The Birth Of Two Nations



The Birth Of Two Nations


R.E. Prindle


In 1915 D.W. Griffith and Thomas Dixon Jr. released what is perhaps the most famous movie, silent or talkie, ever made. The movie that depicts the aftermath of the Civil War, that is Reconstruction, was the biggest spectacle ever produced to that time, and also the highest grosser.

The movie was addressed to the North. For the North the Civil War was a war of extermination intended to kill all the White Southerners. That they didn’t succeed is a mere accident of history. For instance, read War Crimes Against Southern Civilians by Walter Brian Cisco. After a hundred and fifty years later Southerners finally feel free to tell the truth. The book will help you understand Griffith’s Birth of a Nation.

Thus the nation Griffith and Dixon referred to was the unity of the Aryan Nation. The Birth was its hoped for reunification after the horrors of the Civil War. The plea was never to kill each other again; especially avoiding the genocidal horrors of Generals William Tecumseh Sherman and Phil Sheridan among many other Northern commanders.

Naturally the movie was seen as racial and racist and a great hue and cry was raised by Negroes and Jews but not by the men who fought the war either North or South. While the movie in many cases was viewed by participants and survivors of that great conflict, and thought to accurately represent the situation a barrage of defamation was directed at D.W. Griffith, the director, and Thomas Dixon, the writer.

Dixon who was a best selling author of talent and a good story teller was gradually turned into a racist monster having no place in American literature or culture. Both he and Griffith’s careers began a precipitous decline following the movie and both died penniless and in obscurity.

Now, a hundred years later in an effort to co-opt history a new film also titled Birth of a Nation has been written, directed and acted by Nate Parker. Nate is a Negro. His film deals with a slave uprising led by Nat Turner in Southhampton County, Virginia in 1831. The rebellion was a murderous, bloody, rapefest that ended as it must have once the surprise was over and the Whites organized. But, what is meant by Nate Parker’s filming the movie? Is it merely to mock Griffith and Dixon or is he calling for a unification of the present Negroes to exterminate present Whites?   In other words, a serious call for the birth of a Negro United States or Nation? The film certainly excites the Negro people to do battle with the White Demons. And that at a time when the Negroes are already working themselves into a lather finding excuses to kill, burn and loot.

The very people who denounce Griffith and Dixon now applaud Parker as the auteur of a fantastic picture. They little know that they are the projected victims of the film.

However Nate Parker has complicated the matter by having been tried for raping a White girl in college, sort of following Griffith and Dixon’s script that was denounced as defamatory.   The White girl is described as being unconscious, thus one imagines drugged, hence unable to give consent as Parker claims while having gratified his hatred of Whites on the girl’s body. Having gratified his hatred Parker invited his Black roommate into the room to have some too. So we have a gang rape.

So the Griffith film in which a Negro gratifies his lust on a White girl seems to have been reenacted by Parker even though the scene in Griffith’s film was called inaccurate and racist.

Parker, of course, represenst his rape of the girl as a mere youthful indiscretion and he’s put all that behind him; convenient for him although his victim subsequently committed suicide at the age of thirty. Collateral damage.   So let’s forget about the mistake and concentrate on Parker’s movie that calls for lots more murder and rape.

Let’s try to place Parker and his movie into a historical continuum. The Nat Turner uprising occurred in South Hampton County, Virginia in 1831 as noted. The uprising was not too far distant in time from the 1804 revolt of Toussaint L’Ouverture in Haiti which established the independence of Haiti from the French. Haiti was a major event in the consciousness of nineteenth century history. While Toussaint did not in any sense defeat Napoleon as some historians claim he did defeat troops of the Empire. The reaction among Whites was stupendous. Some feared an uprising in the US like that of Nat Turner other lauded Toussaint as the greatest military figure of all time surpassing Washington, Napoleon, Caesar and whoever. Just the greatest and that because he was a Negro. Matthew Clavin in his fine book Toussaint L’Ouverture and the American Civil War details the reaction to Toussaint’s victory. All the White men were massacred while the White women were given the choice of a horrible death or marriage to Negroes, but a real marriage not a mockery of one. Most women chose to submit to the Negroes.

The Whites not murdered during the Haitian Revolution fled to the nascent United States. While France had sold Louisiana to the US in 1803 New Orleans was still considered a French colony to which many of the slave owners repaired bringing their slaves with them. Many of the slave owners were mulattoes and Negroes thus New Orleans had a large corps of Negro slave owners at the time of the Civil War.

Others landed along the Gulf Coast so news of Haiti was general in the South among both slave owners and slaves. This Haitian rebellion then both incited Nat Turner and terrified the Whites. So, the result was murder, theft and rapine what it would seem Nate Parker is inciting with his movie. As far as rape goes he knows what he’s talking about.

Efforts are being made to prevent the theater release in October, not only by Whites but by Negroes also. This would seem wise. In the event of a Negro uprising that could occur before election time or at least inauguration that might seem to justify martial law and the continuation of Obama rule. Some worry about this and their worries may be justified. We’ll see. I fear that the US is now two nations and not one.

Vote Trump anyway.


A Tale Of Two Nations


A Tale Of Two Nations


R.E. Prindle


     Eric Foner calls the Civil War America’s Unfinished Revolution and I suppose that’s true.  The Liberals were unable to exterminate the Sons of Dixie in the wake of their military victory over their bodies but not their souls.  The South reasserted their rights as human beings with the generous help of socially conscious Northern Whites.  Thus rather than the Birth Of A Nation as Thomas Dixon Jr. would have it, two nations came into existence.

     Now, Dixie has been purged of the onerous burden of slavery with the Blacks having been transferred out of Dixie to the Liberals of that nation where they psychologically belong.  The slave owners have been purged from Dixie purifying us while the millions who fled the slave owning South to the North and West along with conscious Northerners are able to reorganize as the free men and women they have always wished to be.

     Th Liberals have placed their Negro over them in the White House in celebration one supposes of the imposition of Negroes on Southerners during Reconstruction.

     The Dufus in DC is busily expanding the Liberal Wars.  Unable to conduct successful wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Israeli wing of the liberals now state boldly that they are going to open another front in Iran unilaterally.  On top of that the DC Dufus has opened another front here in Michiganistan because the Liberals say some member of a Michigan Militia threatened to kill some cops.  The Dufus called out armored vehicles and the Guard to destroy one man with no record of violence.

The Dufus's response to the imagined threat of one man.

The Dufus's response to the imagined threat of one man.

     Down along the border in Texas, the Drug Lords who have murdered Mexican police, civilians and politicians in the tens of thousands, actually having done what the Lone Ranger in Michiganistan is alleged to advocate, while now announcing an assassination campaign against police, civilians and politicans in the the US the DC Dufus remains passive.  No immediate response.  The are not headed to El Paso to ward off a real murder campaign against the Majesty Of The Law. Thus a fifth front emerges. As the Dufus is incapable of handling two fronts what chance do we have with the Dufus facing a five front war.

     Why won’t the Dufus and his Liberals respond to the Drug Lord threat?  Will we Dixiecrats have to take matters in own own hands to save ourselves and  from the depredations of the  of the Liberal dufuses?  Perhaps it’s time to put a period to the unfinished revolution and end it.  Dixie now has a mojority position throughout the land.  Liberals and their Negro allies are a small minority who have hijacked the government.  A mere Communist cabal.

     It is time the Dixiecrats realized their power, eliminated the Republicans who are merely crypto-Liberals and take the reins of government back restoring reason to one nation.

     The tale of two nations is ended.  The time for the birth of a nation is at hand. 

Rally Round The Flag, Boys, Rally Once Again.

No slavery to hold us back this time.