Slavery In America

Slavery In America


R.E. Prindle

     Now, that we are in the midst of this Negro insurrection, this San Domingo Moment, it might be wise to consider aspects of slavery in America.  Yes, the Negro was a slave but so were large numbers of White people.  Further slavery was not confined to the South but practiced by New England abolitionist bigots as well.  It is just that the plantation system wasn’t economical on the stony soil of New England hence was discontinued not for moral but for economic reasons.

     Here’s a short passage from Graham Sumner’s Folkways, published in 1902:

     309.  Slavery In America.   In the Anglo-American colonies which did have a plantation system for tobacco or indigo the great reason for slavery was to hold the laborer to the place where the owner wanted him to work.  In New England the negro slave lived in close intimacy with his owner and the latter’s sons.  In Connecticut he was allowed to go to the table with family “and into the dish goes the black hoof as freely as the white hand.”  In that colony the creditor might require the debtor, by a law of 1650, to pay by service, and might sell his due service to any of the English nation.  The law remained in force into the nineteenth century.

     So, perhaps up to the Civil War a White person in Connecticut could be forced into slavery.  While certainly slavery, by our current standards, is wrong regardless of race, it would appear that up to the Civil War it was considered right regardless of race.  Slavery in America was not solely a Negro problem.   Of course, for the African slavery was never a problem when Negroes owned Negroes, it became a racial issue when Whites owned Negroes.   So while Negroes rant about having been slaves they are misdirecting attention from the true problem of race.   Thus economic reparation can never solve the problem.  The problem can only be solved by the racial means of the subjection of Whites or their extermination.   Beware the San Domingo Moment.  Show your teeth now.



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