When Is A Religion Not A Religion

When Is A Religion Not A Religion?


R.E. Prindle


The key issue of the Trump Administration is what to do about the Moslems. This is a very problematic issue fraught with deep and divisive difficulties. It hits at the heart of the Ellis Island Syndrome- immigration in America. It transcends reason to brush against an ingrained religious conviction.

The bulk of the US population is impervious to reason and unwilling to listen to argument concerning the issue. For instance in a recent photograph taken at Dallas/Fort Worth where the airport’s Director offered Moslems sanctuary in the wake of President Trump’s ban on people from seven Moslem countries, the Moslems immediately formed an impromptu demonstration. The Director is a kind hearted but foolish man. Among Moslems a man held aloft a sign that read: Tolerance is an American virtue, or words to that effect.

While it may be true that Americans pride themselves on a foolish tolerance it is also true that Moslemism is a determinedly intolerant religion. It will accept no other religion or ideology. They are gaming the system. It’s goal is to impose its legal system as the only legal system worldwide, globally. This includes the United States.

Americans apparently cannot grasp this simple fact. The Moslems will accept no other result than that the entire world is converted to Moslemism and sharia law. If one cannot accept that fact then one must choose between conversion or subordination. There can be no compromise. I would bring up the whole of their history but that would be to no avail. It’s been done with no results.

Perhaps, in an effort to get a wedge in President Trump has banned the citizens from seven Moslem countries entry into the United States. It doesn’t matter which countries the effect would be the same.

A hue and cry was immediately raised that such a ban violated the Constitutional protection of freedom of religion. Once again this may be an American ideal but the Moslem ideal is complete rejection of freedom of religion. For those slow on the pickup if Moslemism triumphed there would be no freedom of religion and no Constitution. Heck, during the Obama Administration the Left argued that the Constitution was obsolete. So, why are they arguing it’s valid now?

President Trump tried to soften the ban by claiming that the ban was political and not religious. But, Islam is a theocracy.   There is no separation of religion and State; politics and religion are the same. The head of ISIS is a political and religious figure, the Caliph, hence the Caliphate.

We are in the midst of a religious war to end all religious wars, a war without compromise, no prisoners taken.

The problem is to convince those US citizens who think immigration is a civic virtue. That it is not. Dozens of good arguments have been produced to show the negative effects of allowing unrestricted, unlimited immigration but it is to no avail unless US citizens can be taught and made to believe the nature of immigration. There is no virtue in sacrificing your own people and civilization for the benefit of others.

While Trump defends his actions against the seven Moslem theocracies as political that is evading the facts. Perhaps he knows better and is trying to whiff a fast curve by slow witted voters who will look back at the catcher and ask: How’d you get the ball?

It can’t help but be a religious issue and the President is justified as promulgating it as one.

If Moslems pretend to be tolerant of other religions they know full well they are lying but their religion permits it against infidels. If you as an American haven’t learned that you are an infidel then let me give it to straight from the shoulder: You are an infidel and don’t count in the eyes of Allah.

So start acting like an infidel and join the Crusade.


Trump At The Cusp

Trump On The Cusp


R.E. Prindle


Provided that Trump will be allowed to take office it appears that his position is shaping up this way: He had made three major mistakes.

  1. He is slow assuming control and this probably will hamper his performance. In his press conference he should have been the commander. He should have never allowed those left wing idiots disorder. He should have ordered them to sit and stifle their hysteria, only respond when pointed to instead of shouting and shrieking on their feet. These morons have to be managed sternly. They will appreciate it.


  1. It is foolish to try to placate the RINOs. He should have dumped Ryan when he had the chance, humiliated Lindsay Graham and McConnell. This trio of homosexuals see themselves as equal or superior to Trump and will work with the Democrats to thwart him and impose those will on him. He must replace Ryan as speaker and discredit the others.
  2. As I feared when it became evident that he was surrounded by and indebted to the Jews his presidency will be the most Jewish the country has seen including Franklin Delano Roosevelt. In reviving the eighteenth century German custom of the Court Jew by making Jared Kushner his senior advisor he has sealed his fate. Consider the situation between Morgenthau and FDR. It is time for people to review that relationship and the career of the Wurttemberg Court Jew, Joseph ‘Suss’ Oppenheim. The only text available on Suss in English is Lion Feuchtwanger’s 1926 novel, Jud Suss. I review the book and its times here: http://reuprindle.blogspot.com/2016/11/a-review-lion-feuchtwanger-jud-suss.html .
  3. There are a number of German studies that remain untranslated. It would be nice if a German student translated a couple.

If allowed to serve these three trouble spots may ruin Trump’s effectiveness while it is absolutely necessary to command rather than cajole people. In Trump’s case it is necessary to be feared rather than loved. He has made excellent cabinet choices but Trump must lead them rather than follow them.

A Review:

Foreign Affairs Jan.-Feb. Issue

There Will Be No Liberal Redux


R.E. Prindle


Here we are in post-election America. Trump won the election; the electoral college has cleared. The Liberals continue to rage but barring any untoward event Trump will assume the Presidency. We know how the Democratic hoi polloi look at it; screaming, mourning, rioting, but how did the Guiding Hand, the CFR take it? I received my copy of the voice of the CFR, the Jan-Feb Foreign Affairs magazine and judging solely from the article titles it seems to indicate that the world as it was has disappeared, melted away in the eyes of the CFR.

The cover offers the question: Out Of Order? The failure of the International System and a threat: Geithner: How To Handle The Next Crisis.

The cover pictures the Western Hemisphere with the US raised as though the hood of a car while a mechanic leans in to tinker. So really the US is what is out of order; the Liberals lost the election. The cover thus says that Trump has disrupted the International System by disrupting the US part of the agenda.

Interestingly the cover refers to an International System rather than a Global System indicating that the CFR is still mired in nationalism which it professes to despise. In other words they remain chauvinistic and xenophobic.

Now, I am only analyzing from the article titles, I have not yet read any. The first title is World Order 2.0. The choice of the word World rather than Global indicates that the CFR has not moved beyond Nationalism. The 2.0 indicates that one manifestation of the system has culminated and a new one has begun, hence Trump is seen as a radical departure requiring a realignment of Liberal thought.

In fact, the second article is titled: Will The Liberal Order Survive? The History Of An Idea followed by Liberalism In Retreat: The Demise Of A Dream.

So the question posed is since Liberalism is in retreat will the Liberal Order survive? In other words, Trump’s success has dammed the Liberal stream and if no outlet can be found the ideology is doomed. Thus did a single election cause the disruption of an Idea and Dream as insubstantial as they were.

So, having been firmly in the driver’s seat for the last seventy years Trump has displaced them and their fantasy. The post-war Idea and Dream has been terminated. The Left suddenly realizes that it is ideologically bankrupt. Back to the drawing board. The next article asks the question: The Once And Future Order: What Comes After Hegemony?

The term Once and Future Order is, of course, a play on the Arthurian term The Once And Future King meaning that Arthur was gone but that he would return sometime in the future much as Christ was the Once and Future Redeemer. Will the post-war Liberal Order return? Not likely, time moves on. But, then, what does come after hegemony? That is now.

According to the term hegemony meaning overlordship that of the US has ended. Russia has emerged as an equal. If the West from Russia to the US can unify at least in the attempt to play the dominant role against China and the East it may avoid subordination to China otherwise both Europe and the Americas will become a mere appendage of the Once and Future Middle Kingdom now being reincarnated.

Trump and Putin seem to recognize the necessity for cooperation to maintain status in the Global System. If so, then a new Global strategy must be quickly worked out. Any such strategy would obviate the post-war Liberal Order completely.

The last article displays the obliviousness of Liberal understanding of global affairs.

It asks Will Washington Abandon The Order? The False Logic Of Retreat. By Washington one supposes is meant the Trump precidency. The question is rhetorical given that Trump shows every indication of abandoning the Liberal Order down to the shoelaces.

Trump’s strategy is not a retreat but a new beginning. A new approach to circumstances that no longer can be dealt with by the outmoded post-’45 Liberal Order. The problem is that Liberalism can’t understand that the post-’45 circumstances have disappeared. There will be no future post-’45 Liberal Order returning.

Time for a Liberal reality check.

Trump And The New Global Era

Trump And The New Global Era


R.E. Prindle


What the Liberals must learn to accept is that Obama is gone. He’s in the dead letter box. He and his policies have failed abysmally. In a changing world Obama refused to change living rather in a nineteenth century pre-Civil War slave mentality. He and his policies have been discarded brutally as Americans, having had enough, look to the future.

The Pea Brains of Obama are being replaced by people of vast global experience. These people are so capable, so forward thinking that they loosen the bowels of the Pea Brains sending them howling to their ‘Safe Spaces’ for shelter from the storm.

Case in point is Trump’s choice of Exxon president Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State. In contrast to the silly Hillary Clinton Tillerson is used to thinking and dealing on a global scale. He commands one of the largest enterprises in the known world. Therefore he is capable of major enterprises with invaluable experience in dealing with all kinds of governments first hand, mano a mano. Who wouldn’t want him? Who wouldn’t applaud his appointment?

Yet, the Pea Brains are fearful that he might offend somebody. Did it ever occur to the Pea Brains that he would win their respect, that he might already have it? No. The Pea Brains are cowering in what they call ‘Safe Spaces.’ Well, Pea Brains, not everyone is as chicken as you; a majority know that in the global competitive hurly burly you have to stand up and deal with problems, solve them and not cower in ‘Safe Spaces.’

One can only applaud Trump for having the courage to appoint people who can get the job done. Skin color and sex do not enter into his decisions. Unlike Obama who was elected on the basis of skin color and who chose his appointees based solely on their skin color, Trump goes for the best and most capable for the job they are to do.

Hence Rex Tillerson, a proven performer. It is objected that Tillerson has cooperated with Putin. Well, why shouldn’t he, the oil business is global and not local. The future is not going to be based solely on bombing power but an economic power hence all these so-called trade organizations entered into on a disadvantageous basis by Trump’s predecessors.

They have weakened our sovereignty that Trump with the help of men and women of proven capabilities such as Tillerson’s is going to restore.

If you don’t want the US to be a global leader than go cower in basement safe spaces. You are not needed; you will be safe there and out of the way of the doers.

The Greatest Scam: A Conspiracy Theory



The Greatest Scam:

A Conspiracy Theory


R.E. Prindle


There has always been an element troubling me about the Trump candidacy. There seems a smack of insincerity, of calculation. A hidden agenda.

Often overlooked in considering political entities is the Money Trust. The Trust operates above all other entities. What the old theorists referred to as the Invisible Hand.   It has been active in the US since at least the Civil War. Its primary, indeed, only, concern is to make money by any possible means whether in creating value or destroying it then recreating it, destroying it ad infinitum.

Thus, in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries the railroads were a fertile field for looting, rebuilding and relooting.

Since the second half of the twentieth century major looting have taken place not only in companies but whole industries, to mention only the largest, the Savings and Loan industry and then the housing bubble of the early twenty-first century. Less noticed was the successful effort to empty the accrued value in mortgages by encouraging home owners to ‘free up’ that value by borrowing against equity for frivolous reasons such as vacations.

When the housing bubble burst, by then the wealth of the country had been transferred to the banks. The banks had cleverly divested themselves of the worthless mortgages by packaging them as a security and selling the securities to suckers who we all know never deserve an even break.

When the bubble burst this still left a deficit to be covered so carrying the looting even further the banks demanded and got two trillion dollars from the government in two installments called bail-outs. This virtually bankrupted the US leaving little else to steal or seemingly so. The ingenuity of the bankers was not so easily exhausted.

Now they turned the country upside down emptying its pockets by sending the US economy overseas to China or South to Mexico and environs. Like the railroads of the nineteenth century the US had been destroyed. Now the money was to be made in rebuilding.

Now we come to the truly incredible part, very chancy. The tools used to destroy the country Clinton, Bush (both Bushes, keys to the story) and Obama were not suitable for rebuilding. A different type was needed. The transition would not be easy as the redirection from destruction to construction would be needed. As is well known the financial destiny of the world, not just the US, is in the hands of the people of Goldman-Sachs. GS was prominent in all the administrations, most especially as guides for the non-entity called Barack Obama.

Goldman-Sachs had built up a titan of the construction industry, Donald J. Trump. Billing himself as the King of Debt Trump was financed by Goldman-Sachs and other Jewish financiers. Trump was and is surrounded by Jews. He owes his existence to them. He had to be the tool for the transition from destruction to construction as the money was now to be had by rebuilding the US economy.

Getting Trump elected was very chancy but with probably a certain amount of acumen the Jewish financiers had sharpened the right tool. A New York Liberal all his life, not unlike the 1940 Republican candidate Wendell Willkie, Trump switched to championing the disenfranchised, expounding positions quite foreign to a New York Liberal. Trump declared himself independent of Wall Street money so that the financiers had to be appearing to be backing their openly Liberal candidate Hillary Clinton. This was a tough balancing act but one seemingly successfully negotiated.

Trump, while appearing a clown, ran a brilliant campaign based not on capturing the popular vote but using the electoral college. Thus while Clinton appears to have won the popular vote (there are serious questions as to the eligibility of millions of voters) Clinton was soundly defeated in the electoral college.

While Trump was reviled, criminally defamed, during the campaign one expected that there would be some revelation just before the election defaming him further. Strangely the reverse happened. There seemed to be a letting up of slander against Trump while a barrage of heavy negatives was unloaded against Clinton instead making her campaign stagger. It would appear that the Clinton dynasty was being discarded as, indeed, it was. She was no longer useful.

Trump himself is committed to reversing the destructive policies of the Liberals and as there are more trillions to be made in reconstructing the country thus enriching the bankers further it is impossible that Trump won’t do what he has pledged.

In the process, it will be necessary to recreate prosperity for the greatest number. Thus the greed of the few will likely create a decade or so of great prosperity which in turn will create the possibility for further looting. I think the country has that to look forward to.

The kids will be able to move out from mom and dad’s.

Trump As The Wave Of The Future



Trump As The Wave Of The Future


R.E. Prindle


The election of Trump in the US and the cancellation of Great Britain’s ties with the EU has been traumatic for the Left. Little volcanoes of anguish have erupted here and there. One of these being an anguished scream from the New York times in an opinion piece by a Hollander by the name of Ian Baruma. The essay appeared in the New York Times Magazine of 12/4/16 under the title Exit Wounds.

The precis block on the title page tells the whole story: For seven decades the United States and Britain defined and defended a version of democracy and freedom that profoundly shaped the global order. What happens when their own citizens opt out of it?

The Times might as well have asked when that vision failed why should those citizens wish to maintain it?

As the Times says it was ‘a’ not ‘the’ vision of democracy and freedom. The Times editors cannot conceive that perhaps their vision was flawed. Freedom and democracy for whom? In the US White males were disenfranchised and made second class citizens; in Britain British citizens were denied the right to determine their own future as the elites displaced them with unlimited immigration from incompatible cultures and peoples. And now these elites grieve because their subjects, not fellow citizens, but subjects have finally rebelled.

Quoting the Time editors again: No doubt Trump and Farage regard Britain and the United States as exceptional nations. But their success is dismaying precisely because it goes against a particular idea of Anglo-American exceptionalism.

So you see the Left’s dilemma. They espouse ‘a particular idea of Anglo-American exceptionalism.’   While granting that Trump and Farage have a different idea of exceptionalism, if they do, it is not the Left’s idea and their idea is beautiful they believe while the other is ugly.

It is not even debatable than an idea of Anglo-American exceptionalism exists or not. What makes their idea exceptional may not be that exceptional to non-believers. I for one do not believe either the US or Great Britain are exceptional. Nor are the two countries even Anglo nor have been for a century. What do Trump and Farage and we dissidents represent to the Left?

Angela Merkel’s message to Trump on the day after his victory was a perfect expression of Western values that are still worth defending.

She would welcome a close cooperation with the United States, she said, but only on the basis of ‘democracy, freedom and respect for the law and the dignity of man, independent of origin, skin color, religion, gender, sexual orientation or political views.’

Is the woman insane? Is she aware of how her words conflict with her actions? Is she not aware that her prisons are full of political dissidents? Is she not aware that it is an imprisonable crime in Germany as well as other European countries, and one might add, Canada, to discuss certain historical matters in an objective fashion? I am referring to the period from the Soviet Revolution in Russia to the final conclusion of that revolution between the Reds and Whites in 1945.

To deviate from the official promulgated narrative is a crime punishable by incarceration for decades. Is Mad Mama Merkel truly so obtuse that she can’t see she contradicts her lofty words with her base actions?

The silly woman touts respect for the law yet she imports a million or two Moslem immigrants who have no respect for German or Western law systems whatsoever. Is she unaware that in Cologne a year or two ago those persons of a different complexion and religion combined to rape and abuse hundreds, perhaps thousands of German women because they don’t observe Sharia law for women? Is Mad Mama truly mad. She demands respect for freedom from Trump but denies it to her own people? Does she have her wits about her? She even refused to allow the police to pursue and arrest the culprits. Madame, they have institutions for people of your mentality. This silly woman should be sent to St. Helena to die the lingering death decreed for Napoleon. She does not belong in Europe. Send her to Aleppo.

And this crazed woman has the audacity to tell Trump that she will only cooperate with him if he is as crazy as she is, if he allows American women to be raped by Moslems, unless he allows Sharia law to replace American law? What gender is this woman? Or does she have one?

In England Moslems abduct or corral hundreds or thousands of young English girls and ‘groom’ them into prostitutes about which the Leftist authorities do nothing lest they offend the Moslems. Trump is supposed to pay attention to this what, neuter or else?   Woman, look to your soul. What dignity of man and woman are you talking about? How do you conceive it? What insane vision are you following?

Yes, we do have two different thought processes; we are two different nations and yours must be destroyed.

Your thought processes are so twisted, so divorced from reality as to be devoid of the least validity.

Once again the Editors of the Times: ‘Take back our country’ means a retreat from the world that Anglo-Americans envisioned after 1945. English nationalists have opted for a modern version of splendid isolation. Trump wants to put America First.’

Taking back our countries is not a retreat from your particular vision after 1945; it is a rejection of that faulty vision. It is a replacement of an outmoded thought process with one adapted to current realities not the trauma of 1945.

There is no retreat from the new world order. The New Global ordinance is a free for all for supremacy. Up yours with all this race and religion nonsense. It is struggle for existence. Darwin wins again. China regardless of any other consideration has a population of one and a half billion people. It is inevitable that having adopted the Western economic model that it will become by far the largest economy in the world. It will consume the world’s entire resources leaving nothing for the rest. This is an unavoidable conclusion.

The Chinese place China first, the ‘Middle Kingdom’ around which all others revolve. And you’re worried about Trump placing America First? That isn’t isolation idiots that is merely survival in a global economy. Wrap your brains around that reality. Get your head out of your ass. Your post-’45 vision was flawed. It was wrong. You are wrong. The Moslems don’t accept your vision of freedom and equality, the Chinese don’t accept your ideology; we don’t accept your ideology. You are wrong, wrong, wrong. Learn to live with it. Reject your ideology yourselves.

Get over it

Trump And The Perils Of The Presidency



Trump And The Perils Of The Presidency


R.E. Prindle



The pitch of hysteria over Trump’s victory passes all understanding. Well, not quite, but it surpasses the asinine. One wonders what is going on in Jill Stein’s mind. She bandies all the trite words around, democracy and all, as if Trump hasn’t been elected democratically.   Study the word Jill. The people want to know, she says. Know what? There is no evidence in sane minds that the voting machines were tampered with. But the totally mediocre non-entity Stein plows on.

Second only to Stein, although with more reason, if paranoidedly, Johnathan Sarna, linked above, writing in the Tablet ezine laments the issue further. Tablet is a hysterical Jewish site as is the hysterically Jewish Jill Stein.

Mr. Sarna links this year’s election with the 1920 election that pitted Warren G. Harding against the Cox-FDR ticket. The latter was soundly beaten as was Hillary Clinton. However immigration was the key issue of that election in Jewish minds also. At that time the entire Jewish population of Europe was poised for transfer to the US, destined for the ports of New Orleans and Corpus Christi in Texas. The Harding administration slammed the door shut closing unlimited immigration disappointing Jewish aspirations. As a reading of Sarna’s essay shows immigration is his big concern.

Then as now the Jews seem to be oblivious to the consequences of unlimited immigration completely disregarding the rights of the domestic population. Those citizens have no rights according to the Jews. On the resource level the population of the US in 1920 was relatively small while the physical resources of the country were fatuously deemed ‘inexhaustible.’

At the present time those resources are exhausted while the population is unsupportable. The key resource, water, is in short supply. The Jews, still agitating for unlimited immigration don’t seem to be concerned with the quality of life for everyone else.

On the social level under the pressure of hundreds of languages and dialects, innumerable religions and various levels of civilization and sophistication the country is losing if it hasn’t already lost its unifying center.

As the Jews protect their own unified center in Israel we can only question their motives in the US.

It has been said that events cast their shadow before them. One wonders whether in recalling the Harding election comparing it with Trumps the Jews aren’t forecasting the same fate for Trump as befell Harding.

Harding not only ended unlimited immigration but, an equally egregious sin, he hadn’t forwarded US entry into the League of Nations. Democrats fatuously believed that given the European turmoil caused by that misshapen Versailles Treaty ending WWI the League would somehow been alleviated by US membership. Nothing could have been more mistaken.

Still the League adherents held Harding responsible. Harding was a very popular president, at least in most quarters, so that his reelection was a given. Thus the League would have a been a lost cause. The Democrats believed a colorless candidate like VP Calvin Coolidge had no chance to be elected in his own right so that with Harding gone the 1924 election would have been a chance to reassert the need for joining the League.

In fact, as a preliminary, the Leaguers formed the CFR, Council for Foreign Relations, in 1921 for the express purpose of controlling elections.

It can hardly be surprising then that Harding caught a bad case of food poisoning, supposedly from oysters, two years into his term and died. The evidence of murder is only circumstantial nevertheless an impediment to the 1924 election was removed.

Trump gives every indication of crossing the CFR and the Jews in much the same manner as did Warren G. Harding. The Dems, as per Jill Stein and whoever is backing her, give no indication of accepting the results of the current democratic election. I think the recollection of the 1920 Harding-Cox/Roosevelt election should give Trump pause. If he shows any sign of success in his endeavors he should keep a sharp eye on food, drink and whatever.

He walks on gilded splinters.

Trump Puts China On Notice



Trump Puts China On Notice


R.E. Prindle


Soon to be President of the United States Donald Trump today had a conversation with the president of Taiwan. Astonishingly it appears that China pretends to dictate to the President of the United States with whom he can or cannot have conversations. They reprimand the President of the US for speaking without permission. China makes a major issue of what our own media calls a gaffe. It is true that China now owns huge chunks of US territory through purchase including an evident takeover of the film industry in Hollywood but at last count the US was a sovereign nation, notwithstanding the attitude of the media, in charge of its own affairs.

The pansies, I almost said pussies, of the US media evidently went Code Red in a state of hysterical alarm over the conversation. Oh my god, Trump, they said, has already jeopardized US-China relations. Good! I say, and this is just the beginning. China must alter its trade relations with the US removing the many obstacles to free trade, which everyone purportedly highly prizes, with our people without and within China.

China, for instance, refuses to allow our companies to operate unimpeded within China. Ridiculous laws require US companies to surrender controlling interest in intra-China operations while the arrogant Chinese expect to own and operate US operating with no restrictions.

They are alarmed because Trump had a conversation with the President of Taiwan? Well, be prepared to be deeply offended when Trump begins trade negotiations. Things are going to change China boys. The gold rush is over lads and the bum’s rush is on unless you adopt reciprocal conditions. We will own huge chunks of China and operate freely with no restrictions wholly owned subsidiaries.

You are not talking to wussies like Nixon and Kissinger now. The gravy train doesn’t start from here anymore.

Trump’s New Era: Look Out There’s A Monster Coming



Trump’s New Era:

Look Out, There’s A Monster Coming


R.E. Prindle


The election is over. It has Taken President-elect Trump but little time to signal that his coming is a New Era. The hot house incestuous Left took even less time to throw a hissy fit, rioting in the streets while physically abusing Trump voters as they shouted about how democratic they are.

The media reacted to the Trump peril in their typical way bemoaning the fact that the Left’s era was over, at least temporarily. After distorting Trump’s proposed policies to nonsense pre-election the media isn’t now prepared to deal with the fact that Trump is actually putting those policies into effect now.

The ever obtuse editor of the Wall Street Journal, Bret Stephens, either pretends not to understand or is too thick to understand what Trump means by putting US interests first. Mr. Stephens asked what I presume is the rhetorical question: [WSJ 11/11/16] “What real American, after all, wouldn’t put “American first” in his political priorities?”   Mr. Stephens is apparently ignorant that our outgoing president, Barack Obama, put every country’s interests before the US. Not being overly familiar with US history Mr. Stephens is also unaware that Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who one might describe as a ‘real American’, put British and Jewish interests first before ours by driving us into the most destructive war in the history of the world. Obviously you don’t have to be a ‘Domestic Terrorist’ knuckledragger to subordinate US interests to others, you can be a ‘real American.’

Therefore Mr. Stephens is hysterically vocal in his opposition to Trump’s appointment as counsel of Stephen Bannon. Mr. Stephens snidely says quote: “Mr. Bannon also says his “America first” which- see if you can spot the difference- either is or isn’t “America First.”

In my opinion there is no difference, small f or capital F. The idea is that we not look to others’ interests in preference to our own as Obama and FDR did. A crime in Mr. Stephens’ eyes. Mr. Stephens apparently applauds that China and Mexico are being made rich at the expense of the US working stiff.

As incestuous as the Left is Mr. Stephens then not so closely associates one he detests with one he hates. He says:

As my colleague Bari Weiss pointed out in a recent article in Tablet, the foremost figure in today’s alt-right, Richard Spencer, dreams of “a new society, an ethno-state that would be a gathering point for all Europeans. It would be a new society based on very different ideals than, say, the Declaration of Independence.” [Mr. Stephens gives no indication of where he obtained the quote. Sloppy journalism WSJ.]

Mr. Spencer’s vision may not be Mr. Bannon’s. But the new found political power of the latter will inevitably open channels for the former.

That’s an interesting quote. For those not aware Tablet Ezine is a rabid anti-Trump orthodox Jewish site that promotes the ethno-State of Israel that has very different ideals than, say, The Declaration of Independence. So Mr. Stephens isn’t against ethno-States in principle he merely opposes a European ethno-State. Such bigotry on the page of the WSJ!!!!

He ends his quote with the paranoid fear that Mr. Bannon is ‘inevitably opening channels’ for a European ethno-State. G-d forbid. Watch out! There’s an anti-Semite coming. Or even more fearsome creatures, the Godzilla of them all:

In “The Second Coming” Yeats asked, “What rough beast, its hour come round at last, slouches toward Bethlehem to be born?” The answer may yet turn out to be the likes of Steve Bannon and his ugly little litter of neo-nationalists.

Look again Mr. Stephens, re-read Poe’s The System Of Dr. Tarr And Professor Fether. Those aren’t monsters coming Mr. Stephens, those are the asylum keepers escaped to put the hot house loonies back in their bins. Worse luck still, hey?

The Constitution Vs. Foreign Invasion



The Constitution Vs. Foreign Invasion


R.E. Prindle


Wonder of all wonders. The Trump presidency may be the first in history to do what it promised. Kris Kobach of the administration is reported by the hostile press to suggest that the Trump administration may require Moslems to register with the government as foreign agents.

Naturally the Liberals are agog that such a thing could happen rushing precipitously to the Constitution which they believe requires the protection of enemy operatives within US borders. My supposition is that they don’t read well while having the weakest intellectual faculties. Why do they suppose that any government, Constitution or no, must allow enemy paramilitaries to operate freely in its territory?

One expects nothing from Liberals, and gets it, but this attitude boggles the imagination. On what grounds are we to tolerate the bombing of a marathon race, the murder of fifty people at a nightclub or the shooting up of a Christmas party?

On what grounds are we to dismiss the ranting of a Moslem ‘scholar’ who says that the Moslems are going to take over the country and impose the jizya tax on Christians and if they won’t pay it, fight them? In Moslem terminology you can read ‘Christian’ for non-Moslem.

Thank god we have a President who isn’t going to sit idly by or encourage this to happen while Liberals dither over whether it is Constitutional to allow invaders to occupy the country.

It seems only yesterday that these same Liberals were screaming that the Constitution was antiquated and should have no force.

First and Second Amendments? What First and Second Amendments? They shrilled.

Obama may have been a Moslem who wished for a Moslem State with Sharia law but the US has ejected him and his acolyte Clinton. It’s a New Day, a New Hope and Change that We can believe in. Send the Moslems packing.