Foundation Myths, The World Trade Center And Mosque Ground Zero


Foundation Myths, The World Trade Center And Mosque Ground Zero


R.E. Prindle

     The Semitic Moslems want to mock Western Civilization by building a Semitic colony in lower Manhattan on the site of the World Trade Center.  To deflect objections they invoke one of the West’s foundation myths or tenets-  the freedom to practice a religion of your choice.  This is of course hypocritical of the Semites who have no such tenet in their Foundation Myth, the Koran.  If fact like the other Semitic ‘religion’, Judaism, they proclaim ‘thou shalt have no other god before me.’  In other words, Semitic religions are absolutely intolerant.  The Arabs invoke the Western myth to give them the freedom to subvert all Western foundation myths wholly in the future.

     In keeping with this Arab Semitic policy the Jews have worked out something they call the ‘New Anti-Semitism.’   This is an umbrella to include the Arabs to defuse any criticism of them.

     To be clear, the 1.4 billion Moslems of the world are not all Semites, only a relatively small number.  The Arab Semites who direct worldwide Moslemism  merely conquered diverse peoples and imposed Semitism on them.  Those peoples should have their own foundation myths underlying their Semitic varnish.  Thus the Iranians have no business proclaiming Semitism.  The Iranians, formerly Persians, are an Indo-European people with a long history of developing their own religious outlook much of which has had a significant influence in the West.   There is no excuse to their making themselves subservient to Semites.  Of course their Shi’ite version of Moslemism is an Aryan rebellion against the Semitic Sunnis and Wahabis.

     Semitism is by nature intolerant and will always use others’ myths to subvert them.  The problem with the West is that having myths based on tolerance they believe that all other mythologies are equally tolerant.  This is false.  Tolerance is only for varieties within the mythology who share the same Foundation Myths.  Thus from Russia to Europeans in the United States their mythology is based on Ancient Greek Myths- to localize it as much as possible, Homer.

     A mythology must be intolerant of all other mythologies.  The most tolerant will be subsumed by the least tolerant.  This should tell you where the West stands and why.  Only one can rule as ultimately will be the case.

     Does this mean war?  If you don’t realize that we are already at war you must be sleeping.  The Semites have already placed severe civil disabilities on you in your own home land.  You cannot get a good paying job without deferring to the Semites.  That is, you are an anti-Semite if you don’t defer to them.  As an anti-Semite, whether you realize it or not, you have no rights.

     No tolerance for the intolerant.


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