When Barry Tried To Wag The Dog

When Barry Tried To Wag The Dog


R.E. Prindle

The Picture Trayvon Used To Represent Himself On His Twitter Account

     Before elections, a spin-doctor and a Hollywood producer

 join efforts to “fabricate” a war in order to cover-up

a presidential sex-scandal.

Wag The Dog, 1997, per IMDb     

     Since Barry has destroyed his credibility and fears he won’t be re-elected it may be necessary for him to begin his own ‘war’ that only he can resolve.  In this scenario a San Domingo war between Blacks and Whites.     

     Barry seized the opportunity presented by the accidental shooting of the young Negro thug in Florida, Trayvon Martin.     

      In the fashion of the movie Wag The Dog the spin doctors have been adapting the story to counter the obvious objections to a very weak plot.  Obviously Trayvon Martin, the young thug, has been presented as an innocent young child while George Zimmerman, the security guard, is portrayed as a blood thirsty White out to bag himself a nigger. 

     As with most young people Martin had a Twitter account to express his inner being.  As his moniker Martin chose the rather threatening title:  NO LIMIT NIGGA, in caps. Thus rather than an innocent young child as he is being portrayed he portrayed himself as an aggressive Negro warrior without restraints.  He used the picture above on his Twitter account rather than the touched up pre-puberty shot Obama has employed as his ‘son.’  The Twitter account was scrubbed shortly after Martin’s death thus carefully removing that evidence.     

     When the story was originally published Martin was described as a happy-go-lucky, carefree young ‘nigga’ innocently traipsing through a gated community well after dark with a box of Skittles in one hand and paper cup of iced tea in the other.     

      Recently this scenario has been revised.  In the rewrite it now seems that Martin had box of Skittles in one hand, his tea in the other and with the other other his cell phone pressed to his ear talking to his girl friend.  Three hands?  Well, Barry isn’t the skillful scenarist that David Mamet is who wrote the original script to Wag The Dog that Barry is basing his amateur effort on.     

      As Martin’s girlfriend artfully explains, she can’t understand why the police refused her testimony until the present.  I agree, it does seem strange.     

     The scene as we now have it is Martin with Skittles, tea and cell phone strolling through the dark chatting to his girl friend thusly:  ‘Some guy is following me.’  ‘What doe’s he want?’  ‘I don’t know, but uh-oh, here he comes.’  Martin still talking to his girl friend, the murderous Negrophobe, George, with no provocation seizes Martin.  Girl friend hears voices and the grass being crunched as Martin is shoved onto  it.  That’s right, she heard the grass.     

     At that point tea and Skittles are sent flying, but Martin’s third hand still has a firm grip on the cell phone although girl friend mentions hearing no blows or the shot that killed Martin.     

     The police apparently retrieved what was left of the Skittles and the paper cup but nothing was said about any cell phone.  It may be so deeply embedded into Martin’s ear that even the autopsy hasn’t recovered it.  The third arm has also disappeared.     

     In earlier versions George Zimmerman, the ‘White’ security guard, who was actually South American Incan, was beaten and injured but refusing to go to the hospital was released by the police and went home.     

      In this latest revision we are shown a putative police video in which an apparent George, we are told he was George, was driven into some sort of enclosure that included a video camera, rather strangely.  The back of the putative security guard is carefully kept to the camera, his face is never shown except briefly in half profile.  No positive identification is possible.  He wears no uniform; his employer apparently didn’t see fit to give him that authority unlike any security firm I’ve ever seen.  No cuts on his head, no grass stains implying that there was no struggle and all witnesses to the contrary lied.  George seems awfully calm for a guy who has just shot and killed a man.     

      He is led into this putative police station, there were no signs or identifying marks and the video ends.  Apparently the police saw no reason to record an interview, no mug shots were taken, and nothing to make a positive identification to the viewer.  Sloppy writing on Barry’s part.  Talk to Dave, Barry, he might be able to help.  He did a terrific job with the movie.  I understand the Jews are weighing in heavily on this one.  Political capital here.  They’ll probably be glad to help.     

     One guesses then the purpose is to play on a vanishing sense of White guilt, perhaps generate enough riots to divert attention from  the Detroit catastrophe and other devastated Negro locales while Barry with a calming word or two can quiet his obedient Negroes, win our confidence and votes and continue the Moment after the election. 

     While this is a less than clever attempt to Wag The Dog, Barry should realize that movies are fiction and in fiction the writer can control all the variables.  In real life this is not true.  We will see how this scenario develops while putting in our two cents worth.  Good luck Barry; you’re going to need it.


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