Brexit Breaks It



Brexit Breaks It


R.E. Prindle


The rejection of the EU by Britain means the Europeans may have found an entrance to defeat the Semitic takeover of Europe. The key to the European problem, of course, is Sweden. A couple decades back a Jewish woman by the name of Barbara Spectre founded a key subversive organization she named Paideia. Paideia is a Greek term for education. So the Jews purloined an Aryan term to disguise Semitic purposes.

Spectre not only formed the organization in Sweden she got the Swedish government to fund its own demise. Why Sweden would fund a Jewish organization when Jews are not only quite capable of funding their own organizations but all of Sweden.

The purpose of Spectre’s Paideia is to undermine European culture thereby continuing Freud’s work. This is its announced goal. Spectre is revolted by the magnificent scientific achievements of nineteenth century Europe and is determined to stop Aryan superiority.

Her announced goal then, in her terms, is to put ‘Jewish knowledge’ on a par with European knowledge. That is, she admits Jewish intellectual inferiority. Put in European terms what Spectre want is to give the Jewish Talmud equal credence with European Science. One almost dies laughing at the notion of placing Jewish superstition on the same level as Science.

Is it a coincidence then that by funding Spectre’s Paideia Sweden has been led to embrace unlimited third world immigration? Having been befuddled by Spectre’s Paideia Sweden then led the European movement to take in all of South-East Asian Semites and Africa thus diluting European culture to the vanishing point while what passes for Jewish culture remains as undiluted as ever. Quite an achievement for Spectre in only twenty years or so. Spectre is a general who has out generaled Napoleon. Napoleon failed to conquer Europe while losing armies while this looney little Jewish lady is on the verge of taking Europe without armies and without losing a single person. One can only say: Bravo!

To have won an election is not to have won the war. Nothing will be implemented for three or four years which leaves plenty of room for maneuvering. There is time to run around end, weaken and defeat the will of the people. Cameron says he is resigning but that won’t take place until October, if it actually happens. These people are as slippery as eels.

Hopefully Britain’s move will be reinforced by the departure of others and perhaps the dissolution of the EU. That would leave each country free to deal with Afro-Asian invasions as they choose. There will undoubtedly by some terrible bloody fighting before the invaders can be killed or expelled but having come that far there is no other choice.

The point is to defeat this latest Jewish attempt to take over Europe. There will be no peace in Europe or the West until the Jews are neutralized, call it quarantined, or what you will.

Carry the good fight forward.


Here We Go Again- Are Jews Intelligent?

Here We Go Again:

Are Jews Intelligent?


R.E. Prindle

Steven Gimbel

Though this notion (Nazi dismissal of Jewish science) seemed tinged with anti-Semitism, in his new book Einstein’s Jewish Science, philosophy professor Steven Gimbel makes the surprising and uncomfortable claim that there might be a Jewish way of thinking…


What is this joke that the Jews have used many more times than three running  and it’s still successful?  What game of canards is this? Of course there’s a Jewish way of thinking or they wouldn’t be Jews would there?  Apparently everyone has known this for millennia except apparently the Jews.

Is the Jewniverse writer unaware of Barbara Spectre’s Paideia movement seeking to replace, as she says, European knowledge with Jewish knowledge?  By which she means the superstition of the Talmud over European science.  Thus Spectre’s Paideia organization states unequivocally that a specific body of knowledge that she is reluctant to identify is particular to Jews and Jews alone but not shared by Europeans and others.  The Chinese can apparently take a hike too.

Steven Gimbel of Gettysburg College has written a book he titles Einstein’s Jewish Science that has set Jewniverse magazine agog.  If Einstein were raised as a Jew, as he was, then his mind must have been filled with Jewish knowledge that he acknowledged as Jewish as well as European science that he acknowledged as European.  But, as European science had invalidated Jewish religious knowledge as well as all religious knowledge or wisdom literature, if one wished to continue as a Jew one had in some way to validate Jewish superstition against European science.  The Relativity Theory was Einstein’s attempt.

As Spectre formulates the problem it is necessary for she and her fellow Jews to state clearly what she and they think Jewish knowledge is and present it for discussion contra Western or European science.

If she and her fellow Jews are unwilling to do this then we, the West-European Culture, are under no obligation to take this so-called Jewish knowledge seriously- we can dismiss it out of hand.  A forfeit in sports terms.

As for Einstein, he posits the objective existence of Time as the basis for what is little more than his philosophy.  In point of fact many foremost scientific minds have stated that Time does not exist.  I, myself, can find no proof of the objective existence of Time.  So, until the question of whether Time has objective existence is resolved Einstein’s theories are in limbo while Einstein himself is merely a Jewish Talmudist, a Rabbi.

So, folks, let’s get on it.  Barbara Spectre to maintain any credibility at all must produce some sort of Jewish knowledge that can be proved out as European science can be proved out.

Barbara — put your canards on the table or leave the room.

Barbara Spectre of Paideia

Reclaiming Control Of Our Culture

Reclaiming Control Of Our Culture
R.E. Prindle

One of the results of pre-1914 immigration was that Aryans resigned control of the US culture to the immigrants themselves. Even the administration of immigration itself was placed in the hands of the immigrants. The unspoken deal was that the immigrants would recognize the superiority of our political system and culture renouncing their in our favor. This was called the Melting Pot theory. It was delusional and not realistic. The Melting Pot was never to be realized.

Of course there were certain people, denounced as Nativists bigots, who pointed out that theory was based on a false premise and couldn’t work. Liberals hooted them down as bigots and morally corrupt narrow people.

While this struggle was going on immigrants who thought our political system was inferior to theirs were going about laying the ground work for supplanting our system and culture with theirs. First among these peoples were the Jews.

As has been shown by the recent founding of the Paideia organization in Sweden by the ex-pat US Jew Barbara Spectre with the intention of suppressing the history of nineteenth century Aryan culture in favor of what she calls ‘Jewish Knowledge’, this has been their modern goal since the Jewish Emancipation of the French Revolution to the present.

It is no surprise then that from their landing on US shores the Jews set about supplanting Aryan systems and culture with their own.

This attempt fid not go unnoticed. A set of plans entitled the Protocols Of Zion professing this goal made its appearance but was vehemently denied as one would expect. Inn any event the Protocols were written toward the end of the nineteenth century and were obsolete by the time they were promulgated. Based on nineteenth century propaganda methods the twentieth century at its opening provided new unparalleled propaganda venues that went on increasing and improving: movies, radio, recording, TV and improved publishing techniques. The mass market was in front of them.

As movies and the new venues were unexploited those on the qui vive had the most incentive to exploit them and those people were the Jews. It was essential to control the content an personnel of these new opportunities. Thus with these more than powerful venues that caught the Aryans flat footed the Jews were able to begin the displacement of Aryan culture with their own.

When talking pictures became the norm about 1930 the way was clear. Radio that became commercial at about the same time placed the whole propaganda apparatus in Jewish hands.

The death camps of the Nazis placed the weapon of guilt in Jewish hands that was found to be irresistible. The actions of a few while unrepresentative of Jews in the case of Jewish criminals were declared representative of every single Aryan and White person. Thus, by at least the year 2000 Jewish culture and mores had taken prominence over Aryan. The Revolution is almost completed.

Our good will toward all has been traduced. It is only necessary to reject this Jewish influence to defeat the Jewish conquest.

As I indicated in my previous post it is necessary to establish our own presence in the movie and other propaganda industries and reaffirm our own cultural values. It is necessary perhaps as has been done in Canada and England to pass laws limiting the participation in the media of other nationalities.

When Canada and England, for instance, feared the dominance of American cultural influence whether movies, performing arts or other they had no compunction is legally limiting it. The came can be done in this country, Aryan Affirmative Action so to speak. Perhaps such would not be unlike the anti-Aryan Hate Laws championed by the Jews.

Obviously the system we developed, Democracy can be used to subvert the State without restraints. Let us put restraints in place to ensure the smooth operation of Democracy. The time for hope and change is now. A change is gonna come.

The Most Important Battleground II

The Most Important Battleground II


R.E. Prindle

…and the most important battleground of all: that of ideas and language.

–Adam Kirsch

     I think Adam Kirsch is correct, the battle is a battle of minds or as he says of ideas and language.  The most  immediately successful approach is to disregard the role of ideas which are always debateable and concentrate on language of which the best approach is to silence your opponents so that they can’t use any.  Thus whatever is said, accuse them of anti-Semitism thus closing their mouths.  This has been a successful tactic of the 2%.

     At the same time ideas have to be conquered.  Thus, playing her fiddle over in Sweden is Barbara Spectre attempting to put ‘Jewish knowledge’ on an equal footing with Aryan Science.  It is difficult to imagine what this Jewish knowledge is and why it is being kept under wraps.   As it is practiced apparently only by Jews it is difficult to imagine what this Jewish knowledge is.  Whatever it is it has been no competitor with Aryan knowledge or in another word- Science.  Either that or it is so powerful the Jews want to keep it to themselves while not employing it in their affairs.

     Science has been a devastating blow to the foundations of Judaism.  The Jewish response has been, on one hand to deny it, on the other to subvert it.  The truth however will shine like a beacon.  The truth is that if Jewish knowledge is discredited, which it actually has been,  then there is no basis for Judaism.  This is an intolerable situation for Judaism, but, they are between a rock and a hard place.

     What are they to do, accept science and disappear, or succumb to inner wishful thining and insist on a falsehood?

     Barbara Spectre and her Paideia program having usurped an Aryan name wish to compel the recognition of  ‘Jewish knowledge’ by legislation.  There is no need to go to that trouble or expense just show us your ‘Jewish knowledge.’  Let us analyze it and if it is better than Science she and her Jews may rest assured we will quickly embrace it and improve on it making both our lives better.  A perfect symbiotic relationship.

     I call on Adam and the editors of Next Book who own Tablet Ezine to lay down their cards face up and show us this ‘Jewish knowledge’  Even a war of ideas and language may resolve itself into a shooting war if not quickly resolved.  We Aryans deplore that possibility.

     All that need be done to avoid the possibility is that the Jews stop hoarding their cache of knowledge and reveal it to ourselves.

     Now, isn’t that a reasonable request, Adam?  Use your influence.

An Open Letter To Debbie Lipstadt 3/25/11

An Open Letter To Debbie Lipstadt

from R.E.Prindle

Debbie Triumphant

Hi Deb.  Say listen, I received my copy of your book The Eichmann Trial.  I got it from Amazon, good price too.  Since I use their credit card  I even got an additional three percent discount.  Not bad, huh?  Before I review your effort though there’s a few general points I think have to be addressed.

As you call yourself a historian and not a polemecist I think you’re misrepresentng yourself.  I can’t think of you as a historian.  You haven’t written a history.  You seem to think that your people are innocent and not active agents in competition with Europeans for supremacy.  That’s not history, there are no innocents.

As I’m sure you’re familiar with the book The Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion, maybe even read it, the book posits a Jewish plot to attain supremacy over the Europeans.  Your people rather unjustifiably attacked this book as a fraud.  This may or may not be true but just let me point a out a recent development in Europe that seems to indicate the Protocols may not be a fraud after all.  Of course, I’m on your side, Deb, but still, listen.

An organization was formed in Sweden nearly ten years ago now called the Jewish Paideia Movement.  I know I don’t have to explain this to you but some readers might not know, Paideia was the ancient Greek system of elementary education.  On the off chance you aren’t familiar with the term a fellow historian Werner Jaeger described the system in a thousand pages in a study called Paideia: The Ideals Of Greek Culture.  So the Jewish Paideia Movement may be thought of as The Ideals Of Jewish Culture.

The founder of this movement, a sweet little lady not unlike yourself, mulcted the taxpayers of Sweden to fund this purely Jewish affair.  Her stated goal is to place ‘Jewish knowledge’ on a par with European knowledge.  She says that this ‘Jewish knowledge’ was well on the way to being imposed on the Europeans before Wolf Hitler destroyed the Jews using Eichmann as his agent.  Told him what to do so to speak.  I have no idea what this Jewish knowledge is and this lady isn’t talking, Deb, but I suspect it is merely that farrago of nonsense, the Talmud.  If so surely your people jest.  To place a rather fond work like the Talmud on a par with European science is beyond belief.

My point is, and something you might be kind enough to explain, what’s the difference between the Protocols and this Jewish Paideia Movement wishing to impose the ideals of Jewish culture over the ideals of European culture?

Now, don’t begin on me with this anti-Semite crap, Deb, I’m just looking for an explanation although to be honest I do feel Jewish culture unsuitable for this modern 21st century.

Yours sincerely,

R.E. Prindle

The Jewish Paideia Organization


Jewish Paideia


R.E. Prindle


On October 26th, 2010 a call went out by a Jewish outfit with the European name Paideia for non-Jews to attend a year long study course in Sweden.  The so-called multi-culturalists are currently waging a campaign to corrupt the Viking stronghold of Blondeness.  Wipe blondeness off the Earth.  Genocide in a word.  Not only Jews but Negroes have opened a front in Sweden.

The Jews wish to reestablish a Jewish presence in Europe while demanding promotion of ‘Jewish knowledge.’

It is therefore not only important and honourable but also vital that meaningful action be taken to restore Jewish knowledge and culture in Europe; since, at present, Israel and the United States are de facto the sole centers of Jewish knowledge .

It is difficult to follow the reasoning here.  I am perhaps unaware of the setting referred to in the US.  The Swedish government has given Jews money to underwrite Paideia, a European name for this Jewish Renaissance, a European concept, to restore ‘Jewish knowledge’ which is currently established in the US and Israel.  So the Jews equate the US and Israel  within their orbit, that is they are equally judaicized.

Unless ‘Jewish knowledge’ is code for an invasion and appropriation of the US government I know of no Jewish knowledge, whatever that may be, of which the the US is a center.  At any rate the result of this front is to put Jewish knowledge on a par or above, ‘European knowledge.’  Apparently they believe that any other ‘knowledge’ has been superceded in the US.   It is difficult to find the meaning here.

Hitler was defamed for referring to ‘Jewish science’ which would seem to be an alternative form of science which is, of course, impossible.  Science is universal and not parochial.    The same would seem to be true of knowledge, it either stands the test or is irrelevant.  Jewish knowledge is an oxymoron.  It either is or it isn’t.

Before this Jewish thing with a European name is allowed to go further it should be demanded that the cat be let out of the bag and ‘Jewish knowledge’ be put out for analysis to see if this admittedly special knowledge is valid or not.  If we’re only taking Talmud it has already been proven invalid.

I call on the Jews to put their cards on the table, face up.