New Charleston Toodle-oo


More Charleston Toodle-oo


R.E. Prindle


The Charleston Toodle-oo was merely propaganda.  However the Negroes were mere tools of the Jewish Revolution that began in 1913

In the European phase of the Revolution Russia was wiped from the face of the map being renamed the USSR.  The Russian population was ruthlessly murdered while ending subordinated to the Jews, Poles, Letts among others and of course the Great Georgian himself, Joseph Stalin.

The Russians were expropriated of anything of value and/or murdered.  Warehouses were full of furs, jewels, etc.  They became less than slaves, ciphers.

The same process began in 1913 and is now reaching its climax in the US.  For a hundred years now the erasure of American, White or Aryan identity, whichever name you choose to use, has been in progress.  Aryan mores and customs have been belittled and demeaned relentlessly.  Over the last fifty or so years unceasing propaganda has taught Aryans to hate themselves as the all time dastards of civilization.  They now accept that characterization.

Now, in Charleston, a hypnotized Aryan boy has committed what to Negroes and Jews is the most dastardly crime imaginable.  But the great hearted Negroes forgive him.  He was a Southern boy, naturally, so the Confederate flag is banned thus partially erasing the Southern identity as the Russian was erased in 1917.

Bathing the White House in the Rainbow Flag effectually erases Old Glory thus stripping Whites of their American identity in favor of lunatics.  Already trained baboons have been taught how to grunt out something that sounds like I Am An American while waving little Old Glorys.  Getting the point yet?

We now have an African government governing Aryans according to African tribal notions of law, or some approximation of law.   Managing and directing the Negroes are our old friends with a special relationship, the Jews.  The Jews have now added a song to their catechism that goes:  I’m not White, I’m Jewish.  Thus they consider themselves above Negroes, below them in the hierarchy, and Whites who are at the bottom of their hierarchy.  Hitler is laughing in his grave.

White males have been placed outside the law, being ‘unprotected’ by African and Jewish law. That’s a Civil Disability.

Whether Whites know it or not, they are effectively slaves working the American plantation so that Negroes and Jews don’t have to labor, or, at least not that much.

All a Negro has to do if he wants a fuck is to crook his finger at a White girl and say:  Come.  Just like Negro women and White men in the days of slavery.  White girls willingly go too.  Pay back, reparations, you tell me.

I hope I’m making my point.  The Jewish/Negro Revolution is just about over and it has been successful.  Almost over.  The Golden Spike hasn’t been hammered in just yet.  That will happen in 2016.

Have a ball, y’all.


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