Red Star Over Hollywood



Red Star Over Hollywood


R.E. Prindle


Ye Editor of the WSJ blunders along in his (or her) 10/18/16 article entitled Red Stars Over Hollywood celebrating the Chinese cultural invasion of Hollywood buying up studios and theatre chains. Ye Editor opines ‘Chinese investment in US movies isn’t a security threat.’ Ye Editor is stone cold wrong. It is a security threat among others.

What is cheerily called Globalism is actually an asymmetrical cultural war for Global cultural supremacy. That is if you’re not too starry eyed to see it. Two of the most significant Communist texts are the Frenchman Montesquieu’s The Spirit Of The Laws and the American Graham Sumner’s Folkways, a study of mores. It is through the base of laws and mores that one subverts another culture. The Communists (Red Star is code for Communism) have known the importance of these two studies from the beginning and laws and mores are key elements in their strategy.

With the success of Freudianism and the rise of TV/movies the equivalent of cultural atom bombs their effectiveness is manifold. The Jews have successfully used the media to mold American mores and their lesson has apparently not been lost on the Chinese.

Ye Editor apparently realizes this as he says: The movie business is a competitive market with none of the immediate security risks of defense contractors or power-plant operators. The key word here is immediate. Correct, not immediate but long term. The corrosion of mores and laws is like rust; it is visible but you can’t see it working but it does 24/7/365. Ye Editor seems to accept the consequences of Chinese media control while totally opposing any resistance to it. We don’t know how much the Chinese are paying him.

He says: Chinese censors tightly control access to this market [in China] allowing in only 34 films a year, so Hollywood studios compete to curry favor by dumping Chinese for North Korean villains…including Chinese product placement…and having China save the day. Ye Editor apparently doesn’t realize these concessions are anti-American propaganda. He says: No authoritarian regime has ever had as much power to broadcast its narrative (not to mention the abominable Nazis) and silence or buying off its critics, (Ye Editor?) including the US and other open societies.

We have cognitive disconnect here. While seemingly admitting that Chinese propaganda is operating in the US, an attack on mores, he says: Americans (that is Deplorables, knuckle draggers and other reprobates) bothered by a filmmaker’s approach to China can take their entertainment dollars elsewhere and fund independent projects…. Well, up yours too, Ye Editor.

How disingenuous can the Journal and Ye Editor be? First, he, she, it, puts the entertainment industry in censorious Chinese hands including the power to distribute films then he says it is possible to buck the censoriness of the Chinese mores and work on independent projects. With no hope of distribution one adds.

Americans are not even able to buck censorious Liberal control over the media. The entire movie/TV/press opposition to Trump’s candidacy is such that he is reviled nonstop and this includes the ‘conservative’ Wall Street Journal.

So, in essence Ye Editor endorses and applauds the takeover by the Chinese of American culture and mores.

As no resistance has been permitted to Western Communist takeover of US laws and mores there is little reason to believe that there will be any resistance to Eastern Communisms’ efforts either. Americans either don’t know or they don’t care. They’ll take whatever comes along so long as it’s Red.

Let us hope Trump triumphs in November as I’m sure he will. It is necessary and I think inevitable. Let us hope, ‘the common man’ can live up to his reputation for wisdom and think straight.


Vote Trump.

The Plot Against America: Character Assassination And Politics



The Plot Against America:

Character Assassination And Politics


R.E. Prindle


More dangerous is that a Trump administration would give respectability and power to the gutter voices of American politics.

–Bret Stephens

They meet in secret. Men of immense wealth; a woman of limitless ambition. Their passports are American but their loyalties are not. Through their control of international banks and the media they manipulate public opinion and finance political deceit. Their aim is nothing else than the annihilation of American political independence, and they will stop at nothing- including rigging a presidential election- to achieve it.

Joseph McCarthy, c. 1950,

as quoted by Bret Stephens.


Mr. Stephens in his WSJ article of 9/18/16 titled The Plot Against America. Sneaking up on the reader the McCarthy quote above was presented as Mr. Stephens own words. Mr. Stephens says: Astute readers will note the quotation of a speech, there was no indication that it was a quote, delivered…by Joe McCarthy. I suppose there are astute readers who immediately recognized the quote. I wasn’t one of them. One does note, however, how timely Gunner Joe’s speech is in relation to today. The ‘conspiracy’ rolls merrily along. Why is it a conspiracy and not just politics. It is open for all to see. Google The Committee For Public Relations. Subscribe to their magazine: Foreign Affairs. Read H.G. Wells, The Open Conspiracy. There isn’t any hidden conspiracy here, it is a political program.

Mr. Stephens links the ‘gutter politics’ of McCarthy to the ‘gutter politics’ of Donald Trump, ‘Donald Trump alights on the Compleat Conspiracy [he says]. Anti-Semites are thrilled.’ Oh, we see, the Fuehrer has returned. Dum de dum dum. As improbable as it may sound Trump is accused of starting the ovens up for a replay of the ‘never again’ holocaust. Ah, if only Hitler and Trump had been strangled in their cradles the 40s and today’s replay wouldn’t be possible.

Forget McCarthy’s conspiracy, Mr. Stephens as apparent spokesperson for the Jews has concocted his own immense conspiracy.

Pat Buchanan would be its intellectual godfather, Ann Coulter and Ms. Ingraham its high priestesses, Breitbart and the rest of the alt-right web its public trumpets. American Jews shouldn’t have to live the 1930s in order to figure out that the ‘globalist cabal’ might mean them.

Ah so, number one son, I see, even though not of the alt-right or part of any conspiracy, large or small, I must be one of Trumps’ Trumpeteers. In short, Mr. Stephens calls me the equivalent of a bastard. I am unqualified to be a citizen of this Liberal ‘Democracy’ of his. Obama’s vaunted inclusiveness excludes half the population of the United States.

But Mr. Stephens is calling us all ‘anti-Semites.’ This alone means that the polls favoring Hillary Clinton must be frauds or they wouldn’t be wheeling out the heavy artillery of dreaded ‘anti-Semitism.’ So the election is expected to turn on how well we love our Jews who have done so much to selflessly make our lives mo’ bettah.

Mr. Stephens apparently believes with Mad Hillary that we are in fact Deplorables. Mr. Stephens has titled his piece after the title of Philip Roth’s novel of the same name. The Plot Against America. See how neatly he turned around responsibility. His group isn’t plotting. Who are the plotters? Why, the American people who can’t be trusted to see straight and do the right thing. Whatever happened to the infallible Common Man?

Mr. Stephens lays out the horror he and his side daily live with:

(Mr. Roth) imagines what might have been for America if Lindbergh had defeated Franklin Roosevelt for the presidency in 1940, signed neutrality acts with Germany and Japan and initiated a reeducation campaign for recalcitrant American Jews. The novel draws its power from being a too-plausible alternative reality, from which we were spared less by the wisdom of the public than the vagaries of history.

Ah, you see, we the stupid public couldn’t be trusted but blind luck saved us.

I have studied this period and rather than finding Mr. Roth’s fantasies all too plausible alternate history only one of many equally or more plausible scenarios.

The bete noir of the Jews, Charles Lindbergh, was not a bad person, he was not a crypto-Nazi, and he was not an anti-Semite. When he said that Roosevelt, the British and the Jews were inveigling the country into a war that was of no concern to the US he but spoke the truth. Would matters have been any worse in a cold war with Germany and Hitler than a cold war with Stalin and the Soviet Union? Not that I can see.

And what were the Jews themselves doing at this critical time? The Jews had been at open war with Germany since the Communist Revolution in Russia. The Jews declared actual war on Germany in 1933 with the active collaboration of the Roosevelt Administration. It has been conclusively proven that the English, Jews and FDR worked to get the US into the war as early as 1938 and from my researches from 1933 on. Even the then dean of American historians, Charles Beard wrote a tome demonstrating it was so which cost him his reputation, career and place in American letters. Character assassination with a vengeance.

What then else did the Jews do? A stooge named Theodore Kaufmann, a neighbor of Roth in Newark, composed a short book titled Germany Must Die. That is the Jews were plotting the genocide of the Germans before the Germans conceived the so-called holocaust. In his book he calculated that if all the German males were castrated Germany would die out in a generation. The book was enthusiastically received in the US, abhorred in Germany, sold fantastically especially after a glowing review in Time Magazine and several influential newspapers. The notion lodged in FDR’s brain. Late in the war he was heard muttering that castration might be the final solution.

While Kaufmann gloated and FDR agonized, the whole of the American right was imprisoned (that is put in concentration camps) while awaiting their fate in kangaroo courts.

While Roth’s fantasy is less than probable there are many many other scenarios that could be written. I thought that since 9/11 we were beyond all that but here we have Mr. Stephens and the Wall Street Journal pulling these old chestnuts out of the fire to use again. Trite, trite canards.

To quote Mr. Welch, made famous by McCarthy: At long last, Gentlemen, have you no self-respect?

Vote Trump.

Trump And The Potential For Voter Fraud



Trump And The Potential

For Voter Fraud


R.E. Prindle


The Wall Street Journal (10/12/16) presents an article titled: Trump Warns Of ‘Stolen’ Election by Reinhard and Hook. Of course the CFR crowd snarks at the idea and that there isn’t a history or voter fraud in the US there is, ignore their claim. However what about the CFR (Council For Foreign Relations) and their self-righteous attitude?

The CFR was formed in 1921 in the wake of Wilson’s defeat over the League of Nations and the Cox-FDR election defeat of 1920 in which the despised Republican Warren G. Harding took the presidency back by a landslide. The Leaguers considered their defeat the triumph of the unwashed, in Obama’s term today, we knuckledraggers. As the CFRs cannot believe there is a legitimate point of view different from their own they set about to make sure the vox populi was never heard again.

As the founders represented the wealth of the country while being prominent they were able to secretly vett the candidates from each party to make sure the one elected would further the CFR program.

They have succeeded in every election to the present. But in the 1940 election in which any respectable Republican candidate opposed the CFR war program the CFR brushed the Republican candidates aside and appointed an actual Democrat, Wendell Willkie, to oppose FDR. Willkie was a mere echo of Roosevelt and was defeated. The CFR got safely through that troubled election.

Today we have a candidate running who opposes the CFR program, that is, Donald Trump. So for the first time since 1920’s Warren Harding debacle the CFR program is threatened.

You can see them thrashing around trying to find a Willkie-like replacement for Trump. In desperation they shout that Trump is going to drop out. They are threatening to illegally and forcefully remove him from the ballot. The ‘stupid knuckledraggers’, that is, you and me, may escape their control. Do you imagine then that they would stop at stuffing the ballot boxes? Don’t believe it for one second. Trump as usual is right. Hillary, who despises we deplorables and cellar dwellers must be rejected; the CFR must be stopped. This will not be easy. If necessary bodies will disappear; some may have fatal accidents or health problems not unlike Warren G. Harding himself who mysteriously died of food poisoning two years into his term.

You can bet on election fraud at the very least.

Beware and Vote Trump.

Sex And The Presidential Election



Sex And The Presidential Election


R.E. Prindle


There is a certain irreality pervading this election. It is being played out like a Hollywood porn flick. The participants don’t seem to notice while the media in playing it up also seems not to recognize the filthy porn element. Imagine playing up some nude photos of Melania Trump with no feeling of shame at all.

The hypocrisy is hip deep with a strong fast current. One is disgusted beyond belief. In a startling turn Hillary is OK even though she was an enabler and procurer for Bill’s sexual escapades and then worked to destroy the women he seduced. Bill used his ‘celebrity’ status as a political nabob to literally take women. As Donald Trump points out in a recent tape of a decades old private conversation being a celebrity does something to women so that they have little power of resistance.

Sigmund Freud, the old lech, also realized that in the presence of doctors women enter the door semi-hypnotized and are easy prey for the medical profession. One imagines that doctors really enjoy their work as I’m sure old Siggy must have.

Women fall over sports figures. Back in the ancient 1960s the quarterback of the Oakland City College team made it a requirement to sleep with any woman he dated. They did it too. Ever notice that Negro jocks have no trouble getting those gorgeous blond White girls. Women are attracted to power or the illusion of it. This fact offends the Lesbos who hate men. They’ve been inoculated…maybe. Check Hillary who is thought to be a Lesbo and Bill’s relationship. In order to maintain an appearance of normality she became his procurer.

So, ignoring the very basis of sexual psychology a huge fuss in being raised about Trump stating the obvious, confirming Sigmund Freud’s observation, while in real life boys and girls play the age old game. The Lesbos say Trump’s great crime was not enjoying his position as a celebrity but, apparently revealing a simple truth: women are not as pure and chaste as they would like to appear. Reality has erected its ugly head. What an election. Reality? What does that have to do with our fantasies?

So, using the amazingly effective Democrat double standard Hillary and Bill, sexual villains for the last couple decades are given a clean bill of health passing the monkey to Trump and are found to be suitable presidential timber. Trump becomes the naughty boy definitely too short of character to be president. What was that I read about the Liberal hero, Jack Kennedy? Naw, couldn’t be true; we all know he was presidential timber.

Obama? The Clintons?

The Empire founders over sex.

Oh well, vote Trump anyway.

An Incident In The Semitic Struggle For Supremacy

An Incident In

The Semitic Struggle For Supremacy


R.E. Prindle


A matter of importance occurred this Monday (10/2/16).


The first Monday of October is set for opening the new Supreme Court session. This year there was a conflict between Semitic Jewish law and that of US law. October 2 coincided with the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashanah. This posed a problem for the three (3) Jewish members of the US, that is United States, Supreme Court: Ginsburg, Breyer and Kagan.

Although sworn to uphold the laws and Constitution of the United States which means giving precedence to US laws and customs the three traitors chose to give precedence to Jewish Semitic law. Just as Moslem Semitic Sharia law has been rejected so should now we reject Jewish Semitic law.

The Trashy Trio should be removed from the Court now as they are unable and unwilling to fulfill the oath they swore upon voluntarily accepting, even lusting for, the appointment.

If Obama refuses to act responsibly by demanding the resignation of the Jewish trash then Trump when he is elected will have to act more responsibly than Obama or his acolyte Clinton are capable of.

The 21st Century Jewish War is on.

Present At The Creation: A World We Witnessed Being Made

Present At The Creation:

A World We Witnessed Being Made


R.E. Prindle


Peggy Noonan, columnist for the Wall St. Journal had an interesting article (10/1-2/16) she entitled The Politics Of The Shallows concerning the internet’s influence on the intellectual fiber of the modern world. Her remarks are accurate still the internet has its uses, at least one of unparalleled value, that is as an encyclopedia and dictionary. The breadth and depth of its coverage is breathtaking while exceeding both encyclopedia and dictionary in its ease and speed of use.

Secondly, in its encyclopedic use as a provider of pictures and images it has no parallel. It is several major libraries and museums in one. If you wish to examine the art of almost of any conceivable artist of any time period it has a biography of the artist accompanied in Images with an extensive catalog of the artists’ works adjustable to a variety of sizes.

Images of anything are there including maps of all ages, any insect, any device, anything. It is an unparalleled medical compendium. There has never been anything like the internet and it is free with your provider’s bill

If one depends on the internet for serious study, as Miss Noonan says, it will be superficial and difficult to use compared to books. The older generations with their print education are better prepared but the younger generations raised on computers may find it more difficult to get in depth information or know how to distinguish the deeper meaning of the subject.

Another major shortcoming of the internet is its ‘our way or the highway’ format which conditions the user to accept contracts that can’t be modified. One is conditioned to accept a complete lack of flexibility. Thus the political situation Miss Noonan complains about where there is little nuance in political affiliation.

However the internet has come along and contributed to a major change in consciousness. Miss Noonan, like myself, is of an age that can remember, that is know, the antecedent non-electronic world. In many ways that world is now a parallel universe, a former universe that up-do-date generations do not want to recognize. The motivations of people of those times are completely foreign to young people’s consciousness and incomprehensible.

The books that we elders found so wonderful are actually written in a style and vocabulary that is so foreign that the great classics of the nineteenth century through 1950-60 might as well be as Middle English was to us. You have to work real hard to understand it.

Thus the young, and this is important, have no intellectual resources from before say 1960 and for those born after 1996, the year the internet came into being, what happened before that date is ancient history. As I am approaching eighty young people look at me in wonder as though I have returned from the grave. I do a lot of walking and I can understand the reaction; I don’t see many eighty year olds on my journeys and young people don’t go into old folks’ haunts. There are settlements, colonies, called retirement communities containing virtually no one under seventy so the oldsters have self-segregated becoming invisible.

Thus the effect of the internet is multiplied. A world is being created that is not being understood, that adjustments to accommodate it are not even being attempted. In the changing conditions in which the American and Western world is being submerged by the rise of the colored peoples it may be that even current conditions will be submerged in a tidal wave of colored influences.

The US and Europe except for an execrated few, the Deplorables as Hillary Clinton terms us, doesn’t even seem to see what is happening. The quiet appropriation of Western culture by the Chinese occurs without mention, by which I mean the main stream media. It is forbidden to open your eyes. The Chinese are buying up Hollywood and other media, wresting it from the Jews, and thus gaining control of the creation of mores. Shortly movies and TV will be more Sino-Western than Judaeo-Western.

The books that Miss Noonan and the oldsters revere so much will not only become unintelligible because of the internet but because the language will be hybridized into a sort of Sino-English while Chinese will become the lingua-franca, hence whole libraries will sit unused.

I visited UC Berkeley a couple years ago and was startled at the very low percentage of non-colored students and they were quite hostile in a quiet way to my White presence. I received many disapproving stares and a comment or two behind my back.

Of course at UC one can’t get back in the library stacks unless a graduate student. The main Bancroft library of which I speak is closed to the student body but there are many secondary libraries undergraduates can visit including an extensive Asiatic building of considerable size. That library was fairly busy although all the libraries were being used as dormitories.

Interestingly, within the Bancroft building UC has created a little museum of a library with card catalogs and no electronics. This was occupied by mostly sleeping White students. The books on the shelves looked like a remake of the movie Zardoz. I imagined that they couldn’t have been touched for years maybe decades. Viz. H.G. Wells The Time Machine.

Yes, Miss Noonan, it is a changing world, a world being recreated, but you must remember a person of your age is essentially a Time Traveler or from a parallel universe and this this universe may become parallel before too long. Welcome to the creation of a Brave New World.

PS: You Can’t Go Home Again.

George Soros Put His Money Where His Mouth Is

George Soros

Puts His Money

Where His Mouth Is


R.E. Prindle


Check out the 9/20/16 Wall Street Journal for a great self-aggrandizing blurb by George Soros that George grandiloquently titles: Why I’m Investing $500 million dollars In migrants. George apparently thinks this is such a charitable act that he doesn’t need any candles lit for his grand entrance into heaven.

The WSJ highlights Georges bit with this quote: I will invest in startups, established companies, social-impact initiatives, and businesses founded by migrants and refugees.

Not that he is donating, this is not a charitable gesture, he’s going to invest expecting one might think to at least double his money. Heck, imagine if he found another Microsoft. That would turn his money green.

So, put simply, without grandiosity, it’s nice to know that George has 500 million to invest. Of course, who wouldn’t have half a billion to invest after looting the British treasury of billions.

Remember, one of George’s ‘social impact initiatives’ was the burning of Ferguson, the defamation of the police, and not a few deaths. Now, that’s social impact.

There are other bigger social impact initiatives George is interested in such as what he calls ‘forced migration.’ As we all know George is Jewish and that Israel, the home of the Jews, is largely responsible for the war in Iraq that created this ‘forced migration’ and that migration is now directed and encouraged by Israeli agents to move ‘migrants’ out of the area especially to Europe. Mama Merkel is believed to have taken a large bribe to allow a million edging toward two into Germany almost overnight. Perhaps that is a social-impact initiative George is funding.

Gosh, you know, George is part of the supposed most intelligent race on earth with an awesome average IQ North of 110. That’s brainy and I’ll bet George has a 160-200 IQ to help bring that average up. That’s super smart. Although it is only those Jews who have been in contact with Europeans for thousands of years who supposedly have that 110>, Jews in contact with areas out of Europe only sport an 85 but they’re catching up fast, I’ll bet.

So, while George is spending all this money to raft sub-Saharan Africans across the Mediterranean one wonders why he doesn’t think to plunk that 500 million down in Lagos and organize a bunch of startups on those ‘forced migrants’ home turf where the people have their roots, memories and traditions.

As George says, (I) will seek investments in a variety of sectors, among them emerging digital technologies which seem especially promising as a way to provide solutions to the particular problems that dislocated people often face.

Nigeria? Perfect for your more or less charitable efforts George. Nigeria has it all. Oil and tech and computer skills. Gosh, they’ve made tens of millions soliciting people in the West by computer to help them get hundreds of millions of petro dollars out of Nigeria for investment in the West.

A little kick start like 500 million and we’ll have the Silicon River, opening jobs to tens of millions of Africans allowing them to stay home. No more forced migration. Why, a lot of African migrants to Europe and the US might even drift back to Africa in ‘unforced migration.’

Think about it George, you might not be looking at the problem from the right perspective. Why force these people looking for a better life to move George when you can create a better life for them right there at home. Tech and oil: Think George. Use that massive IQ.

Moslems: Should We Use Our Head Or Should We Use Our Heart?


Should We Use Our Head

Or, Should We Use Our Heart?


R.E. Prindle


Ye Editor at the Wall Street Journal (9/17-18/16) babbles on. I have never considered the Journal a Conservative paper and now Ye Editor drops the façade and goes full buttoned up Liberal.

Ye Editor: Thanks to the Obama Administration and Congressional Republicans, the GOP candidate now has a chance to show common sense on the matter of Muslims.

I suppose that’s code for saying a back door has been found to let in Moslems. Sure enough. Trump according to Ye Editor has ‘a chance to prove his policy is not anti-Muslim but anti-jihad.’ Ah, then we wrong to think all jihadists are Muslims. I suppose then that as all jihadists are Moslems they wear identifying badges, because if they don’t…. Or one imagines that a Moslem who for a number of years hasn’t been a jihadist may one day wake up and say it is time he came out of the closet. Perhaps Ye Editor thinks that jihadists are born that way. Just another Moslem sect.

Oh, and sects. There are a number of Moslem sects. The Wahabis are supposed to be the most militant of all. The Saudi WTC boys may well have been Wahabis as they were Saudis. Would Ye Editor agree that Wahabis have the most potential to come out of the closet, supposing they are in the closet, and that therefore Wahabis should definitely be banned by Trump or, perhaps, even by Obama, that great and wise leader.

Does Ye Editor even know whether Obama has considered that problem?

And regional. Do most jihadists come from certain regions? Sunnis, Shiites? Perhaps the US should be selective as to sect and region? But, then, what if a Moslem lies about his sect or region? Bigoted to think a Moslem might lie? Well, the Koran, the Moslem guide book and holy script says it’s perfectly A-OK to lie to the Nasranis. US personnel are most likely to be Nasranis so putting the question would be useless.

I’m sure common sense comes in here somewhere. Maybe, just maybe, Trump is exhibiting common sense when he says he will ban all Moslems.   I think he is. Common sense is good but it is not the ultimate test. Don’t education and intelligence work in there too? I sure hope so. Perhaps thought I’m all head and no heart while Ye Editor is the latter and not the former. Well, Ye Editor, it is common sense to not screw yourself. Letting in Moslems is screwing yourself but then, I guess you’re comfortable with that.


Trump: Do not let these geeks back you off from your original stand concerning Moslems. When you’re right you’re right.

God Bless America



God Bless America


R.E. Prindle


Now is the time for all good people to come to the aid of their party.


As Woody Guthrie wrote in his immortal song: This land is your land, this land is my land… , and by extension, this land is our land. This land is our home.

This election year will prove whose land it really is, our land or the land of roving transients from the four corners of the earth. Renegade, so-called Americans of the Liberal Party, wish to transform our land into a land of indeterminate form, people and culture.

Our culture, our hopes, our dreams are to be discarded, subsumed into what they call multi-culturalism. One doesn’t have to be a genius to see that multi-culturalism is a transient condition; it will slowly evolve into a uniform culture. The Liberals wish to discard our long and worthy culture in favor of whatever may be.

This election will prove whether we can maintain a strong position, imposing our culture of being stripped of it. It is an either or situation. The schools must be reclaimed for our culture. Of course there will be melding, that is an inevitable consequence of mixing cultures but our mores, our culture, our traditions must remain supreme.

Of course the Liberals have an arsenal of names to denigrate us: racists, anti-Semites, homophobes, Islamaphobes, Basket Of Retards, but a laugh and a wave of the hand dismisses those defamations.

We must seize the moment. As Irving Berlin wrote in his immortal hymn of 1940 when our culture then seemed doomed: God bless America, land that I love, stand beside her and guide her…. Yes, stand up and stand beside your land, your hopes and dreams, and guide her to a safe harbor.

Now is the hour to take our stand. The hour will pass and won’t come again. Carpe Diem: Seize the moment. Get a basket of your friends together make sure you vote in November. Make sure you vote Trump. The Trump Party is the only and last chance. Don’t fail your children and grand-children, vote, and vote Trump. The future depends on you.

Obama Defends Kaepernick



Obama Defends Kaepernick’s Protest


R.E. Prindle


President Obama said Monday that NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick was “exercising his constitutional right: to bring attention to racial injustice by not taking part in the national anthem…


…Obama said he did not doubt Kaepernick’s sincerity to highlighting social issues and noted the player was the latest in a long line of professional sports figures to do so. The president also acknowledged that Kaepernick’s silent protest was a “tough thing” for many members of the military to accept.


“When it comes to the flag and the national anthem and the meaning that holds for our men and women in uniform and those who fought for us—that is a tough thing for them to get past.” Obama said. “but I don’t doubt his sincerity. I think he cares about some real, legitimate issues that have to be talked about. If nothing else, he’s generated more conversation about issues that have to be talked about.”


Our great Constitutional scholar has spoken. He says that there is a Constitutional right to bring attention to a racial matter. I don’t know what Barry was smoking or snorting but it’s not clear to me where he read there is a right to bring attention to any problem. In fact I don’t see a Constitutional question involved at all. Barry has invoked a right too far.

What we do have is the broader question of respect for others (frequently invoked as ‘offensive’) and following established mores. People don’t talk much about mores anymore but what is occurring now is an assault on mores to exchange established mores for more race based mores. Kaepernick launched an all out attack for Negro Supremacy by discarding mores followed by American citizens for a replacement of those mores by new Negro mores. Mores govern how a society functions.

For those with an ear to the ground, finger on the pulse and an eye for flashing changes being imposed on Americans by this traitorous president what is being attempted is clear. The Negro is rejecting White mores and the unpleasant past of slavery. Negro Revolutionaries form an entirely different set that displaces American mores. Thus disrespecting the flag that represents slavery and Jim Crow to them. Photos of revolutionaries of any color standing on the Flag or burning it is not so much disrespect for the Flag as a rejection of what Negroes think it stands for. There is no more outstanding image of the move to replace what some call ‘the historic American nation’. That nation, weird old America, and what they call White Supremacy is anathema to them.

If you’re really listening to the rhetoric, following the photo images this should require no explanation. What more do you need to see this clearly than the hate law that the coloreds and their ally passed making White heterosexual males second class citizens? I am amazed that there is no outcry against this. My voice is a solo coming from the wilderness.

Boy Obama himself shares this disrespect and hatred of White Americans. Just listen to the precedence he gives to the grumbling of this privileged multi-millionaire athlete over ‘those who fought for us.’

When it comes to the flag and the national anthem and the meaning it holds for our men and women in uniform and those who fought for it—that is a tough thing for them to get past, but I don’t doubt (Kaepernick’s) sinceri

Do you see the arrogance, hear the sneer of this nit picked off the streets of New York City, given a law degree from Harvard and pushed into the White House without a single qualification? He says to the returned vets of Viet Nam, that dirty little war, not all returned, tens of thousand of their spirits haunt Nam, says to them and their surviving brothers: Fuck y’all. Get over it. Why? Because he doesn’t doubt Kaepernick’s sincerity. He doesn’t doubt his sincerity!

And this arrogant buffoon, Barry Obama, places a football player’s sincerity over the sacrifice of a million or more men who put their bodies and sanity into the jungles and swamps of an ungrateful Viet Nam.

If you voted for him, shame on you. If you voted for him twice (two different elections) you should bury your head in the sand and leave it there. If you intend to vote for his surrogate, Hitler Clinton this time around you will have to do penance.

If anything Obama has shown how easy it is to change the mores of a whole nation, however such rapid change makes them more fluid and even easier to direct the flow. For us it is to reject Obama’s mores and direct the flow into a better and more reasonable channel. Our Lives Matter. To do so requires the rejection of Liberal and Negro influence and their marginalization. As unpleasant as that task may be to our mores it must be taken up. Contempt for Obama is rising; it must be amplified.

As Obama himself says: ‘I’d rather have…people who are engaged in the argument and trying to think through how they can be part of our democratic process than people who are just sitting on the sidelines not paying attention at all.’   President Obama, you have found us.

Heil Obama! We are paying attention. Take up our arms, we’re marching again. Our democracy will be established with liberty and justice for all not just the Liberal few. Re-enfranchise the White heterosexual male – down with hate laws.

Vote Trump