Wagging The Dog In Carolina

Wagging The Dog In Carolina


R.E. Prindle

A shooter in Charleston who is Aryan?  Let’s see what the racial implications may be.  Surprisingly South Carolina has a relatively low percentage of Negroes.  There is a larger Negro population in Chicago and environs.  I would have imagined South Carolina at 50 or 60% but it is a low 27%.  Aryans account for 66%

While the narrative concerning the shooter may possibly be correct as far as it goes, what might the results of the disaster be as a thought experiment of Obama and his Beards.  Especially the Beards who are controlling the situation.

The question is can the Negro tail wag the Aryan dog?

The Negroes vote as a block so that they can be directed to vote yes or no on any issue as a block of 98-99%.

Of the Aryan votes on a Negro issue the Negroes can count on at least 20% of the Aryan vote while it could go as high as 45%.  20% to 30% is a given.  Aryans are not going to block vote.  They’re not smart enough.

If one subtracts 2% to 3% as the Jewish vote, they will block vote Democratic or Negrophile by an 80% minimum. So that raises the negro percentage to 29% and lowers the Aryan to 64%.  At only an Aryan 30% vote that lowers the Aryan % to only 47%.  Therefore depending on the percentage of the races that turn out to vote the Negro tail will always wag the Aryan dog.  The apparent Aryan population advantage vanishes.

The purpose of the shooting apparently was to raise the level of Aryan guilt for the purpose of gaining political control of both Charleston and South Carolina and indirectly increasing the US vote.

If the ploy is successful, and it will be, then similar shootings in other minority Negro cities can hardly fail to provide a Negro voting majority.

The result of the thought experiment is that Negroes have permanently captured the government of the United States.

Now, in that connection consider what is happening in the Jewish demographic.  Do not think for a moment that the Jewish demographic is not separate from the Aryan demographic.

Once the Negroes have control the laws and their enforcement are at their will.  Negro law will replace what they consider Aryan law.  It will be a decided disadvantage to be Aryan or White as it is currently phrased

As Jews have bred themselves to be as white as possible they must now dissociate themselves from Whites even though they look white to the Negro.

Currently a song is being performed to indoctrinate Jews to distinguish themselves from Whites.  That song is “I’m Not White, I’m Jewish.  It is performed as Negro rap.  (See link above.)

It would seem then in the coming Aryan holocaust that the Jews are relinquishing ‘whiteness’ and aligning themselves with the Negro.  As they are currently directing the current Negro revolution I think the conclusion is clear.  If the Aryans can’t see the advantage to block voting and turning out in a solid block then my advice is praise the Lord and keep your powder dry.


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