Trump, Clinton And Deep Politics

Trump, Clinton And Deep Politics


R.E. Prindle

Much noise has been created about possible Russian involvement in the recent presidential election. Conflicting reports have the Russians favoring either now Pres. Trump or, on the other hand, Clinton. It has been considered especially reprehensible that Pres. Trump was ‘elected’ by the Russians. And if this defies common sense whatever influence Russia may have had it could not possibly equal the US media hate blitz unremittingly directed at Trump for well over a year leading up to the election. One wonders how Trump survived it. Yet this supposed invisible Russian influence overrode the US media hate fest.

However, in a situation nearly totally obscured by the US MSM both Trump and the Clintons were involved with the Jewish/Russian Mafiya. This is not to say they were willingly but as the Jewish mob was extremely powerful, especially in NYC, coercion was involved.

The Jewish Russian criminals arrived en masse on our shores after the downfall of the Soviet Union in the nineties. They came in the thousands destroying Brooklyn’s Brighton Beach suburb. Extortion was a key racket so it is probable that both Trump and the Clintons were forced to pay for protection.

I will deal with Pres. Trump in another article but first I wish to give an indication of the Clintons’ involvement. This is a quote from Robert I. Friedman’s book Red Mafiya: How The Russian Mob Has Invaded America. This Mafiya is always referred to as Russian but in fact they are all Jews from Russia. P. 267-68.

Grigor Loutchansky, a Latvian born convicted felon and president of the Austrian-based NORDEX, a multinational trading company, had been implicated in everything from major money laundering to smuggling nuclear components. House speaker Newt Gingrich once said the US government officials believed Loutchansky had shipped Scud missile warheads to Iraq from North Korea. The ubiquitous Loutchansky was also a former business associate of both Chernomyrden and Semion Mogelevitch, according to CIA and other Western intelligence officials. Yet somehow this enormously wealthy underworld rogue was invited to a private Democratic National Fund-raising dinner for Clinton in 1993. During coffee, Clinton turned to the mobster to ask a favor: would he pass along to the Ukrainian government requesting it to reduce its nuclear stockpile? Clinton then posed for a photograph with the grinning hood, which Loutchansky later liberally passed out among his cronies, greatly enhancing his stature among corrupt government officials and the criminal underworld. When the photo of the men shaking hands was eventually published in a Russian newspaper, the CIA analyzed it to see if it was fake. When they discovered it was genuine, agency officials were aghast. “Loutchansky had one thing in mind: legitimization,” a congressional investigator probing Russian organized crime explained. “He wanted US citizenship and he wanted to buy a US bank.”

This criminal Mafiya organization that as Friedman explains had seriously corrupted US society and politics has been almost completely ignored by the MSM. The Clintons were involved as early as 1993 and judging from contributions to their charity fund it has continued until today. According to Friedman the US CIA and FBI were well aware of the Jewish mob and yet did little about it. One imagines that this Mafiya’s influence on US politics was much more effective than any of the Russian government.


Mary O’ Grady On Crime And Criminals



Mary O’ Grady On Crime And Criminals


R.E. Prindle


One wonders if the writers at the Wall Street Journal are visiting the planet from a parallel universe where they do things differently. For instance Miss Mary Anastasia O’ Grady has contributed her opinion on ‘Trump’s Crumbling Wall Plan’. (WSJ. 4/11/16 p. A11)

Obviously she’s talking about our neighbors to the South of that old fashioned term Border who clearly have no respect for international conventions and laws, both as people and the government. That’s why they’re called illegals in the US. Sometimes a country should be concerned with how many and who are knocking on heaven’s door- El Paridiso EU.

In three amusing sentences Mary writes:

If voter surveys are correct, Trump supporters are largely native-born and economically aggrieved. As such they are susceptible to ultra-nationalistic attacks on foreign countries. Mexico is the perfect whipping boy.

Hey, now, slow down Mary. Your conditional ‘if’ is a mighty big conditional which you seem to accept as true from what follows that if. Certainly Trump’s supporters are ‘largely’ native-born, that is legal citizens who are having their lives unpleasantly disrupted by people, ‘largely Mexican’, who appear to have no respect for the laws of the US. Since they are breaking those laws that ‘largely’ makes them criminals. Yet you applaud these millions of criminals who illegally enter the US and want no interference in their committing this crime.

Now, what does that say about you Mary?

And now, ‘economically aggrieved.’ Yes, I suppose many people who have seen their jobs shipped to lower wage Mexico are aggrieved but then you aren’t faulting them for that? Where you haid Mary? I myself am not economically aggrieved but I’m sure there is some other reason for supporting Trump. Psychotic? Knuckle dragger? Domestic terrorist?

Don’t you think it’s odd that in this election year Massa Barry has stopped talking about domestic terrorists? No matter, the last I heard he had no patience for some offender, I forget who.

You follow with this line: As such they are susceptible to ultra-nationalist attacks on foreign countries.

That one really boggles my mind and, I, for one, have never attacked countries. Mainly because no country has ever attacked me. I do attack individuals, intellectually speaking of course, and in these attacks I do not discriminate by nationality. Merkel, Soros, Sarkozy, Cameron, they’re all one to me and fair game at that. Don’t they just want to make you scream, Mary? But whipping Mexico? Never, Dear One, Never.

And finally Mary, and perhaps at last, you do not appear to have noticed how Massa Barry, that old slave driver, has creatively used the executive order to override laws, decency and the Constitution of the United States. And his masterful diplomacy, oh Lord, in Libya, Syria and adjacent States. Oh my, it makes me proud to watch old Six-gun Barry in action. Constitution? He don’t need no steenking Constitution.

To think Trump could say he wants to put US interests first!!! Damme, let’s not sell the country to China, let’s give it to them.

Everyone’s entitled to their opinion though Mary. You’ve got yours and us knuckle draggers and Trump supporters have ours.


Love’s Not The Question, Love’s Not The Answer



Love’s Not The Question, Love’s Not The Answer


R.E. Prindle


Super Tuesday has come and gone. Immigration remains the big question: Are we going to take in a million or two of Middle Eastern Moslems or not? The motivation of those who want that aren’t clear and are surely inexplicable. Hillary in her speech without referring directly to the invaders put the question for invasion to one of love, being a loving all embracing people. All we need is love she said in so many words. By love she meant our attitude toward immigrants not their attitude towards us. The immigrants hate us and with darn good reason. So no, love is not the question, love is not the answer. We have to be a little more hard headed.

Bret Stephens who writes his Global View column for the Wall Street Journal 3/1/16 has the title of his article: Staring At The Conservative Gutter and says, and I regretfully quote: The candidacy of Donald Trump is the open sewer of American conservatives. The Super Tuesday polls show a plurality of GOP voters stand to dive right in it.

May I respectfully say that Bret is light headed without a clue of what the global situation is. Cognitive disconnect; he is incapable of analyzing the situation and should shut up. Obviously love is not the question to this colleague of the unctuous Hillary Clinton. He is hate filled. Disagree with him and he’ll settle the argument by pulling out his big .45 and shooting you dead. He is so hate filled that he snarls vitriol at the plurality of Republicans voters he considers ignorantly misled. Me included. Bret and I have a major disagreement on that score. I know Stephens’ type and he has highly overrated his virtue. He is the kind that used to spit on the poor kid who had no shoes to wear to school. Love. Hillary you people have no love and it doesn’t take a village to see it.

For eight long years you and your boss, Boy Obama, have snarlingly defamed democracy by designating honest and lawful opposition as ‘domestic terrorists,’ ‘home grown lone wolf terrorists.’ Tell me, Hillary, do you consider that ‘unifying.’

For nearly a decade you and Boy Obama have sown hatred and dissension, need I mention Ferguson, in the US and maximum discord throughout the world, need I mention Syria. And now you clutch your heart and say love is the answer. Psychologists call that cognitive disconnect, Hillary.

Vitriol, I like that word. Where do you think I learned it Hillary? In the early days of your boss’s presidency he used it against people like me to describe the opposition to the horrors of your crimes in Tucson. Count the murders and mass murders that have occurred during your reign of love Hillary. Count the bombings. You think you and Boy Obama are unifiers? Think again.

And then your team releases not only the detestable spy Jonathan Pollard but the criminal Weatherman murderers of the Brinks guards they were robbing. Instead of releasing them you should have put Bomber Billy Ayers in prison with them. Are you twisted or what?

You don’t think Donald Trump is qualified to run a country a country composed of your kind of people? Think again. He’s got some answers.

Boy Obama is Bomber Billy Ayers disciple, why wouldn’t he release the Weatherman criminals? And you’re going to continue his policies? Hopefully not in this lifetime. Dohrn and Ayers are thoroughly detestable people who stole millions and murdered many. Obama is their disciple. By releasing the Weathermen you and Boy Obama have endorsed their crimes. Tell me how many people has David Duke murdered? How many millions has he robbed? His crime is interpreting reality differently from you. You want me to hate him for that? You want me to disavow Trump because he received an unsolicited endorsement from a respectable man?

Your minds are twisted Hillary. Take some good advice and drop out of the race. Love is obviously not the question here; love is equally obviously not the answer.

Did Trump And Sanders Lose Iowa?



Did Trump And Sanders Lose Iowa?


R.E. Prindle


Iowa is over; the dirty tricks have begun. Did Trump and Sanders lose Iowa? Or was the key who counted the ballots? Let us look at the Democratic race first. Did Sanders lose a contest in which the vote was as tight as it gets? One remembers the Nixon-Kennedy contest in Illinois back in 1960 that was shamelessly fraudulent. As indicator of the same in Iowa is that a very large precinct was kept in reserve so that after the ballots were counted it could throw the election to Clinton when declared. Sort of an ace in the hole.

Here in Oregon where I live (Portland, Multnomah County), we have two ‘heavily Liberal’ precincts that are always declared last even though we have mail-in ballots and the results can be known instantly. These two precincts can turn any election around no matter how many votes are needed. For instance in the first of the homosexuals bills it was losing and lost 60-40 in the State outside Multnomah County. The bill was trailing 52-48 with all the ballots accounted for in Multnomah County save those two very, very Liberal precincts. When they were declared the homosexual bill passed 60-40 in the whole State including Multnomah County. Now, my friends, that is what is called veritably, an ace in the hole.

So, the withheld precinct in Iowa is apparently a universal trick and we may assume that the Insiders were playing it. Therefore I conclude that Sanders probably beat Clinton.

Now let us go the Republican side. Trump was leading in every single poll usually by double digits. That toad Rubio was way down the polls, still he is the Insider water boy; they want him at any price. As Stalin said it’s counting the votes that wins not casting the ballots. So let us say the precinct trick might not work for a second time in this election allowing Cruz to beat Trump, even if it was used that would still leave Rubio far back in the pack with no delegates awarded. For future elections he had to shine better than that. He must have delegates.

Now, early balloting will give a pretty fair indication of final results. Let us say then, that as polls indicated, Trump was leading Cruz by three or four percent. Before the first results were posted then 5-6 percent of Trumps votes were transferred to Rubio bringing him within an ace of beating Trump while giving Cruz a 3.5 percent lead that was maintained.

Along with some other commenters I find Rubio’s 23 percent of the vote not only incredible but impossible. The only thing we can be certain of is that Rubio can really carry that bucket.

The Insiders are so bitter toward Trump that in listing candidate results at least one showed Cruz first, Rubio second and Trump third. We can be reasonably certain, for myself certain, that the votes were jimmied to take the election from Trump. We can expect more in the future.

The trick now may be to keep Trump from getting the delegates necessary so that the election can be brokered at the convention. Thus it can be assured the Waterboy is the candidate. That will also mean that the election is a null and the Democrats will do a cakewalk to January. Obsession is not a political virtue as the Insiders will learn.

Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their party. Now is to time to create an uproar. Remember these guys are all lawyers; they know all the dirty tricks, how and when to use them. They know how to conceal their crimes. Just so, we know how to expose them. Shine a light, shine a light. Show them no mercy.

America Strikes Back



America Strikes Back


R.E. Prindle


The offensiveness of the Insider Party- that is, in the US, both the Democrat and Republican leadership if not Parties- has become intolerable. Their disdain for the electorate has passed into the hostile. While they may believe that their policies are above debate, we don’t. In fact we reject them outright.

Recently the only sane voice in American politics, Donald Trump, quite rightly called for a cease in Moslem immigration. This is necessary. His call was denounced by the elite Insider Party as beyond belief.

No demand could be more reasonable. While the previous three administrations have taken a high hand in Middle Eastern affairs their actions were not seconded by the American people. Nevertheless the Moslems were and are guilty of extreme provocation. They need to turn their damper down. People who behead victims in public are not yet ready for civilization; certainly not for admission to the US.

Trump’s call for cessation of Moslem immigration was greeted by the American people, that is 80% of the population with a sigh of relief. Trump’s further call for a forced exit of Moslems from the country was also justified. Saving that, every Imam or religious leader within our reach should be placed in the concentration camps we read about for an intensive sensitivity course. You know how many White boys have had those. It might take years for the Imams to get it, if you know what I mean.

Many mosques should be razed and civil disabilities should be placed on Moslems not unlike the civil disabilities placed on White men in this country commonly called ‘hate’ laws. Moslems gunning down celebrants at a Christmas party apparently don’t qualify as hate while throwing a pig’s head at a mosque does.

Further people pushing the Moslem agenda- Obama, Merkel, Hollande, Cameron, et al. should be tried for crimes against humanity of the magnitude of the Nazi war criminals.

Every one of the murders and casualties at San Bernardino should be charged to Obama who elicited and abetted them no less than Charles Manson in the Tate-La Bianca murders, now serving a life sentence in prison.

Manson murdered no one himself, like Obama, but was convicted for enabling those who did also like Obama. Obama is guilty on the same basis including the Marathon bombing with all its victims. He not only encouraged the crimes but then threatened to severely punish anyone who retaliated against the Moslems. ‘We are not that kind of people.’ Barry hypocritically intoned.

Oh yes we are, Barry. Oh yes we are. Yes, we can.

Obama and his fellow elitists should be arrested now, tried and executed. We are not the kind of people who tolerate serial killers in office or out.

The Current Crop Of European And American War Criminals


The Current Crop Of European And American

War Criminals


R.E. Prindle


Following on the heels of the Parisian Massacre by the Moslems a second attack has been struck in San Bernardino in the US claiming fourteen or more lives and thirty-some victims. The authorities have no notion of the motive. We do.

The motive is clear to all but instead of acknowledging the attack as an act of war the Criminal in the White House rushes to call for a ban on firearms. Guns are not the problem dear Barry, the problem is ideology. Remove the ideology and the shootings, the bombings, the rapes, the murders will cease. These attacks will not end until you accept that you are mistaken in your idiotic encouragement of these paramilitaries by importing them in their millions. You must be insane.

You and your fellows in England, France and Germany are the true war criminals who should be removed from office and tried like the other war criminals at Nuremberg.

Your evil cohort in Germany, Angela Merkel, is knowingly encouraging the enemies of the German people while disarming the Germans making them defenceless. Merkel is personally responsible for the rapes of these thousands of innocent women. She should be given hundreds of life sentences to be served successively.

Hollande in France as well as the English idiot are no different. They should be removed and tried. Sarkozy with his moronic plan of forcing White women to sleep with Africans should be castrated, put on display and then shot. Hitler was saintly compared to these criminals.

As for Obama his crimes are mounting daily. He should be held responsible for each death in San Bernardino. The problem was ideology not guns. Remove the fellow now. Escort him to the door. He has already said that as long as he is in office he will bring in as many of these Moslem paramilitaries as he can. Stop him now. This is an emergency.

His supporters are no less guilty. Why Congress is even discussing vetting or not vetting the paramilitaries is ridiculous. Can their mouths form the words No Way? No discussion, just NO WAY. They too are guilty of the Berdoo shooting and the many that will follow as the season develops as no effort is being made to discourage the Moslems.   They are all guilty, don’t kid yourself.

Instead three White boys who have committed no crime but are alleged to be only ‘plotting’ retaliation are on their way to prison and long sentences for committing no crime. Think of that! They have committed no crime. These men who have done nothing should be defended strenuously by any means necessary.

If we take no action in either case we have only ourselves to blame.

Part III: Is Paris Burning?



Is Paris Burning?

Part III


R.E. Prindle


Anent the Moslem act of war in Paris in which perhaps as many as a thousand people were killed, maimed and injured not to mention the collateral damage to the thousands of related lives our Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, has pointed out a significant fact. European citizens are unarmed and defenseless. They are intentionally being kept so by the criminally inept and incompetent Insiders in office. Apparently these morons and incapable of understanding the trap they have put Europe in.

Upon a signal no different than the one in ancient Roman Alexandria and Cyprus in the second century when the Jews descended upon the unsuspecting people and murdered a half million the Moslems armed with assault rifles, grenades and who knows what weapons will be able to murder defenseless millions of Europeans. This is what is known as a blood bath that will far exceed any so-called criminal WWII holocaust. You had better take this seriously, untold misery is awaiting Europe. Every European should be issued an assault rifle and ammunition at government expense. They should be allowed to use it rather than seeing the African and Moslem barbarians rape European women and assault the men. If the Insiders consider allowing them to do so unopposed is the rule of law then they should be arrested as accomplices.

Moslem rapists and murderers should be summarily executed by European paramilitaries. This is war; no crimes are involved. Trump is absolutely correct; his critics are fools.

As for the criminal Insiders they should remember the fate of Mussolini while no measures have been taken against the Moslem troops. Hollande closed the borders, indeed! Who does this nitwit think he’s fooling?

Instead he asks the French people to suffer their casualties in silence. Whose side is this nitwit on? Instead of acknowledging those paramilitaries are soldiers engaged in asymmetrical warfare carrying the Middle East atrocities back to Europe he points out that one of the soldiers was a petty criminal. In other words, this is just a crime rather than an act of war. Get with it Insider idiots; they are not petty criminals they are soldiers foraging for supplies. This is war Insider idiots and you are failed generals. You are to be replaced and treated as criminal incompetents and hanged just as at Nuremburg.

As Donald Trump seems to understand the situation well, it is important that we of the Outsider Parties see that he is elected. He is our last best chance before street warfare becomes more imperative in both Europe and North America than it is now.

Gird your loins, my friends.

The Crime Of The Jews



The Crime Of The Jews


R.E. Prindle


Thirty years ago the arch Jewish criminal Jonathan Pollard was sentenced to life imprisonment for selling out the US to his premier loyalty Israel. Under cover of being a dual US citizen Pollard obtained employment with Naval Intelligence. Like a modern Alfred Dreyfus he began selling reams of top secret information to his country of allegiance, Israel.

This information resulted in the deaths of scores of US informants inside the USSR. Pollard thus murdered every one of those agents when the information sold to his home country was given to the USSR in exchange for the release of a few Jews posing as citizens of the USSR for aliyah to Israel.

Nor was that the full story of Pollard’s and the Jews’ treachery. For the last several years Pollard has been languishing in one of the US’ country club retention centers. Now, our fey president has given Pollard a pardon.

It is said by the Jews that Pollard has suffered enough for releasing the documents to what after all is the US’ number one ally. Israel is no one’s ally. He has suffered enough for a crime committed only thirty years ago?

Consider the state of Jewish comparative ethics: Tablet Ezine’s top writer the lame brained Rachel Shukert published one of her articles recently. Her horrendous claim is that in 1933 a seven year old child was photographed giving the honorable Roman salute to the passing parade of Oswald Mosely’s British Nationalist Party. Seven years old, eighty two years ago! A young girl, an angel, a child. Ms. Shukert wants us to denounce this child, now a ninety year old woman for giving a time honored salute! Johnathan Pollard murdered dozens and is excused while the Jews want the resignation of a ninety year old woman who at seven gave a Roman salute?

Indeed, after Ms. Shukert cheers a mass murderer like Johnathan Pollard released from prison after only thirty years? Really, what is wrong with Rachel Shukert and the Jews?

Yes, that little seven year old angel was none other than OUR believed queen, Elizabeth.

Perhaps Ms. Shukert and her demented Jews want the Queen to step down because they are ‘offended.’ Fired from her role as OUR beloved Queen by Jews? Really!

Johnathan Pollard- Queen Elizabeth; Queen Elizabeth-Johnathan Pollard? It is even obscene to couple their names; a mass murderer vs. the Queen of the Western World. And the insane Rachel Shukert thinks we will give the choice to Johnathan Pollard? Fie, fie, for shame; you disgust us. Now you know why Wolf Hitler did what he had to do.

Beware The Great White Lone Wolf


Beware The Great White Lone Wolf


R.E. Prindle


I get it!  I get it!  I get it!

How could I be so slow?  First Obama issues a dire warning that the greatest terrorist threat in America isn’t organized Moslem hostility, oh no, no, the greatest terrorist threat in America is the Great White Lone Wolf.  Ils sont partout.

And, lo! and behold!  a Great White Lone Wolf appears out of the woodwork with his newly purchased hand gun and fifteen extra clips of ammunition.  He had a big job in mind.  He invades a peaceful Negro church full of old bent Negroes who seeing his woeful countenance volunteer a helpful hand.  No bigotry in this Negro place of worship.  And, what does this bastard Great White Lone Wolf return the good will?  He murders as many of the whole lot as fast as he can reload.

We are told he went through multiple clips and only bagged seven Negroes out of the whole church full.  Lucky for them the Great White shot like a Negro.

The MSM assures us that he was not connected to any other internet White Supremacist organization or other Great White Lone Wolves.  Of course not, superfluous for the MSM to mention it.  If he were associated with anyone else he wouldn’t be a Great White Lone Wolf would he?  I’ll answer that myself!  NO.  N-O. NO.  Period.

But, guess what The Great White Lone Wolf high school dropout did.   He wrote a neatly typed, well written, thoroughly coherent ‘manifesto.’   Of course, he wants the world to know.  The manifesto is a forgery much more obvious than the Protocols of Zion or the Donation of Constantine.

I can imagine the NYT editor, or perhaps Barry himself, sweating away beneath his lamp:  ‘Let’s see,’ he mutters to himself under his breath, ‘I’ve got to get everything I know these guys think in, oh yeah, and a couple crudities and grammatical errors.  Uh yea, and then a couple of really awkward expressions.  Hmm.  This is beginning to look like my own writing.  Oh well, never mind.  There, that should do it.’

Yeah, it should have, but it didn’t.  Hey, hey, boy, nobody gets by me.

We know there’s a few million more Great Whites out there, I mean, just look at those gun sales.  It is a fact, most of those guns are going into the hands of Great White Lone Wolves.

Once these church shootings begin, Holy Ground for Christ’s sake, and burning of Negro churches down South, nobody wants to burn a Negro church up North, gets rolling there won’t be a Negro left alive.  Stop it now!  Arrest and incarcerate any Great White who looks suspicious.  If you see one tell on him.

New Charleston Toodle-oo


More Charleston Toodle-oo


R.E. Prindle


The Charleston Toodle-oo was merely propaganda.  However the Negroes were mere tools of the Jewish Revolution that began in 1913

In the European phase of the Revolution Russia was wiped from the face of the map being renamed the USSR.  The Russian population was ruthlessly murdered while ending subordinated to the Jews, Poles, Letts among others and of course the Great Georgian himself, Joseph Stalin.

The Russians were expropriated of anything of value and/or murdered.  Warehouses were full of furs, jewels, etc.  They became less than slaves, ciphers.

The same process began in 1913 and is now reaching its climax in the US.  For a hundred years now the erasure of American, White or Aryan identity, whichever name you choose to use, has been in progress.  Aryan mores and customs have been belittled and demeaned relentlessly.  Over the last fifty or so years unceasing propaganda has taught Aryans to hate themselves as the all time dastards of civilization.  They now accept that characterization.

Now, in Charleston, a hypnotized Aryan boy has committed what to Negroes and Jews is the most dastardly crime imaginable.  But the great hearted Negroes forgive him.  He was a Southern boy, naturally, so the Confederate flag is banned thus partially erasing the Southern identity as the Russian was erased in 1917.

Bathing the White House in the Rainbow Flag effectually erases Old Glory thus stripping Whites of their American identity in favor of lunatics.  Already trained baboons have been taught how to grunt out something that sounds like I Am An American while waving little Old Glorys.  Getting the point yet?

We now have an African government governing Aryans according to African tribal notions of law, or some approximation of law.   Managing and directing the Negroes are our old friends with a special relationship, the Jews.  The Jews have now added a song to their catechism that goes:  I’m not White, I’m Jewish.  Thus they consider themselves above Negroes, below them in the hierarchy, and Whites who are at the bottom of their hierarchy.  Hitler is laughing in his grave.

White males have been placed outside the law, being ‘unprotected’ by African and Jewish law. That’s a Civil Disability.

Whether Whites know it or not, they are effectively slaves working the American plantation so that Negroes and Jews don’t have to labor, or, at least not that much.

All a Negro has to do if he wants a fuck is to crook his finger at a White girl and say:  Come.  Just like Negro women and White men in the days of slavery.  White girls willingly go too.  Pay back, reparations, you tell me.

I hope I’m making my point.  The Jewish/Negro Revolution is just about over and it has been successful.  Almost over.  The Golden Spike hasn’t been hammered in just yet.  That will happen in 2016.

Have a ball, y’all.