murdered.  Warehouses were full of furs, jewels, etc.  They became less than slaves, ciphers.

The same process began in 1913 and is now reaching its climax in the US.  For a hundred years now the erasure of American, White or Aryan identity, whichever name you choose to use, has been in progress.  Aryan mores and customs have been belittled and demeaned relentlessly.  Over the last fifty or so years unceasing propaganda has taught Aryans to hate themselves as the all time dastards of civilization.  They now accept that characterization.

Now, in Charleston, a hypnotized Aryan boy has committed what to Negroes and Jews is the most dastardly crime imaginable.  But the great hearted Negroes forgive him.  He was a Southern boy, naturally, so the Confederate flag is banned thus partially erasing the Southern identity as the Russian was erased in 1917.

Bathing the White House in the Rainbow Flag effectually erases Old Glory thus stripping Whites of their American identity in favor of lunatics.  Already trained baboons have been taught how to grunt out something that sounds like I Am An American while waving little Old Glorys.  Getting the point yet?

We now have an African government governing Aryans according to African tribal notions of law, or some approximation of law.   Managing and directing the Negroes are our old friends with a special relationship, the Jews.  The Jews have now added a song to their catechism that goes:  I’m not White, I’m Jewish.  Thus they consider themselves above Negroes, below them in the hierarchy, and Whites who are at the bottom of their hierarchy.  Hitler is laughing in his grave.

White males have been placed outside the law, being ‘unprotected’ by African and Jewish law. That’s a Civil Disability.

Whether Whites know it or not, they are effectively slaves working the American plantation so that Negroes and Jews don’t have to labor, or, at least not that much.

All a Negro has to do if he wants a fuck is to crook his finger at a White girl and say:  Come.  Just like Negro women and White men in the days of slavery.  White girls willingly go too.  Pay back, reparations, you tell me.

I hope I’m making my point.  The Jewish/Negro Revolution is just about over and it has been successful.  Almost over.  The Golden Spike hasn’t been hammered in just yet.  That will happen in 2016.

Have a ball, y’all.

Barack Obama Our Lifetime President


Barack Obama President For Life


R.E. Prindle


In light of the Rainbow Nation stuff I can now confidently predict the result of the next election.  There won’t be one.  Hints are now being given that people are saying they would like to have Obama as a lifetime president.  i.e. dictator.

Such mutterings have usually foreshadowed action.  Therefore I predict that a ‘grass roots’ clamor will go up that the third term law is antiquated and that the cry will be to make Obama a lifetime president by acclamation.  ‘No reason to step down.’  will say Obama.  Done.

There won’t be an election folks.  Obama is your great Negro father now, for life.  The Rainbow Nation and its dictator are here.  Obama will be able to create laws by fiat.  His will will be law.  Get ready you have been advised.

The Charleston Rainbow Nation

The Charleston Rainbow Nation


R.E. Prindle


Now we see what the Charleston shooting was all about.  It was the US/Confederate flags vs. The Rainbow Flag of the New Order.  The White House become the Rainbow House and the US flag is displaced right before our eyes.

I wasn’t clear what the fuss was all about over the St. Andrew’s Cross that the shooter sported on his license plate but it all becomes clear now.

It was in anticipation of the Supreme Court going gay.  However the Supreme Court cannot legislate anything and that is what they’re attempting.  Laws are passed by Congress not by the Court.  The Court cannot legislate mores and customs and describe it as interpreting the Constitution.  So, while we thank them for their opinion it is time for them to sit down to a good lunch and forget it.

The collateral damage, the sacrifices of the dear old Negro ladies was merely in some mysterious way collateral damage to make an attack on the Confederate flag and indirectly on what is commonly called Old Glory.  The ‘White Supremacist’ was necessary and somehow in Obama’s mind the case of the Old Order is now closed.  More than ever I think the kid was hypnotized.  He’s now down the memory hole anyway.  No trial is necessary.

The inmates have now seized the asylum.  If you haven’t read Edgar Allan Poe’s The System Of Doctor Tarr And Professor Fether now is the time to do it.  If you have read it, read it again and refresh your memory.

Now is the time for the keepers to retake the asylum and put the inmates back in their place.

Never jump the gun; wait for the other shoe to fall.

Wagging The Dog In Carolina

Wagging The Dog In Carolina


R.E. Prindle

A shooter in Charleston who is Aryan?  Let’s see what the racial implications may be.  Surprisingly South Carolina has a relatively low percentage of Negroes.  There is a larger Negro population in Chicago and environs.  I would have imagined South Carolina at 50 or 60% but it is a low 27%.  Aryans account for 66%

While the narrative concerning the shooter may possibly be correct as far as it goes, what might the results of the disaster be as a thought experiment of Obama and his Beards.  Especially the Beards who are controlling the situation.

The question is can the Negro tail wag the Aryan dog?

The Negroes vote as a block so that they can be directed to vote yes or no on any issue as a block of 98-99%.

Of the Aryan votes on a Negro issue the Negroes can count on at least 20% of the Aryan vote while it could go as high as 45%.  20% to 30% is a given.  Aryans are not going to block vote.  They’re not smart enough.

If one subtracts 2% to 3% as the Jewish vote, they will block vote Democratic or Negrophile by an 80% minimum. So that raises the negro percentage to 29% and lowers the Aryan to 64%.  At only an Aryan 30% vote that lowers the Aryan % to only 47%.  Therefore depending on the percentage of the races that turn out to vote the Negro tail will always wag the Aryan dog.  The apparent Aryan population advantage vanishes.

The purpose of the shooting apparently was to raise the level of Aryan guilt for the purpose of gaining political control of both Charleston and South Carolina and indirectly increasing the US vote.

If the ploy is successful, and it will be, then similar shootings in other minority Negro cities can hardly fail to provide a Negro voting majority.

The result of the thought experiment is that Negroes have permanently captured the government of the United States.

Now, in that connection consider what is happening in the Jewish demographic.  Do not think for a moment that the Jewish demographic is not separate from the Aryan demographic.

Once the Negroes have control the laws and their enforcement are at their will.  Negro law will replace what they consider Aryan law.  It will be a decided disadvantage to be Aryan or White as it is currently phrased

As Jews have bred themselves to be as white as possible they must now dissociate themselves from Whites even though they look white to the Negro.

Currently a song is being performed to indoctrinate Jews to distinguish themselves from Whites.  That song is “I’m Not White, I’m Jewish.  It is performed as Negro rap.  (See link above.)

It would seem then in the coming Aryan holocaust that the Jews are relinquishing ‘whiteness’ and aligning themselves with the Negro.  As they are currently directing the current Negro revolution I think the conclusion is clear.  If the Aryans can’t see the advantage to block voting and turning out in a solid block then my advice is praise the Lord and keep your powder dry.

The Baltimore/Charleston Toodle-oo

The Baltimore/Charleston Toodle-oo


R.E. Prindle


Who is to say that this Baltimore/Charleston farrago is not a put up job?  An extenuation of the Ferguson/St. Louis takeover of that city.  Baltimore has now been officially captured and is a Negro city.  A no go zone where Whites and even the police are not welcome.  One guesses that the White exodus will be prompt and complete placing Baltimore alongside Detroit as Aryanrein.

How does a race achieve such a feat?  Obviously one slowly infiltrates a city then when critical mass is reached one begins to create incidents for which compensation is demanded.  The incidents usually concern the death of some hapless individual Negro who stands a symbol for the whole race.  Contrary to all evidence accumulated over hundreds of years Negroes entertain the notion that Whites are committing genocide against them.  The killing of the symbolic Negro preferably happens in a confrontation with the police so that the Force can be depicted as oppressing the race.

Thus in Ferguson an Officer was provoked so that he shot the perp.  The Negroes then arose in insurrection and burnt the city down.  The resultant ashes belong to them while Aryan society is instructed that Negroes can claim any city they want because the Aryans are too chicken to fight back.

Shortly after the news value of St. Louis/Ferguson died down the scene shifts to Baltimore.  Here the situation has clearly been plotted out.  The roles have been cast; the actors selected; the script written.  Remember only a few people are on the inside while the public only gets to see what is essentially a movie unfold.

Freddie the Heroin Dealer is arrested and in the movie, something like the TV show, The Wire also staged in Baltimore, dies in police custody.  Even more gruesome his spine is said to be severed.  Nice touch.  But we don’t get to see Freddie die so we have to take the word of the script writers.  Maybe Freddie did die by accident or maybe in order to advance the story Freddie was willfully murdered.  We have no way of knowing, only the script writers know.  Freddie may even not be dead but is down in Jamaica enjoying the sun.

But, as though planned the Negroes go into insurrection mode.  Now, there are two places in no go Negro Baltimore the Whites had reserved for themselves.  One is a tourist area on the Chesapeake side of the peninsula and the other is the vicinity of the baseball stadium.  The Negroes not only riot but they reclaim the area of the baseball stadium expelling the Aryans from their ‘reservation.’  As the Aryans will get the hint the Chesapeake location falls too.

The event is nearly choreographed as the mayor tells the police to stand down and not interfere with the rioters who have now made themselves criminals if they weren’t before with the mayor as accessory before, during and after.  So that what we have is a gigantic crime in which the city administrators are implicit, enablers and quite probably planners.

The mayor then has committed a crime of enormous proportions in which millions of dollars of property have been destroyed, the lives of dozens to hundreds, perhaps thousands of people ruined with a number exceeding nine dead.  No matter how horrific  this ‘Reichstag’ incident was there is no call to indict and try the mayor who is clearly guilty.  She walks away Scot free.  Like Bill Ayers she says:  God, what a country!  Guilty as hell and free as a bird.

There was some muted outrage and mumbling so while waiting for the next incident to unfold a diversion was deemed necessary.  Some incredible White crime that rather than being ignored or covered up could be magnified.  Some hapless Aryan guy was needed to continue the tradition of the Tucson and Denver massacres.  If you remember those two shooters who both looked hypnotized hence not responsible for their crimes in any way you can find similarities to the Charleston shooter who may be equally unresponsible for his acts that, again, appear to have been scripted and staged.  Amazingly there were no Negro riots and actually no murmuring while the church members ostentatiously forgave the shooter.  Of course, this was a Christian church not unlike all those churches in the South that were blown up or burned.  Ah, Selma, the gift that keeps on giving.

In any event, this guy in Charleston will never make it to trial either, like the others he will disappear down the memory hole when his fifteen minutes of use are over.  Should any of these shooters ever be allowed to come to trial they obviously would have to be declared not guilty by reason of insanity.  That wouldn’t fit the script, right?  So you’re never going to see them tried.

But, the mayor of Baltimore?  Is she crazy or just crazy like a fox?