Jeff Bezos- The Seattle Great Satan

Jeff Bezos- The Seattle Great Satan


R.E. Prindle


The tale has been told. The Alabama election is over. Judge Roy Moore has been turned back. Jones didn’t do it nor all the Negroes collected and bussed to the polls. No, ‘Bamans didn’t have anything to do with it. To find the man who singlehandedly beat the Judge you have to go to Seattle, Washington, the offices of Amazon, Inc. and sitting behind that big mahogany desk, Mr. Jeff Bezos. The Devil in disguise.

A couple years back Jeff Bezos bought the nearly defunct Washington Post Newspaper. Paid big money for it too. At them I asked myself why he did that. What was his plan to turn it around. He didn’t have a plan turn it around, he didn’t even change the format; if anything the paper was more Liberal than ever, staffed by the same nerds.

It did occur to me somewhen along the way that Jeff Bezos was grooming himself to run for President. Bezos is a world beater; a genius of some merit, he wants to be Master of the World; unscrupulous as the devil as he always gets around any rules that might slow him down.

The Judge Roy Moore candidacy shows us exactly why he bought the Post. Ever unscrupulous, he bought himself a slander machine, a defamation factory, a political slaughter house. The Post was unfeelingly, not critical, in its condemnation of candidate Trump. As the Post goes so must go its owner, Jeff Bezos.

Judge Roy is a real bete noir of the CFR, he is opposed to their agenda at every stop. They have tried to kill his career at each step. They have removed him from office because of his religion. No, he’s not Moslem, not a Scientologist, nobody has ever called him a Jew, no none of those: he’s the most despised of all, a bottom of the barrel damnable Christian. I don’t want you to get the idea that I’m religious, Defender of the Faith or anything like that. I’m not religious but that doesn’t mean I’m not anti-Christian. No. I’m also anti-Moslem and anti-Jewish while I don’t think much of Hinduism or any of those touchy-feely, warm and fuzzy outfits also.

So, going in Judge Roy had even more than three strikes against him; he was an entire side.

But, damn that son-of-a-bitch, here he was running for the Senate and a cinch to win. What the hell? Well, there sat Jeff Bezos, sometime richest man in the world, sitting behind the mahogany in his office in Seattle or, perhaps, roving his hundreds of thousands acre Texas ranch saying to himself, I’ve got to stop hat no good son-of-a-bitch and I know how to do it. I’ve got the right tool for the job.

I don’t know hat Amazon has a secret service but I’m sure they do, so he sent his sleuths down to ‘Bama to find some dirt or create. From the looks of that Senior yearbook it looks more like created. Anyway, as proof that she’d been molested forty years ago by Judge Roy she produced an inscription in her yearbook signed by Judge Roy. It looks like she presented it to him at some event, political or otherwise, held at some place called The Olde Hickory House, dated 1977.

Now, Judge Roy signed it something like ‘To a lovely girl.’ The woman (I don’t mention her name to protect her from possible harassment) commemorated his event by adding the place and date so she wouldn’t forget.

Jeff Bezos then published the story that Judge Roy was a pedophile and racist. The girl must have been all of eighteen and dizzy from standing next to the great Alabama blossoming legend, and that may the closest she ever got.

What defeated Judge Roy was that inscription in that yearbook that Jeff Bezos unscrupulously published with no fear of being brought to account for bearing false witness.

I got it! I know why Mr. Bezos bought the Washington Post. He’ll be our Democratic candidate in 2020 and he has one of the two most prestigious papers in the US to promote his interests and defend them.

The Pres. should call on his Republican buds to give Jeff Bezos the Bill Gates treatment. Keep him busy in Washington for a few months so he can’t run his Empire so effectively. Might be a lesson well learned.


Who Benefits If Western Whites War On Eastern Whites?



Who Benefits If Western Whites

War On Eastern Whites?


R.E. Prindle


There seems to be a growing threat of violence between the NATO nations and the Russians. Should such a war be forced between these two White sides who benefits?

Consider! A couple decades ago the Negro Kamau Kambon on public television announced that genocide should be committed on Whites. At the same time the Jew Noel Ignatiev then a full professor at prestigious Harvard University was touring US campuses delivering his sermon that Whiteness had to be eliminated from the planet.   This was with the full approbation of Harvard, he was never disciplined. Ignatiev did this with the full concurrence of the Jewish establishment. No Jewish voice was raised condemning him. He was cheered wildly by campus audiences so they were apparently comfortable with their own extinction.

So, both Negroes and Jews want to see White people wiped from the planet. All White people. Genocide.

Consider again that many reputable scholars believe that the Jews began WWI and WWII in which Whites fought Whites with terrible carnage if not to extinction. Thus if the Jews can foment another war of Whites vs. Whites it will be to extinction.

Since WWII Jews have been advocates of mass immigration to the US and Europe of colored and Moslem populations. In the event of war not only would Whites be fighting Whites but Negroes and Moslems who have successfully invaded Europe and taken over in the US would be enemies within.

In the US Jews, Negroes, Moslems and Mexicans or Hispanics if you prefer would be internal enemies in the US. Mexicans are already in revolt. Who is President of the US? The Negro Barack Obama who invariably favors his own Negroes and who are his apparent coreligionists the Moslems.

The Jews and Negroes are seconded by a large body of White Liberal Quislings in both the US and Europe.

So, let us ask ourselves why is the Negro Obama driving us toward war and who will benefit by such a war? Neither the US or Europe are enemies of the Russians or they us. Russia does not want war yet Obama is provoking the Russians to war as hard as possible.

Consider! Obama has said that presidential candidate Donald Trump will never be president. This is reputed to be a democracy so how could Obama prevent a duly elected Trump from being president. What does he mean when he says Trump will never be president? Only by violence, only by a coup in which he seizes the government permanently and prevents Trump from taking office.

We have been forewarned. The Jews and Negroes want to see us dead. They have the means to do so. They have the will. They are acting now.

I am reasonably certain that Trump will be elected. What then will he do? What will we do if Obama refuses to step down?

Well, arrest him.

Vote Trump or vote for your own extinction. Those are your two choices. Do the right thing, Vote Trump.

Kamau Kambon, Harriet Tubman And Whiteness



Kamau Kambon, Harriet Tubman And Whiteness


R.E. Prindle


The war against Whites and Whiteness goes on. While the placement of an inconsequential Negro ex-slave, Harriet Tubman, on the twenty dollar bill shoving Andrew Jackson into the trashbin of history may seem of little moment the intent is more significant than the deed.

While the uproar of a few years back caused by the Jew Noel Ignatiev and the Negro Kamau Kambon has receded or perhaps has been memory holed their legacy comes nearer fruition step by step. Speaking for his Jews Ignatiev intoned that Whiteness must disappear from the earth while for his Negroes Kambon merely wanted Whites exterminated.

Both come closer. Remember that hetero-White men have been marginalized, made inconsequential by the Jewish Hate Law that makes him the only ‘unprotected’ racial and sexual group in the US. In other words, he has been placed outside the law.

That key piece of legislation having been achieved, the erasure of the White past goes on. Sports teams from basketball to football are now nearly all Black and Brown while fewer and fewer White players are even considered for the leagues. Based on the ridiculous proposition that the White 67% of the population is incapable of playing while a mere 14% of the population is so capable they provide 60 to 90% of team personnel.   Did I hear the word: prejudice?

On the Supreme Court if Obama is successful seven out of nine judges will be non-White or female while no White Protestant is deemed worthy of inclusion. Four would be Jewish and one Black while five are Catholic. Any other appointee should Obama appoint him would doubtless be a woman or non-White, but not a White Protestant.

As the non-White percentage grows street names, statues, and public buildings will increasingly obliterate the memory of Whites. This is inevitable. Historically when one group replaces another they appropriate religious shrines and public honors.

One may expect a continuing distortion of history taught in schools as White contributions are minimized and the deeds or whatever of non-entities like Harriet Tubman are emphasized.

The process as you can see is actually well advanced. The team of the Jewish Jack Lew and Negro Barack Obama are rapidly pushing it forward. Even something so obvious is either going unnoticed or applauded by limp wristed Whites. Indeed, Quisling collaborators.

Both the Republican and Democratic establishments apparently unable to recognize the disappearance of their influence assist in their demise. They are even trying to kill the candidacy of Donald Trump who appears to threaten their lassitude.

The placement of Harriet Tubman on the twenty is significant. It is a sign of the continuing displacement of the White majority that should be in its prime.

Welcome to the New Stone Age.

Warriors On An Invisible Front

Warriors On An Invisible Front


R.E. Prindle


Recently in Connecticut a fuehrer of the Jewish Anti-Defamation League complained about a garage sale that was selling Nazi and Confederate memorabilia. While the vigilante official acknowledged that no law was being broken nevertheless in the crusader’s opinion the mere showing of these historical artefacts constitutes ‘hate.’

Well, it may be said as well that Jewish artefacts such as the Magen David is a hate emblem also. While wearing or displaying the Magen David or waving an Israeli flag should be hate also. Why shouldn’t anything that a particular group finds ‘hateful’ not be banned? Let’s be fair and make a list.

In point of fact what Jews consider ‘the good war’, that is WWII, was the central historical fact of the twentieth century just as the Civil War was the central historical fact of the nineteenth century in the USA and CSA. As artefacts from all combatants and this includes the Jews have a deep intrinsic interest to everyone why should the Jews be allowed to erase these significant memories from the history books. I consider such an act evil or satanic. I have a right to my history as the Jews have to theirs.   I am under no obligation to accept their interpretation of the past. I can form my own.

Jews are not free from ‘hate.’ Even their reaction is evidence of hatred, their wars on Christmas and Easter are evidence of hatred. Their current war on ‘Whiteness’ that they say there is no room for on Earth is genocidal hatred of the worst degree.

Yes, the Jews know how to hate and they know how to incite hatred.

We are warriors on an invisible front fighting with words and ideas. Are our weapons inferior to those of the Jews. We cannot tolerate Jewish visions of self-righteousness. We should quietly tell them we will not tolerate their incivility or listen to their unjustified complaints and then turn our backs on them to show them their invisibility.

Ignore and isolate them as we go on our way. Their opinions carry no weight with us. We are tired of being reviled by the haters of haters. Ignore them, put their opinions down. Oh pshaw them. They are not the conscience of our world.


Time Is Wasting Our Past

Time Is Wasting Our Past


R.E. Prindle

The great fear is that the Western World will lose its past. Certainly the Western past as we have known it. Many factors are militating this loss. Not least of the reasons is the transition from the mechanical to the electronic age. Technological developments are severing or already have severed the Millennials from the America that was. 9/11 is a good date to begin the severance.

The literature of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries has little relevance to those born after 1980. The literature of the nineteenth century is rapidly becoming as incomprehensible to younger people as Shakespearean or even Middle English. The mores, especially the sexual mores, make so little sense to Millennials as to make the novels unreadable. I would even guess that there are even those who have never seen live horses or cows.

No generation takes pleasure in what their forefathers did except for the odd ball romantics or historians. This is even more pronounced today after the clean break of 9/11. At eighty myself, I find most of my references falling on uncomprehending but polite ears. ‘No reason to offend the old guy.’, I can see them thinking as they smile blandly. References even to Cary Grant elicit blank stares. Bogart, who knows? Thousands of movies have been made since either was on the screen. Why should the young know? They have their own lives to live.

Not only is the past incomprehensible, it is so vast. How could any new person be aware of the ephemera that makes up a mature person’s life?

This past so important to them whether they know it or not is becoming incomprehensible just as the open door immigration policy floods the country with unassimilated if not unassimilable people whose cultures are given preferential treatment, claimed to be better that those young natives’ own.

Sports have been given over to the Africans, records to world music, book publishing concentrates on immigrant stories and the shaming of Whites. Restaurants offer every national cuisine on earth while American cuisine is despised and European cuisines with the exception of Italian demonized.

Global ‘diversity, is emphasized to the disparagement of ‘dead White men’ and the culture they thought they had provided for their heirs. What is left for young Whites?

In point of undeniable fact genocidal plans are being laid for the elimination of ‘Whiteness’ from the earth without any resistance from the Whites.

So, what is gone, is gone. It can’t be brought back or even revived for a moment. It’s gone, but the future lies ahead. Rather than lament it is necessary to salvage the laws and mores, the customs, the thought that gave Aryans their supremacy over the less evolved. The challenge of the future in this Darwinian struggle for survival is what race or species will emerge supreme on this overcrowded planet? Make no mistake it is time for some few billions to go.

Will it be African Supremacy? Semitic Supremacy, either Jewish or Arab? Chinese Supremacy? Or will Aryans realize finally the nature of this primeval struggle beyond morality and reassert White Supremacy. Perhaps winning the battle is the highest morality. I think so.

The choice is suicide, go under quietly, or Conquest, assuming our rightful place in the racial hierarchy.

This is serious: Let those be offended who will be offended. What is that to us? Being offended never caused anyone any harm. I’m offended by what I see and hear constantly as you should be too. Don’t be offended; get to work and set things right.

Looking Over Donald Trump


Looking Over Donald Trump


R.E. Prindle


Trump says he’s running.  I hope he’s serious.  I don’t do Twitter so I don’t know how effective it is but as Obama has shown, an Internet presence is imperative.  I am disappointed that Trump hasn’t set up an effective Internet website.  Without the Internet how is anyone supposed to work with him?

One also wonders how he is going to integrate himself into a Party whether Democrat or Republican?  If some of our so-called Conservatives are actually serious about pairing Trump with Ann Coulter I’m not sure we room in the same asylum.

While I admire Ann Coulter as much as anyone else I’m afraid the pairing will appear as an over the top joke.  It would be like Laurel and Hardy, Abbot and Costello, Martin and Lewis…Goldwater and Miller.  Goldwater had a tough up hill sledding as it was; adding someone like Miller just confirmed that not only would he lose by a landslide but a monster landslide.  And he did.

Anyway you cut it, Trump is going to have to haul a sled up a steep slope.  As a celebrity he has what it takes to combat a ‘star’ like Obama who is as much of a celebrity and he might be able to run over any opponent using his celebrity status but he must have a dependable sober male running mate.

And he is going to have to get some able modern minded speech writers to phrase things properly for him.  He can’t get away with Mexican bashing too long.

I myself do not envision Ann Coulter as the President of the United States should Trump decide to build his towers in heaven- I’m being generous.  And then there is the issue of his cabinet; can he get the best and brightest for that.  I know merit is a dirty word in today’s political circles but he should look for it.

And finally and most important:  How is he beholden to the Beards?  Are the Beards going to be calling the shots as they are with Barry?  If he has to grovel count me out.

I think he is as capable, sure that he is as capable of doing a better job than Barry but, please, forget about Ann Coulter.  We will be defeated before we start.  I like her, read her every column, but there are too many people who don’t.

Let’s give Trump a fighting chance.

Beware The Great White Lone Wolf


Beware The Great White Lone Wolf


R.E. Prindle


I get it!  I get it!  I get it!

How could I be so slow?  First Obama issues a dire warning that the greatest terrorist threat in America isn’t organized Moslem hostility, oh no, no, the greatest terrorist threat in America is the Great White Lone Wolf.  Ils sont partout.

And, lo! and behold!  a Great White Lone Wolf appears out of the woodwork with his newly purchased hand gun and fifteen extra clips of ammunition.  He had a big job in mind.  He invades a peaceful Negro church full of old bent Negroes who seeing his woeful countenance volunteer a helpful hand.  No bigotry in this Negro place of worship.  And, what does this bastard Great White Lone Wolf return the good will?  He murders as many of the whole lot as fast as he can reload.

We are told he went through multiple clips and only bagged seven Negroes out of the whole church full.  Lucky for them the Great White shot like a Negro.

The MSM assures us that he was not connected to any other internet White Supremacist organization or other Great White Lone Wolves.  Of course not, superfluous for the MSM to mention it.  If he were associated with anyone else he wouldn’t be a Great White Lone Wolf would he?  I’ll answer that myself!  NO.  N-O. NO.  Period.

But, guess what The Great White Lone Wolf high school dropout did.   He wrote a neatly typed, well written, thoroughly coherent ‘manifesto.’   Of course, he wants the world to know.  The manifesto is a forgery much more obvious than the Protocols of Zion or the Donation of Constantine.

I can imagine the NYT editor, or perhaps Barry himself, sweating away beneath his lamp:  ‘Let’s see,’ he mutters to himself under his breath, ‘I’ve got to get everything I know these guys think in, oh yeah, and a couple crudities and grammatical errors.  Uh yea, and then a couple of really awkward expressions.  Hmm.  This is beginning to look like my own writing.  Oh well, never mind.  There, that should do it.’

Yeah, it should have, but it didn’t.  Hey, hey, boy, nobody gets by me.

We know there’s a few million more Great Whites out there, I mean, just look at those gun sales.  It is a fact, most of those guns are going into the hands of Great White Lone Wolves.

Once these church shootings begin, Holy Ground for Christ’s sake, and burning of Negro churches down South, nobody wants to burn a Negro church up North, gets rolling there won’t be a Negro left alive.  Stop it now!  Arrest and incarcerate any Great White who looks suspicious.  If you see one tell on him.

New Charleston Toodle-oo


More Charleston Toodle-oo


R.E. Prindle


The Charleston Toodle-oo was merely propaganda.  However the Negroes were mere tools of the Jewish Revolution that began in 1913

In the European phase of the Revolution Russia was wiped from the face of the map being renamed the USSR.  The Russian population was ruthlessly murdered while ending subordinated to the Jews, Poles, Letts among others and of course the Great Georgian himself, Joseph Stalin.

The Russians were expropriated of anything of value and/or murdered.  Warehouses were full of furs, jewels, etc.  They became less than slaves, ciphers.

The same process began in 1913 and is now reaching its climax in the US.  For a hundred years now the erasure of American, White or Aryan identity, whichever name you choose to use, has been in progress.  Aryan mores and customs have been belittled and demeaned relentlessly.  Over the last fifty or so years unceasing propaganda has taught Aryans to hate themselves as the all time dastards of civilization.  They now accept that characterization.

Now, in Charleston, a hypnotized Aryan boy has committed what to Negroes and Jews is the most dastardly crime imaginable.  But the great hearted Negroes forgive him.  He was a Southern boy, naturally, so the Confederate flag is banned thus partially erasing the Southern identity as the Russian was erased in 1917.

Bathing the White House in the Rainbow Flag effectually erases Old Glory thus stripping Whites of their American identity in favor of lunatics.  Already trained baboons have been taught how to grunt out something that sounds like I Am An American while waving little Old Glorys.  Getting the point yet?

We now have an African government governing Aryans according to African tribal notions of law, or some approximation of law.   Managing and directing the Negroes are our old friends with a special relationship, the Jews.  The Jews have now added a song to their catechism that goes:  I’m not White, I’m Jewish.  Thus they consider themselves above Negroes, below them in the hierarchy, and Whites who are at the bottom of their hierarchy.  Hitler is laughing in his grave.

White males have been placed outside the law, being ‘unprotected’ by African and Jewish law. That’s a Civil Disability.

Whether Whites know it or not, they are effectively slaves working the American plantation so that Negroes and Jews don’t have to labor, or, at least not that much.

All a Negro has to do if he wants a fuck is to crook his finger at a White girl and say:  Come.  Just like Negro women and White men in the days of slavery.  White girls willingly go too.  Pay back, reparations, you tell me.

I hope I’m making my point.  The Jewish/Negro Revolution is just about over and it has been successful.  Almost over.  The Golden Spike hasn’t been hammered in just yet.  That will happen in 2016.

Have a ball, y’all.

Barack Obama Our Lifetime President


Barack Obama President For Life


R.E. Prindle


In light of the Rainbow Nation stuff I can now confidently predict the result of the next election.  There won’t be one.  Hints are now being given that people are saying they would like to have Obama as a lifetime president.  i.e. dictator.

Such mutterings have usually foreshadowed action.  Therefore I predict that a ‘grass roots’ clamor will go up that the third term law is antiquated and that the cry will be to make Obama a lifetime president by acclamation.  ‘No reason to step down.’  will say Obama.  Done.

There won’t be an election folks.  Obama is your great Negro father now, for life.  The Rainbow Nation and its dictator are here.  Obama will be able to create laws by fiat.  His will will be law.  Get ready you have been advised.

The Charleston Rainbow Nation

The Charleston Rainbow Nation


R.E. Prindle


Now we see what the Charleston shooting was all about.  It was the US/Confederate flags vs. The Rainbow Flag of the New Order.  The White House become the Rainbow House and the US flag is displaced right before our eyes.

I wasn’t clear what the fuss was all about over the St. Andrew’s Cross that the shooter sported on his license plate but it all becomes clear now.

It was in anticipation of the Supreme Court going gay.  However the Supreme Court cannot legislate anything and that is what they’re attempting.  Laws are passed by Congress not by the Court.  The Court cannot legislate mores and customs and describe it as interpreting the Constitution.  So, while we thank them for their opinion it is time for them to sit down to a good lunch and forget it.

The collateral damage, the sacrifices of the dear old Negro ladies was merely in some mysterious way collateral damage to make an attack on the Confederate flag and indirectly on what is commonly called Old Glory.  The ‘White Supremacist’ was necessary and somehow in Obama’s mind the case of the Old Order is now closed.  More than ever I think the kid was hypnotized.  He’s now down the memory hole anyway.  No trial is necessary.

The inmates have now seized the asylum.  If you haven’t read Edgar Allan Poe’s The System Of Doctor Tarr And Professor Fether now is the time to do it.  If you have read it, read it again and refresh your memory.

Now is the time for the keepers to retake the asylum and put the inmates back in their place.

Never jump the gun; wait for the other shoe to fall.