Listen To Donald Trump; Your Lives Depend On It



Listen To Donald Trump: Your Life Depends On It


R.E. Prindle


Since Trump began being briefed for the presidency, no matter how badly, the tenor of his speeches has changed dramatically. Perhaps the FBI has disclosed their private information on the machinations of Obama that they were unable to disclose under Obama’s thumb.

When Trump now announced that Obama has strategically placed one hundred thousand Mexican paramilitaries (Trump doesn’t use this term) he, Trump, says that he will as his first move arrest the whole lot. My impression is that this accusation is very, very serious. As Trump says, you, we, are not bigots, we are good people and as such have every right to protect our lives, our loved ones lives and our children’s lives.

You may be sure that many Moslem communities as well have been strategically placed so that on the signal all will rise as one. Knowing the danger of predicting the event it is in all likelihood very close, perhaps on the eve of the election or alternatively the eve of Trump’s inauguration. Remember that Obama has categorically said that Trump will not be president; take him at his word.

It behooves you to listen to what Trump is saying; he is telling you something, as much as he dares.

Despite what you may have been led to believe Trump is an honest candidate. He cares for the United States and its survival. Put your prejudice behind you, discard all the slander of the MSM, Hillary and the administration. You have been taken. Put your support behind Trump now. He is putting his life on the line for you and for our country. Make no mistake the next four three months will be the most critical the country has ever experienced.

Evil times await you if you don’t support Trump. The abyss yawns.


Donald Trump And The New Progressivism



Donald Trump

And The

New Progressivism


R.E. Prindle


An ideology has to be updated from time to time. Now is the time for a new take on an old ideology. Donald Trump is the president who can make it a reality.

Progressivism means an advance in the welfare of civilization. Through perhaps 1920 progress, significant progress, or the amelioration of civilization, had been made. World War I closed out that period. Since 1920 the application of the old progressivism has become increasingly regressive so that in today’s conditions the old progressivism is a failed ideology.

Whereas in the past European peoples including the US developed a system of Progressivism they shared with the rest of the world, educating the peoples of China, India et al. in its use, those peoples can now stand on their own feet; they no longer need Western help.

The New Progressivism then returns to the care and welfare of our own Western peoples. A tenet of the OP was Free Trade which became a gift to the Eastern peoples. Free Trade means merely that the lowest cost producer is the prime beneficiary. The money flows downhill to them. The low cost producers exploit their people who are naturally receiving the lowest possible wage. Low wages are the prime element of low cost production.

To protect what the West has built up then it is necessary to enact a wage differential bringing every producer’s wage to a certain level. For the West this means a tariff. Tariffs were considered regressive under the OP but become progressive under the New Progressivism. In fact, it is imperative they be enacted for our very survival.

Donald Trump appears to be the candidate who understands this as he has created the New Republican Party discarding the old.

The Democrats are hopelessly behind the times.

As regards Mexico and a border wall that may not be necessary if Trump is neo-progressive in dealing with the Mexicans. He must approach the Mexicans and advise them that if they don’t want a wall they must grant all Americans, both US and Canada, dual citizenship with full rights as Mexican citizens including the right to run for public office up to and including the presidency.

As the US has already generously built up the Mexican economy by sending industry South there is no reason for a border. The US wage rates would immediately prevail in Mexico. Any US residents of any national background would be free to move South to seek jobs as they wish. After all these are US plants and more will be built.

The increase in wages in Mexico would then provide a burgeoning market generating, along with the tariff that would then apply in Mexico also, prosperity North and South for twenty years or so.

Mexico would remain a separate administrative unit so as to prevent unwieldiness.

Trump could be the most progressive president ever known.


Vote Trump

Mexico, Trump And The Holocaust



Mexico, Trump And The Holocaust


R.E. Prindle


John Bussey wrote a WSJ column (6/17/16) ‘The Nazi-Era Papers My ‘Mexican’ Mother Kept.’ It’s meant to tug at our heartstrings and show what beasts we are if we don’t go along with John. Being the WSJ it is an anti-Trump article. The Journal misses no chance to defame Trump.   The article condemns Trump’s questioning of Judge Curiel’s qualifications to try the Trump U case.

Bussey, as with all of the Left, condemns Trump as an unreasonable racist and bigot for doing so. Me smelteth hypocrisy. Just as a point of reference I know I know a retired Federal judge. His opinion is that a judge does not belong to an organization such as La Raza or the KKK and that on that basis Curiel ought to have refused the assignment, born in Indiana as an anchor baby or not. On the bench it would be something like Eichmann being tried by the Jews.

Trump, myself and all concerned citizens should demand that Curiel remove himself from the suit. Obviously he was appointed to be a Mexican version of Judge Roy Bean.

To compound his error, Mr. Bussey somehow associates Trump with Hitler. Bussey himself is an anchor baby, his mother having slipped over the border behind her limping father in 1939. Hence Bussey associates her with Mexicans doing the same. Bussey compares Mexicans fleeing the tyranny of Mexico with his mother fleeing Nazi Germany. Hitler and Trump are compared in Bussey’s line: But even an enlightened society, one ruled by law, can quickly cut across tribal lines, as we see again (my italics) in the dust-up over Judge Curiel and more broadly in this presidential campaign.

I would like to point out to Mr. Bussey that Germany was a very law abiding country; Hitler was law abiding and broke no laws which is something that can’t be said about our current president Barry ‘Executive Order’ Obama. Further the civil war in Germany was between Tribal Jews and Tribal Germans. Think, Mr. Bussey, think.

Nor need I mention that the atrocities committed against the native population of Palestine have all been committed under Jewish laws. The law can be used for good or evil depending on the human legislators, Mr. Bussey.

And then, Mr. Bussey wheels out the tear jerker about his mother speaking English with a heavy German accent nevertheless fighting her way through high school and then courageously attacking the college curriculum ending her life uttering her last words in five different languages.

In clearing her safe deposit box among the few items saved was her old German passport stamped with a big yellow J, we all know what that means, in fact, the story is getting stale. The facts are that neither she nor her parents suffered in any concentration camps. They lived well and comfortably in the US while not only Jews were being killed but White American men were being slaughtered in Africa, Europe and the whole Pacific and the US was consuming all its resources.

While Mr. Bussey will not acknowledge it there is a whole school of scholarship that attributes both WWI and WWII to the machinations of Jewish schemers. Roosevelt, handled by Jews, maneuvered the US into the Pacific war to draw the US into the European or Jewish War. The latter was the ‘Good War’, you know.

But, what does all this have to do with Judge Curiel and Mexico? I don’t really know. You’ll have to write Mr. Bussey at the WSJ to find out. Or, perhaps, there is a Part 2.

Vote Trump

Mexico, Trump And The Wall Street Journal



Mexico, Trump

And The

Wall Street Journal


R.E. Prindle


As unpleasant as the ongoing discussion of racial, religious and ethnic problems in the US is it is still a problem that has to be dealt with. WSJ columnist Bret Stephens expresses his frustration in his 6/7/16 effusion, The GOP’s Mexico Derangement.

For his own satisfaction he has disposed of the problem. He finalizes the debate thusly: Meanwhile, let’s state clearly what shouldn’t need saying but does: Americas are blessed to have Mexico as our neighbor and Hispanics as our citizens.   On this point discussion is indecency.  (My italics.)

If Americans are blessed with Mexicans as neighbors Mexicans must be ecstatic having the US as their neighbor. Mexico would be wallowing in squalor and poverty instead of just enjoying it except for the beneficence of the loving citizens of Los Estados Unidos.

Are they that ecstatic? They sure are. In US streets they’re rioting in the streets to show their joy. The streets are ours they joyously proclaimed in Anaheim while celebrating presidential candidate Donald Trump’s arrival in ‘their city.’

Bret in a frenzy of sorts goes on to make many absolutely valid comparisons. Is there a drug problem in Mexico he asks and then answers affirmatively because ‘drug existence is almost entirely a function of America’s appetite for drugs’. Forget the pusher, what responsibility could he have?

So what we really have is a sort of perfect symbiosis of dope pusher and dope consumer. Mexico and the US are indeed ideal neighbors. What would the Mexicans do with all that dope without our appetite for it? Think about this, it’s a serious question.

And just to prove how evenly matched our two great countries are, consider the murder rate. But note that the homicide rate in all Mexico was 16 murders per 100,000. Sounds bad doesn’t it? Not at all. Research North of the Border which Bret does confirms Bret’s thesis thusly: Mexico, all of Mexico, is about as dangerous as the US city of Philadelphia which has 15.9 murders per 100K. And hey! how about Miami at 19.2 or Atlanta at 20.5?

Bret is to be congratulated for rooting out these statistic for those three cities but just so we’re comparing apples to apples what is the murder rate for the US as a whole. Oops! Bret doesn’t say. And since we’re on the subject of race or ethnicity, diversity in a word, how representative of the US population are Atlanta Philadelphia and Miami? Oh yeah, Bret, I am going to be indecent and say it.

Philadelphia and Atlanta while in the US are not representative of ‘America.’ While you were looking the other way Bret they became African colonies in America. These cities are Negro cities and represent Negro ethics not ‘American’ ethics. Miami is some strange diversity, some ethnic mélange, nearly impossible to describe but still one of those multi-cultural paradises that is the Liberal joy.

Oh, I know, I know Bret on this point your article of faith is that disagreement is indecent. No discussion, case closed. Oh well, then I’m indecent but remember what Einstein said about people who do the same thing over and over expecting different results. Enjoy your stay in the asylum Bret.


Disclaimer: I have absolutely nothing against individual Mexicans. I prefer Mexican workmen whenever possible because that are quicker, more efficient and trouble free than American workmen. It’s just that I have a culture to protect. Not that I really care, I’ve got one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel and I’m getting tired of juggling so many facts. When the other foot goes in I’m out of here and you’re on your own. G-d Bless.

The Wall Street Journal On Race And Trump



The Wall Street Journal

On Race And Trump


R.E. Prindle


Trump is much given to cryptic remarks. He condenses two paragraphs to about eight words. This leads to much misunderstanding.

The case in point is his criticism of Judge Curiel as not capable of objectivity because he is a Mexican although a probable anchor baby born in Indiana. It is true that Curiel is a Mexican born in Indiana but that is not the whole of the story.

Curiel was selected to be a hanging Judge thereby getting the racial last laugh on Trump by a committee committed to punishing Trump for daring to disagree with their sacred conclusions. Why wouldn’t they select a Mexican as Mexicans have a grievance against Trump which they express illegally by blockading his rallies and criminally assaulting his attendees. Now, really, how American is that? Don’t these Mexicans, many of which were probably born on the Magic Soil of Magic America, and who carefully identify their true allegiance by carrying Mexican flags realize that? Apparently not as they are flying Mexican flags and shouting Fuck America.

Our good friend Ye Editor of the WSJ on 6/6/16 has weighed in on what he considers Trump’s crime: What elevates Mr. Trump’s remarks to the reprehensible is his equation of ethnicity with bias.

Good L-rd, Ye Editor, don’t you know that this whole Magic Country, this Oz amongst the Nations, equates ethnicity with bias? Why single out Trump?

Witness our jolly Prez. Obama who is setting aside convictions of his Negroes by the score. His reasoning? They were convicted not for their crimes but by all White juries who, he believes, begin foaming at the mouth when they have a Negro in the dock. By its very ethnicity the White jury is incapable of rendering an objective verdict of innocent.

Oh, oh, you say: Good G-d, this man was born in Indiana. He is wholly a holy American.

What kind of hypocrite are you Ye Editor?

Don’t you realize those bigoted twelve White jurors may very well have been born in flyover Indiana too? If being born in Indiana makes Judge Curiel a full blooded American incapable of a biased decision why wouldn’t it these White jurors? You do realize this full blooded Mexican Judge Curiel belongs to La Raza don’t you. Oh well, dual citizenship is OK when you’re a Mexican born in Indiana but then why can’t the Whites claim to be Mexicans born in Indiana if they want. Maybe on any particular day they feel like Mexicans. They may feel like a Mexican woman and want to take a leak in the Ladies room. Hey, Ye Editor, this is a very fluid society.

When our great magisterial president Barry Obama equates ethnicity with bias how is that different from presidential candidate Trump doing the same?

Shame, SHAME, on you Ye Editor, ye shameless hypocrite. I can see why you prefer to remain anonymous. Somebody should out you. Trump should refuse to have you as his ‘journalistic’ adjudicator on the basis of ethnic bias.

Ye Editor shamelessly continues: That truly is an attack on the independence of the judiciary because it means that a judge can be disqualified from a case merely for his personal background, rather than for any material conflict of interest.

Race is a material conflict of interest Ye Idiot

The US-Mexican War Of 2016 Begins



US-Mexican War Of 2016 Begins


The Battle of Orange County Fairgrounds


R.E. Prindle


How far will the Mexican government go to prevent Donald Trump from being elected president? Reports surfaced a few weeks ago of a determined campaign to register Mexican nationals occupying the US to vote against Trump.

One must ask the question is the Mexican government behind the military style action against the Trump rally in Orange County? Here the combatants a paramilitary unit organized by the Mexican government to attack the Trump rally?

Combatants claimed that the streets belonged to them. In other words they had successfully occupied US territory in their own eyes. This must mean that whatever streets they have claimed are now a no-go zone for Americans. The streets and the area they enclose are a Mexican national colony. Indeed the paramilitary troops arrived with Mexican flags flying. Doesn’t that seem clear to you?

Who are you going to believe: the Liberals or your lyin’ eyes? Go for your lyin’ eyes folks. The invasion is real.

Shouldn’t the Mexican consulates by closed and their staffs ejected? Doesn’t it appear that the Mexican government is terrified that Trump will actually close the border disrupting their plans? I’m sure they are.

Stop calling these military style battles riots; stop calling the paramilitary troops protestors.

This was the Battle of the Orange County Fairgrounds in an attempt to control the election in the neighboring country of the US. Who is going to seat the next president of the US, Mexican paramilitaries or dedicated US citizens? End no-go area now. Regain control of the streets of America by any means necessary.

Invade Mexico

Mary O’ Grady On Crime And Criminals



Mary O’ Grady On Crime And Criminals


R.E. Prindle


One wonders if the writers at the Wall Street Journal are visiting the planet from a parallel universe where they do things differently. For instance Miss Mary Anastasia O’ Grady has contributed her opinion on ‘Trump’s Crumbling Wall Plan’. (WSJ. 4/11/16 p. A11)

Obviously she’s talking about our neighbors to the South of that old fashioned term Border who clearly have no respect for international conventions and laws, both as people and the government. That’s why they’re called illegals in the US. Sometimes a country should be concerned with how many and who are knocking on heaven’s door- El Paridiso EU.

In three amusing sentences Mary writes:

If voter surveys are correct, Trump supporters are largely native-born and economically aggrieved. As such they are susceptible to ultra-nationalistic attacks on foreign countries. Mexico is the perfect whipping boy.

Hey, now, slow down Mary. Your conditional ‘if’ is a mighty big conditional which you seem to accept as true from what follows that if. Certainly Trump’s supporters are ‘largely’ native-born, that is legal citizens who are having their lives unpleasantly disrupted by people, ‘largely Mexican’, who appear to have no respect for the laws of the US. Since they are breaking those laws that ‘largely’ makes them criminals. Yet you applaud these millions of criminals who illegally enter the US and want no interference in their committing this crime.

Now, what does that say about you Mary?

And now, ‘economically aggrieved.’ Yes, I suppose many people who have seen their jobs shipped to lower wage Mexico are aggrieved but then you aren’t faulting them for that? Where you haid Mary? I myself am not economically aggrieved but I’m sure there is some other reason for supporting Trump. Psychotic? Knuckle dragger? Domestic terrorist?

Don’t you think it’s odd that in this election year Massa Barry has stopped talking about domestic terrorists? No matter, the last I heard he had no patience for some offender, I forget who.

You follow with this line: As such they are susceptible to ultra-nationalist attacks on foreign countries.

That one really boggles my mind and, I, for one, have never attacked countries. Mainly because no country has ever attacked me. I do attack individuals, intellectually speaking of course, and in these attacks I do not discriminate by nationality. Merkel, Soros, Sarkozy, Cameron, they’re all one to me and fair game at that. Don’t they just want to make you scream, Mary? But whipping Mexico? Never, Dear One, Never.

And finally Mary, and perhaps at last, you do not appear to have noticed how Massa Barry, that old slave driver, has creatively used the executive order to override laws, decency and the Constitution of the United States. And his masterful diplomacy, oh Lord, in Libya, Syria and adjacent States. Oh my, it makes me proud to watch old Six-gun Barry in action. Constitution? He don’t need no steenking Constitution.

To think Trump could say he wants to put US interests first!!! Damme, let’s not sell the country to China, let’s give it to them.

Everyone’s entitled to their opinion though Mary. You’ve got yours and us knuckle draggers and Trump supporters have ours.


A Question For Donald Trump: Are We Men Or Are We Devo?

A Question For Donald Trump:

Are We Not Men?  Or Are We Devo?


R.E. Prindle


In the 3/19/16 Wall Street Journal Miss Peggy Noonan asks what I imagine is a rhetorical question: Will the GOP break apart or evolve? Apparently no one in politics today remembers the word Insurgency- the Young Turks vs. the Old Fossils. That is what is happening now, an insurgency. Trump represents the forward looking half of the Party while McConnell, Ryan and that ilk are living in the comfortable past of the post-war, pre-9/11 fantasy of US omniscience and omnipotence while patiently bearing the White Man’s burden.

In addition to 9/11 your untried inexperienced street person Barack Obama blew away the Fossils’ vision of America’s omnipotence. That America no longer exists. Twits like the Mexican el presidentes feel powerful enough to demean the US president while telling us how to manage our side of the border. Obama even does his best to neutralize the Border Patrol to help the Mexicans along. You think I’m worried about a Trump presidency? Think again.

Negroes took control of the streets of Baltimore with the full complicity of the authorities. No objections came from the Fossils. The Negroes shut down America’s Baseball game with nary a squawk from the Fossils. The teams actually played to an empty stadium because ‘it was too dangerous for Whites to attend.’ The previous night when the Negroes rioted in front of the stadium and the police were told to stand down and let the guys who wanted to loot and kill have their fill, thousands of White men were imprisoned against their will in the stadium lest they emerge to contest the streets and thrash the Negro goons thus retaining the balance of power. Thank you Old Fossils.

McConnell and the Fossils represented criminals, looting and rioting.

Miss Peggy sounds as if she’s vacillating almost realizing the enormity of the situation but then she compares Trump’s supporters to garbage.   I didn’t mind the domestic terrorist smear so much while I found knuckledragging Neanderthals a risible smear.. I do object to her calling me, a Trump supporter with a fourteen year old mind ‘a particular kind of garbage.’ What kind, Peg?

I ask Miss Peggy to consider the field of our choices now reduced to four candidates and Kasich, a most marginal candidate now that Ohio’s over. Hillary is absolutely disgusting while guilty of enormous incompetence as Secretary Of State. I’m a little wary of the value of her experience. Sanders is personally offensive while being less qualified than Trump and a Bolshevic apparently subordinate to an international terrorist who has been banned from Russia and should be by the United States. Ted Cruz, who is apparently owned by Goldman-Sachs and is less presidential material than Clinton and Sanders. The last candidate being offered us is Donald Trump. Who exactly were the Fossils going to offer us as a brokered candidate? M-m-m, naw, not that loser.

Trump’s detractors say he isn’t qualified as an executive even though he has built up and runs a multi-billion dollar company. Yet these same detractors have consistently knuckled under to a street person cum community organizer who didn’t even have Trump’s qualifications. No wonder Trump is disgusted with Washington politics.

So he has begun an insurgency to capture the Party and expel the Fossils. If he is sincere, if Cruz is sincere, and if the Tea Party people are sincere they should form a bloc and wrest control from the Fossils. When the convention meets they should place themselves in charge and let the Fossils scramble for whatever crumbs they can pick up. But if the Party breaks up as Miss Peggy fears then Trump should be leading the Party and the Fossils can form a third party or become Democrats which is who they act like anyway.

Are we not men? Or, are we Devo?

Understanding Anti-Aryan Hate Laws III: The Mexicans

Understanding Anti-Aryan Hate Laws: III The Mexicans


R.E. Prindle

Furthering the ethnic splitting of the electorate, probably the most significant element apart from the Jews, are the Mexicans who can also be grouped more broadly with ‘Hispanics’ from many diverse Central and South American countries. It should be remembered that they share as many diverse outlooks but the bulk of ‘Hispanics’ are Mexicans and it those tens of millions that have political influence.

It may be true that the bulk of the Mexican population just want to get on with their lives in a better social milieu that they were capable of creating on their own in Mexico. Of that majority it is true that they are better and harder workers than White Americans. However a very large minority wishes to separate what they call Aztlan from the US while at the same time seeking to impose the Mexican language and culture on the US. Yes, I know Mexican is based on Spanish but no Spaniard speaks like a Mexican. As Mexicans and English speaking Americans merge a form of Spanglish will emerge dissociating Mexcican from Spanish almost completely. Mexican and the other Central and South American dialects all differ to some extent. Brazilians speak Brazilian Portuguese while having a relatively large presence in the US.

Mexicans as a whole either do not understand US laws or choose to ignore them. In areas of large concentrations Mexicans ethnically cleanse their areas of all others, Aryan, Negro or whatever in contravention of US laws. Thus pure Mexican constituencies develop. They will have no choice but to vote for their own.

As no effort is being made to control the border there is no reason not to believe that, already the largest sub-population in the US, that they will not be in a position to contest political supremacy with Aryans in the near future. Within a decade a large percentage of congressmen will be Mexican forming a formidable voting bloc. As most White congressmen tend to be Liberals hence siding with Mexicans as part of the Liberal Coalition it is quite possible a Mexican Party may gain control of the lower house.

The situation at this point is irreversible. The Negro Party and White Liberal Party will do nothing to change the current situation even exacerbating it further.

As time is on the Mexican side it is doubtful that Mexicans will resort to military revolution. Why settle for Aztlan when you can win the whole country.

Aliens, Dreams And Americans

Aliens, Dreams And Americans


R.E. Prindle


Smile, Alvaro, You're On Candid Camera

One Mr. Alvaro Huerta threatens Americans in his article InTime Opponents Will Pay for Rejecting DREAM Act.  He doesn’t specify the price leaving the imagination to roam over the dire possibilities.  One imagines machete wielding campesinos.

Apparently while making himself at home in other people’s property, they, or we, fail to make him feel more at home by inviting him to dine at our tables.  He objects to being called an alien.  A rather mild epithet someone of his ilk should be grateful for.  No person is as alien he says without noting that quite a few are freeloaders.  The former clause is a noble belief although as a Mexican he holds Americans to a much higher standard than he does he and his people’s practices at home in Mexico.

One wonders where he comes by such wonderful ideals if they are alien to the mindset of his homeland.  Perhaps he is a profound philosopher or perhaps he merely looks around him and learns from what must appear to be an alien environment to this native of a land where they do things differently and don’t appear to wish to emulate the ‘colossus’ del Norte.

Mr. Huerta speaks of contributions his people are making for the advancement of the United States.  What contributions might they be?  Offering to work for less thus putting Americans out of work while paying no or lower taxes?  I’m not complaining about the quality of the labor; I actually prefer Mexican laborers to native American laborers; they do better work and they don’t insult you as they work or, at least, not so you can understand them.

But, that’s not the point.  The point is Americans have incurred debts at American standards of living; even if they accept lower wages, which will be a very, very cold day, for their labor the deflationary effect would leave them working for less than nothing.  Besides which Mexicans are more industrious and Americans can’t actually compete.

But, we don’t care.  Who is this alien, Alvaro Huerta, who threatens us with dire consequences because we resent giving his people something for nothing, especially when the government won’t give the same for nothing to us.  Mexicans merely work which is a rather paltry contribution that nobody asked them to make.

Mr. Huerta fails to mention that while claiming the freebees his own government won’t or can’t make, Mexican aliens in this country refuse to conform to the ideals and methods that made those freebees possible.  They even want to displace English and impose Mexican on us.  Mr. Huerta and his insist on changing American society to conform with what he in effect admits are the failed policies of his own country.  To put it bluntly, if he and his weren’t better off here than in Mexico they would all be in Mexico.

So, don’t go around threatening our people who are hopefully doing their best to protect their own, take what you have learned from this alien culture and go back to Mexico and begin to build it into a model for the world to emulate.  Learn to give and not just take.

It’s not that we don’t like aliens, we can’t afford them.