I’ve decided to change the name of the blog to thefakereprindlewebsite from Contemporary Notes.  The nature of the discourse has changed dramatically since 9/11 while internet conventions have also shifted.

     The use of a ‘fake’ site as a convention is growing.  I cite:  http://www.fakekarl.com/feeds/posts/default and http://www.flickr.com/photos/fakedick/

     The use of the word ‘fake’ serves as a screen allowing for more personal expression without sacrificing gravitas.

     Also the various conspiracies have become more open all groups having expressed their agendas more openly.  The Illuminati conspiracy dating from the French Revolution is now undisguised in the presidency of Barack Obama while he also embodies anti-colonial ideals while rerpresenting Whites.

     I feel that the opportunites for open discussion is greater at this moment oven though forces (i.e. Judaism and Moslemism) are hard at work to shut it down.  The Semitic belief systems remain the great danger to civilization (see https://contemporarynotes.wordpress.com/2010/09/01/foundation-myths-the-world-trade-center-and-mosque-ground-zero/

     And my thinking too has matured over the several years I have been blogging.  I no longer feel quite the novice although I make no further claims.

     For those who do find my writing relevant, may I direct you to my most popular blog, I, Dynamo.  In that blog I deal more extensively with the same problems rather than in the short propaganda pieces here.

     Keep up the good work however you may fancy good.

A little touch of vanity:  I’ve published my first novel at iUniverse: The Sonderman Constellation.  It’s available on the net book retailing sites like amazon, Barnes & Noble, abebooks and whatever for 14.95.  If you want to review it I have it posted on my reprindle.wordpress.com blog.  Check it out.


4 comments on “About

  1. I don’t know how you derived your opinion from my profile, but, some people read with a crystal ball I suppose.

    Seriously, I imagine you read the Kun essay and then visited my profile.

    That’s a good picture, I don’t know where you get this old man stuff, but as they say about the eye of the beholder.

    Now, Mad Jill, the ad hominem is never an effective argument. Anywhere I fail in my factual approach is open to criticism or condemnation. I got everything right. There are no errors there. Reality is a tough task master and many can’t face it. I don’t criticize you because you can’t or don’t want to but as I say, the ad hominem is not an argument.

    The very best to you, come back when you’ve got valid criticism.

  2. Hi Ron,

    Jeez, lost track of you back sometime in the 1970’s, after I moved from Eugene to California and you moved to Portland. A quick Google search turned up this address, so I am hoping this gets to you. If so, please reply and I will send a more informative missive. (I assume, since I have to submit my eaddress to make this comment, that you have access to it.)

    I still think fondly of you and the Crystal Ship—was just listening to The Band’s Big Pink, which I first heard in your shop and immediately saved up my pennies to buy. Also The International Submarine Band—which you bought several cut out copies of, for a song at the five and dime, then took across the street to your shop and sold as the “rare” first Gram Parsons album (which it actually was)


    George Lewis

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