Does Libyan Intervention Prove Obama Right?

Does Libyan Intervention Prove Obama Right?


 R.E. Prindle

     The Daily Beast/Newsweek doesn’t give up.  They have now commissioned P.J. Crowley to pull Obama’s chestnuts from the flames.

In the first place we don’t know where the Libyan Domestic Terrorists came from.  We have Gaddafi’s word that they are hard core Al Qaida of one stripe or another and we have Obama’s word that the DTs are ‘democrats’, whatever he means by that.  Obama cannot know which would be worse, the DTs or Gaddafi.  As Gaddafi was neutralized before the intervention there was no reason to risk a change.

Secondly, regardless of Obama’s personal beliefs and desires, which is all that he considered here, this self-professed Constitutional scholar and expert must have known he was willfully violating the Law and his own worthless oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States Of America.  Hence he is a lawless president and a criminal  no better, in fact worse, than the dictators he is removing with all these interventions, military or internet.

P.J. shows the expedient nature of Liberal thought when he fatuously says:  Success makes moot various criticisms that the administration did not move fast enough, didn’t do enough, or should not have done anything at all.

By P.J.’s reasoning success in Viet Nam would have made all objections to that intervention moot.  Does P.J. really believe that or does he let expediency knock off his thinking cap?  Remember P.J. this is history; what went before matters.  Or would one less hit of LSD have saved him from such egregious nonsense.

I see no reason or justification for anyone to have intervened in Libyan domestic affairs to help the DTs. P.J. gamely presents some specious reasoning nonetheless:

Taking (the objections) in order, within the region, there was remarkable support for this intervention…The administration took time to build regional support and gain the necessary authority and legitimacy through a United Nations Security Council resolution.  It was time well invested and paid a rich dividend.

Taking the justifications in order:  If there was remarkable (but not overwhelming or unanimous) support for intervention in the region then why did they not act on their own initiative?  Why were US soldiers and treasure needed?  Why did they need the Great Black Elephant’s help?

P.J. says that the GBE took the time to build regional support.  I suppose by that he means Obama had to recruit a DT army and provide them with those magnificent weapons and ammunition they’re holding.  You know, one of the main beneficiaries  of all these now numerous interventions of Obama is the Saudi State.  Would I be impertinent if I asked P.J. how much cash the Saudis are putting into this intervention?  Or will all these new ‘democracies’ be replaced by a New Monarchy when the noise dies down?

It was nice that the GBE sought the legitimacy and authority of the UN but here’s the catch:  He pledged to honor the US Constitution when he was sworn in and not that of Mexico, Zimbabwe, or even the UN.  Obama is a liar and rogue president who does not represent the constituency that elected him.  There is nothing P.J. or the Beast can say to contradict that fact.

Libyan DTs, Well Armed Beyond Their Means


Obama Trumps Libya Critics?

Obama Trumps Libya Critics?


R.E. Prindle

Republicans and intellectuals, united in their denunciation

of Obama’s modest intervention against Gaddafi, are now

taking a second look.

Tara McKelvey in the Daily Beast/Newsweek

Tara McKelvey

  I’m not taking a second look Miss Tara.  My mind isn’t changed.  And we weren’t united, it was a conspiracy of domestic terrorists.  The Great Black Elephant in DC decided to waste tens of billions of dollars backing Libyan domestic terrorists in East Libya against its legally constituted government.  Think about that now.

     Now after providing overwhelming support for a group of domestic terrorists about which nothing is known Gaddafi appears to be on the ropes.   Does the Great Black Elephant have any idea of the possible consquences of his action.  Not unless he knows something he’s not telling.

     I don’t know what uniform or wars Miss Tara McKelvey served in but she states emphatically:  They (we conspiritors and domestic terrorists) were mad over various things (I suppose Miss Tara means we were in a hissy fit) such as the way the president decided not to seek congressional approval (approval? Doesn’t Missy Tara know the difference between the two small words approval and authorization?)  The GBE, that great constitutional scholar, doesn’t have the authority to make ‘modest interventions’ on his own without congressional authorization.   Besides weren’t Viet Nam and Iraq ‘modest interventions?  Did the Liberals approve of those interventions as they do in the GBE’s wars?

     In true high school essay fashion Missy Tara pouts:  The naysayers were a big, raucous group, (read: bullies) including everyone from presidential candidates…to senators and scholars…and authors…  Well, damme, Missy Tara, that sounds like a big group of conspiritors and domestic terrorists to me.  Ha, ha, ha on them.  Right?

     ‘Now that Libya seems to have turned out all right, with the (domestic terrorists) controlling most of Tripoli…the critics look overly cautious, if not plain wrong.’  says Miss Tara.

    Well, Tara, in the coin flip of this big game I got Gaddafi as my team and you and the GBE appear to have gotten the Domestic Terrorists so I’ll have to file a complaint because your team had twelve men on the field which is illegal in this here global super bowl game.  No, I don’t feel overly cautious or just plain wrong.  The fact that the domestic terrorists appear to be in position to score a goal means nothing.

     Besides if you and the GBE favor domestic terrorists so much why don’t you encourage the GBE to step down before his actions incite the same rebellion he incited in Libya against Gaddafi?

     Check the score card.  Nobody wants the Great Black Elephant in DC anymore than they did Gaddafi in Tripoli.

Barry Obama’s Wild Slide


Barry Obama’s Wild Slide


R.E. Prindle

So? You Gotta Problem?

     If the American people do not call Barry Obama to account right now then they deserve everything that is going to happen to them.  Obama’s locomotive has jumped the tracks, his engineer has abandoned the cab; you can’t be Black enough to get away with his outrageous behavior.  The American people do not back his criminal attack on Libya.

     We have a legally constituted government in Libya headed by Qaddafi that has a dissident minority to his administration demanding he step down.  Obama says that because of this small dissident minority Qaddafi must step down and he has bombed Qaddafi to make his point.

     In the United States Obama has a dissident majority calling for him to step down.  We don’t want him.  At all.  So, in a humanitarian gesture it would behoove Barry to step down lest the American majority rises up and advances on DC.  So, if Obama wants a Qaddafi popular in his own country to step down how much more so should Qaddafi ask an unpopular Obama to do the same.

     Obama isn’t thinking straight.  He’s no longer even talking straight. 

     Compare Libya to South Africa where a genocide is in progress against the White minority by the Black majority.  Does Obama have any difficulty with humanitarian concerns in South Africa?  No. Why?  Because that’s the kind of people we are?  Can it be because the Melanin content of the SA majority is similar to Obama’s own?  We should consider that.  Especially in the light of France.

     In France Barry’s crony Nick Sarkozy is seeking a law to compel Aryan women to bed with African Blacks.  In other words he want a legal enactment to enslave Aryan women.  This is not much different than Barry in the US.  He says Aryan enclaves are against reason and demands that Negroes be shipped into these areas to give them color.  Not even close to Constitutional and Barry is supposed to be a Constitutional scholar.  Is he crazy?  Melanin considerations again?

     At the same time Barry allows Mexicans to ethnically cleanse their enclaves not only of Aryans but also his own African Blacks.  US law says that housing rentals can’t be denied because of race yet he allows, nay, encourages, large swaths of Mexican areas to violate the law with impunity.  The same holds true of Blacks, Jews, Moslems and Asians.  A law that’s not enforced equally has no validity.  Aryans should ignore it too.  Ethnically cleanse our areas.

     I think the strain of the Presidency has been too much for Barry.  He is no longer capable of thinking things through and organizing a coherent plan.  We are calling on you to step down, Barry, before you cause a troublesom reaction.  Then it won’t matter whether you have a birth certificate or not.  You weren’t born; you were excreted.


Obama’s Master Plan


Obama’s Master Plan


R.E. Prindle


The Emperor Barry I

   The attack on Libya seems to not make sense.  Let us consider however Obama with the notion that he’s the avenger of Black Africa’s misfortunes at the hands of Whites and Semites.  Consider the current situation from the perspective of a chief sitting before the hut of a Lake Victoria Luo.  Look out to the North to the Americas, Europe and the Middle East.  The oppresors, aren’t they.  Remember that according to Dreams Of My Father Obama met with the Luo chiefs in Africa.  It would be interesting to know what they discussed.  Certainly vengeance would be on their minds.  The Africans hate the Middle East and West undoubtedly wanting to do to them what was done to themselves.  Think about Mugabe and his attitude toward Whites.  Forget that slavery was endemic to Africa; that was native Blacks enslaving other Blacks. 

     The fact is that Arabs, for instance, plundered Africa of its human resources; tens if not hundreds millions of Africans either died in transit or were enslaved by outsiders from India to Iran and the whole southern Mediterranean littoral over a period of 1500 years.  There’s no reason for Africans to have shorter memories.

     The West removed Africans to Brazil, the Caribbean and North America, primarily the United States.  Europeans conquered and partitioned Africa.  The chiefs were England and France  I have pointed out before than the African mind is a unity from Africa to the Americas.  It is no coincidence that Obama absented himself from North America to Brazil, a major slave importer, while he sent White boys to Libya to fire 200 million dollars worth of Tomahawk missiles into the Libyan desert.


     A couple of weeks ago now Nick Sarkozy, Barry’s French crony, announced that a law had been enacted giving preference to Africans in hiring.  Nick said he was considering a law to compel White women to cohabit with Black men rejecting White men.  Perhaps the website Stuff Black People Don’t Like has come up a good answer.  Qaddafi was complying with European requests and had cut off Black emigration to Europe through his ports.  Nick wants to flood France with Negroes so that every Black man can have a White woman.  This is in compliance with US wishes as promoted by Ambassador Rivkin of the US Embassy.  Thus a very strong Jewish/Negro presence.  Therefore with Qaddafi removed or compliant the flood of Negroes into Europe could continue unabated.  Then the African invasion of Europe would swamp and assimilate White Europeans to Black Africa as all offspring are born Black, as per Obama himself.  Of course the African invasion of the US has been going on for some time while White males are being systematically and legally emasculated.

     Now, Cameron of England and Sarkozy of France are pendants of Obama’s necklace.  The two great colonizers of Africa are being colonized by Africans.  Obama can count on, if not order them, to do his bidding which they are doing in Libya.  They are his satraps so Barry has become Emperor in a very Napoleonic sense of the Americans, English and French; throw in the Brazilians.  This has been achieved.  It is done.  He is in a way to avenge Africa on the three great colonial powers.  If he floods France with Africans he will be able to use that country as a base to invade Germany, Central Europe and the North.  He has Europe and the Americas essentially already in his grasp.  They can be considered African. 

     Now, Barry has the Middle East in turmoil from one end to the other, Bahrain, Yemen, Egypt Tunisia, Libya and Israel.  His cell phone revolutions were working well until Libya where Qaddafi who was not an American satrap refused to step down

    The key to Obama’s Middle East strategy seems to be Saudi Arabia.  Obama’s method is to first seem obsequious to disarm his opponents then laughingly dump on them.  Whatever he says he will do, he won’t.  In Egypt his first stop on his Moslem tour after being elected he abased America apologizing for god knows what and now he has successfully removed the US dependant Mubarak and turned Egypt into a satrap of his own  African Empire.  These countries are no longer dealing with America but Obama personally and liking it.

     He bowed deeply to King Fuad of the Saudis.  Recently the US sold the Saudis sixty billion in high tech military equipment so it would seem the Saudis are the keystone of his Middle East strategy, although his intent is not clear.

     Most of the Middle East will soon have changed administrations to his personal allegiance.  Now he has to move millions of Negroes into the area to claim Semitic women.  Isreal is of course a goner.  You will notice Moslem attacks are increasing, probably with the surreptitious Obama help and encouragement.  Within a year or two at most Israel will be eliminated.

     Thus when the chips have fallen if all goes well Obama, a greater than Caesar, Alexander and Napoleon combined will control the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and all of Africa in a great Luo directed African Empire.  As James Watson said, the news out of Africa isn’t good.  They may have low IQs but they’re crafty as hell.

     Now, Barry pretty much has to achieve his goals by 2012 before the question of the elections come up, so he’s going to be moving pretty fast.  You’re going to be caught flat footed.  There is only one chance that he will fail and that won’t be because of Whites.  Louis Farrakhan warned Obama not to mess with his buddy, Qaddafi.  Obama has.  It is probable that Louis will make an assassination attempt and it is not impossible that he will succeed but that is problematic.   He is the only person who can or will stop Obama.  Whites and going to roll over and turn it up.

     There you have the Obama plan as I see it: the African conquest of the White and Semitic invaders and enslavers of Africans.  You didn’t really think they’d forgive and forget, did you?  I’m sure that Obama calls that reparations.  Well, this is the Black Savior you want and elected.

     Happy Melanism!

Walker, Quddafi And Obama


Walker, Quddafi And Obama


R.E. Prindle

      One might ask what Muamar Quddafi, Governor Scott Walker and Barry Obama have in common?  It is quite simple, Qaddafi and Walker disregard Obama’s wishes.  They have to be foiled or removed.  What do Libyan ‘rebels’ and Wisconsin school teachers have in common?  They are in alignment with Obama’s wishes.  On the one hand Obama wishes to establish public employees in his US dominions and power base as his governing elite beholden to him and his bosses by their golden chains.  In Greil Marcus’  Weird Old America education and intelligence was the key to advancement.  Education and intelligence are discriminatory to persons of pigmentation.  Thus in Marcus’ Brave New America it is a spoils system where merit doesn’t count but pigmentation does.  It doesn’t matter whether you can do the job so long as you are pigmentally correct- the new PC.

     Qaddafi who put up an unexpected fight, apparently stands in the way of Obama’s rather audacious attempt to conquer and annex the Middle East to his Empire after which, I believe, the Moslems backed by the skill and ability of America’s White troops, officered by the highly pigmented, combined with the Arabs will settle the Israeli’s hash.  That’s my impression, a combined dictatorship of the US, the Middle East and finally Europe led by by Nick Sarkozy’s colored French area with Africans as a dependency.  What would happen in the Far East is open to question.

     Will Obama succeed?  Undoubtedly by using his magic pigmentation he will have no resistance in the US or Europe with little or none in the Middle East where he will appoint satraps ruled from Washington unless he moves his capitol further East.  However Barry’s magic pigmentation is invisible to one group- his fellow African Americans.  It is said that they are already unhappy with him while Louis Farrakhan, the second most powerful Negro in the US, has already warned him not to mess with Louis’ friend Qaddafi.  Barry has disregarded this warning.  Thus, there is a very good chance he will go the way of Malcolm X perhaps within the next six months.  Beware the Ides of October, Barry.  Pride goeth before the fall.