The Baltimore/Charleston Toodle-oo

The Baltimore/Charleston Toodle-oo


R.E. Prindle


Who is to say that this Baltimore/Charleston farrago is not a put up job?  An extenuation of the Ferguson/St. Louis takeover of that city.  Baltimore has now been officially captured and is a Negro city.  A no go zone where Whites and even the police are not welcome.  One guesses that the White exodus will be prompt and complete placing Baltimore alongside Detroit as Aryanrein.

How does a race achieve such a feat?  Obviously one slowly infiltrates a city then when critical mass is reached one begins to create incidents for which compensation is demanded.  The incidents usually concern the death of some hapless individual Negro who stands a symbol for the whole race.  Contrary to all evidence accumulated over hundreds of years Negroes entertain the notion that Whites are committing genocide against them.  The killing of the symbolic Negro preferably happens in a confrontation with the police so that the Force can be depicted as oppressing the race.

Thus in Ferguson an Officer was provoked so that he shot the perp.  The Negroes then arose in insurrection and burnt the city down.  The resultant ashes belong to them while Aryan society is instructed that Negroes can claim any city they want because the Aryans are too chicken to fight back.

Shortly after the news value of St. Louis/Ferguson died down the scene shifts to Baltimore.  Here the situation has clearly been plotted out.  The roles have been cast; the actors selected; the script written.  Remember only a few people are on the inside while the public only gets to see what is essentially a movie unfold.

Freddie the Heroin Dealer is arrested and in the movie, something like the TV show, The Wire also staged in Baltimore, dies in police custody.  Even more gruesome his spine is said to be severed.  Nice touch.  But we don’t get to see Freddie die so we have to take the word of the script writers.  Maybe Freddie did die by accident or maybe in order to advance the story Freddie was willfully murdered.  We have no way of knowing, only the script writers know.  Freddie may even not be dead but is down in Jamaica enjoying the sun.

But, as though planned the Negroes go into insurrection mode.  Now, there are two places in no go Negro Baltimore the Whites had reserved for themselves.  One is a tourist area on the Chesapeake side of the peninsula and the other is the vicinity of the baseball stadium.  The Negroes not only riot but they reclaim the area of the baseball stadium expelling the Aryans from their ‘reservation.’  As the Aryans will get the hint the Chesapeake location falls too.

The event is nearly choreographed as the mayor tells the police to stand down and not interfere with the rioters who have now made themselves criminals if they weren’t before with the mayor as accessory before, during and after.  So that what we have is a gigantic crime in which the city administrators are implicit, enablers and quite probably planners.

The mayor then has committed a crime of enormous proportions in which millions of dollars of property have been destroyed, the lives of dozens to hundreds, perhaps thousands of people ruined with a number exceeding nine dead.  No matter how horrific  this ‘Reichstag’ incident was there is no call to indict and try the mayor who is clearly guilty.  She walks away Scot free.  Like Bill Ayers she says:  God, what a country!  Guilty as hell and free as a bird.

There was some muted outrage and mumbling so while waiting for the next incident to unfold a diversion was deemed necessary.  Some incredible White crime that rather than being ignored or covered up could be magnified.  Some hapless Aryan guy was needed to continue the tradition of the Tucson and Denver massacres.  If you remember those two shooters who both looked hypnotized hence not responsible for their crimes in any way you can find similarities to the Charleston shooter who may be equally unresponsible for his acts that, again, appear to have been scripted and staged.  Amazingly there were no Negro riots and actually no murmuring while the church members ostentatiously forgave the shooter.  Of course, this was a Christian church not unlike all those churches in the South that were blown up or burned.  Ah, Selma, the gift that keeps on giving.

In any event, this guy in Charleston will never make it to trial either, like the others he will disappear down the memory hole when his fifteen minutes of use are over.  Should any of these shooters ever be allowed to come to trial they obviously would have to be declared not guilty by reason of insanity.  That wouldn’t fit the script, right?  So you’re never going to see them tried.

But, the mayor of Baltimore?  Is she crazy or just crazy like a fox?


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