Why Socialists Always Fail

Why Socialism Always Fails


R.E. Prindle


Back before 1917 there were a bunch of Socialist punk conspirators called Bolsheviki who were led by a punk called Vladimir Lenin. These punks mainly clubbed around Switzerland talking about Social Justice and other incomprehensible stuff and how they would create the Workers’ Paradise if only they got the chance.

Well, during WWI the dumb Germans gave them their chance, put them in a few sealed cattle cars and shipped them from Switzerland to the Finland Station. When they got to St. Petersburg, later called Leningrad, then again St. Petersburg, they really didn’t know what to do except hang around but for one punk with the unlikely name of Trotsky. Trotsky got the ball rolling and the Bolsheviki took over. They were now in control of the biggest, richest country in the world. But, they were still at a loss of what to do except throw people in jail and kill them. In their zeal for Social Justice, as witnessed by all those prisoners, they forgot one thing- it takes a lot of money to make things work.

None of them had ever had any money so they probably didn’t know what to do to get it unless they stole it, their usual method. So, they had this great big country but they didn’t have a clue. Well, there’s only two ways to get money and that is to borrow, work for it, or steal it. Is that three ways? Really? Well, three then. They didn’t know how to do the middle part so that left borrowing and stealing. That’s two. Isn’t that what I said?

There weren’t any socialists with money around so the only people with money were the capitalists. Some called that planning; others called it theft. They were a happy prosperous lot, already driving around in Cadillac cars, Fords for the hoi polloi otherwise known as workers, and flying airplanes.

The Bolsheviki tapped the first source. The Kuhn Loebs and the Rothschilds of the world were only too anxious to funnel millions their way. However, let us not overlook the fact that it takes more than millions to run the biggest country in the world.

The Bosheviki had already destroyed the Russian economy because the word economics smells of Capitalism. So they looked around and discovered the accumulated wealth of things in Russia. For a few hundred years the Russians had been making money and buying things so they had lots of stuff like famous pictures, diamonds and jewelry and fur coats, the churches were loaded with artefacts so to these Bolsheviki who didn’t understand making money to buy this stuff, this stuff looked valuable, the real thing. Same as money, right? Guess what they did. They stole it. The greatest heist of all time. This was sensational. They looted the people who had the stuff and drove them out of the country. There went the productive people of Russian society.

Now they had warehouses of this stuff. Warehouses and warehouses, thousands of used fur coats and this other used stuff. Second hand. But, you can’t run a country because you possess heaps of decorative crap.   They had to sell those stolen goods to get at the cash. Who had the cash to buy this junk? You guessed it! People in the so-called Capitalist countries. So these criminals had to set up fences to turn this stuff into cash. They recruited, amongst others, some American (loosely defined) shlub to help move this crap by the name of Armand Hammer. Imagine the Bolsheviki found a guy named Arm and Hammer. What a coincidence.

So Armand Hammer packed a bunch of stolen pictures, sounds like the Nazis doesn’t it, under his arm and beat the bushes of the US finding people to buy this stuff, really nice pictures too. He didn’t have much trouble. The Mellons, the Edward G. Robinsons lined up to get these bargains. So it was all over the world. The Smithsonian bought some, other museums bought this stolen artwork and they knew where it came from too. When it came to diamonds even the British monarchs bought some of the Russian crown jewels, those of the Czars. What a wonderful time to have a few spare dollars hey?

But you know how it is with fenced goods. They go for a fraction of their value. Even with loans the proceeds weren’t enough to run the country. The Bolsheviki got desperate. They formed the NEP. New Economic Policy. Oh, oh, that word that smacks of Capitalism. But now, guess what? Work worked. The country began to prosper. But then the Bolsheviki realized that they were dabbling in Capitalism so they knocked that crap off right away and the country sank back into absolute poverty.

So that’s why Socialism will never work. Because Socialists don’t understand the function of money. They think money just exists like water. If you have a barrel of water it gets used up and no more water. That’s ow money worked, they thought. There’s only so much and greedy Capitalists have discovered ways to capture all the money leaving none for the poor. They never think of refilling the barrel. And that friends is why Socialism always fails. Socialists aren’t very bright.


Strange Days

Strange Days


R.E. Prindle


You wanna talk about strange days. These are the strangest. The Libs are building a fantasy world in their disappointment at losing the election that is unequalled. It is paranoia rampant.

I just received a subscription solicitation from Nation Magazine, the most Liberal of all Liberal rags. The thing might be the product of the imagination of Stan Lee or Jack Kirby, two really paranoid writers. The Nation’s editor has been reading too many comic books. Captain America, the X-Men and those vigilante squads must be real to him.

I’m posting the entire solicitation for your amusement. John Nichol’s, the presumed editor, marbles have broken out of their enclosure. Below the solicitation:


Our subscribers have always

Sustained this magazine.

We are speaking truth to power in an age when the president of the United States says that challenging his authority make us an “enemy of the people.” We know we can win the fight—by framing the terms of debate as no other media outlet will, and by raising the profile of a resistance that refuses to back off.


But we cannot do this without new subscribers, like you.


Donald Trump has made no secret of his disdain for independent and skeptical media. He has banished reporters from his press conferences, created media blacklists, and proposed to alter libel laws in order to constrain criticism of political charlatans like himself.


This is scary stuff.


But what’s even scarier is the tendency of so many media outlets to dance to Trump’s tune: treating his tweets as major news stories, allowing his lies to go unchallenged, amplifying the voices of the defenders of the indefensible. Trump’s toxic rhetoric has been normalized by media outlets that too frequently fail to recognize the threat posed by his presidency.


This is outrageous. But since 1865, The Nation has honed its capacity for outrage.


We have seen plenty of intimidating times, but we have never been intimidated. We know that today’s resistance can prevail because we have celebrated so many victories for so many popular struggles. Our experience gives us the strength to defend freedom of the press and every other First Amendment liberty that Donald Trump threatens.

We stand strong in these times because we know our readers demand journalism that never bends, that never cowers in the face of intimidation. And we will stand stronger because our journalism is sustained by our readers—not by corporate investors or advertisers.

Let’s do this together. Subscribe today. We will pay you back with journalism that overwhelms Donald Trump’s lies with what most terrifies this pathetic president: the truth.

Solidarity forever,

John Nichols.


I can feel his terror and pain, but it doesn’t come from President Trump. No, it comes from the Great Silencers, terrorist groups like the SPLC and the Anti-Defamation League. Apparently Mr. Nichols hasn’t noticed those two great pathetic organizations that roam the country with their hit lists in their hands. Defaming to the left and defaming to the right, half a league, half a league onward they go.


But, to the Nation’s endorsers, the usual suspects. These fairly public figures are apparently leaders in the underground resistance. They are the Undefeated. The list is headed:

Resist. Organize.


The Nation.

Barack Obama: it’s more than a magazine, it’s a crucible of ideas.

Elizabeth Warren: An indispensable voice in our political dialogue.

Bernie Sanders: [The Nation] has never played a more important role than it does today.

Dan Rather: The Nation has provided consistently uncompromising and important journalism.

Harry Belafonte: The Nation has brought to the table of human need a menu of truth.

Nancy Pelosi: The very highest standards of journalistic integrity.

Sarita Gupta: The Nation has set a standard for journalistic excellence.

Alex Baldwin: There are few places where one can still read…courageous journalism. The Nation is one.


There you have it. The Rogues Gallery of the leading resisters. The Liberal champions of the Fighting Underground. The take the Knee, with pride. Let’s give them a big hand.


This solicitation was better than one of Stan Lee’s comic books and a barrel of laughs. It was sent to the wrong person however.

Stand Up Comedy At The New York Times

Stand up Comedy At The New York Times


R. E. Prindle


Whether intentional or not the times has published the funniest sketch ever entitled: Inquiry Focuses On Publisher’s Support For Trump. It seems it is or should be illegal for any newspaper, and I might add the National Enquirer has never before been called a newspaper, to support our Pres.

Federal authorities examining the work President Trump’s former lawyer did to squelch embarrassing stories before the 2016 election have come to believe that an important ally in the effort, the tabloid company American Media, Inc. (National Enquirer) at times acted more as a political supporter than as a news organization, according to people briefed on the investigation.

I hope that they aren’t going to waste a lot of our money over this. I read the paper and I have to state unequivocally that the National Enquirer was the only publication (the NE is more of a magazine than a newspaper) that had a good word for the future Pres.

The smear pieces that filled the pages of the Times, Vanity Fair, The New Yorker, New York Mag, Harper’s, Atlantic and every other publication without exception, did I forget to mention Rolling Stone, was unconscionable. It was pure anti-Trump propaganda. ‘You cannot elect this man.’ they all screamed. The Times itself shilled for Hillary while shamelessly violating all journalistic standards to publish pure propaganda, fake news, against Trump.

It could also spell trouble for the company which publishes The National Enquirer, raising thorny questions about when coverage that is favorable to a candidate strays into overt political activity and when First Amendment protections should apply.

If that isn’t the height of hypocrisy I don’t know what is. This hit comedy piece was written by two guys with obvious noms de plume, Jim Rutenberg and Ben Profess, apparently the subject was too tough for just one writer, who apparently learned nothing about the history of journalism at Harvard. I don’t know whether the duo went to Harvard but their writing is on the level of what Harvard has become. Had they learned their history they would be aware that publishers have always influenced elections by endorsing one candidate over another. In other words they explicitly said vote for Brown because we don’t like Blonde.

The Times, then, is imploring Congress to investigate whether Hillary’s First Amendment rights were violated when the National Enquirer endorsed Trump. Doesn’t the Times know that the NE has been sued so many times that in self-protection each story is closely fact checked and that includes anything about Trump?   Who is calling the shots at the Times? Not Rutenberg or Profess, they’re contract writers doing what they’re told.

Nor was the story confined to the back pages where any apologies go but is in the exact center of the front page of the 7/22/18 Sunday edition. Sunday, the day the paper gets maximum exposure. I wouldn’t have seen it otherwise and when I did I fell out of my chair laughing, spilled coffee all over myself.

The Times is spilling its reputation all over the place.

China’s Agricultural Dream


China’s Agricultural Dream


R.E. Prindle


I have read where some people condemn Pres. Trump’s Chinese tariffs because China ‘retaliated’ by placing a 50% tariff on sorghum causing a few ships bearing a sorghum cargo to return to port. This was supposed to be disastrous for American farmers.

In the 5/7/18 issue of the Wall Street Journal there appears this article: Syngenta Pushes Plant Research in China. It is of some interest. I quote the first four paragraphs:China is seeking a lead in editing plant genes, potentially shifting the epicenter of the emerging agricultural technology toward the East.

Syngenta AG, the seed and chemical giant now owned by state-owned China National Chemical Corp., is building up a Beijing hub for developing new gene-editing technologies like Crispr-Cas9, which enable new ways to alter DNA.

The company also intends to piggyback off research being pursued by Chinese universities and access a broader talent pool than rivals like Monsanto Co. and DowDuPont Inc. compete for in the U.S.

“The government is very supportive of this technology in China,” said Erik Fyrwald, Syngenta’s chief executive, who said the company is investing tens of millions of dollars to develop gene editing. “It’s just natural for us to build it up there for China, and for the world.”

That is helping to stoke long-running worries among U.S. farmers, academics and companies that the forefront of agricultural science could swing from the U.S. Farm Belt to China, where the government has encouraged the development of large-scale Western-style farming operations to boost domestic food production and rely less on imports.

As you can see China does not have the talent to develop the technology on their own so they bought a European research ‘giant’ to acquire the latest technology and Aryan talent thus starting from a higher level and hopefully build from that. We’ll see.

It seems clear that China is hoping to become self-sufficient agriculturally as well as industrially. Thus whatever else happens we can expect them to reduce their agricultural imports from the US. We can expect them to grow crops for all their needs including sorghum. It is only a question of how long it will take them to become self-sufficient thus destroying whatever agricultural business is being done with the US. These sorghum shipments are only the tip of the iceberg.

Free Trade obviously means nothing to China, it only means something to the dunces of the West. China does not intend to trade, they intend to become self-sufficient and sell only, not part of any world trade organization but being the world trade organization and masters of the world.

Why the US and Europe are so thick that they can’t perceive this is probably the result of four hundred years of Aryan success and an unadmitted feeling of comfortable superiority over the ‘little yellow man.’ At one time this feeling of superiority may have been justified and Kingdom. real but now the race lacks the will to maintain it. We will watch the world sink into the ancient lethargy of the Middle

Election Strategies

Election Strategies


R.E. Prindle


It is time to develop election strategies here on the grass roots level. There is no reason to leave matters up to the RNC which has proven itself singularly incapable. Obviously the key issue is immigration. The key point there is that we have more ‘new citizens’ than we can assimilate. The ‘new people’ have been elected. All our resources both human and material are fully stressed. Stressed to the breaking point.

While the Wall is important and should still be pressed it is also useful to present other talking points. One might be the example of a balloon that can only hold so much air before it bursts. We being at the point where one more puff of immigrants will burst the balloon.

Another might be that of a cake that when baked to perfection must be removed from the oven lest it burn and shrivel. The lesson being that immigration has reached that level where more baking will be destructive.

And then there’s that good one- think of the children and their future. What sort of conditions are we creating for them?

Any such point can be introduced without jeopardizing your job or standing- or worse. One says merely that while one has no quarrel with immigration per se, one is worried because…. That will keep you on the safe side.

Doubt must be sown among the least dogmatic of the Libs.

Write your Congressman, local TV newscasters or even national newscasters. Submit them to a barrage. Make your opinion known; use different names and addresses. Maybe the ‘Russians’ will pitch in and help. Who knows?

Now is the time to act.

Election Prediction

A November 2018 Election Prediction


R.E. Prindle


I find the Arizona special congressional election interesting. On its basis I am ready to make my prediction for the November elections.

The Liberal narrative is that Pres. Trump carried such Congressional districts by 20% and since the congressional candidates, who bear little relationship to the Pres. don’t carry the Pres. supposed vast margins that means the House and Senate will go Democratic in November. I don’t believe any such thing is indicated.

The Arizona district is adjacent to Phoenix and swings away from the city center. With that in mind the further from the center precincts of the district the larger the Republican margins are. Thus in those further out the Republican candidate did carry those precincts by 20% or more. Thus 65-35 Republican in some precincts.

The margin narrowed the closer the precincts got to Phoenix; the inner precincts went Democratic but by much smaller margins giving the district vote to the Republicans. It seems a safe conjecture then that the core Phoenix districts would go Democratic. However, the number of votes cast in any congressional district has no bearing outside the district. If a district went 100% either way it would not affect the other districts. So, if we refer to the Presidential map which is totally red except for a few blue big city islands the composition of Congress will depend on how many congressmen represent those city districts and how many represent the larger red areas. I am of the opinion that the red areas will return Republicans while only the blue cities will return Democrats. The composition of congress will depend on how many congressmen represent those cities and how many represent the larger red area.

On that basis I am predicting that the composition of Congress will be either unchanged or will swing +10% Republican to possibly a 5% gain for the Democrats.

It doesn’t matter how large the majorities are because whether a fraction or a landslide the winner is still the winner and heads for Washington.

Trump effect or no Trump effect a Republican win, as in Arizona is a Republican win. Much will depend on how the Pres.’ policies work. The Korean success, which has boggled the Democratic mind, should weigh heavily in the voters’ mind and any improvement in the economy is also going to strengthen the Republicans which may create a Trump effect and gain more districts. If the Pres. remains successful Republican gains may be 10%+. That means, or should mean, that Pres. Trump can run the board any way he likes thus ending the CFR/Democratic hegemony.

Work to make sure every Republican votes while encouraging Democrats to vote Republican too. Certain votes, immigrants, Blacks and Jews are completely out of reach as they block vote Democratic, don’t waste time trying to convert them.

President Trump And The Lost Election

President Trump And The Lost Election


R.E. Prindle


(The book of) Genesis refer(s) back to primitive beliefs held by the Hebrews. For them in fact the human soul was not immortal, and the sole function of religion was to establish privileged relations between humans and God, in order to have as long and happy a life as possible. The dogma of immortality and the soul entered the Jewish religion at a fairly late date and is still subject to debate. During the time of Jesus, only the Pharisees and Essenes accepted it. The origin of the belief can obviously be found in Greek philosophy, which itself has been subject to heavy Eastern influence.

All of this boils down to the problem of evil being extremely simplified in the Bible: Jews faithful to the pact sealed with the Eternal God represent good, while other peoples, as well as Jews who are unfaithful to the covenant, represent evil.

Jean Markale,

The Church Of Mary Magdalene


Explaining the Liberal mind is one of the most necessary tasks of our time. They are, in fact, a species of religious faith quite divorced from considerations of reality. Their minds are impervious to reason, seemingly based on a kind of divine revelation.

As a religion they are a species of the Semitic belief system begun by the ancient Hebrews as in the quote from Jean Markale above.

Jean Markale is French of Breton ancestry, a scholar of religious evolution. He has contributed to the religious beliefs surrounding the Celtic myths of King Arthur. As such he has uncovered the core religious beliefs of today’s Liberal faith.

Markale’s understanding of the Jewish myth is as concise and accurate as any I have seen while accurately reflecting my own understanding. He defines an outstanding example of the origin of bigotry. To understand the Jewish fallacy one has to understand their position in the ancient world. According to their literary remains the Hebrews were a savage brutal people exterminating their way from Mesopotamia to Egypt and back to Palestine. Genocide was just their way and they made no excuses about it. Offended because the Amalekites refused them passage through their territory the Jews returned decades later to exterminate them.

At the same time the proto-Jews, the Hebrews, according to their writings, were always a subordinate people even, as they tell it, slaves in Egypt. Once back in Palestine they were in a backwater, flyover place in current Liberal terms, a bunch of Deplorables to quote Hillary Clinton. Then, first the Assyrians came, defeated them and transported the legendary Ten Lost Tribes, who have been reported from every location on earth.

After the Assyrians left the Babylonians came and carted the last two tribes of to Babylon. The captivity is ably portrayed by the biblical writers Isaiah and Ezekiel. While the Jews had grandiose notions of themselves and their temple in Palestine they quickly realized the poverty of their pretenses, both intellectual and material among the stupendous splendors of Babylon. It was then they made the fateful decision to oppose the nations of the Earth by declaring themselves the Selector’s choice anointing themselves as a chosen people to determine good and evil.

As Jean Markale points out, as the chosen people they thought themselves the personification of virtue while all others were the same of evil. Thus Semitism and anti-Semitism came into the world. While tens of thousands of pages have been wasted trying to explain the evil of negating the Jewish will it is explained quite simply and easily as those who are not Jewish. As the Jewish bible says, the Lord will bless those that bless the Jews and curse those who curse them. In other words: two fingers to you Jack.

Born at that time was the idea of good gentiles and bad gentiles. But, when the great Jewish uprising of the first and second centuries occurred when Jews committed incredible massacres in Egypt and Cyprus, the great Jewish sage Simeon Ben Yohai was asked whether the ‘good gentiles’ should be spared the good Rabbi replied: Kill them all. That is, genocide. This is the foundation of modern Liberalism.

In the fifteenth century AD Gutenberg invented movable type and began the mass production of books at relatively affordable prices. Just as an aside, today’s Easton Press has just published a facsimile of Gutenberg’s bible. It is massive. While Easton’s is bound with a cover, Gutenberg’s came not only unbound and no cover but with no pagination. While Gutenberg came up with moveable type he didn’t bother to invent punctuation marks and spacers between words. Not only is the language Latin but the typeface is obscure and difficult to read. So, the page is double columned into two nearly solid black blocks.

A few decades later Tyndale published an English language copy. I haven’t seen that. The upshot of that was that while not universally owned the bible was accessible for independent study. The eye became as potent as the ear; no longer did one have to rely on a reading by a priest.

The result of Gutenberg’s innovation was that an already Judaized mind was even more Judaized and in a location such as East Anglia the Torah became so beloved that the East Anglians quickly adopted the role of the Chosen People. The whole of the Jewish baggage was assumed by the East Anglians. They modeled their lives on the biblical scripture, even adopting the brutality of genocide. Fired up by the spirit of Judaism they killed the English King, Charles I, revolted against the non-chosen people of England and successfully established a Jewish style dictatorship proscribing all but their own beliefs.

At the same time these now bigots began to colonize the North American continent in order to establish a pure theocratic State. Thus the notion of an infallible good people surrounded by evil others. Hillary Clinton in our time was to give them their own designation of Deplorables. The flyover country between the two US coasts filled with Deplorables became a waste land of primitive savages to the Liberal mind.

As derivatives of the Jews, being a Semitic religion, the Liberals naturally became a dependency of the Jews who had in the years around the turn of the twentieth century basically colonized the United States while beginning their ascension as governors and imposing their mores on the ‘anti-Semites,’ the other.

The Jews formed terrorist units like the Anti-Defamation League, the NAACP etc. These units then established norms such as Jews good, anti-Semitism evil; Negroes good, racism evil (and only Whites can be racists). The Liberals then adopted these norms as articles of faith thus forming a coalition of White Liberals, Negroes, Jews and eventually any dissident group such as homosexuals and, even more bizarrely, transsexuals. They then called this coalition, their democracy.

After WWI new technologies for propaganda such as radio, talking moving pictures and eventually TV came into existence the Liberal Coalition succeeded in establishing an authoritarian government reminiscent of George Orwell’s 1984 that through the use of double speak and Political Correctness discredited or silenced anyone not in lock step.

Thus, using the attack on NYC’s Twin Towers, World Trade Center, as a lever, pressure was increased through the Bush and Obama administrations to establish a full fledged dictatorship. Obama using race as a cover brought the plan nearly to fruition. His designated successor Hillary Clinton was poised to spring the trap.

But a funny thing happened on the way to the forum. The designated Republican candidate was another Bush, Jeb Bush from Florida. But the Lib Coalition ignored an improbable corner in which lurked a candidate so incredible that he was the scorned of the scorned. He wasn’t even an impossibility in Lib eyes, he was considered a total political non-entity below serious consideration.

This was the reality TV star and mega real estate builder Donald Trump.

To the Coalition Trump wasn’t even a bad joke, there was nothing remotely funny about him. He was ridiculous. However, in the flush of their success to the end of the Obama occupation the coalition had ignored the increasing resentment of the very people on whose votes they depended. Surrounded by yea sayers they ignored the fact that their following was confined to a few population Liberal Coalition strongholds like NYC and California.

Donald Trump may have seemed like a buffoon, may even have been one, but, if so, he was a savvy buffoon. He brushed Jeb Bush aside. In his campaign he essentially gave up the Liberal population centers and went after voters that not only did the Coalition despise but they actually said so repeatedly over the controlled media of the entire nation. Their candidate, Hillary Clinton, sneered at those voters as deplorable people. The upshot was that Trump won over three thousand counties while Clinton won fewer than sixty. The anomaly was that these fifty plus counties, heavily Liberal, gave Clinton the popular vote but the three thousand plus counties gave Trump the Electoral College and the Presidency.

Trump had cannily formed his own Coalition of many dissident groups from despised and persecuted Christians to, if you can believe this, biker groups. As Jack Johnson’s mother said: He said he would bring home the bacon and he did.

Note: Strange as it may seem the boxer Jack Johnson, the first Negro heavyweight champion, has been all but forgotten. A current singer by the name of Jack Johnson is all a large percentage of the population knows by that name. I refer, of course, to the turn of the twentieth century boxer, Jack Johnson.

So, Trump’s great unforgiveable offence is that like Warren G. Harding in 1920 he has disrupted the Liberal program and threatens severe damage if he is allowed to succeed and place like minded politicians in power for the next twenty years. Just as Liberals were pushing a Communist agenda in 1920 so today they are pushing an agenda of unlimited immigration.

Harding quashed Communist hopes within six months of being elected ruining Lib hope for the twelve years before FDR brought them to influence in 1933. It may take Trump slightly longer to stifle unlimited immigration but he seems in a fair way to do it.

As there are only two ways to stop the Trump Redemption, murder or economic collapse they will probably choose the latter. After nearly a hundred years of mass murder by the various Communist regimes the Liberals seem to be opposed to killing although it was undoubtedly used against Harding. Economic collapse which was used to get Hoover out of office to the incalculable harm of the American people we seem to see the beginning of the use of the tactic against Trump now. As Trump has claimed credit for the rise in the stock market since his election and if it continues through 1918 voters will almost certainly return Republican candidates to congress in that election. It is important for the Libs to sink the market for the year. It matters little how people suffer to the Liberals so long as they can regain power.

The real challenge will be the mid-term elections. If they can fill the Houses with Democrats they will be able to contain and stifle Trump. The danger here is that they will use economic means to scuttle the near certain prosperity Trump’s methods are bringing. The Fed which is completely outside presidential or legislative control can easily shoot the interest rate up, which they have already begun to destroy the stock market and whatever other shenanigans they may have up their sleeves. They will undoubtedly invent sufficient justification for raising the discount rate after twenty years of punishing a certain class of people with a near 0 interest rate.

Remember, the Fed is a private corporation in the hands of certain Jewish banking firms. The Fed is outside government control. The next few months until the ’18 elections are going to be critical. Get the Conservative vote out in ’18.

Shumer Shutdown And Pres. Trump

CFR’s Foreign Affairs Magazine Announces

Trump’s ‘Lucky Year’ Is To End.


R.E. Prindle


The Council On Foreign Relations is finally putting its cards on the table in an article published in its magazine Foreign Affairs. The article was scheduled for the March-April issue but the CFR found it important enough to release it in advance on the internet. Thus the article will be free for one week beginning on 1/20/18. Can it be a coincidence that the article was released on 1/20 on the eve of the Shumer Shutdown of the government?

The article is titled Trump’s Lucky Year: Why The Chaos Can’t Last by Eliot A. Cohen and admits that the Pres.’ first year has been a success but that his ‘luck’ has run out now. The CFR wants a return to the seventy year post-war agenda. The Pres. has upset that agenda and will continue to destroy its foundations and will succeed if allowed to continue in office unobstructed.

The CFR has always gone to great lengths to remove presidents from office who won’t follow their program. The CFR was founded in 1921 to advance the socialistic program of Woodrow Wilson. The first hindrance came when Warren G. Harding was elected in 1920. While he hinted that he might advance Wilson’s program and bring the US into the League of Nations he didn’t follow through.

Under strange circumstances Harding died two years into his presidency. While the conditions of his demise are still undetermined I have no doubts that the CFR removed him. It was believed that Harding’s lackluster VP, Calvin Coolidge, would be easily defeated in 1924. Such did not turn out to be the case and Coolidge lived to pass the presidency on to Herbert Hoover in 1928.

The Federal Reserve had been building toward a stock market crash during what was called the Coolidge Prosperity and six months into the Hoover presidency the Fed pulled the plug plunging the country into twelve years of agonizing economic misery salvaged only by two massive world wars, one in Europe and one in the Pacific, that is, Asia.

‘Lucky’ Trump’s second year bids fair to be as or more successful as he barrels ahead with his own program that negates that of he CFR’s. It would appear that assassination is not to be considered. However the 2018 congressional elections that the CFR imagines will give them an overwhelming majority in both houses would stultify Trump’s presidency placing him in the CFR’s hands. The best that Trump could hope for would be Hoover’s fate.

To achieve this, given the fair omens for the Pres.’ second year they have to follow the Hoover scenario and sabotage what bids to be the Great Trump Prosperity.

Therefore, can it be a coincidence that this article was rushed to advance free publication on the very eve of the Shumer Shutdown of the government? CFR, Cohen written article, Shumer Shutdown. The article had to be planned and written at least two or three weeks before the Shumer Shutdown thus it follows that the Shumer Shutdown was planned as a ploy to scuttle Trump some time ago..

The plan shows how little the CFR, Dems, the Left, care for the welfare of the voters of the United States. The Shumer Shutdown has begun. The Pres. cannot fold and probably the CFR will carry it to great extremes placing the economy in jeopardy not unlike the Great Stock Market Crash of 1929. In fact, the key point of the incipient Great Trump Prosperity has been that startling advance of the stock market. That means that something over 50% of the public that owns securities has already improved their finances considerably and bid fair to improve further. That means that the Pres.’ base has improved considerably. There can be little doubt that substantial numbers of immigrants have invested and benefited so they may be reluctant to give up their gains by not voting Trump in ’18.

Thus, the CFR is willing to risk a stock market crash, one that is almost certain now, while putting in jeopardy the welfare of all the peoples resident in the US and perhaps all the peoples of the world. This is the madness of the CFR.

The Pres. cannot give in without destroying his presidency now and it is possible that the CFR will not in complete contempt of every living US resident, possibly every person in the world.

CFR, Cohen, Shumer Shudown. Those behind this incipient disaster should be clear to all.

The Future Of President Donald Trump

The Future Of President Donald Trump


R.E. Prindle


The Democrats are in a bind. They have a president they despise who if he is allowed to succeed will destroy their whole agenda. Not since Herbert Hoover defeated their designated candidate, Al Smith, have they faced a bleaker future.

The Democrats had captured the presidency in 1912 when a divided Republican Party was defeated by a decidedly minority candidate Woodrow Wilson. Wilson recorded only slightly more votes than an almost equally split vote between the Party candidate, Taft, the insurgent candidate T. Roosevelt. In other words the combined Republican vote was a landslide endorsement of Republicans.

Wilson, as any Democrat, was sure that God’s own wisdom flowed through his brain. He thought himself virtue incarnate. Sure that he was the only one able to guide the nation he intended to run for a third term in 1920. His connection with God’s brain was severed when his own was paralyzed by a stroke.

The Democrats had no good backup candidate so the Republicans waltzed in with a candidate little more popular with the Dems than our own Donald Trump, Warren G. Harding. Harding, like Trump, refused to follow the Liberal agenda while restoring prosperity to the nation.

Harding died mysteriously, succeeded by his colorless VP Calvin Coolidge who was thought to be a sure loser. Contradicting the pundits Coolidge surprised, capturing the presidency on his own. His presidency was known was known as the phenomenal Coolidge Prosperity. A New Era with a car in every garage and two chickens in every pot.

Coolidge chose not to run for re-election and that brought Herbert Hoover, one of the greatest of Americans, to the fore. He easily routed the Dem Al Smith. Prosperity, a Republican prosperity, was at its peak. If that continued it was certain that Hoover would be re-elected and after him probably another Republican for another eight long years. The future looked dim for the Dems.

Only a great economic disaster could bring the Republicans down; the Federal Reserve easily handled that, engineering the Stock Market Crash of 1929. while others interfered with Hoover over the next three years preventing his ability to pull the country from the Great Depression. A then nearly, or actually, incompetent Democrat by the name of Franklin Delano Roosevelt took Hoover’s place thus keeping the country in Depression for seven long years and then he dragged the country into a totally destructive war that could easily have been avoided and next he blew the peace.

Thank you, Democrats.

In our time the Democrat Barack Obama led the country into a ruinous situation attempting to abort capitalism. The Dems under Obama had all but succeeded and would have succeeded if Hillary Clinton had not been out maneuvered by the unexpected and unwanted candidate, Donald Trump.

Now, as with Warren G. Harding, it appears that President Trump is leading the country into a prosperity to rival that of the Coolidge prosperity. The fear of the Dems is that if allowed to succeed Trump will be reelected while the future may be lost to the Dems for twenty years or more. They cannot let this happen. Thus, they may plunge the country into another horrendous depression to discredit the President as with Herbert Hoover or, failing that, an assassination as with Warren G. Harding.

They have furiously dug a hole for themselves in trying to set up some sort of impeachment process even though the President has committed no high crimes or misdemeanors. The whole charge seems to be that he was not their chosen candidate and had no right to win.

In an attempt to weaken the President they are now going after a key advisor Steve Bannon trying to discredit him in the President’s eyes and divide him from the President. This must not be allowed to happen. No machination against the President can be allowed to be taken seriously. An uncritical foul must be called as an instinctive reaction. Smear the Dems back.

Track down every Dem elected or candidate and expose their peccadilloes, sexual or economic, they all have them. Unprovable sex violations have proven to be most viable as witness the Republican Roy Moore of Alabama. Go after their wives, many affairs are hidden there.

Be aggressive not passive, this is a war to the end, attack and defend simultaneously. Be anonymous if possible. Deny everything.

Jeff Bezos- The Seattle Great Satan

Jeff Bezos- The Seattle Great Satan


R.E. Prindle


The tale has been told. The Alabama election is over. Judge Roy Moore has been turned back. Jones didn’t do it nor all the Negroes collected and bussed to the polls. No, ‘Bamans didn’t have anything to do with it. To find the man who singlehandedly beat the Judge you have to go to Seattle, Washington, the offices of Amazon, Inc. and sitting behind that big mahogany desk, Mr. Jeff Bezos. The Devil in disguise.

A couple years back Jeff Bezos bought the nearly defunct Washington Post Newspaper. Paid big money for it too. At them I asked myself why he did that. What was his plan to turn it around. He didn’t have a plan turn it around, he didn’t even change the format; if anything the paper was more Liberal than ever, staffed by the same nerds.

It did occur to me somewhen along the way that Jeff Bezos was grooming himself to run for President. Bezos is a world beater; a genius of some merit, he wants to be Master of the World; unscrupulous as the devil as he always gets around any rules that might slow him down.

The Judge Roy Moore candidacy shows us exactly why he bought the Post. Ever unscrupulous, he bought himself a slander machine, a defamation factory, a political slaughter house. The Post was unfeelingly, not critical, in its condemnation of candidate Trump. As the Post goes so must go its owner, Jeff Bezos.

Judge Roy is a real bete noir of the CFR, he is opposed to their agenda at every stop. They have tried to kill his career at each step. They have removed him from office because of his religion. No, he’s not Moslem, not a Scientologist, nobody has ever called him a Jew, no none of those: he’s the most despised of all, a bottom of the barrel damnable Christian. I don’t want you to get the idea that I’m religious, Defender of the Faith or anything like that. I’m not religious but that doesn’t mean I’m not anti-Christian. No. I’m also anti-Moslem and anti-Jewish while I don’t think much of Hinduism or any of those touchy-feely, warm and fuzzy outfits also.

So, going in Judge Roy had even more than three strikes against him; he was an entire side.

But, damn that son-of-a-bitch, here he was running for the Senate and a cinch to win. What the hell? Well, there sat Jeff Bezos, sometime richest man in the world, sitting behind the mahogany in his office in Seattle or, perhaps, roving his hundreds of thousands acre Texas ranch saying to himself, I’ve got to stop hat no good son-of-a-bitch and I know how to do it. I’ve got the right tool for the job.

I don’t know hat Amazon has a secret service but I’m sure they do, so he sent his sleuths down to ‘Bama to find some dirt or create. From the looks of that Senior yearbook it looks more like created. Anyway, as proof that she’d been molested forty years ago by Judge Roy she produced an inscription in her yearbook signed by Judge Roy. It looks like she presented it to him at some event, political or otherwise, held at some place called The Olde Hickory House, dated 1977.

Now, Judge Roy signed it something like ‘To a lovely girl.’ The woman (I don’t mention her name to protect her from possible harassment) commemorated his event by adding the place and date so she wouldn’t forget.

Jeff Bezos then published the story that Judge Roy was a pedophile and racist. The girl must have been all of eighteen and dizzy from standing next to the great Alabama blossoming legend, and that may the closest she ever got.

What defeated Judge Roy was that inscription in that yearbook that Jeff Bezos unscrupulously published with no fear of being brought to account for bearing false witness.

I got it! I know why Mr. Bezos bought the Washington Post. He’ll be our Democratic candidate in 2020 and he has one of the two most prestigious papers in the US to promote his interests and defend them.

The Pres. should call on his Republican buds to give Jeff Bezos the Bill Gates treatment. Keep him busy in Washington for a few months so he can’t run his Empire so effectively. Might be a lesson well learned.