Goodbye Donald Trump


Goodbye Donald Trump


R.E. Prindle


Not only has Trump let us down on the Kim Davis tragedy but he has now spoken out in a manner that calls his integrity into question.  It is apparent now that at bottom Trump is merely another New York-Washington DC politico.  He shares their values completely.

In viewing the ongoing Syrian tragedy completely caused by his NYC-DC pals, he says that the US is obligated to take in unlimited numbers of Syrians to relieve their distress.  ‘We have to’ he says.

Well, we don’t have to.  We didn’t screw the area up Trumps friends did.  Let me just say to clear the air on the suffering masses of the universe issue:  My heart bleeds for them more than any Liberal could understand.  My very pores weep blood for them.  I have an unstoppable nose bleed for their benefit through which my own life is bleeding out.  No matter, what is that to their suffering.  Let following generations of US citizens suffer more than any Syrian is suffering now.  It is only right.  But, that is not enough.  I see no reason to assume the position and say take a whack at that.  No, I draw a draw a line as firm as Kim Davis.  Thus far and no further.

As an alternative to shipping the suffering Syrians here I propose sending a couple hundred Liberals there so they can enjoy the Syrians’ suffering first hand while to relieve both Syrian and Liberal suffering they can show their economic enterprise by opening a few Ben and Jerry’s ice cream parlors, a few wine bars or so and really get the economy rolling.

Oh, I know, I know, you’re going to say that Moslems can’t drink alcohol.  Well, they can loosen up and learn.  Get liberal. The Liberals can teach them how to enjoy the fruit of the vine.  Learn alcoholism first hand.  That will loosen those tight-assed Moslems up; they can learn to enjoy life.  Up the Prophet.

Once they’ve learned the pleasures of booze we can transport a couple hundred thousand married homosexual couples to teach them the pleasures of pederasty.  Get loose and get down.

So, Donald is taking a back assed approach to the problem.  Don’t bring them here send Liberals and Homosexual missionaries there.  Think, Donald, think.  Think outside the box, so to speak.  You’ve got twenty billions or so and a fleet of airplanes; you can fly the missionaries there yourself.

But, as far as running the country?  Well, Cadet, you don’t look to be an improvement on what we’ve got and you’ll probably be just as trustworthy.  Maybe Megyn Kelly was right after all.