Battle Cry

Battle Cry


R.E. Prindle

When did our national discourse become so consumed with the state of our national discourse? Rarely has so much public dialogue been dedicated to arguing over what can’t be said, who can’t say it and just how they shouldn’t put it. It has always been politically profitable to frame your opponents’ rhetoric as irrational, cruel, even dangerous. But our now-constant public skirmishes over speech have moved to another level entirely: These days, the closer you can situate your opponents’ words to actual violence, the better.

When James Hodgkinson opened fire at a Republican congressional baseball practice in June—wounding Representative Steve Scalise of Louisiana among others—he was killed in the attack and left no manifesto to explain his actions. But the shooting immediately became, for many, a chilling example of the consequences of someone else’s rhetoric, and commentators raced to track down who that “someone” might be.

A Newsweek headline asked if “anti-Trump” rhetoric inspired the shooter…

Amanda Hess NYT

Magazine 8/20/17

This post concerns a discussion on Michael Sellers’ Facebook page.  It should be of interest.

Cc: Johannes Rebhan, Alan Derian, Ian Hawke, Scott Rosen

Gentlemen: In reply to your comments I had written a reasoned comment that attempted to deal with facts and historical opinion. However, since reading your comments among others on Michael Sellers’ post of the last couple days of scurrilous ad hominems and defamation I didn’t think you deserved it while it would be futile as you refuse to answer arguments preferring to resort to slander. Therefore I am going to tell you how you appear to an intelligent reader of your comments.

Scott Rosen is a mere thug with a mouthful of canards and insults. In addition he is not so bright as he spells the Adolf of Hitler Adolph with a ph. Scott is no longer welcome on my site.

Next, let’s consider Alan Derian. His reply was very interesting because he cleverly manages to threaten me with dire consequences if I don’t fall in line without exposing himself to the casual reader as he says it is my choice whether I want to be beaten or whatever thereby exculpating himself.

His comment is very well composed, he obviously knows what he is doing.


OK, RE. Before anyone else reacts to your last discussion about the science of the abilities of the races, let me address two points.


Here Alan admits that there is a science that addresses the relative abilities of the races. This is an important point because he admits that there are races and that they have differing abilities.

As an aside the Liberals on Seller’s thread always speak of scientific disciplines as if that knowledge is wholly different and separate from other knowledge. They speak of scientists as though they were a different race, almost alien, rather than merely someone whose specialty is physics or chemistry etc.. In point of fact anyone with the necessary intelligence can take up a scientific specialty although those who excel at them possess superior qualities and are few.

Scientific disciplines are one thing while the use of the scientific method is available to anyone and applicable to any task. When I was in college we were told to not take the course information too seriously but if we got the method that was the point. I got the method. You Ian, although a fine fellow do not have the method although you have an overweening self-confidence in your opinions.

Alan then continues:

Quote: First, you are correct in saying that in Communist countries opposing speech was censored and how America is supposed to be different [exceptional] and allow free speech. But that term “free speech” is a misnomer. America has freer speech, it has a wide range (of) what kind of speech it allows, BUT, all countries, in order to survive, must enforce their core values and reject and suppress those who work to undermine those values.


As we all know, America is a diverse society of many cultures each vying for dominance. Aryan culture did not inhibit the speech of any culture or political point of view. In other words whatever core values the Aryan society of the nineteenth century possessed and expected all immigrants to accept has now been split into competing cultures with different core values who wish to inhibit speech. So, Mr. Derian leaves open as to which core values he is referring to. As he here offers a tactic of the Jewish culture, which has no provision for free speech or conscience, it is obvious to which diversity Mr. Derian belongs and whose core values he wants to protect.

As Judaism is a semi-autonomous culture, as now are the Negro and Moslem cultures, while he seemingly speaks for Americans in general or universally his concern is for Jewish core values. In the struggle for cultural supremacy the Jews at present are leading the rest. Mr. Derian is also an Israeli citizen; a dual citizen who carries an Israeli passport or can obtain one but it is an important consideration. One needn’t ask where his primary loyalty lies.

Now, these White demonstrators characterized as Nazis by Mr. Derian are specifically guarding the core values of the Aryan population of the US. As Mr. Derian points out they must do this or be submerged. The problem is that they are competing with Jews, Negroes, Moslems on the same basis. Quite obviously they are the enemies of Mr. Derian and his Jews and vice versa. Virtue is not the issue here as all are fighting for the same cause but who they are. There is no possible way of faulting the Aryans without faulting Negroes, Jews and Moslems.
The Aryans were also shouting, according to reports: The Jews will not replace us. Given the competition for supremacy between the Jews and others this is a legitimate war cry. They are also reported as shouting Blood and Soil. As their core values, which Mr. Derian admits must be defended by any means necessary are based on blood as are Mr. Derian’s Jews as well as the Negroes, not so much the Moslems, and soil which means that as they are Americans they have no other soil to claim. This is not the case with Mr. Derian and his fellow Jews. Anywhere they hang their yarmulke is home to them.

Now, Mr. Derian says that ‘free speech’ is a misnomer and that in defense of a culture’s core values anyone who challenges them can be forcibly shut up by any means necessary. This is strange, as Mr. Derian then invokes the Constitution of the United States which guarantees unrestricted freedom of speech as well as assembly and has been confirmed by the recent decision of the Supreme Court as a core value of the United States. Mr. Derian is subjecting himself to a forcible rebuke.

He then quotes the words “all men are created equal” from the Constitution out of context and says that this is a core value that must never be attenuated as if a mere phase could be attenuated. He neglects to complete the sentence to: “in regard to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” There is no reference to preference of certain people. The rest of the sentence changes the meaning imputed by Mr. Derian as the evidence for all men being created equal makes it an oxymoron. Quite obviously all men are not created equal as a certain percentage of births are stigmatized with often horrible birth defects.

Further, in the broader sense, Mr. Derian has already admitted that there is a science of racial differences which implies that all men are not only not created equal but those differences persist throughout life.   Thus, Mr. Derian is hoist by his own petard.

For Mr. Derian it is enough to impose his opinion on US law even though no laws support his points.

Thus while other countries have draconian laws to protect ‘their ‘ core’ values, one of which in most European countries is to never, never criticize the Jews or their interpretations of the holocaust and WWII or you will be put in concentration camps called prisons and have at least a portion of your assets confiscated. It should be clear whose core values take precedence both in the US and Europe and that those values are not endemic to any European country.

The difference in the US, he says, is people might lose their jobs, that is, their means of subsistence, get screamed at by counter-protestors, that is, competing cultures, deprived of their core value of free, not freer, speech and otherwise to be made to feel bad. That is defamation, insults, directed hatred, which, one imagines are acts of tough love to bring the deluded in line.

To cap his climax Mr. Derian makes this dire threat, which one is led to believe is backed by the full force of the Jews and their auxiliaries.


Bottom line: all men are created equal. Not all men are more or less created the same depending on your race, gender, sexual orientation, or religion. Men. Equal. Period. You either adopt that or you get crapped on. Your choice.


So, Mr. Derian ends his diatribe with the threat that you either go along with his and the Jews’ program or they will fuck you over like you have never been fucked over before. Your choice: On your knees before your masters, slaves, or what happens to you you have brought on yourself. Your masters are free of guilt; you have been warned.

So, American democracy has come to that. The Jews are staged to replace Whites and the Aryan demonstrators were quite right to chant Jews Will Not Replace Us. That, does however, remain to be seen. The war is on, not over.


Some Idle Chatter Concerning The National Enquirer

Some Idle Chatter Concerning

The National Enquirer


R.E. Prindle


Probably everyone is familiar with the National Enquirer from standing in line at the grocery store checkout stands idly looking over the top magazines. Sure to catch your eye with their sensational headlines was the NE. Nowadays it’s a fairly respectable magazine compared to their glory days when they came up with most improbable, impossible, sensational stories ever conceived by the mind of man. Of course, the literally minded especially were repelled.

I enjoyed it. Who’s kidding who; I grew up in the fifties, that golden age of sci-fi and I immersed myself in it both in print and film. Not only sci-fi but goof-fi in the ridiculous Mad Magazine. By the time the NE came along my mind had been trained to live in this universe and a couple parallel ones. I could handle any alternate reality and keep them all separate. I was one of the urban spacemen. Alternate realities were my stock in trade. And then, the NE came along. Oh boy. It was almost heaven. Tales from some undiscovered crypt. King Tut’s discovered tomb compared as nothing.

These days, like I said, the NE is almost respectable. The stuff inside is as true as any other newspaper, maybe truer. The only good news is that they still have that sensational style of relating prosaic stories. As time goes by, of course, they need something new and in President Trump they have found it.

I don’t know when they began but for the last several issues the Pres. Has been the feature story on the cover. The stories are still sensational but disappointingly true. They all check out and they have better sources for info than the NYT and Washington Post. Those fake newsers have been seen picking themselves up from the mire after having been run over by the NE.

The current 4/3/17 issue is a humdinger. It tackles the Russian spy issue used in the attempt to discredit President Trump. Plus, the info is concise, to the point and seemingly accurate. One wonders where they got their stuff. I’ve got an idea; there’s a White House leak and the NE’s Deep Throat is undoubtedly the President himself. I mean, he is no fool.

Consider that he is a native New Yorker, albeit from the outer boroughs, while, I believe, having been the subject of exposes in the NE over the years.   He’s always been good copy. The Donald, as he then was, has famously said that when you’re punched, punch back. What better weapon than your own propaganda paper on the same level as the Times and Post?

The articles are always favorable, even mildly laudatory, to the Pres. So given his NYC upbringing there is no reason that he shouldn’t personally know the owners and/or editors. There’s a natural reciprocity there: the NE gets exclusive stories and the Pres. Gets the favorable publicity, or propaganda, he needs.

The anti-Trump papers announce that there are Russian spies in the government as though since the election the Pres. Invited them in. As there are Russian spies in the government now, then, they were there under Obama, under Bush, under Clinton and under all the presidents since FDR who did invite them in. While it is difficult to see what harm they have caused since Gorbachev threw in the towel under FDR they did cause major damage.

Of course, during FDR’s time the Liberals thought Russian spies were a good thing. When they were exposed the howling denials could be heard all the way to the Volga. The careers of those who exposed the infiltration, Martin Dies, Parnell Thomas, and Joe McCarthy were absolutely destroyed, their names made anathema. If there had been a way to eliminate the names it would have been done.

Today when Russian spies can do little damage all of a sudden instead of being a blessing they are a curse. What changed the Russian character? The present head of Russia and not Soviet Union, is not a Communist. That’s the difference. No, he is a conservative. Trump is a conservative. Bad, bad. Putin’s bad; Trump’s bad. My bad. Conservatives bad.

Don’t know why. While our interests differed back in the Stalin days, in these Putin days our interests converge. It appears from the NE article to be true that Flynn was at least acting as an unregistered foreign agent, which was meaningless back in the old Red Star days, for Putin there is no evidence that the Flynn betrayed US interests. He was trying to further them. The fact is Russia is not our enemy. We are morphing into the same ideological stance. One that preserves the identity, culture and civilization of Euroamerica, the West.

That is a good thing. Something to be desired. Something beautiful created over four thousand years and more. Something of value not to be lightly discarded.

The amazing thing would be if the NE turned into a daily national paper to rival the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post. The Post, by the way, is owned by Jeff Bezos of I’m only intuiting this but it begins more and more to appear that Bezos picked up the Post to further his own political ambitions. The Presidency is Bezos last frontier after he stocks every American household with their goods.

Sometime after the next two years or so Bezos will probably declare for 2020. If it should turn out to be Bezos and the Washington Post vs. President Trump and the National Enquirer wouldn’t that be something? I’m all for it. Go, Donald Trump; go National Enquirer.

A Discussion Of Crispin Sartwell: How We Got This Way

How We Got This Way

A Discussion Of Crispin Sartwell’s

The Postmodern Intellectual Roots

Of Today’s Campus Mobs.


R.E. Prindle


The major problem in discussing today’s political affairs is dealing with the authoritarian position of the Liberals as to the indisputable certainty of their views. They are so certain that they are willing to use physical violence to enforce this view on everyone. One is reminded of the Communist Soviet Union of the 1920s and 30s.

Crispin Sartwell examines the development of this state of mind in the above referenced essay. Unfortunately the essay appeared in the Wall Street Journal of 3/25/17 and the Journal’s policy prevents its republication; hence no link.

Sartwell attributes the attitude’s rise to what he calls ‘the second great era of speech repression in academia.’ Apparently his professor, Richard Rorty was instrumental in propagating the attitude. In 1998 Rorty published his views in book form: Achieving Our Country: Leftist Thought In Twentieth Century America.

Sartwell quotes Rorty, ‘objectivity is a matter of intersubjective consensus among human beings, not of accurate representation of something nonhuman.’ A perhaps interesting opinion but that leaves us with the task of explaining what ‘intersubjective consensus’ is and how it is to be obtained. We’re dealing with a lot of alchemical air here in which subjective thought is transmuted into objective thought by being shared by humans and Rorty means the whole of humanity. To me it sounds like something along the lines of J.G. Jung’s ‘collective unconscious’ in which the racial subconscious is somehow transmitted from generation to generation, and just as subjective.

What it amounts to is that a number of ‘human beings’ get together and agree to agree that something is so whether it is or is not and having once ‘objectified’ their subjectivity by agreeing with other they are willing to punish anyone who disturbs their pleasant utopian fantasy. In other words, twenty-first century Communism by another name with new terminology by a collectivity promoting their unsubstantiated viewpoint.

Something like Des Cartes: I think, therefore I am. While this formula takes the young by storm and they go around repeating it as though irrefutable truth actually I am therefor I think is more logical. A thought requires a thinker to think it not the other way around. I am, therefore I think.

Thus adherents to Rorty’s viewpoint having devised this reformulation of Communism have set about to impose their utopia by force.

Rorty condemns any opposition as heretical:

It is doubtful whether the current critics of the universities who are called ‘conservative intellectuals’ deserve this description, for intellectuals are supposed to be aware of, and speak to issues of social justice.

So, the ‘intersubjective consensus’ controls the narrative while determining the rules of the game. We may understand ‘social justice’ to be the Party line and any deviants don’t the name of ‘intellectuals’ or thinkers. To the outer darkness with them.

And then Sartwell says: ‘By that logic it is defensible to eliminate such people from graduate programs, to deny them tenure, even to shout them down.’

Yea, verily, even to beat them up, prevent their entry to campus and deny them voice. Eventually to murder them as the Soviet Communists did to dissenters in the nineteen twenties and thirties.

Thus, we have the attitude towards President Trump in which any objective view that looks outward at the object instead of inward at wishes is denied validity. One doesn’t describe the situation per se but the utopian, that is the Communist political correct diktat.

The real problem with President Trump and the Liberals then is not Donald Trump himself but the fact that he denies the ‘the intersubjective consensus’ viewpoint. He points derisively at the naked emperor. This cannot be tolerated by them. He must be impeached before he opens his mouth.

During the campaign then you saw criminal violence committed against the Trump voter. Many were beaten fairly seriously while the disruption of Trump’s rallies was so severe that his Chicago rally was cancelled by the Communist mayor for ‘fear that Trump’s rally would cause rioting.’ That shows how violent these people are prepared to be supported by the authorities. Of course the rioting and burning of cars after the inauguration confirms this. Other examples…but they are well known.

Let us hope the President can defuse this situation without having to resort to equally repressive measures. Let us just say that the Liberals are tempting fate.

Red Star Over Hollywood



Red Star Over Hollywood


R.E. Prindle


Ye Editor of the WSJ blunders along in his (or her) 10/18/16 article entitled Red Stars Over Hollywood celebrating the Chinese cultural invasion of Hollywood buying up studios and theatre chains. Ye Editor opines ‘Chinese investment in US movies isn’t a security threat.’ Ye Editor is stone cold wrong. It is a security threat among others.

What is cheerily called Globalism is actually an asymmetrical cultural war for Global cultural supremacy. That is if you’re not too starry eyed to see it. Two of the most significant Communist texts are the Frenchman Montesquieu’s The Spirit Of The Laws and the American Graham Sumner’s Folkways, a study of mores. It is through the base of laws and mores that one subverts another culture. The Communists (Red Star is code for Communism) have known the importance of these two studies from the beginning and laws and mores are key elements in their strategy.

With the success of Freudianism and the rise of TV/movies the equivalent of cultural atom bombs their effectiveness is manifold. The Jews have successfully used the media to mold American mores and their lesson has apparently not been lost on the Chinese.

Ye Editor apparently realizes this as he says: The movie business is a competitive market with none of the immediate security risks of defense contractors or power-plant operators. The key word here is immediate. Correct, not immediate but long term. The corrosion of mores and laws is like rust; it is visible but you can’t see it working but it does 24/7/365. Ye Editor seems to accept the consequences of Chinese media control while totally opposing any resistance to it. We don’t know how much the Chinese are paying him.

He says: Chinese censors tightly control access to this market [in China] allowing in only 34 films a year, so Hollywood studios compete to curry favor by dumping Chinese for North Korean villains…including Chinese product placement…and having China save the day. Ye Editor apparently doesn’t realize these concessions are anti-American propaganda. He says: No authoritarian regime has ever had as much power to broadcast its narrative (not to mention the abominable Nazis) and silence or buying off its critics, (Ye Editor?) including the US and other open societies.

We have cognitive disconnect here. While seemingly admitting that Chinese propaganda is operating in the US, an attack on mores, he says: Americans (that is Deplorables, knuckle draggers and other reprobates) bothered by a filmmaker’s approach to China can take their entertainment dollars elsewhere and fund independent projects…. Well, up yours too, Ye Editor.

How disingenuous can the Journal and Ye Editor be? First, he, she, it, puts the entertainment industry in censorious Chinese hands including the power to distribute films then he says it is possible to buck the censoriness of the Chinese mores and work on independent projects. With no hope of distribution one adds.

Americans are not even able to buck censorious Liberal control over the media. The entire movie/TV/press opposition to Trump’s candidacy is such that he is reviled nonstop and this includes the ‘conservative’ Wall Street Journal.

So, in essence Ye Editor endorses and applauds the takeover by the Chinese of American culture and mores.

As no resistance has been permitted to Western Communist takeover of US laws and mores there is little reason to believe that there will be any resistance to Eastern Communisms’ efforts either. Americans either don’t know or they don’t care. They’ll take whatever comes along so long as it’s Red.

Let us hope Trump triumphs in November as I’m sure he will. It is necessary and I think inevitable. Let us hope, ‘the common man’ can live up to his reputation for wisdom and think straight.


Vote Trump.

America First Is Globalism



America First Is Globalism


R.E. Prindle


The Wall Street Journal continues to amaze. Tuesday, May 3, 2016, p. A11, Bret Stephens posted to his column Global View what I imagine he considers a scathing denunciation of Donald Trump. What Brett doesn’t seem to understand is that there is no particular virtue in globalism. It is merely a state of affairs. Donald Trump is a globalist, I am a globalist, we are all globalists. We have to be, globalism is here and now.

If Bret believes that the Chinese don’t place China First, Africans don’t place Africa First and Moslems Moslems First he is dreaming fantastic dreams. Trump says what everyone else is saying about their peoples; he is saying that yes globalism is here and in that context we have to place America’s interests before everyone else’s interests. The White Man’s Burden has been laid down Bret; let that monkey ride someone else’s back. In a dog eat dog’s world, Mondo Cane, one has to bark loud and bite hard not roll over and expose one’s tummy. Those who roll over are called pussys, Bret. No one respects them. That is the situation our current leadership, so-called, has placed us.

The problem with you Bret is that you think your interpretation of globalism is the gold standard and there is no other interpretation. Trump has bluntly stated the China First position: they are raping America. With impunity they hack our computers, take whatever information they want, as part of the cyber war. We grouse but make no retaliation even though we have the means to shut their computers down. To defend ourselves, if I interpret you correctly Bret would be a violation of globalism.

Further, China has no more respect for our borders than Mexico. Chinese flood our country with illegals. Bert apparently considers open borders ‘a reasonable immigration policy’. Your opinion and your opinion alone Bert. The better opinion is that no immigration at all is the most reasonable policy. Your opinion is not sacred just because it is your opinion.   You are not the arbiter on immigration.

Bret insultingly says of Trump’s America First position:

Either Mr. Trump stumbled upon his worldview through a dense fog of historical ignorance. Or he is seriously attempting to resurrect the most disastrous and discreditable strain of American foreign policy for a new generation of American ignoramuses.

You willfully misinterpret the phrase America First. First does not mean only. First means to look at international or global affairs considering one’s own welfare as paramount. To impoverish ourselves to enrich others is the height of foolishness. To use your example of England in WWII, the English if they had considered their own welfare first, would never have entered into WWII. That war bankrupted them completely, impoverished them for a whole decade or more, left them a no-rate power and stripped them of their colonial empire and that with the connivance of FDR.

FDR himself stripped the US of its ‘inexhaustible resources’ in the short period of seven years, 1938-45. He gave those resources away for free to enemies like the Soviet Union. Stalin didn’t even say: Thanks, Suckers; he said: You got anything left? as he annexed the whole of Central Europe.

Neither England nor the US had any dog in the Nazi-Communist struggle so how were American Firsters disastrous and by whom were they discredited or, actually, defamed? They couldn’t have been more disastrous then that fool FDR and they were discredited by those who wished the US ill.

Donald Trump probably knows his history better than you do Bret. Better bone up on current scholarship; your understanding is outdated not Trump’s.

Mitt Romney Drops In From Mars Or Perhaps Deeper Space



Mitt Romney Drops In From Mars Or Perhaps Deeper Space


R.E. Prindle


I read with interest Mitt Romney’s remarks on the election today, 3/03/16. I’m sure Romney is a fine man, loves children and dogs etc. I have nothing personal to hold against him. However, I sat and watched Mitt Romney throw the election when he was a presidential candidate to Barack Obama. I don’t like calling people losers, life is hard and we can’t control the variables, but Romney could in that situation and he deliberately lost to Obama. That does make him a loser.

That said, in today’s political environment Romney and I apparently live in parallel universes.

Let us consider our choice of candidates. I’m no fan of the Ronald Reagan that all these politicians seem to be but it is clear the Reagan is not running for reelection so let’s forget him. One must also remember that Reagan had a past that rivals or surpasses whatever these Insider hypocrites are saying about Trump. Reagan, like Trump, was forced to deal with the Mafia because J. Edgar Hoover would not recognize the existence of organized crime and would do little or nothing about it to all our peril. Nevertheless, Reagan was as much or more involved with the Mafia as Trump. So was Nixon. So were the Kennedys. Are talking to each other yet? All politicians have pasts. Not the point, what are they going to do?

On the Democratic side we have two people who shouldn’t be allowed on the streets. Hillary Clinton is such a poseur and imposter that she shouldn’t be allowed out of the condo. Sanders is a Communist ideologue, an actual Bolshevic, who will install a reign of terror identical to that of the Soviet Union. Am I being too cryptic?

On the Republican side the list was and is appalling with Trump being by far the best choice with the caveat that those behind him, much more dangerous than he, are still concealed.

Of the former number of real and pseudo-candidates now reduced to four the Insider candidate Boy Rubio is a positive joke. Rubio is not qualified for the job. Marco, to be polite, should pack it up and go home. While the Insiders consider him electable the notion is risible. Forget him.

Ted Cruz is another impossibility, not electable. I like who he is as a person and believe he means well but the presidential qualities are lacking.

Kasich also lacks stature as a presidential but I would like to see him in the cabinet.

So, who’s left? Donald Trump. He’s the only other one running Mitt and if you’re considering it, stop. I believe Trump said the Mitt found him viable enough to ask him for money. Maybe Trump didn’t give enough and this is Mitt’s revenge. Personally I wouldn’t have given Mitt a dime. He was a lousy campaigner. As a candidate I saw no understanding or energy there. I don’t see it today.

Now, to compare Trump to Obama. No contest. Obama was a street person who because of his Negro appearance and White upbringing that he owed to the grandmother he maligned seemed to interested parties someone they could push as the first Negro president. In other words he was a Negro from central casting. He was and is totally unqualified for the role yet Mitt threw the election to him. Tell us why Mitt.

Trump on the other hand is a successful real estate developer. He is not a businessman and that is the obvious reason his efforts in that direction did not succeed. Dealing with the public is a different thing than dealing with the Mob, suppliers and government officials. He has successfully managed a very large corporation in which he has had to deal with many diverse people and styles according to the mores of the time. He did nothing out of place. So he had a couple bankruptcies, the Bushes took part in the looting of the Savings and loan system hurting a hell of a lot more people that Trump could ever reach. Both the Parties have developed the Ponzi scheme called the national debt. I’m looking at you Mitt. As George Bush flippantly remarked: We either get a trillion dollars now or this sucker is going down. Do you remember that startling remark Mitt? I do. Trump is right about the Bushes.

Every sentient being in the US knew that the Moslems were targeting the Twin Towers. If one attempt to blow up the Towers didn’t give Bush a clue to be on the alert why was he president? It is pure bullshit to excuse that person. Moslems blew up the World Trade Center and then that idiot brought hundreds of thousands of Moslem immigrants to the US and while by refusing to profile them punished the other 100% of the population with absurd rules. The Bushes can leave the country Mitt.

Mitt, I don’t know from what planet you dropped in from but things are obviously different here than you would like to believe. I’m sure you’re a nice guy Mitt but you should keep your puerile opinions to yourself. I’m beginning to lose respect.

This post is getting longish for this site but let me comment on your idiotic beliefs on Free Trade.

If you think Trump isn’t right to try to correct the glaring imbalance of the US/ China trade relations then, really Mitt, I don’t know how you got where you are.

Trump understands that situation perfectly and has the right answers. Do you think that idiotic so-called debate system you boys designed has allowed him to discuss this economic issue? In sixty seconds? Oh, no, this is reality TV and the contestants have to squabble for our entertainment rather than address the issues. How can you not see how ludicrous this campaign your side designed has been Mitt. The whole world is holding its sides to keep from bursting with laughter. Me? I hang my head in shame. I’m going to be satisfied with call you obtuse, Mitt, but I’m raging inside. You guys are embarrassing.

Let me use one vulgarity, Mitt. Who gives a shit what the Chinese think about anything. Let them adapt to a new reality. Are we not men, Mitt? Or are we doormats? Of course they object to Trump’s objection to letting them continue to exploit us because of your lousy outmoded free trade ideas. You and the people you represent are dinosaurs from a distant past. Back to Jurassic Park with yourselves.

I’ll be back. There’s more.

Vote Trump! Vote Sanity!



Vote Trump! Vote Sanity!


R.E. Prindle


An unsigned editor of the Wall Street Journal of 2/10/16 composed a piece labeled the Left-Right President. In it he says:


Which brings us to Trump and the revolt of the right. This is less about ideology and policies than the businessmans’s political style and disgust with Washington.


I presume that the editor means that we knuckle draggers, domestic terrorists and circus clowns don’t have an ideology. We’re just typical wild American boys and girls that really know how to get down tonight. Perhaps the thinks the word isn’t in our limited vocabulary or perhaps even he doesn’t think we have a vocabulary- just grunts and groans.

Although I do think ideology isn’t really involved. Let me offer ye editor a slightly different view of reality as perhaps some few of we knuckle draggers etc. see it.

Has Ye Editor ever read Edgar Allan Poe’s The System Of Dr. Tarr and Professor Fether? Le me explain to him how we see it. In the story the inmates have captured the insane asylum imprisoning the keepers.

Thus as the looneys enjoy their dinner entertaining themselves with various insane capers their keepers free themselves advancing on the insanoes with clubs in their hands to reclaim the asylum. See! No ideology involved at all.

That’s how we see the present government compound filled with looney tunes while we keepers were overwhelmed but now having freed ourselves we are coming for you and we are going to overturn your insane policies where everything does the opposite of what you claim it will. Insurance that was claimed to be affordable costs twice as much while making life impossible for both patients and doctors.

You bomb the daylights out of people who have never done you wrong then insist it is our obligation to bring them to the US to make their lives better.

History proves that after hundreds of years, nay, thousands, people of dissimilar cultures haven’t assimilated to each other yet. Need I mention Jews and Moslems?   And, still, you insist that in Magic America it can be done in a twinkling. Do you think that’s sane?

Your programs are sheer insanity and yet anyone who laughs at you is called a domestic terrorist deprived of his livelihood blacklisted from further employment and then arrested as a vagrant.

You’re right, ideology has nothing to do with it; it’s about insanity.

We have to take the asylum back but you have made such a mess of it it will be a while before we can right things if righting them isn’t beyond hope.

Vote Trump! Vote Sanity!

Dirty Tricks On Saturday Night 2/13/16



Dirty Tricks On Saturday Night 2/13/16


R.E. Prindle


Only CBS could have done it. This is the TV company that created Archie Bunker the most defamatory story ever conceived. A whole race was smeared. Archie Bunker made Veit Harlan’s Jud Suss look a Disney version Snow White. All In The Family was a vicious title to a vile show.

Saturday night CBS turned the Republican so-called debate into a real life Archie Bunker show.

The foul CBS commentators turned the comedy of Saturday night live into a Battle Royal.   If you don’t know what a battle royal is I’ll explain. The Insiders of a community hold certain people in contempt. Deep hatred. They may be Negroes, they may be Orphans but for the Insiders (for lack of a better term) they are beneath consideration.

The idea is that you lure a dozen or so of your victims into a ring and then get them pummeling each other for the Insider’s vicious amusement. There’s always a favorite who is given leaded gloves to beat on those the Insider’s hold grudges against. These are very mean people.

The Negro writer of the thirties, Richard Wright, in his memoir Native Son gives a good description of one he was forced into and the deep hatred it instilled in him. Nothing can eradicate it. While in the Orphanage I was selected to be in one…I was not a favorite but I knew who was.

So Saturday night’s battle was typical. Trump was the victim and the Waterboy, Rubio, was the favorite. The inquisitors opened up on Trump by giving him a trick question designed to make him look bad. The trick question was very difficult to handle given the minute format and the complexity of the question: What would be the first three things you would do in foreign affairs? (Take your time, Don, you’re in charge.) Trump, while not exactly fumbling the question still did worse than the following candidates including the Waterboy who had time to formulate an answer.

Actually Waterboy, who had the equivalent of the leaded gloves, didn’t have to formulate it on the spot. He appeared to have been given the questions in advance, had the answers given to him and memorized them. Not only was this totally obvious but if you knew the trick of the battle royal, which I did it was like reading a script. I know this movie; I’ve seen it before. Heck, I was one of the stars.

As with those who organize battle royals the audience were all donor class as both Trump and Cruz recognized, there for a good laugh at their expense. Sections of the audience were keyed to boo and applaud at the appropriate places. Thus Waterboy got an especially warm reception at which he showed surprise but quickly realized the scenario. Trump was greeted with virtual silence; he too registered recognition.   The others got a lukewarm reception. You had to be exceptionally thick not to get it.

The inquisitors were condescending to Trump if not contemptible. One could expect this from the Jew Bill Paley’s network that gave us the parodic Archie Bunker. Archie depicted the working class White knuckle draggers as an ignorant bigoted boob if you’re too young to remember the show.

Archie’s of America Vote Trump and reclaim your self-respect. Down with CBS. Let ‘em sink.

Analyzing The Holocausts



Analyzing The Holocausts- European And Jewish


R.E. Prindle


The Jews have appropriated the ancient word Holocaust to a specific Jewish use but it would appear that the Jewish holocaust of WWII was a minor happening within the much larger, huge, European Holocaust that grew out of the Judaeo-Communist manifestation of the nineteenth century.

Currently the Jews call attention to art works ‘stolen’ from them by the Nazis that individual Jews want ‘returned.’ When all unrestituted thefts within the overall European Holocaust are considered Jewish complaints diminish to the vanishing point.

When the Jewish led revolution of 1917 took place the entire Russian country was looted from top to bottom. Anything of value was ‘appropriated’ as the Judaeo-Communists express it. The entire aristocracy had everything of value taken. Warehouses bulged with fur coats, art works, books, jewelry and anything of value. Kitchen utensils for Christ’s sake.

The Jews murdered the Czar and the Czarina as well as their innocent poor little tiny babies and children, stealing whatever the Romanovs had acquired over three centuries. Now, this is the key, the Russian Orthodox churches were stripped of everything of value while the churches were burned and destroyed wholesale. At the same time anti-Semitism was made punishable by law while synagogues were protected. There was no war on religion per se; there was a war on Christianity while Judaism was protected.

The gulag system was created while millions of Russians suspected of breathing while alive were murdered outright or destroyed in the gulag system.

The monsters Lenin and Trotsky attempted to foment revolution throughout Europe to replicate what was happening in Russia. They succeeded temporarily in Hungary murdering tens of thousands there while appropriating what they could. Multiple revolutions were attempted and put down in Germany. The Communist assault on German institutions created the National Socialist reaction. The Nazis were a mere reflection of Judaeo-Communism not an original political system.

Let us consider for a moment what would have happened if the Judaeo-Communists had triumphed. All of Europe would ultimately have been overrun. Apart from the tens of millions of nationalist Germans, French, Italians, Spanish and whoever that would have been murdered outright or boarded into cattle cars headed to the Siberian gulag, a looting of Europe would have taken place that would have made the colossal looting or Russia miniscule and anything the Jews lost negligible.

Consider the Roman Catholic Church with its vast treasures that the Jews coveted. The Jews had been praying for the destruction of the Catholic Church for two millennia. Imagine the glee when the Jews appropriated all that wealth, trampling all those crosses. Imagine the villas and castles, the Vatican, that the Jews would have appropriated.   Imagine the Jews jumping joyously up and down on the Pope’s bed, wearing his slippers shouting, You kiss mine and I’ll kiss yours. Perhaps the destruction would have equaled the Jewish-Allied bombing of Europe during WWII or exceeded it.

Having accomplished the Russian looting no claims of the Russians expropriated of their belongings have ever been returned or even considered while the Jews are now claiming previous ownership of what are now multi-million dollar works of art. The transfer of wealth goes on- expropriate and then claim.

Can you even possibly begin to fathom the hypocrisy of this people. Enough, shelve your guilt and call Stop to this idiocy.

New Charleston Toodle-oo


More Charleston Toodle-oo


R.E. Prindle


The Charleston Toodle-oo was merely propaganda.  However the Negroes were mere tools of the Jewish Revolution that began in 1913

In the European phase of the Revolution Russia was wiped from the face of the map being renamed the USSR.  The Russian population was ruthlessly murdered while ending subordinated to the Jews, Poles, Letts among others and of course the Great Georgian himself, Joseph Stalin.

The Russians were expropriated of anything of value and/or murdered.  Warehouses were full of furs, jewels, etc.  They became less than slaves, ciphers.

The same process began in 1913 and is now reaching its climax in the US.  For a hundred years now the erasure of American, White or Aryan identity, whichever name you choose to use, has been in progress.  Aryan mores and customs have been belittled and demeaned relentlessly.  Over the last fifty or so years unceasing propaganda has taught Aryans to hate themselves as the all time dastards of civilization.  They now accept that characterization.

Now, in Charleston, a hypnotized Aryan boy has committed what to Negroes and Jews is the most dastardly crime imaginable.  But the great hearted Negroes forgive him.  He was a Southern boy, naturally, so the Confederate flag is banned thus partially erasing the Southern identity as the Russian was erased in 1917.

Bathing the White House in the Rainbow Flag effectually erases Old Glory thus stripping Whites of their American identity in favor of lunatics.  Already trained baboons have been taught how to grunt out something that sounds like I Am An American while waving little Old Glorys.  Getting the point yet?

We now have an African government governing Aryans according to African tribal notions of law, or some approximation of law.   Managing and directing the Negroes are our old friends with a special relationship, the Jews.  The Jews have now added a song to their catechism that goes:  I’m not White, I’m Jewish.  Thus they consider themselves above Negroes, below them in the hierarchy, and Whites who are at the bottom of their hierarchy.  Hitler is laughing in his grave.

White males have been placed outside the law, being ‘unprotected’ by African and Jewish law. That’s a Civil Disability.

Whether Whites know it or not, they are effectively slaves working the American plantation so that Negroes and Jews don’t have to labor, or, at least not that much.

All a Negro has to do if he wants a fuck is to crook his finger at a White girl and say:  Come.  Just like Negro women and White men in the days of slavery.  White girls willingly go too.  Pay back, reparations, you tell me.

I hope I’m making my point.  The Jewish/Negro Revolution is just about over and it has been successful.  Almost over.  The Golden Spike hasn’t been hammered in just yet.  That will happen in 2016.

Have a ball, y’all.