An Incident In The Semitic Struggle For Supremacy

An Incident In

The Semitic Struggle For Supremacy


R.E. Prindle


A matter of importance occurred this Monday (10/2/16).


The first Monday of October is set for opening the new Supreme Court session. This year there was a conflict between Semitic Jewish law and that of US law. October 2 coincided with the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashanah. This posed a problem for the three (3) Jewish members of the US, that is United States, Supreme Court: Ginsburg, Breyer and Kagan.

Although sworn to uphold the laws and Constitution of the United States which means giving precedence to US laws and customs the three traitors chose to give precedence to Jewish Semitic law. Just as Moslem Semitic Sharia law has been rejected so should now we reject Jewish Semitic law.

The Trashy Trio should be removed from the Court now as they are unable and unwilling to fulfill the oath they swore upon voluntarily accepting, even lusting for, the appointment.

If Obama refuses to act responsibly by demanding the resignation of the Jewish trash then Trump when he is elected will have to act more responsibly than Obama or his acolyte Clinton are capable of.

The 21st Century Jewish War is on.


The Toplofty Judiciary Vs. Donald Trump



The Toplofty Judiciary


Donald Trump


R.E. Prindle


Mukasey, Michael: Trump, The Judiciary And Identity Politics, WSJ, 6/10/16


Trump well justifiably fears that the mistaken trial of Trump University is being used as a criminal means to eliminate his candidacy as represented here by the Federal judge Michael B. Mukasey. Judge Mukasey attempts to defend the integrity of the presiding judge Gonzalo Curiel and the judiciary in general.


(The) judges black robes are supposed to suggest that judges are all the same, that it doesn’t matter -or shouldn’t- whose head is popping up from beneath the crepe. It matters, of course, but the symbolism, inherent in the robe works at least as aspiration.

Donald Trump’s claims may be the dirty underside of what we get when we abandon that aspiration, but they are by no means the whole of it.


The above quote is difficult to understand but as I interpret it judges aspire to objectivity but seldom achieve it. Trumps ‘dirty’ accusations are what you get when you do abandon it. That seems to be an admission that Judge Gonzalo Curiel has traduced his position soiling the crepe out of which his head pops.

At the beginning of the article Judge Mukasey says that: Mr. Trump’s claim against Judge Curiel is both baseless and squalid, however he carefully avoids presenting any evidence that this is so. It is also true that Judge Mukasey is a Jew as he indicates. Apropos of what I don’t know. If anyone reads popular Jewish websites such as Tablet Magazine and the Jewish Daily Forward he will find hysterical article after hysterical article denouncing Trump for one reason or another finally ending in anti-Semite, Nazi and Hitler. Far less than objectivity in my book.

We are not clear then how far Judge Mukasey excludes this endemic Jewish fear and loathing, even hatred, from his own Judaic psyche or not. After all his article is really a hit piece discrediting Trump and approving his colleague Judge Curiel.; not that I think judges might stick together. because if one is discredited all are. This raises the interesting question of the thousands of apparently misjudged cases that our great Constitutional scholar and accomplished attorney Barack Obama is overturning. Is Obama pointing his middle finger at the entire judiciary including judges Coriel and Mukasey? I ask you.

After all, possible Supreme Court Judge Obama might easily be appointed in Justice Scalia’s stead if his endorsed choice Hillary Clinton becomes president in January. He would be the second case of a former president being made a Supreme Court Justice following in the footsteps of William Howard Taft. What would be more fitting than that this great president should become a great jurist for the next forty years? I ask you.

As a legal scholar and attorney is Mr. Obama mistaken in overturning thousands of legal decisions made by, one presumes, White or Jewish judges who to reference the wise Latina Sotomayor had no racial empathy for the misprisoned men who are all black. With a little more empathy on the part of their judges perhaps these thousands might never have had to spend a night in jail.

While not a lawyer, remember the Black mayor of Baltimore who empathized with the Black rioters so well that she said: Nay, stop them not. Let those that need to riot riot. And so they did. None of those rioters were arrested. Others who had the need to destroy and loot did so with the same approval from the mayor. That’s empathy for you.

Let us ask then, how much empathy for a White Donald Trump can a wise Latino like Judge Curiel have? Not much. So if there is no racial empathy such as Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor deems necessary perhaps Judge Curiel should recuse himself and allow another judge with more empathy for Donald Trump judge his case. Trump should have his own man as judge to ensure justice.

To quote from Judge Mukasey again:

Whether or not Judge Curiel would use the “r” word -racist- it would certainly simmer just below the surface. After all, suggesting that a judge would allow his ethnic ancestry to govern his rulings is simply unacceptable in America.

Maybe in America but how about in Mexico to which Judge Curiel certainly owes some allegiance. After all Judge Mukasey implies that racial prejudice is ‘simmering’ just under the surface in Judge Curiel’s mind so why shouldn’t it boil over acceptable in America or not?

While Judge Mukasey may be a great jurist I think he has failed to make his point in this more philosophical issue here. Even after his defense of Curiel it still looks like a kangaroo court or star chamber proceeding to this objective observer.


Disclaimer: While White I’m right.

Are The Democrats Monolithic?


Are The Democrats Monolithic?


R.E. Prindle


It seems that in the splintering of Americans by Obama he has induced a real us and them situation: either you are a Democrat and good or a Republican and therefore a domestic terrorist. Let not our minds be beguiled by such nonsense. When polls show that eighty percent or so of we the public strongly oppose unlimited immigration that eighty percent isn’t all Republican. Fully half of the Democratic votes must resent the constant inflow of what are really hostile invaders.

So on the issue of homosexuality. While it appears that both the Democratic and Republican leaders are homosexual or, at least, leaning hard to the fey side the rank and file, as Democratic leaders condescend to term us, are not. I suspect that at least half object to their own sons and daughters being taught in school to revere faggotry with the hope that they will take up the practice.

Nor does this belief in homosexuality extend to the Negro voter either. Loud have been Negro protests to the faggotry of government leaders. The homosexual Supreme Court is attempting to sneak homosexual benefits into the Constitution by a very questionable, even erroneous, interpretation of that document.

Violating the rights of all straight and honest people they have taken to jailing those of us, you may be next, who refuse to submit to their arbitrary ruling. Since when is it a crime to refuse to bake a cake for someone on any grounds period, much less with offensive genital homosexual decorations?

The members of the Supreme Court are more than asses, they’re fools.

I suspect then that the Democrats and various racial peoples are very divided on the issue of placing an erect phallus in the middle of a cake topping. And that is what we are talking about, don’t kid yourself. I have only contempt for the members of the Supreme Court and the judge who imprisoned Kim Davis denying her the freedom of conscience guaranteed by that Constitution. And that goes for the judge who sentenced Kim. If he isn’t queer I suppose his sons and daughters are otherwise why is he so sympathetic to fruits.

The intent of this little polemic is that Trump should get his head straight and take advantage of Democratic gaffes such as the Davis case drawing legions of Democratic, Negro, Mexican, and other voting groups, possibly even a large number of homosexuals who have to be revolted by the antics of some of their dizzy members to vote for him.   These groups are not monolithic. Divide and win the vote.

Get with it Donald. You’re right about immigration now broaden your field. Go after all voters not just us ‘domestic terrorists.’ You’re going to have to buck, that was Buck, your homosexual leaders and don’t worry about your oath. You don’t have to honor it any more than Boehner and the other Repub homosexuals have honored their promises to we voters. What was that about repealing Obamacare?

Hell, Don, it’s just politics.

Donald Trump: Good News And Bad



Donald Trump:  Good News And Bad


R.E. Prindle


There is much good news for Donald Trump. Polls show him beating whatever candidate the Demos have to offer including Hillary 45% to 40%. The Democratic Party platform is soundly rejected at this time. However Donald has disappointed us on a very important matter.

The courageous clerk Kim Davis has become a political prisoner for refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses in Kentucky. We all owe more than a debt of gratitude to her for her courage. Donald when questioned about it offered her no defense merely stating that same-sex marriage is the law of the land. It is not the law of the land while Trump should have said Davis’ imprisonment was a travesty of justice and when elected he would issue an executive order unmaking the Supreme Court’s decision.

Secondly there is no Federal law making same-sex marriage legal. There is only an opinion of the Supreme Court saying that they don’t believe such marriage is forbidden by the Constitution but they have no means of effecting their opinion while there are many astute Constitutional minds that can find no authorization for the Court’s opinion. I repeat, it is only the Court’s opinion and not a law; the Court is forbidden to legislate as is the executive.

One should never confuse THE LAW with a law as Donald apparently has. THE LAW is necessary for an orderly society while laws themselves can be passed as hysterical reactions to some matter and ought not to be taken seriously. They will not be an offence to THE LAW. Likewise stupid men and women can pass stupid laws such as the current hate laws that illegally impose social disabilities on heterosexual White men making them second class citizens.

There is a law of the land, Donald, that you should promise to repeal on election. In a Democracy such as ours there cannot be legislation making a portion of the population second class citizens.

Look to your constituency Donald Trump. Victory may be in you grasp if the Fey Republicans who forced you to sign a non-competition agreement don’t steal the election from you. Great negotiating, Don. Look out China.

You are the Republican Party and woe to the Fey Republicans if they force you out.

Look to your constituency as in the Davis case. It was your chance to capture half the Democratic vote and you blew it.

The Supreme Court Vs. History And The Law



The Supreme Court Vs. History, The Law And Homosexuality


R.E. Prindle


Posted on Medium is an essay by Zach Herz discussing law, history and Justice Alito.  Zach says (my interpolations):

On April 28, Supreme Court watchers got an impromptu lesson in Greek history from none other than Samuel Alito.  While hearing arguments on the constitutionality of same-sex marriage bans in Obergefell v. Hodges, Justice Alito decided what we really needed to be talking about was Plato:

Justice Alito:  But there have been cultures that did not frown on homosexuality.

Prindle:  Name one.

Justice Alito:  That is not a universal opinion throughout history and across all cultures.

Prindle:  Name an exception.

Justice Alito:  Ancient Greece is an example.

Prindle:  Do you have any evidence to prove that?

Justice Alito:  It was well accepted within certain bounds.

Prindle:  Certain bounds?  That is not universal but exceptional.  You disprove your own point.

Justice Alito:  Well, they had marriage didn’t they?

Prindle:  Where are you going with that?

Justice Alito:  …they had same-sex relations did they not?

Prindle:  That’s why they were despised across all times and cultures.

Judge Alito:  So thus limiting marriage to couples of the opposite sex was not based against gay people, was it?

Prindle:  The period of which Justice Alito speaks was the triumph of the Patriarchy over the Matriarchy.  Men had discovered their part in the reproductive process.  They had learned, as they expressed it, that the female warehoused the foetus during incubation, the male being the true progenitor or inseminator.  Therefore the wife was sequestered within the home, not allowed to come in contact with any man not her husband who might impregnate with his genes rather than the husband’s.  Viz. current Moslem customs.

There was no need for debate about gay marriage since all gay unions were sterile.  Marriage between gays was and is a farce.  Even so, no one cares whether gays marry but there is no need or requirement for the State to recognize it.  The marriage is meaningless.  Let them go through a ceremony, something like a Black Mass that mocks the Holy Mass.  Who cares?  What’s the fuss?  Why is the Supreme Court even listening to such nonsense?


In my reading I have found no society that didn’t despise homosexuality.  The Araucanian Indians of Chile for instance made ‘gays’ wear their clothes inside out and walk backwards.  All the Indian tribes of America despised ‘squaw men.’  All societies imposed civil disabilities of some sort on them.

In Greece homosexuality was not universally accepted.  In the Theban army Homos were segregated into a unit called the ‘Sacred band.’  In this case Sacred means untouchable.

There are no obvious homosexuals in Homer’s Iliad which means either that there were no Homos in the Greek army or they were unmentionable.

Juvenal, the Roman poet, speaking of homosexuals in his Second Satire says:

Quote:  You’re castigating vice, you the most notable dyke among all our Socratic fairies?

Juvenal clearly designates homosexuality as a vice while castigating the sin as one of Socrates and his followers, not specifically Plato or anything universal , as Justice Alito alleges.

Whether homosexuality was a matter for marriage or acceptance is beside the point.  There is nothing in the Constitution dealing with sexual matters.  Nothing in the Constitution gives Supreme Court Justice Alito who is totally ignorant of history or the nature of vicious homosexuality authority to legislate about it in any manner.

It is always a treat to hear the Justices’ opinion on whatever but they should keep their drawers up and zipped.  Sexual mores and customs are beyond their competence.  If the Court can tell me who or what to fuck this is expressly denied by the Constitution.  They call it slavery.  A real no-no in that there amendment.  Fuck the Court decision.  Nice to have their opinion.  Now they should get straight.

The Charleston Rainbow Nation

The Charleston Rainbow Nation


R.E. Prindle


Now we see what the Charleston shooting was all about.  It was the US/Confederate flags vs. The Rainbow Flag of the New Order.  The White House become the Rainbow House and the US flag is displaced right before our eyes.

I wasn’t clear what the fuss was all about over the St. Andrew’s Cross that the shooter sported on his license plate but it all becomes clear now.

It was in anticipation of the Supreme Court going gay.  However the Supreme Court cannot legislate anything and that is what they’re attempting.  Laws are passed by Congress not by the Court.  The Court cannot legislate mores and customs and describe it as interpreting the Constitution.  So, while we thank them for their opinion it is time for them to sit down to a good lunch and forget it.

The collateral damage, the sacrifices of the dear old Negro ladies was merely in some mysterious way collateral damage to make an attack on the Confederate flag and indirectly on what is commonly called Old Glory.  The ‘White Supremacist’ was necessary and somehow in Obama’s mind the case of the Old Order is now closed.  More than ever I think the kid was hypnotized.  He’s now down the memory hole anyway.  No trial is necessary.

The inmates have now seized the asylum.  If you haven’t read Edgar Allan Poe’s The System Of Doctor Tarr And Professor Fether now is the time to do it.  If you have read it, read it again and refresh your memory.

Now is the time for the keepers to retake the asylum and put the inmates back in their place.

Never jump the gun; wait for the other shoe to fall.

Little Rock, Ocean Hill-Brownsville And Community Control Of Schools

Little Rock, Ocean Hill-Brownsville

And  Community Control

Of Schools


R.E. Prindle

The Negro Revolution didn’t end with the San Domingo Moment.  It began with it.  A shiver of realization of danger passed down the spines of Americans a mere hundred miles away in the years leading to the Civil War.  Would US Negroes do the same?  The Civil War, Reconstruction and Jim Crow intervened.  Not until after the Brown vs. The Board Of Education Supreme Court ruling of 1954 was the conflict resumed.  This obtuse decision set off a train of crimes continuing till today.

Well meaning but ignorant Liberals thought they were doing a good deed.  They refused to understand the differences between the Negro mind and the Aryan mind, consciousness and experience.  The Negroes already had an established education system suited to their mentality, schools and more importantly Negro teachers. The teachers, by the way, all lost their jobs.

It was thought by Whites that Negroes were getting inferior educations so that the only remedy Liberals could conceive of in their condescension  was to put Negroes in Aryan schools but European and US Aryan culture had little relevance to the Negro mind, and, why should it?

The assault on Aryan schools by the well meaning but bumbling Eisenhower was taken up earnestly a la the Soviet invasion of Hungary.  Tanks and army troops were employed against US citizens to force them to do what was to their disadvantage, that is, admit Negroes to their schools.  They knew the resultant racial conflict would destroy the quality of their children’s education as has been proven to be true.

The Negroes befuddled by the works of Shakespeare and that old standby of George Eliot, Silas Marner, that had no relevance to their experience hence incomprehensible.  The curriculum of the Negro schools was discarded so that to the Negro minds the Aryans were committing cultural genocide on them which was true.  The Aryans however could not understand this.

The issue came to a head in the New York City school system about fourteen years after the Supreme Court decision in 1968.  The foreign world of teacher unions and the infrastructure of the NYC system became oppressive to the Negroes and they rebelled, justly so.  They wanted Community Control of their own schools as before the Supreme Court decision to set their own curriculum devised for what they perceived to be their own needs.

Thus the area of Brooklyn known as Ocean Hill-Brownsville was selected for the initial phase of their revolt.  While the disturbances at Little Rock and other place had been mild affairs with only token resistance by the Aryans the Negroes became righteously violent, closing the schools and throwing the Aryan and Jewish teachers out with extreme threats of physical harm if they came back.

In the Negro case the Army with its tanks and armored vehicles were not deployed for fear of actual warfare.  While apparently willing to kill Aryans in the years succeeding the Supreme Court decision the government actually feared hurting Negroes in their insurrection.  And the Negroes, not surprisingly, won, while the Aryans with their respect for Law, lost.

The NYC government under Mayor John Lindsay backed down surrendering to the Negroes’ demands.  Three years later NYC re-conquered the district but by that time Liberal insanity was running amuck as they bussed Negro students into Aryan school districts destroying educational standards.  The crazy Liberals fondly imagined Negroes would embrace the very difficult language of Shakespeare and the incomprehensible vanity of George Eliot.  I mean, you know, these works were difficult enough for Aryans who had little familiarity with the England of four hundred and one hundred years earlier.

So the point is what is wrong with the Negro position of Community Schools for both Negroes and Aryans with a suitable curriculum for each?  Why should Negroes be force fed Shakespeare and Algebra or Aryan Ebonics and slave culture?

Let each have their own schools as was the situation before the disastrous Brown vs. Board Of Education ruling.

Why not let reason and common sense prevail?

Obama In The Trenches


Obama In The Trenches


R.E. Prindle

The line it is drawn,

The curse it is cast,

The slow one now

Will later be fast.

And the first one now

Will later be last.

–Bob Dylan

     Barry Obama recently wrote another executive order bypassing Congress to further Negro reparations.  Hopefully the Supreme Court will see through its blatant illegality and declare it unconstitutional.

The Order essentially calls for the cleansing of Whites from the Civil Service.  Although framed in the hypocritical term ‘diversity’ it will actually decrease diversity by eliminating Whites.  Thus the term ‘diversity’ can be understood as making the first one last and the last one first.  The easy money of federal employment with its high wages and fantastical retirement privileges will be yet another transfer of wealth.

The Obama administration then, and I have no doubts that the 2012 election is already rigged in his favor, will not be content until the racial roles of the past five hundred years are reversed.  That is the meaning of Dylan’s song The Times They Are A’Changin’.  At that time Eric Foner’s concept of  America’s unfinished revolution will be completed with Whites but not Jews being legally made slaves for the Blacks.

It doesn’t matter whether one wakes up or not because the governmental apparatus is already in the hands of Obama and his ‘people’ and White Liberal allies.  AG Eric Holder has publicly stated that he will not ‘discriminate’ against his people by enforcing the laws equally.  Negroes must be give ‘Black Skin Privilege.’

Obama, Mugabe of Zimbabwe and Zuma of South Africa and the Negroes in general are fixated on this, hatreds run several centuries deep and nothing is going to changed them.  Absolutely nothing.  It is do or die by any means necessary.

It is true that Whites are beginning to wake up, one hears disgruntled voices where a few months ago they were all approbation.  Yet, the seriousness of the situation has not sunk in except for the perceptive minority.  However as sympathies have changed and are changing rapidly it makes it possible to speak more openly, censure won’t be so quickly forthcoming.

Praise the Lord (agitate) and pass the ammunition. (It will come to that.)  Liberals will have to be quarantined.  The time to declare with whom you run is fast approaching.

The Great Black Hope Provokes A Civil War


The Great Black Hope Provokes A Civil War


R.E. Prindle

     As Rush Limbaugh has emphasized The Great Black Hope in his speech anouncing his nomination of the Puerto Rican Sonia Sotomayor for the Supreme Court, that she will take her seat on the Court and begin to dispense true ethnic justice in America for the first time.

     By nominating an ethnic nationalist the Hope has then drawn the color line as clearly as it is possible to be drawn.  Negro and Central and South American justice as opposed to objective justice.  Sotomayor proved her attitude when she trew out the Fireman test scores called the Ricci Case.  More than anything else the Ricci Case proved what so many of us have been saying:  Without Affirmative Action, based solely on merit, Negroes and C. and S. Americans cannot compete.  Whites are asked to bear the injustice of seeing jobs go to, I won’t say lesser, but the unqualified.

     The Hope calls for justice but by the word justice what he means is preference.  Preference for the unqualified.  Thus Sotomayor is going to ensure preference for the less or incompetent and that in the Hope’s mind is justice.

     As I say the lines are not being drawn they have now been drawn.  The Hope has announced his true intentions for all  but the hopelessly prejudiced to see.  The Hope has now brought us to the point where as Stokely Brown or H. Rap Carmichael or one of those agitators so aptly expressed it:  Justice comes from the barrel of a gun.  I believe Brown was quoting Mao Z. Stalin or someone like that.

     If the Senate is so misguided, traitorous or foolish as to confirm Sotomayor then the Hope will have brought the country, country? little more than an area, the area to the brink of a shooting civil war.  A remarkable achievement in six short months.  But then it was predicted.

     And the civil war that the Hope is instigating is a race war.  A race war can end only in the extermination of one or the other party. 

     Mr. President you’ve got some really bad advice from your mentor William Ayers.  Billy should remember the fate of Mussolini.  Learn from history.

Goodbye Law, Hello Anarchy


Goodbye Law, Hello Anarchy


R.E. Prindle

     I forget who said it but he said that when a non-White is elected president that will be the end.  As if Clinton and Bush weren’t bad enough we now have The Great Black Hope as the first ‘minority’ president.   He is acting as predicted.

     While Whites felt an obligation to consider the whole population ‘minorities’ are incapable of thinking or acting beyond the interest of their minority.  Hence the Hope’s Change ‘we’ can believe in means change the Africans can believe in and no one else.

     A couple weeks ago the Hope announced his program of Law ‘we’ can believe in.

     He now has announced his nomination of a Puerto Rican woman who publicly announced that the ‘we’ in Law we can believe in  are Puerto Ricans and perhaps Mexicans and other Central and South Americans only.  She says openly she intends to ‘make law’ in favor of her people rather than interpret the laws for the benefit of all.  I suppose The Great Black Hope knows what he’s doing and what he’s doing bodes ill for the country at large.

     Mrs. Sotormayor, the nominee, was a key figure in throwing out the results of the Connecticut Fireman test that Ricci and others are contesting because the ‘wrong’ people passed the test and the ‘right’ people didn’t.

     In such an egregious case of criminality there should have been no question about reinstating the results.  In today’s zany, crazy social environment the criminal act of discarding legitimate results is actually going to be adjudicated by the United States Supreme Court.  How crazy is that?  If Caryl Chessman were still alive perhaps he might have a chance.  Heck, why not let Manson out?  Those people would have died natural deaths sooner or later anyway, what’s wrong with giving them a little assist?

     That the Ricci case goes before the Supreme Court indicates that not only is the notion of law meaningless, we are no longer a nation under law, but that the entire concept of justice has been invalidated.  It’s free fall now.

     Thank about this one, boys and girls.