Battle Cry

Battle Cry


R.E. Prindle

When did our national discourse become so consumed with the state of our national discourse? Rarely has so much public dialogue been dedicated to arguing over what can’t be said, who can’t say it and just how they shouldn’t put it. It has always been politically profitable to frame your opponents’ rhetoric as irrational, cruel, even dangerous. But our now-constant public skirmishes over speech have moved to another level entirely: These days, the closer you can situate your opponents’ words to actual violence, the better.

When James Hodgkinson opened fire at a Republican congressional baseball practice in June—wounding Representative Steve Scalise of Louisiana among others—he was killed in the attack and left no manifesto to explain his actions. But the shooting immediately became, for many, a chilling example of the consequences of someone else’s rhetoric, and commentators raced to track down who that “someone” might be.

A Newsweek headline asked if “anti-Trump” rhetoric inspired the shooter…

Amanda Hess NYT

Magazine 8/20/17

This post concerns a discussion on Michael Sellers’ Facebook page.  It should be of interest.

Cc: Johannes Rebhan, Alan Derian, Ian Hawke, Scott Rosen

Gentlemen: In reply to your comments I had written a reasoned comment that attempted to deal with facts and historical opinion. However, since reading your comments among others on Michael Sellers’ post of the last couple days of scurrilous ad hominems and defamation I didn’t think you deserved it while it would be futile as you refuse to answer arguments preferring to resort to slander. Therefore I am going to tell you how you appear to an intelligent reader of your comments.

Scott Rosen is a mere thug with a mouthful of canards and insults. In addition he is not so bright as he spells the Adolf of Hitler Adolph with a ph. Scott is no longer welcome on my site.

Next, let’s consider Alan Derian. His reply was very interesting because he cleverly manages to threaten me with dire consequences if I don’t fall in line without exposing himself to the casual reader as he says it is my choice whether I want to be beaten or whatever thereby exculpating himself.

His comment is very well composed, he obviously knows what he is doing.


OK, RE. Before anyone else reacts to your last discussion about the science of the abilities of the races, let me address two points.


Here Alan admits that there is a science that addresses the relative abilities of the races. This is an important point because he admits that there are races and that they have differing abilities.

As an aside the Liberals on Seller’s thread always speak of scientific disciplines as if that knowledge is wholly different and separate from other knowledge. They speak of scientists as though they were a different race, almost alien, rather than merely someone whose specialty is physics or chemistry etc.. In point of fact anyone with the necessary intelligence can take up a scientific specialty although those who excel at them possess superior qualities and are few.

Scientific disciplines are one thing while the use of the scientific method is available to anyone and applicable to any task. When I was in college we were told to not take the course information too seriously but if we got the method that was the point. I got the method. You Ian, although a fine fellow do not have the method although you have an overweening self-confidence in your opinions.

Alan then continues:

Quote: First, you are correct in saying that in Communist countries opposing speech was censored and how America is supposed to be different [exceptional] and allow free speech. But that term “free speech” is a misnomer. America has freer speech, it has a wide range (of) what kind of speech it allows, BUT, all countries, in order to survive, must enforce their core values and reject and suppress those who work to undermine those values.


As we all know, America is a diverse society of many cultures each vying for dominance. Aryan culture did not inhibit the speech of any culture or political point of view. In other words whatever core values the Aryan society of the nineteenth century possessed and expected all immigrants to accept has now been split into competing cultures with different core values who wish to inhibit speech. So, Mr. Derian leaves open as to which core values he is referring to. As he here offers a tactic of the Jewish culture, which has no provision for free speech or conscience, it is obvious to which diversity Mr. Derian belongs and whose core values he wants to protect.

As Judaism is a semi-autonomous culture, as now are the Negro and Moslem cultures, while he seemingly speaks for Americans in general or universally his concern is for Jewish core values. In the struggle for cultural supremacy the Jews at present are leading the rest. Mr. Derian is also an Israeli citizen; a dual citizen who carries an Israeli passport or can obtain one but it is an important consideration. One needn’t ask where his primary loyalty lies.

Now, these White demonstrators characterized as Nazis by Mr. Derian are specifically guarding the core values of the Aryan population of the US. As Mr. Derian points out they must do this or be submerged. The problem is that they are competing with Jews, Negroes, Moslems on the same basis. Quite obviously they are the enemies of Mr. Derian and his Jews and vice versa. Virtue is not the issue here as all are fighting for the same cause but who they are. There is no possible way of faulting the Aryans without faulting Negroes, Jews and Moslems.
The Aryans were also shouting, according to reports: The Jews will not replace us. Given the competition for supremacy between the Jews and others this is a legitimate war cry. They are also reported as shouting Blood and Soil. As their core values, which Mr. Derian admits must be defended by any means necessary are based on blood as are Mr. Derian’s Jews as well as the Negroes, not so much the Moslems, and soil which means that as they are Americans they have no other soil to claim. This is not the case with Mr. Derian and his fellow Jews. Anywhere they hang their yarmulke is home to them.

Now, Mr. Derian says that ‘free speech’ is a misnomer and that in defense of a culture’s core values anyone who challenges them can be forcibly shut up by any means necessary. This is strange, as Mr. Derian then invokes the Constitution of the United States which guarantees unrestricted freedom of speech as well as assembly and has been confirmed by the recent decision of the Supreme Court as a core value of the United States. Mr. Derian is subjecting himself to a forcible rebuke.

He then quotes the words “all men are created equal” from the Constitution out of context and says that this is a core value that must never be attenuated as if a mere phase could be attenuated. He neglects to complete the sentence to: “in regard to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” There is no reference to preference of certain people. The rest of the sentence changes the meaning imputed by Mr. Derian as the evidence for all men being created equal makes it an oxymoron. Quite obviously all men are not created equal as a certain percentage of births are stigmatized with often horrible birth defects.

Further, in the broader sense, Mr. Derian has already admitted that there is a science of racial differences which implies that all men are not only not created equal but those differences persist throughout life.   Thus, Mr. Derian is hoist by his own petard.

For Mr. Derian it is enough to impose his opinion on US law even though no laws support his points.

Thus while other countries have draconian laws to protect ‘their ‘ core’ values, one of which in most European countries is to never, never criticize the Jews or their interpretations of the holocaust and WWII or you will be put in concentration camps called prisons and have at least a portion of your assets confiscated. It should be clear whose core values take precedence both in the US and Europe and that those values are not endemic to any European country.

The difference in the US, he says, is people might lose their jobs, that is, their means of subsistence, get screamed at by counter-protestors, that is, competing cultures, deprived of their core value of free, not freer, speech and otherwise to be made to feel bad. That is defamation, insults, directed hatred, which, one imagines are acts of tough love to bring the deluded in line.

To cap his climax Mr. Derian makes this dire threat, which one is led to believe is backed by the full force of the Jews and their auxiliaries.


Bottom line: all men are created equal. Not all men are more or less created the same depending on your race, gender, sexual orientation, or religion. Men. Equal. Period. You either adopt that or you get crapped on. Your choice.


So, Mr. Derian ends his diatribe with the threat that you either go along with his and the Jews’ program or they will fuck you over like you have never been fucked over before. Your choice: On your knees before your masters, slaves, or what happens to you you have brought on yourself. Your masters are free of guilt; you have been warned.

So, American democracy has come to that. The Jews are staged to replace Whites and the Aryan demonstrators were quite right to chant Jews Will Not Replace Us. That, does however, remain to be seen. The war is on, not over.


The Rise Of The Conservative Ideology

The Rise Of The Conservative Ideology


R.E. Prindle


A voice from the past: Things never change. This was the Stop Hoover movement of Roosevelt and the Democrats.

The “SMEAR HOOVER” CAMPAIGN was launched as the President urged unity of effort, he never got, to combat the depression. The opposition made forays upon him under the guidance of Democratic leaders and through the writing of Charles Michelson, a skilled publicist who was recruited from the New York World by the chairman of the Democratic National Committee. Mr. Michelson’s services were retained to do a particular job. He discharged that duty. It marked the beginning of almost ceaseless criticism of Mr. Hoover, personally as well as officially, that persisted throughout his term. It hampered the President’s work. It made him resentful. He regarded some of it as unpatriotic.

I deplore the necessity of referring to the subject. I do so only because, unhappily, it is an integral part of any account of the Administration. The activity launched against the President influenced congressional action and public reaction at a critical time when cooperation was a vital necessity. Any President must have the confidence of the body of the people if he is to succeed inn his tasks. The extent to which that confidence is undermined gives the direct ratio of the limitation of his activities.

Hoover Off The Record, Theodore G. Joslin, Secretary to the President, 1931 to 1933, p.34.


The above quote amply demonstrates the conditions under which President Trump is and undoubtedly will have to function during his terms. It matters little how successful he may be, indeed, any such success will merely enrage demented Liberals.

The times have changed, this is no longer 1933, and we are now in a global situation in which borders are dissolving. In the near future, excluding any retrograde countries such as Korea and China, people will be united by global ideologies rather than country borders. This will necessitate a change in consciousness and quickly. I call on those of the Conservative ideology to join ranks with our fellows in Russia, Poland, Germany, France and the Globe to challenge and defeat the Liberal fantasy.

Support Marine Pen in France, Putin in Russia and other leaders of the ideology around the world. Tolerate no negative propaganda. Extend freedom around the world while defeating the Orwellian Liberal Autocracy.

Obama Defends Kaepernick



Obama Defends Kaepernick’s Protest


R.E. Prindle


President Obama said Monday that NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick was “exercising his constitutional right: to bring attention to racial injustice by not taking part in the national anthem…


…Obama said he did not doubt Kaepernick’s sincerity to highlighting social issues and noted the player was the latest in a long line of professional sports figures to do so. The president also acknowledged that Kaepernick’s silent protest was a “tough thing” for many members of the military to accept.


“When it comes to the flag and the national anthem and the meaning that holds for our men and women in uniform and those who fought for us—that is a tough thing for them to get past.” Obama said. “but I don’t doubt his sincerity. I think he cares about some real, legitimate issues that have to be talked about. If nothing else, he’s generated more conversation about issues that have to be talked about.”


Our great Constitutional scholar has spoken. He says that there is a Constitutional right to bring attention to a racial matter. I don’t know what Barry was smoking or snorting but it’s not clear to me where he read there is a right to bring attention to any problem. In fact I don’t see a Constitutional question involved at all. Barry has invoked a right too far.

What we do have is the broader question of respect for others (frequently invoked as ‘offensive’) and following established mores. People don’t talk much about mores anymore but what is occurring now is an assault on mores to exchange established mores for more race based mores. Kaepernick launched an all out attack for Negro Supremacy by discarding mores followed by American citizens for a replacement of those mores by new Negro mores. Mores govern how a society functions.

For those with an ear to the ground, finger on the pulse and an eye for flashing changes being imposed on Americans by this traitorous president what is being attempted is clear. The Negro is rejecting White mores and the unpleasant past of slavery. Negro Revolutionaries form an entirely different set that displaces American mores. Thus disrespecting the flag that represents slavery and Jim Crow to them. Photos of revolutionaries of any color standing on the Flag or burning it is not so much disrespect for the Flag as a rejection of what Negroes think it stands for. There is no more outstanding image of the move to replace what some call ‘the historic American nation’. That nation, weird old America, and what they call White Supremacy is anathema to them.

If you’re really listening to the rhetoric, following the photo images this should require no explanation. What more do you need to see this clearly than the hate law that the coloreds and their ally passed making White heterosexual males second class citizens? I am amazed that there is no outcry against this. My voice is a solo coming from the wilderness.

Boy Obama himself shares this disrespect and hatred of White Americans. Just listen to the precedence he gives to the grumbling of this privileged multi-millionaire athlete over ‘those who fought for us.’

When it comes to the flag and the national anthem and the meaning it holds for our men and women in uniform and those who fought for it—that is a tough thing for them to get past, but I don’t doubt (Kaepernick’s) sinceri

Do you see the arrogance, hear the sneer of this nit picked off the streets of New York City, given a law degree from Harvard and pushed into the White House without a single qualification? He says to the returned vets of Viet Nam, that dirty little war, not all returned, tens of thousand of their spirits haunt Nam, says to them and their surviving brothers: Fuck y’all. Get over it. Why? Because he doesn’t doubt Kaepernick’s sincerity. He doesn’t doubt his sincerity!

And this arrogant buffoon, Barry Obama, places a football player’s sincerity over the sacrifice of a million or more men who put their bodies and sanity into the jungles and swamps of an ungrateful Viet Nam.

If you voted for him, shame on you. If you voted for him twice (two different elections) you should bury your head in the sand and leave it there. If you intend to vote for his surrogate, Hitler Clinton this time around you will have to do penance.

If anything Obama has shown how easy it is to change the mores of a whole nation, however such rapid change makes them more fluid and even easier to direct the flow. For us it is to reject Obama’s mores and direct the flow into a better and more reasonable channel. Our Lives Matter. To do so requires the rejection of Liberal and Negro influence and their marginalization. As unpleasant as that task may be to our mores it must be taken up. Contempt for Obama is rising; it must be amplified.

As Obama himself says: ‘I’d rather have…people who are engaged in the argument and trying to think through how they can be part of our democratic process than people who are just sitting on the sidelines not paying attention at all.’   President Obama, you have found us.

Heil Obama! We are paying attention. Take up our arms, we’re marching again. Our democracy will be established with liberty and justice for all not just the Liberal few. Re-enfranchise the White heterosexual male – down with hate laws.

Vote Trump

The Birth Of Two Nations



The Birth Of Two Nations


R.E. Prindle


In 1915 D.W. Griffith and Thomas Dixon Jr. released what is perhaps the most famous movie, silent or talkie, ever made. The movie that depicts the aftermath of the Civil War, that is Reconstruction, was the biggest spectacle ever produced to that time, and also the highest grosser.

The movie was addressed to the North. For the North the Civil War was a war of extermination intended to kill all the White Southerners. That they didn’t succeed is a mere accident of history. For instance, read War Crimes Against Southern Civilians by Walter Brian Cisco. After a hundred and fifty years later Southerners finally feel free to tell the truth. The book will help you understand Griffith’s Birth of a Nation.

Thus the nation Griffith and Dixon referred to was the unity of the Aryan Nation. The Birth was its hoped for reunification after the horrors of the Civil War. The plea was never to kill each other again; especially avoiding the genocidal horrors of Generals William Tecumseh Sherman and Phil Sheridan among many other Northern commanders.

Naturally the movie was seen as racial and racist and a great hue and cry was raised by Negroes and Jews but not by the men who fought the war either North or South. While the movie in many cases was viewed by participants and survivors of that great conflict, and thought to accurately represent the situation a barrage of defamation was directed at D.W. Griffith, the director, and Thomas Dixon, the writer.

Dixon who was a best selling author of talent and a good story teller was gradually turned into a racist monster having no place in American literature or culture. Both he and Griffith’s careers began a precipitous decline following the movie and both died penniless and in obscurity.

Now, a hundred years later in an effort to co-opt history a new film also titled Birth of a Nation has been written, directed and acted by Nate Parker. Nate is a Negro. His film deals with a slave uprising led by Nat Turner in Southhampton County, Virginia in 1831. The rebellion was a murderous, bloody, rapefest that ended as it must have once the surprise was over and the Whites organized. But, what is meant by Nate Parker’s filming the movie? Is it merely to mock Griffith and Dixon or is he calling for a unification of the present Negroes to exterminate present Whites?   In other words, a serious call for the birth of a Negro United States or Nation? The film certainly excites the Negro people to do battle with the White Demons. And that at a time when the Negroes are already working themselves into a lather finding excuses to kill, burn and loot.

The very people who denounce Griffith and Dixon now applaud Parker as the auteur of a fantastic picture. They little know that they are the projected victims of the film.

However Nate Parker has complicated the matter by having been tried for raping a White girl in college, sort of following Griffith and Dixon’s script that was denounced as defamatory.   The White girl is described as being unconscious, thus one imagines drugged, hence unable to give consent as Parker claims while having gratified his hatred of Whites on the girl’s body. Having gratified his hatred Parker invited his Black roommate into the room to have some too. So we have a gang rape.

So the Griffith film in which a Negro gratifies his lust on a White girl seems to have been reenacted by Parker even though the scene in Griffith’s film was called inaccurate and racist.

Parker, of course, represenst his rape of the girl as a mere youthful indiscretion and he’s put all that behind him; convenient for him although his victim subsequently committed suicide at the age of thirty. Collateral damage.   So let’s forget about the mistake and concentrate on Parker’s movie that calls for lots more murder and rape.

Let’s try to place Parker and his movie into a historical continuum. The Nat Turner uprising occurred in South Hampton County, Virginia in 1831 as noted. The uprising was not too far distant in time from the 1804 revolt of Toussaint L’Ouverture in Haiti which established the independence of Haiti from the French. Haiti was a major event in the consciousness of nineteenth century history. While Toussaint did not in any sense defeat Napoleon as some historians claim he did defeat troops of the Empire. The reaction among Whites was stupendous. Some feared an uprising in the US like that of Nat Turner other lauded Toussaint as the greatest military figure of all time surpassing Washington, Napoleon, Caesar and whoever. Just the greatest and that because he was a Negro. Matthew Clavin in his fine book Toussaint L’Ouverture and the American Civil War details the reaction to Toussaint’s victory. All the White men were massacred while the White women were given the choice of a horrible death or marriage to Negroes, but a real marriage not a mockery of one. Most women chose to submit to the Negroes.

The Whites not murdered during the Haitian Revolution fled to the nascent United States. While France had sold Louisiana to the US in 1803 New Orleans was still considered a French colony to which many of the slave owners repaired bringing their slaves with them. Many of the slave owners were mulattoes and Negroes thus New Orleans had a large corps of Negro slave owners at the time of the Civil War.

Others landed along the Gulf Coast so news of Haiti was general in the South among both slave owners and slaves. This Haitian rebellion then both incited Nat Turner and terrified the Whites. So, the result was murder, theft and rapine what it would seem Nate Parker is inciting with his movie. As far as rape goes he knows what he’s talking about.

Efforts are being made to prevent the theater release in October, not only by Whites but by Negroes also. This would seem wise. In the event of a Negro uprising that could occur before election time or at least inauguration that might seem to justify martial law and the continuation of Obama rule. Some worry about this and their worries may be justified. We’ll see. I fear that the US is now two nations and not one.

Vote Trump anyway.

Why Hillary Clinton Is In Trouble And Donald Trump Is Solid



Why Hillary Clinton Is In Trouble

And Donald Trump Is On Top


R.E. Prindle


Trump bashers who seem to be functioning from the bottom of a wishing well should at least try for an art form. Their stuff is really boring. They can’t understand that this is not an ordinary election. The rules are suspended. It is the odd one in that the CFR- Council on Foreign Relations- has not been able to vet both candidates as usual or seemingly so, one never knows. Thus while the Obama-Clinton combo is in the CFR bag Trump appears to be a wild card beyond the CFR’s control.

I only grasped the reality and influence of the CFR recently so for those who haven’t, I assume you are the majority, the CFR is real. It is not a so-called conspiracy theorist fantasy. According to reliable sources they have vetted every candidate from both sides, since their founding in 1921; thus we have the consistent policies followed since then no matter which party is elected.

The CFR is the American branch of what Henry Ford called the International Banker Conspiracy. He used the word Jewish but meant Bankers, both Jewish and goi, in other words The Money Trust. As in all organizations the rank and file are unaware of what the elite group’s ultimate plan is. In essence the lower ranks just follow orders.

This election is abnormal because the CFR has pushed too hard on very unpopular programs such as race mixing and the mongrelization of society, also called unrestricted immigration, negative GDP growth in the US and much much more. In point of fact we people are in rebellion and have been in rebellion for some time searching only for the leader to organize our resentment. Donald Trump, seizing the moment, has stepped into the breach.

Now, it is possible that the CFR realizing than an actual revolution was brewing took preventative measures by appointing Donald Trump to seize the day in order to turn the stampede to defuse the possible revolution.

It is also possible that Trump is sincere. Either way he is the brewing revolution’s only bet. He says what we want to hear. And he does make some sincere sounds. So we have to accept Trump as the genuine article while Clinton has said in so many words she will be an Obama clone. In other words as far as her CFR managers go, she is secure.

Thus, in a general election she is not an 80% bet to win but an 80% bet to lose. Obama’s Moslem favorites continue to slaughter the world’s population so that another couple dozen disaster by November practically guarantee Trump’s victory. If Hillary is spending big money on her campaign it is wasted money; if Trump is not it is because he doesn’t have to, he could run a McKinley front porch campaign and win handily. All this agonizing over spending money is irrelevant.

Levy's trump-with-matzoh-ball-soup

Eating At Donald’s Restaurant

Trump also is as good or better an actor than Ronald Reagan while being twice as smart with a sly sense of humor. Of two ads or pictures he has run, one eating tacos to please the Mexicans and the other eating matzoh balls to please the Jews they are clever parodies of the Levy Bread campaign of the Sixties that showed various races of people eating Levy Rye bread under the slogan You Don’t Have To Be Jewish to love Levy’s.

What Trump is saying is Trump’s restaurant of the Tower makes the best tacos, matzoh ball soup and probably next, chop suey. You can’t get more global than that, can you? America eats internationally.

On personality then Hillary isn’t even in the running; she’s a sure loser. Anyone thinking this election is going to follow Party registration has their head in the sand. People are voting issues not Parties. Hillary is on the wrong side of every issue.

Trump must however get the White vote out in large numbers. Here’s a tip on how to get 80% of it: Promise to revoke the hate laws that disenfranchise White men. If that promise isn’t good for 100% of White men and at least fifty percent of White women then the country is truly and well screwed.

Of course there is always the chance that Trump is a put up job of the CFR but a this point it can’t matter.

Vote Trump

Vote For Your Emancipation

Brexit Breaks It



Brexit Breaks It


R.E. Prindle


The rejection of the EU by Britain means the Europeans may have found an entrance to defeat the Semitic takeover of Europe. The key to the European problem, of course, is Sweden. A couple decades back a Jewish woman by the name of Barbara Spectre founded a key subversive organization she named Paideia. Paideia is a Greek term for education. So the Jews purloined an Aryan term to disguise Semitic purposes.

Spectre not only formed the organization in Sweden she got the Swedish government to fund its own demise. Why Sweden would fund a Jewish organization when Jews are not only quite capable of funding their own organizations but all of Sweden.

The purpose of Spectre’s Paideia is to undermine European culture thereby continuing Freud’s work. This is its announced goal. Spectre is revolted by the magnificent scientific achievements of nineteenth century Europe and is determined to stop Aryan superiority.

Her announced goal then, in her terms, is to put ‘Jewish knowledge’ on a par with European knowledge. That is, she admits Jewish intellectual inferiority. Put in European terms what Spectre want is to give the Jewish Talmud equal credence with European Science. One almost dies laughing at the notion of placing Jewish superstition on the same level as Science.

Is it a coincidence then that by funding Spectre’s Paideia Sweden has been led to embrace unlimited third world immigration? Having been befuddled by Spectre’s Paideia Sweden then led the European movement to take in all of South-East Asian Semites and Africa thus diluting European culture to the vanishing point while what passes for Jewish culture remains as undiluted as ever. Quite an achievement for Spectre in only twenty years or so. Spectre is a general who has out generaled Napoleon. Napoleon failed to conquer Europe while losing armies while this looney little Jewish lady is on the verge of taking Europe without armies and without losing a single person. One can only say: Bravo!

To have won an election is not to have won the war. Nothing will be implemented for three or four years which leaves plenty of room for maneuvering. There is time to run around end, weaken and defeat the will of the people. Cameron says he is resigning but that won’t take place until October, if it actually happens. These people are as slippery as eels.

Hopefully Britain’s move will be reinforced by the departure of others and perhaps the dissolution of the EU. That would leave each country free to deal with Afro-Asian invasions as they choose. There will undoubtedly by some terrible bloody fighting before the invaders can be killed or expelled but having come that far there is no other choice.

The point is to defeat this latest Jewish attempt to take over Europe. There will be no peace in Europe or the West until the Jews are neutralized, call it quarantined, or what you will.

Carry the good fight forward.

Who Benefits If Western Whites War On Eastern Whites?



Who Benefits If Western Whites

War On Eastern Whites?


R.E. Prindle


There seems to be a growing threat of violence between the NATO nations and the Russians. Should such a war be forced between these two White sides who benefits?

Consider! A couple decades ago the Negro Kamau Kambon on public television announced that genocide should be committed on Whites. At the same time the Jew Noel Ignatiev then a full professor at prestigious Harvard University was touring US campuses delivering his sermon that Whiteness had to be eliminated from the planet.   This was with the full approbation of Harvard, he was never disciplined. Ignatiev did this with the full concurrence of the Jewish establishment. No Jewish voice was raised condemning him. He was cheered wildly by campus audiences so they were apparently comfortable with their own extinction.

So, both Negroes and Jews want to see White people wiped from the planet. All White people. Genocide.

Consider again that many reputable scholars believe that the Jews began WWI and WWII in which Whites fought Whites with terrible carnage if not to extinction. Thus if the Jews can foment another war of Whites vs. Whites it will be to extinction.

Since WWII Jews have been advocates of mass immigration to the US and Europe of colored and Moslem populations. In the event of war not only would Whites be fighting Whites but Negroes and Moslems who have successfully invaded Europe and taken over in the US would be enemies within.

In the US Jews, Negroes, Moslems and Mexicans or Hispanics if you prefer would be internal enemies in the US. Mexicans are already in revolt. Who is President of the US? The Negro Barack Obama who invariably favors his own Negroes and who are his apparent coreligionists the Moslems.

The Jews and Negroes are seconded by a large body of White Liberal Quislings in both the US and Europe.

So, let us ask ourselves why is the Negro Obama driving us toward war and who will benefit by such a war? Neither the US or Europe are enemies of the Russians or they us. Russia does not want war yet Obama is provoking the Russians to war as hard as possible.

Consider! Obama has said that presidential candidate Donald Trump will never be president. This is reputed to be a democracy so how could Obama prevent a duly elected Trump from being president. What does he mean when he says Trump will never be president? Only by violence, only by a coup in which he seizes the government permanently and prevents Trump from taking office.

We have been forewarned. The Jews and Negroes want to see us dead. They have the means to do so. They have the will. They are acting now.

I am reasonably certain that Trump will be elected. What then will he do? What will we do if Obama refuses to step down?

Well, arrest him.

Vote Trump or vote for your own extinction. Those are your two choices. Do the right thing, Vote Trump.

Politics As Usual


Politics As Usual


R.E. Prindle


For those of us who might think something unusual is happening in this presidential election we might be happy to know that the history of politics in the US is one of hide bound Old Guards and insurgents trying to move the party in a new direction adapted to current conditions.

Such is what is happening in this election. Well, might the Old Guard lament ‘this isn’t my Republican Party.’ Undoubtedly not, but a change for the better, so get used to it. This is no longer the country we grew up in either. We won’t see that country again.

As an example of how this situation appeared to him I quote from the autobiography of Henry L. Stimson who served under several presidents. As a hint to Trump and Cruz note the struggle of the Stimson crowd to overthrow an Old Guard. Combine your forces for the difficult fight ahead of you.

From On Active Service In Peace And War by Henry L. Stimson. I quote:

The local Republican party in some portions of New York City was not much above Tammany in political righteousness, being more eager to get sops of patronage by trading with the dominant Democrats than to follow Republican principles. But in the center of Manhattan were several Assembly districts where the situation was different and where a Republican ticket with proper effort could be elected. In one of these, the 27th Assembly District, I lived and worked as a Republican. I became the captain of an election district and learned what constant effort was required to persuade the ordinary American citizen in a great city to take the trouble to exercise his duties as a voter. I eventually became the president of my Assembly district club and a member of the Republican County Committee of New York County. We ardent young men had a hard fight, for the Republican organization of the county, as I have just pointed out, was far below in character that which we believed it should be. It seemed to us of little beneficial effect to laboriously bring out voters on election day to vote for a candidate who had been selected and nominated by a corrupt county leader. The primaries in those days were very imperfect. They had no basis in law but were created simply by rules of the Republican organization. We saw ourselves habitually outvoted at conventions by the fraudulent use of this defective machinery. So finally we staged a revolt and when in 1897 we were thus outvoted in a convention in which we believed we really held the majority of votes, we retired from the room, nominated two well-qualified gentlemen as independent candidates for membership in the state Assembly and in the city Board of Aldermen, and successfully carried that ticket to victory at the subsequent election over the candidates of both the Republican machine and the Democratic party. By that demonstration of power we brought the Republican county machine to its knees and the following winter a primary election law, drawn by ourselves, was by the force of public opinion carried through the legislature. That law put an end to the flagrant methods of the preceding years and I believe has been in effect ever since, governing the conduct of primaries and party elections in a way which makes it more possible than before for honest voters, if they are willing to work hard enough, to succeed in preventing machine control. By those early years of hard political work I gained a foothold in my knowledge of the elements of American citizenship. I could talk the language of the trade and meet the professionals in politics on a fair basis.

It ain’t easy but we have to put our backs up give no quarter and fight. Both we and the candidates should begin now, make much noise, and let them know they have lost control. They are no longer in charge. We are

(Signed by)

A. Knuckledragger

Donald Trump: The Man Of The Future



Donald Trump- The Man Of The Future


R.E. Prindle


As the title of an old movie has it: A funny thing happened on the way to the forum. The hopes, the dreams, the fantasies that characterized the revolutionary period from 1789 to 2001 disappeared when two fireballs burst as a commercial jetliner crashed into each of the Twin Towers leveling them to the ground in a matter of seconds.

What was the significance of this astounding event. If you remember a ship was built at the beginning of the twentieth century that was a marvel of engineering characterizing the amazing development of the nineteenth century. The ship was so cleverly designed that it was billed as unsinkable. That ship was called the Titanic. In 1912 on its maiden voyage it went to the bottom of the sea after grazing an iceberg.

Thus 1912 ended the great century of progress sending it to its grave. The leveling of the Twin Towers had an equal effect; it ended the optimism of the twentieth century putting a period to the methods that made that century so exciting.

White people talked of the New World of Globalism but they had no understanding of what that meant. It meant that the Old World Order was dead even if it lived on in their imaginations. They have failed to adjust. Change requires adaptation and they are adapting badly.

The old Soviet Union had disintegrated a few years before 2001. Instead of hailing its ending as a new era of concord in which the West, the US could now re-embrace a pacific Russia released from the thrall of the Soviets new excuses of enmity were invented solely on the part of US politicians.

World trade conditions had begun changing after Nixon mistakenly recognized Red China. Then in some mistaken spirit of altruism in order to build up China the economies of the US and Europe were sent to China; thus impoverishment of the US working and middle classes began their descent into beggary.

The lowest economic level of society could see this happening before their eyes. It was happening to them. The reactionary politicians couldn’t. Thus they have clung to outmoded economic ideas like Free Trade without understanding what Free Trade really means- it means a monopoly of the lowest cost producer. Thus China was gifted the world’s economy as they were the lowest cost producer. China has flourished, the West and the US have declined.

Apparently unaware that the resources of Europe and the US were limited these old reactionary dinosaurs opened the country to the teeming billions of a world without borders.

The reactionary reign has continued post 2001 to the present. But now the present and future are sweeping by these lumbering monsters from the past.

A new kind of politician with a new revolutionary understanding of the sweep of ‘progress’ walks the land. Donald Trump has arisen like the legendary Hercules to show the way to the future. He has a new accurate understanding of the problems the dinosaurs cannot solve.

A new understanding of immigration, a new understanding of trade, a renovation of all old failed policies are on the horizon. The dinosaurs are thrashing madly about, they know their day is past, they know the future rests with the New World Order that excludes their worn out policies, a new Global organization that must come into existence, that is crying to be born into this new situation.

They hate him, this Donald Trump, and well they might for he means the end of their day and the birth of a bright new day.

Vote for a brighter future. Vote Trump!

A Touch Of Madness At The Wall Street Journal



A Touch Of Madness At The Wall Street Journal


R.E. Prindle


Ye Editor at the Wall Street Journal is at it again. He is dangerously out of touch with the psychology and temper of the country. He titles his 2/22/16 editorial America’s Moment Of Trump. He might as well have cynically titled it A Touch Of Trump In The Night, hoping Trump will just go away. Let me tell him: It is Trump or nothing.

Trump is the Republican Party. Boy Rubio is merely the alternative Democratic candidate. The Insiders backing him are either crypto- or pseudo-Democrats. Boy Rubio is unelectable. Should the Insiders sidetrack Trump which they seem intent on doing Trump voters will not vote for Boy Rubio. Therefore the election will go to either Clinton or the Bolshevic. If it goes to the Bolshevic look to a reenactment of the Bolshevic revolution of Russia.

Trump is the only electable ‘Republican.’ You may sure that 30% of Democrats will vote for him. This is not a Party issue. Get behind him.

I don’t believe he will be defeated by throwing hundreds of millions of dollars at Boy Rubio but combined with foul dirty tricks and rigged elections that is a possibility.

In point of fact with the shift of full support to Boy Rubio Cruz is a piece of badly burnt toast. He no longer has a chance. His best bet would be to negotiate the best deal he can with Trump, perhaps the vice-presidency, and withdraw from the race throwing his support and any delegates to Trump.

Insiders have made it apparent how much they despise Trump both personally and politically. The refuse to admit that they have fatally bungled their policies in both the US and Europe. Those policies have been rejected by sentient Americans.

It is their intent to submerge the majority population of the US in a sea of color thus murdering the current majority population.

Whatever ideological or sociological motives they have for this criminal genocide are as contemptible as they are themselves. This goes for Ye Editor and his staff at the WSJ also.

Beware! Remember Nuremberg. You balk the will of the majority of voters at your own risk. You have preached democracy as an ideal, fought bloody expensive wars to impose your ‘democracy’ on people who don’t want it yet you deny that democracy to the very people of America who are trying to practice it.

Beware! Beware! Beware!   Remember the Amalekites.