Trayvon Protesters Should Target The System

Trayvon Protesters Should Target The System


R.E. Prindle

Linked Article by J.J. Goldberg

Trayvon Martin After Puberty

     Jayjay invokes the ‘sacred’ name of Bob Dylan as though the then young 20 year old Dylan were the second coming of Jesus Christ bearing the word of his Father.  Dylan at that time was nothing more than a staggering drunk and drug addict using Folk Music to get a leg up, throwing it under the bus at his first opportunity.

     At UMinnesota when 19 the young punk got so blasted at high noon that he collapsed in a stupor in the middle of the U quadrant for everyone to walk over him.  So, the stumblebum read a newspaper story .  He mistakenly believed Zantzinger (German name) beat the woman to death in full view of a crowded ‘charity’ ball.  Not even close to the truth nor did the court favor the ‘wealthy, connected…tobacco planter’ (a hatefilled description if I ever heard one), had he tapped a White man or woman the incident would never have reached a court.

     Now, the crowd is putting words to  the song about a young thug who according to his twits was determined to show that he was the ‘BOSS’ by defying all rules, regulations and people.  Jayjay is apparently so dissociated from reality that he assumes, against all contrary evidence that Negroes are non-aggressive, peace loving people (No Justice, NO Peace) therefore incapable of aggression, meaning violence is perpetrated against them with no reason.  Jayjay, please, a dozen or more Whites have been murdered by Negroes since Trayvon’s unfortunate demise.  Dozens had been murdered before that demise so don’t give the lame excuse the current murders are revenge for Martin.

     And what is this system that should be targeted?  Negroes are supposed to protest against Affirmative Action which gives unqualified Negroes precedence over more qualified Whites?  I certainly hope they do protest against that system.

    ‘Hate’ laws that discriminate against White men?  Hope they do.  An insane Negro president who brings in millions of non-White immigrants to displace White men from their jobs; sending millions of jobs to China thus impoverishing tens of millions of Whites?  The more the Negroes protest that the better.  Down with that system, Jayjay.  This is the system against which Negroes should protest.

     Jayjay this isn’t Mississippi 1963 that you Jews so romanticize.  This is NOW.  You’re living the past, come up fifty years or so.   This is NOW.  After the answer blowin’ in the mind of your young friend Dylan has come home to roost.  A change has occurred and now it is ‘our’ duty  to keep the times a’ changin’ and right the Ship of State.

      Target the system, indeed!  Watch out Jayjay, you and your fellow Jews are the system.  Now, I tell this truth to you, not out of spite or in anger but simply ’cause it’s true, those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.  Think this one out for a change, Jayjay.  Don’t shoot from the hip; put your gun away.

The Young Wealthy Connected Tobacco Planter



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