The Left and Hate

The Left and Hate:

A Sense of Proportion

by R. E. Prindle



After decades of oppression a few White people, so few we’ll call the them the Tribe, were standing up in a very mild protest, a mere assembly to discuss their grievances. This pitiful response was met by the highest indignant hatred by the Leftist oppressors. A slave revolt, my God!!

The recent assembly of the White tribesmen taking place in Charlottesville was met by a perfect storm of hatred and violence. As has been explained by the Left they have virtuous ideals, at least in their own minds, while the Tribe essentially have no ideals at all so that it is just that the Left hate them and physically abuse them while it is unjust for the Tribe to defend themselves. Indeed, the Tribe ought to be deprived of all rights, excluded from the community of mankind.

This is backed by the full force of the authorities who are Leftist themselves, thus, the police by doing nothing, standing down, aided the Leftists who were superior in numbers to the Tribe.

The President of the United States, Donald Trump, refused to wield the full force of his office in condemnation of the Whites, saying instead that the Left was equally to blame for the astonishing level of brutality reminiscent of the street battles between the Communists and Germans in Weimar Germany. For taking an equitable position the President was savagely attacked by the Left controlled media that came down on him like that often mentioned ton of bricks. Dishonest, disrespectful, discreditable. It was a hatefest by those who most condemn hate. Looking at you ADL, SPLC.

There was a strong reaction to the response of the Left by that remnant of Americans who remember ‘the kind of people that we are.’

Thus, in a subsequent gathering of the Tribe in Boston the media completely ignored the Tribal assembly while concentrating on the thousands of rent-a-crowd of what the media called the counter-protestors who in their numbers shouted down the Tribe forcing them to abort the assembly. This is called ‘our democracy’ by the Left. But, shamed by their outright criminal Charlottesville performance the Left had left their baseball bats and offal at home preferring a different kind of violence nevertheless. Hostile, hostile, hostile.

Then the Left gloated that while only a few Tribesmen showed up those who hated the Tribe turned out in thousands. The media apparently believe that they are saying something however they conceal another arrow in their quiver—the Blacklist.

If a Leftist counter-protester, say middle management were identified in the ruck he would be congratulated at work for having a ‘social conscience.’

If a Tribesman, middle management, were identified as an assembler he or she would be fired from their job and be blacklisted forever. He or she wouldn’t even be allowed to deliver the New York Times.

Let’s just say coercive forces were in operation to prevent the Tribal opposition from expressing any opinion in opposition. Trump supporters have even been fired for saying they voted for Trump.

When it comes to hating and blacklisting the Left Party of Love and Inclusion can’t be topped.


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