Why Germans? Why Jews?



R.E. Prindle



     The German historian Gotz Aly has released a study of the relationship between the Germans and Jews from 1800 to 1933 title Warum Die Deutschen, Warum Die Juden?  Still only in German, Dan Dare gives a short analysis and translation of the first chapter for the Majority Rights website.  The book seems to be the usual apology to innate Jewish superiority over the dumbkopf krauts.  Seen from the Jewish perspective of arrogant pride in meager achievement the text merely follows the trend of the last century.

     Dare quotes Aly:

     Jews who emigrated from the neighbouring states to the east were delighted once having crossed the German border.  They treasured the security of being within the Reich, the economic freedom and the educational opportunities…which after 1812 were offered by Prussia and later the Kaiser’s Reich.

     This begs the question of what educational opportunities the Reich could offer to this genius people with, by their own account, the highest IQ in the world and the possessors of the fabulous repository of all science and wisdom both secular and superstitious known or undiscovered.

     What in the the way of education could the Germans offer this all knowing people?  Even in the face of pogroms and settled politics of the neighboring states to the east by 1917 and the Revolution only the Jews were educated in Russia so all the jobs just had to fall to them.  Yet, we are told that the Russians denied the Jews university educations.  How do these contradictions arise?   And yet, the Jews in Russia were seemingly uneducated compared to the Germans.  How can these thing be?

     The Jews had been among Europeans for two thousand years with their superior intelligences, and yet, Kepler was not Jewish, Gallileo was not Jewish, nor was Isaac Newton yet these European dumbkopfs discovered the true nature of the universe without consulting the Talmud or one iota of Jewish help.  How can that be?

     At nearly the same time we are asked to believe that Rabbi Loew gathered up some dirt and like God breathed life into it thus creating the Golem whose task was to murder Europeans.  Is this European Science vs. Jewish Science or European Science vs. Jewish Superstition?

     Yet Aly asks us to believe that the cause of the war between Germans and Jews was based on German envy of the intellectual superiority of the Jews.  Where is the superiority?  How can one compare Kepler, Gallileo and Newton to a charlatan like Loew.  Not possibly possible.

     No.  This is merely the Jewish view of history founded on an impossible self-adulatory dream.  It’s time the red herring of envy was thrown aside and an attempt at objective history is made.  Jews can no longer be considered sacred cows.  This is the 21st Century when all these religious foundation myths must be discarded.

     Make a bold leap into the future.