Jeff Bezos- The Seattle Great Satan

Jeff Bezos- The Seattle Great Satan


R.E. Prindle


The tale has been told. The Alabama election is over. Judge Roy Moore has been turned back. Jones didn’t do it nor all the Negroes collected and bussed to the polls. No, ‘Bamans didn’t have anything to do with it. To find the man who singlehandedly beat the Judge you have to go to Seattle, Washington, the offices of Amazon, Inc. and sitting behind that big mahogany desk, Mr. Jeff Bezos. The Devil in disguise.

A couple years back Jeff Bezos bought the nearly defunct Washington Post Newspaper. Paid big money for it too. At them I asked myself why he did that. What was his plan to turn it around. He didn’t have a plan turn it around, he didn’t even change the format; if anything the paper was more Liberal than ever, staffed by the same nerds.

It did occur to me somewhen along the way that Jeff Bezos was grooming himself to run for President. Bezos is a world beater; a genius of some merit, he wants to be Master of the World; unscrupulous as the devil as he always gets around any rules that might slow him down.

The Judge Roy Moore candidacy shows us exactly why he bought the Post. Ever unscrupulous, he bought himself a slander machine, a defamation factory, a political slaughter house. The Post was unfeelingly, not critical, in its condemnation of candidate Trump. As the Post goes so must go its owner, Jeff Bezos.

Judge Roy is a real bete noir of the CFR, he is opposed to their agenda at every stop. They have tried to kill his career at each step. They have removed him from office because of his religion. No, he’s not Moslem, not a Scientologist, nobody has ever called him a Jew, no none of those: he’s the most despised of all, a bottom of the barrel damnable Christian. I don’t want you to get the idea that I’m religious, Defender of the Faith or anything like that. I’m not religious but that doesn’t mean I’m not anti-Christian. No. I’m also anti-Moslem and anti-Jewish while I don’t think much of Hinduism or any of those touchy-feely, warm and fuzzy outfits also.

So, going in Judge Roy had even more than three strikes against him; he was an entire side.

But, damn that son-of-a-bitch, here he was running for the Senate and a cinch to win. What the hell? Well, there sat Jeff Bezos, sometime richest man in the world, sitting behind the mahogany in his office in Seattle or, perhaps, roving his hundreds of thousands acre Texas ranch saying to himself, I’ve got to stop hat no good son-of-a-bitch and I know how to do it. I’ve got the right tool for the job.

I don’t know hat Amazon has a secret service but I’m sure they do, so he sent his sleuths down to ‘Bama to find some dirt or create. From the looks of that Senior yearbook it looks more like created. Anyway, as proof that she’d been molested forty years ago by Judge Roy she produced an inscription in her yearbook signed by Judge Roy. It looks like she presented it to him at some event, political or otherwise, held at some place called The Olde Hickory House, dated 1977.

Now, Judge Roy signed it something like ‘To a lovely girl.’ The woman (I don’t mention her name to protect her from possible harassment) commemorated his event by adding the place and date so she wouldn’t forget.

Jeff Bezos then published the story that Judge Roy was a pedophile and racist. The girl must have been all of eighteen and dizzy from standing next to the great Alabama blossoming legend, and that may the closest she ever got.

What defeated Judge Roy was that inscription in that yearbook that Jeff Bezos unscrupulously published with no fear of being brought to account for bearing false witness.

I got it! I know why Mr. Bezos bought the Washington Post. He’ll be our Democratic candidate in 2020 and he has one of the two most prestigious papers in the US to promote his interests and defend them.

The Pres. should call on his Republican buds to give Jeff Bezos the Bill Gates treatment. Keep him busy in Washington for a few months so he can’t run his Empire so effectively. Might be a lesson well learned.


Why Dr. Strange Thinks Donald Trump Is Weird



Why Dr. Strange Thinks Donald Trump Is Insane


R.E. Prindle


When Jeff Bezos bought the Washington Post I had high hopes for the paper believing that he would revolutionize the newspaper. I was sadly mistaken; instead he has made it or allowed it to become more neo-con than ever. Disgustingly so.

In an article that it is hard to believe any respectable newspaper would publish titled ‘Why Donald Trump might not be lying about people cheering on 9/11’ the paper has become both delusional and dishonest.

Donald Trump does not say he saw ‘people’, that is a crowd of diverse origins, cheering. He said he saw Moslems cheering, which is correct. In the article the Jew Max Ehrenfreund, Bezos and his writer Ehrenfreund choose to defame Trump.

Ehrenfreund writes: …Trump’s assertion may not be a bold faced lie. [A native American would say bare faced.] Psychologists suggest that people unconsciously fabricate memories all the time, and that Trump may have done the same.

“I can’t say he’s not lying, said Deryn Strange, a psychologist at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice. [Then was there any need to imply Trump was lying?] But my research and the research of my colleagues certainly supports a more charitable interpretation: that is that this is a false memory.”

Perhaps Dr. Strange and his colleagues, stranger still, should have researched 9/11 more thoroughly before delivering an opinion based on nothing. I will accuse Max Ehrenfreunde of lying when he says the Moslems weren’t elated by the fall of the Twin Towers that they themselves destroyed.

In Portland, Oregon where I lived through that awful ordeal the Moslems were thoroughly elated, giving each other high fives, babbling and if not dancing down the Esplanade, where I viewed their spectacle, bouncing and waltzing along. I had words with them. Of course according to Dr. Strange I may be hallucinating as we do all the time according to him but I think Dr. Strange should have his license to practice revoked and be fired from his job.

I don’t know where or how Trump saw what he says he saw but I’m sure he saw it. Bezos, Ehrenfreunde and Dr. Strange, their spokesman are dishonest. Their intent is merely to belittle and defame a presidential candidate who differs from their deluded beliefs by intimating essentially that he is insane.

Shame on Jeff Bezos; shame on Dr. Strange; and shame on Max Ehrenfreunde. Of course one expects nothing better coming from the synagogue.

Another Consideration: Jeff Bezos Goes Offline



Another Consideration, Jeff Bezos And The Post


R.E. Prindle

Not knowing Jeff’s plans it would seem that he has gotten the very short end of the deal in his recent purchase of the Washington Post.  The NYTimes sold its Boston paper that it paid a billion for twenty years ago, two billion in today’s dollars, for 70 million.  3 ½ %.  The post is failing at all financial points, sales dropping, ad revenues falling fast and losses climbing radically.  If I read thing right the paper will post a loss of a hundred million this calendar year.

Jeff may have a plan but my query is, who would pay nearly a half billion dollars for a clearly failing paper and then take losses of a hundred million a year, at least, for three years or more while he’s turning the paper around..  Seventy million would be more than enough, the paper’s legitimate price might be 0.  A dollar.

Yet Jeff ponied up the asking price without so much as a demur.  There’s something wrong here, isn’t there?

Jeff knows nothing about running a newspaper, he’s not newspaperman else why would he pledge to keep the staff that run the paper into the ground?  Why did the Grahams?  Cronyism?  He may have a plan, and good one, but if he does it still may take him another half billion before he turns a profit.

His flagship is running a loss for the year.  Jeff is mockingly referred to as one who foregoes short term profits for long term market penetration.  Perhaps his investors are getting teed off.  After all Jeff poured billions of their dollars into developing Amazon while ten years later they have seen almost no returns.  Were the Grahams big investors and is this how they’re getting some of their money back?  After ten years of no returns those billions are the same as lost dollars with no redemption in sight, although the stock is back over 300 a share.

Jeff himself lists his assets at several billions although a large part of that is probably Amazon stock hence, for him, illiquid.

So perhaps Jeff supinely bought the Post at asking price so that the Grahams recover some of their investment.  I don’t know, just speculation.  Perhaps Jeff is being taught an object lesson and this is just the beginning of restitution by any means necessary.

Get yourself some objective journalists and take the paper national Jeff and make your coverage objective and trustworthy unlike the former owners who obviously enjoyed losing hundreds of millions.  You might be able to teach your creditors an object lesson and make hundreds of millions a year rather than losing them. Go for it.

Jeff Bezos Goes Offline



Jeff Bezos Goes Offline


R.E. Prindle

So!  After a couple decades of being a premier internet innovator Jeff Bezos buys the nearly defunct Washington Post one of the most trashy Liberal papers around.

I mean the New York Times unloaded their Boston acquisition of a couple decades ago as a 7% solution.  That’s right, they got back 7% of the billion they paid for it.  That seems a little desperate doesn’t it?

Apparently all these newspaper companies are built on the model of Warren Buffett owning numerous other ventures so they’re still in business, merely dumping a money loser that as established press lords they can see no prospect of turning around.

Chicago’s Tribune Corp. is anxious to dump its Chicago Tribune and Los Angeles Times.  Once two power houses.

Even at Time-Warner one of the oddest corporate matches of all times, diversity doesn’t pay that much, they’re desperate to sell their major namesake magazine division that is the Time part of the company.  AOL Time Warner.  First they dumped AOL and now Time, Fortune et al..  I knew Time had erased itself when they aligned with a movie producer and relinquished control.  The immediate first thing the movie people did was dump Time’s book division,  Just shut it down.

Then they turned Time into a shill of the ADL, AJC, SPLC and Israel.  Gosh, I wonder why their sales declined?

Which brings us back to Jeff Bezos and the Washington Post.  If he continues the Liberal editorial policies of the Post and the MM it’s only a matter of time before he tires of subsidizing the Post.  Therefore he must move to objective reporting rather than being an Administration shill.  He doesn’t have to go Right Wing but he does have to take a more cynical view of things rather than being a rah rah cheerleader.

If he is capable of such a daring thing he will be able to vault over the NYTimes, USA Today and all the crap journals.  I’ll even subscribe out here on the West Coast.  I’m ready for some objective journalism.  The reptile press can’t figure out why they’re going down or if they can they’d rather drown than swim with the times.  Remember those buggy whips?

Going objective will be a huge leap for Jeff while staffing the Post with an objective crew may be difficult.

We’re rootin’ for you Jeff if you’re our kind of guy.  But if you’re the limp wristed type maybe you’ll be able to get a dollar when you sell.