Trump, Clinton And Deep Politics

Trump, Clinton And Deep Politics


R.E. Prindle

Much noise has been created about possible Russian involvement in the recent presidential election. Conflicting reports have the Russians favoring either now Pres. Trump or, on the other hand, Clinton. It has been considered especially reprehensible that Pres. Trump was ‘elected’ by the Russians. And if this defies common sense whatever influence Russia may have had it could not possibly equal the US media hate blitz unremittingly directed at Trump for well over a year leading up to the election. One wonders how Trump survived it. Yet this supposed invisible Russian influence overrode the US media hate fest.

However, in a situation nearly totally obscured by the US MSM both Trump and the Clintons were involved with the Jewish/Russian Mafiya. This is not to say they were willingly but as the Jewish mob was extremely powerful, especially in NYC, coercion was involved.

The Jewish Russian criminals arrived en masse on our shores after the downfall of the Soviet Union in the nineties. They came in the thousands destroying Brooklyn’s Brighton Beach suburb. Extortion was a key racket so it is probable that both Trump and the Clintons were forced to pay for protection.

I will deal with Pres. Trump in another article but first I wish to give an indication of the Clintons’ involvement. This is a quote from Robert I. Friedman’s book Red Mafiya: How The Russian Mob Has Invaded America. This Mafiya is always referred to as Russian but in fact they are all Jews from Russia. P. 267-68.

Grigor Loutchansky, a Latvian born convicted felon and president of the Austrian-based NORDEX, a multinational trading company, had been implicated in everything from major money laundering to smuggling nuclear components. House speaker Newt Gingrich once said the US government officials believed Loutchansky had shipped Scud missile warheads to Iraq from North Korea. The ubiquitous Loutchansky was also a former business associate of both Chernomyrden and Semion Mogelevitch, according to CIA and other Western intelligence officials. Yet somehow this enormously wealthy underworld rogue was invited to a private Democratic National Fund-raising dinner for Clinton in 1993. During coffee, Clinton turned to the mobster to ask a favor: would he pass along to the Ukrainian government requesting it to reduce its nuclear stockpile? Clinton then posed for a photograph with the grinning hood, which Loutchansky later liberally passed out among his cronies, greatly enhancing his stature among corrupt government officials and the criminal underworld. When the photo of the men shaking hands was eventually published in a Russian newspaper, the CIA analyzed it to see if it was fake. When they discovered it was genuine, agency officials were aghast. “Loutchansky had one thing in mind: legitimization,” a congressional investigator probing Russian organized crime explained. “He wanted US citizenship and he wanted to buy a US bank.”

This criminal Mafiya organization that as Friedman explains had seriously corrupted US society and politics has been almost completely ignored by the MSM. The Clintons were involved as early as 1993 and judging from contributions to their charity fund it has continued until today. According to Friedman the US CIA and FBI were well aware of the Jewish mob and yet did little about it. One imagines that this Mafiya’s influence on US politics was much more effective than any of the Russian government.


Sex And The Presidential Election



Sex And The Presidential Election


R.E. Prindle


There is a certain irreality pervading this election. It is being played out like a Hollywood porn flick. The participants don’t seem to notice while the media in playing it up also seems not to recognize the filthy porn element. Imagine playing up some nude photos of Melania Trump with no feeling of shame at all.

The hypocrisy is hip deep with a strong fast current. One is disgusted beyond belief. In a startling turn Hillary is OK even though she was an enabler and procurer for Bill’s sexual escapades and then worked to destroy the women he seduced. Bill used his ‘celebrity’ status as a political nabob to literally take women. As Donald Trump points out in a recent tape of a decades old private conversation being a celebrity does something to women so that they have little power of resistance.

Sigmund Freud, the old lech, also realized that in the presence of doctors women enter the door semi-hypnotized and are easy prey for the medical profession. One imagines that doctors really enjoy their work as I’m sure old Siggy must have.

Women fall over sports figures. Back in the ancient 1960s the quarterback of the Oakland City College team made it a requirement to sleep with any woman he dated. They did it too. Ever notice that Negro jocks have no trouble getting those gorgeous blond White girls. Women are attracted to power or the illusion of it. This fact offends the Lesbos who hate men. They’ve been inoculated…maybe. Check Hillary who is thought to be a Lesbo and Bill’s relationship. In order to maintain an appearance of normality she became his procurer.

So, ignoring the very basis of sexual psychology a huge fuss in being raised about Trump stating the obvious, confirming Sigmund Freud’s observation, while in real life boys and girls play the age old game. The Lesbos say Trump’s great crime was not enjoying his position as a celebrity but, apparently revealing a simple truth: women are not as pure and chaste as they would like to appear. Reality has erected its ugly head. What an election. Reality? What does that have to do with our fantasies?

So, using the amazingly effective Democrat double standard Hillary and Bill, sexual villains for the last couple decades are given a clean bill of health passing the monkey to Trump and are found to be suitable presidential timber. Trump becomes the naughty boy definitely too short of character to be president. What was that I read about the Liberal hero, Jack Kennedy? Naw, couldn’t be true; we all know he was presidential timber.

Obama? The Clintons?

The Empire founders over sex.

Oh well, vote Trump anyway.

The Insincerity Of Khizr Khan



The Insincerity

Of Khizr Khan


R.E. Prindle


I thought the Khizr Khan thing would have died a natural death but since it hasn’t let me say a few things that seem to have been passed over. At the base of the issue the Khans are Human Traffickers in collusion with the Clintons and the King of the Saudi Arabians. The association has been very profitable for the Clintons who have received many lesser amounts as well as a 25 million dollar contribution to their trust from the Saudis. What does one do for someone that merits that much money? Something they considered very valuable. What was it? No one has asked the Clintons because the explanation might not go down so well.

The Clintons have known Khizr Khan for some time having received checks from him through his law firm. Khan himself facilitates or facilitated selling green cards to wealthy Moslems for 500,000. The green cards were good for the Moslem purchaser’s entire extended family. Thus Khan was the middleman in moving humans from the Middle East to the US. Their son, who I am sure was a patriotic deep dyed American, nevertheless joined the Army to get a free education after. His very wealthy parents who could easily have put him through the most expensive US college from the profits of their Human Trafficking thus are themselves scamming the US in what I would consider a less than patriotic way. Do the Khan’s have undivided loyalty to the US as they claimed? Not very likely.

Now, the Clintons pretend not to have not known about the Khans and their son until a staffer allegedly heard about their story contacting them to speak against Trump at the convention. What the basis of their request might have been isn’t clear. Why would the Clintons wish to conceal their friendship with the Khans? Obviously something is going on here but we are led to believe that the Khan’s hate Donald Trump for some unexplained reason and wished to take this opportunity to condemn him. What was the reason for their asking: Donald Trump have you ever read the Constitution? It had nothing to do with their son’s death in action in Iraq. Obviously it was because Trump threatened their Human Trafficking livelihood. It is a money related issue. Their Human Trafficking was threatened by Trump’s intent to ban Moslem immigration. Talk about coal miners losing their jobs, Khizn stood to lose a fortune.   How many green cards had he already sold? Loyalty to the US, faugh!

How many tens of thousands could he sell if not cut off?

Now, there is nothing in the Constitution that guarantees anyone a right to immigrate to the US. There is nothing in the Constitution that denies the US the right to refuse immigrants for any reason or to suspend immigration altogether. With a few exceptions the last has been done.

So, Mr. Khan, as the fine Constitutional scholar that you are can you point to the words that affirm anyone a right to immigrate into the US? Can you point to the words that say members of a religious class cannot be selectively excluded?

Mr. Khan, if you’re out there, we are waiting for your answers. Educate us, please.

Vote Trump

Dumb, Dumber And Dumbest: Three Less Than Great Presidents

Dumb, Dumber And Dumbest;
Three Less Than Great Presidents
R.E. Prindle

A few decades ago I read an opinion in which the author stated that the US would fall apart once the last WWII generation president was succeeded by the boomer generation. I intuitively understood his prediction to be true. I was apprehensive then when Bill Clinton (b. 1946) was elected president in 1992. The apprehension was immediately justified and iterated. Without necessarily being in order Bill immediately requested blow jobs from his female interns: Under the desk and get to work Monica, faster, faster. Then had the crust to deny it.

When Bill heard that a religious fanatic from Waco going by the name of David Koresh was possibly having his way with some fourteen or fifteen year old underage girls, in a pique of jealousy Bill shouted ‘We’ve got to protect those girls from that pervert’, he knew whereof he spoke, and called out, unbelievable but true, the Army. Tanks rolled into Waco, (which thankfully was not named Prague or there would have been hell to pay) blasting away at the religious compound, setting it ablaze and incinerating those underage girls. Mission accomplished, shouted Bill, we saved those girls from molestation. Good job, Bill.

Pleased to show his statesmanship in the Waco instance, Bill then turned his attention to the former Yugoslavia, further from Washington even than Waco, where the Moslems were contesting the territory with the Christians. Having already shown his aversion to Christians Bill called out the armed forces once again to crush the Christians while bombing their country back into the stone age, thereby giving his blood thirsty lilith Secretary Of State Madeleine Albright the chance to buy into the privatized Postal System of newly liberated Kosovo. Madeleine apparently learned how profitable postal systems were from the US example.

Madeleine herself was only a nominal American, like us all an immigrant, having grown up in numerous other national cultures, unlike most of us.

When challenged about using the US military for essentially private ends Madeleine blustered: ‘What’s the good of having the most powerful military in the world if you don’t use it?’ Impeccable but expensive logic Madeleine but then you know how girls love to shop.

Thus while Bill is often referred to as our first Black president he was also our first Feminist and, People, could he ever pick ‘em. Remember Janet Reno?

One thing you can say about Bill is that he kept a stiff upper lip through it all as well as another member. Nothing fazed that boy. While he is alleged to have a huge IQ he seems to have been of low practical intelligence.


As proof that you can’t kill a dead horse the dumb Bill Clinton was succeeded by the even dumber George W. Bush (b. also in 1946). One is appalled by the dumbness of George and tempted to say it couldn’t get worse but…it did.

For some reasons Americans had no clue that their government’s intransigent position toward other peoples of the world wouldn’t have adverse consequences even as those consequences were happening. Good god, a couple three or four embassies were blown sky high and Clinton just shrugged them off. Madeleine Albright just said: What, me worry?

George had no sooner settled in than some Moslem invaders lifted a couple planes from the Boston airport and flew them fully loaded with jet fuel into New York City’s Twin Towers. What was George’s reaction to this devastation as he left the kindergarten class he was teaching to return to the White House? He said: This sucker is going down. No, no. Not yet. That’s what he said at the other end of his term after he had bankrupted the country.

Did he bankrupt the country? Well, he was the Great Decider, wasn’t he. Oh yea, as the towers plummeted into the subway George said: Oh, for Christ’s sake go shopping, buy something. Then in an inexplicable reaction he shut the country down lock, stock and barrel for something short of a week. All air flights were grounded and a hush fell over the country from that I can tell you. Of course, it bankrupted the airlines, but what the hell? TV networks ran for days without revenues.

Having seen dumb we were not witnessing dumber. The Bushes having had a generous hand in looting the Savings and Loans in the eighties, George now aimed for bigger game, Fanny Mae and the whole housing industry. A little more complicated then the Saving and Loan piracy, having given trillions of dollars in loans to people without money or income to nominally ‘buy’ houses and now that no mortgage payments were coming in and those non-existent mortgage payments having been bundled into insecure securities the bankers complained that they were likely to go broke. Nobody saw this coming. George asked the taxpayers for a trillion dollars to give to the bankers apparently feeling sorry for them. When Congress was reluctant to comply it was then George cried: If you don’t give it to me this sucker is going down. He didn’t care, of course, because his term was up and Dumber was passing the baton to Dumbest. Along came Barack. Zippity doo dah.


And now we come to the acme, the ne plus ultra of dumbness, the truly great Barack H. Obama (b. 1961, maybe) It’s not like we weren’t warned if we didn’t know already. The Reverend James David Manning of New York City warned, if you elect this man he will trash your country. Thank you Reverend Manning; Barry didn’t get my vote, not that that mattered.

Just after George had asked for a trillion for the bankers, Barack asked for another trillion for them although having learned from George’s example he didn’t say: Or else this sucker is going down. He didn’t have to; it went down anyway. But no complaints were registered from the banking quarter. Just from some gun totin’, bible thumping iggerunt hillbillies from the sticks who had to move their toilet back out doors because they could no longer pay the water bill. Though shit! Said Barry the Compassionate. And it was too.

The arrival of Barry was not all bad news. The murder rate has shot way up under Barry with some of the worst gun violence ever seen. Loughner, the Denver theatre shooting, the New Town Massacre and now the Boston Marathon Bombing. Guns, knives, bombs; what’s next the LSDing of the water supply. Ban all that stuff I say.

In emulation Of George of the Towers Boston was completely shut down for a day or two while the Army called in with armored vehicles spending tens of millions of dollars to track down one lone individual who apparently was holed up in a beached boat in some guys back yard with a bullet through the throat. A new high in hysteria.

People were warned to lock their doors and not come out no matter whether the house was on fire or not. So maybe a hundred million dollars was either spent or lost in business while the US Army and combined Boston area police forces worried about a 19 year old who must have been bleeding to death in some guys backyard with a bullet through his throat.

Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest have a lot in common.

Well, to mention all the peccadilloes of Barry the Iniquitous would be time consuming and outside the borders of this discussion so I’m going to have to close the borders of this inquiry and fence errant thoughts out, and all their kin too.

Actually Barry should have been fenced out. Poor frustrated Alan Keyes shouted at Barry when running for US Senator: You weren’t even born in the US. Barry who was a constitutional scholar shouted back: I’m not running for president; I’m running for the Senate, stupid.’ Alan knew better. So we got dumb, dumber and dumbest. Remember the wag who said the people get the president they deserve?

He said it, not me! Leave me alone.

Has Obama Betrayed The Liberals?

Who Says Obama Isn’t Fullfilling His Mission?


R.E. Prindle


Hope It's Not The Last Laugh

     One sometimes wonder what Liberals use for brains.  They are a danger to themselves and the country.  What is all this uncomprehending of Obama’s actions?  Michael Brenner, who should certainly know better, says he feels betrayed because his own expetations that he projected on Obama haven’t been realized.  His expectations were unrealistic founded only on his dreams.  It isn’t like there weren’t legions of people incredulous that a non-entity like Obama would even be considered for the presidency; it wasn’t like throngs of people weren’t saying ‘Just read his autobiography if you want to know what he’ll do; it wasn’t as if the Reverend James David Manning wasn’t screaming ‘Do not elect this long legged Mack Daddy because he will trash your country.’  Your meaning Whites.

     Yea verily, lo and behold, Obama has fulfilled all our prophecies and yet an uncomprehending Liberal like Michael Brenner says he feels ‘betrayed.’  If so it is only his willful delusions that have betrayed him.

     When William Clinton was elected president I began to quake because, yea verily, it was prophesied of old that when the WWII generation were gone their replacements would not be able to govern the country.  Clinton, Bush, Obama, the prophecy has been realized.

     Narcissism as Mike suggests or lack of breadth of mind and understanding as I would suggest.  Narcissist or not Obama is too naive to even begin to understand the problems while too doctrinaire in his attitudes to adapt to them.  The electorate in its wisdom of the common man elected a man with absolutely no qualifications other than the color of his skin which merely gratified their vanity that they weren’t too prejudiced to vote for a Negro.

     We don’t even know if he graduated from college, we don’t know who it was that saw such promise in a mere boy of the streets so as to enter him in the Harvard Law School and pay his way.  Get him elected to the law journal, graduate him to a post of instructor in Constitutional law at the prestigious UChicago, get him elected to the Illinois senate, and based on nothing promoted to the US Senate and miracle of miracles bend every fiber of their existence to elevate this non-entity to the presidency of the United States of America where, who but Liberals expected anything else,  he is implementing a policy of Black reparations Chicago style?  Who expected anything else.

     Betrayal, Michael Brenner?  What betrayal?


What Are We To Make Of Anders Breivik?

What Are We To Make Of Anders Breivik?


R.E. Prindle

     As you undoubtedly know by now a Norwegian, Anders Breivik, recently set off a bomb in Oslo

Gene Robinson

hoping to kill its Liberal president.  We are told this is a heinous crime rather than a justifiable act of war.  The point is that you can drive a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.  Anders Breivik was simply a man who was told to renounce his racial identity by Liberal would be masters and rebelled.

     Now come the hypocrites from out of the woodwork.  A Negro columnist for the Washington Post, Eugene Robinson, opines that:

     The monster who admitted slaughtering at least 76 innocent victims in Norway was animated by the same blend of paranoia, xenophobia and alienation that fuels anti-Moslem sentiment in the United States.  Yes, it could happen here.

     I agree with Mr. Robinson that not only could it happen here but it most certainly will happen here.  When you create ‘paranoia’ in a man by standing before him with an iron rod in your hand demanding that he renounce his heritage it not only could but should happen here, in Europe or anywhere.  Are you nuts, Gene?

     Breivik’s act was merely an opening Aryan salvo in a Moslem war of Liberals that is Gene Robinson’s creation.

     Gene then goes on to compare Breivik withy the US citizen Timothy McVeigh.  One wonders what Gene is smoking or shooting.  Does he know why Timothy McVeigh perpetrated his horrendous deed?  Does Gene Robinson of the gilded blinders have a clue?

     Unless he is totally obtuse or in drug induced euphoria he may recall that McVeigh’s crime was a revenge for a Presidential crime in Waco, Texas.  If you remember David Koresh had a religious commune that Mr. Bill, Suck This, Clinton hated.  Because Pres. Clinton hated Koresh so much he called in the Army to exterminate the commune in a manner reminiscent of Hitler’s attempted extermination of the Jews.

     In 1956 when Soviet tanks rolled into Hungary we were horrified at this wanton use of force against innocent rebels.  And yet when the tanks rolled into Waco not one single voice was raised in protest at this unnecessary use of force.  As Koresh’s compound was torched a wall of applause was sounded.  Must have made the Hungarians feel good to have  support from such a people.

     What was Koresh’s offence?  It is said, we have the government’s word for it, no pictures, that Koresh was having sex with underage communicants.  Bill, Here Honey, Put This In Your Mouth, Clinton was horrified, or envious, you decide which.  So Bill just decided to burn those children rather than have them suffer the embraces of that other pervert.

     There were many of us who were horrified at Clinton’s wanton act of genocide against some harmless religious fanatics who would have harmed no one.  No One.

     Unlike Moslems who blow up 100 plus story buildings full of human beings Koresh and his followers hurt NO ONE.  No One.

     And while we’re on the subject, or as Gene is on the subject what is his response to Eric ‘My People’ Holder and his overseer Barack Obama?  The Dynamic Duo say they are not going to uphold the law when it involves Negroes.  Gene?  Your comment?

     Perhaps Gene would enlighten us as to his opinions on the wholesale slaughter of Whites by his fellow Africans in South Africa.  Paranoia Gene?  Xenophobia?  C’mon Gene, let’s here you justify it or perhaps you can direct me to your columns where you deplore this racist mayhem?   You won’t get flak from your Liberal friends no matter how ridiculous your defense.

     Really, Gene Robinson, your hypocrisy disgusts us all, not only me.  But tell me, if Mr. Breivik is a monster who after all only killed Whites that Moslem are raping at the rate of ten a day or so, what about this Moslem fellow in the US Army who gunned down a couple dozen of his fellow ‘American’ soldiers, not a Moslem in the bunch.  Was he a blend of paranoia, xenophobia and alienation?

     Gene, Gene, over here.  I’m anxious to read your explanation.  Write another column.

The Triumph Of The Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere?


The Triumph Of The

Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere?


R.E. Prindle


     The main issue in Leslie H. Gelb’s article linked above is recognizing the changes ‘globalism’ has wrought, incorporating them into our thinking acting intelligently thereon.

     Mr. Gelb’s closing line is:

     The key power variables will not be the resolve or committment of the man or woman in the White House, but whether the American economy rises again and whether China’s slows down.

      In that case the future is known.  There is no possible way for the non-economy of the US to rise.  The fact is, and this should be inescapable to any who run, is that the US has no manufacturing.  Without manufacturing there can be no economy.  The Global Money Trust has transferred that to China where slave labor makes competition impossible without compensating wage tariffs.  To re-establish the American economy isn’t even under consideration.

      Interest rates in the US have been kept near zero for the benefit of the Global Money Trust as we were led to believe this alone would stimulate the economy.  A decade later unemployment has skyrocketed while all the low interest rates do is punish retirees, the savers, the wise or, at least, once wise.

      There is no reason for China’s economy to falter.

     As for the character of the man in the White Houose look at what has happened over the soon to be last twenty years.  Twenty years of treason at the hands of the GMT.  Eight years of Clinton, eight more of Bush and four of Obama will have reduced the United States from splendor to squalor.

     The three presidents have been mere employees of the GMT.  The last, Obama, has been reduced to a mere talking head, a shirt front.  He has been traveling constantly since elected so that he can’t possibly be directing the government. 
So who is?  The Global Money Trust.

     What reason do we have to believe that the next and the next presidents won’t also be employees of the GMT?  We can be assured that they will be.  If anyone of ‘character’ should decide to run we may equally be assured that he will not be elected.

     So articles like Mr. Gelb’s, though well written, are meaningless gabble.  The suppositions on which he bases his arguments are false.  The conditions he hypothesizes do not exist.

     While it is true that the above ground political situation may b e as he hypothesizes, the underground GMT will continue to direct affairs to its liking.  The future then must be a replica of the past twenty years.  Power will continue to accrue to China; Europe and America will continue to become impoverished.

     It is not clear to me what the end result, China as No. 1 power, the rest of the world subservient or, as in the case of Africa, annexed means unless China  itself is pulling the strings with the GMt leading to its triumph by bloodless conquest.

     At any rate it is time to cease acting on old political attitudes and addressing the new political realities on their own terms.  Or,  perhaps that is exactly what the GMT is doing while playing charades above ground.

     Perhaps this is the realziation of the Japanese dream of the Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere a hundred years on.  It’s not that those canny Orientals are inscrutable it is that the West lives with its head in the sand refusing to accept realities.

Barry And The Stealth Bomber


Barry And The Stealth Bomber


R.E. Prindle


     It is a little early to piece together Obama”s appointments.  One thing that is clear is that any change will not be in a direction away from the last sixteen years but further in that direction..  My own view is that Bush was a mere continuation of policies dating at least to the beginning of the Clinton Administration if not to that of the first Bush, with a slightly different focus.

     Had the World Trade Center not been bombed and Bush forced into wars not of his own making the dissimilarities betwen his and Clinton’s administrations might not be so striking.  Remember he was in a class of kindergartners in Florida when the Towers were bombed.

     Certainly the ‘No Child Left Behind’ nonsense is one with the Clintons.  That brings us to the update of ‘No Child Left Behind’ Obama’s choic of an Education Secretary.  It ever there was a makework job this is it.

     Barry has chosen a Chicago crony (basketball buddy in new speak) by the name of Arne Duncan.  Thus the trail leads back to the Chicago Annenberg Challenge in which Barry was able to squander 100 million dollars with no results.  What was Duncan’s role then?

     The CAC leads back to Barry’s cronyship with Bomber Billy Ayers.  As we all know the Bomber is the driving force behind educational theory in Chicagoland but I guess Barry lacked the cojones to appoint the Bomber directly.

     At any rate it appears that Arne Duncan accepts the Bomber as his mentor as well as does Barry.

     The Pederast Party of which Barry is now the ‘elected’ representative as President has quickly zoned in on those beloved cute little five year olds.  ‘No child’s behind left alone.’

     Indeed, Arne (may I?) is busy settup up schools for homosexual youth in Chicago.  We may expect to see a few hundred in the US within the next couple years if the Empire holds together.  Screw the economy, five year olds first.

     If Barry, Arne and the Bomber are successful they may be able to turn the whole country gay within a few years.  Once those five year olds learn to turn it up pederasty will be just another form of ‘acceptable’ sex.  A pederast’s paradise.  What is the meaning of the term ‘sex offender’ I wonder?  The age old Homo dream may possibly come true.    Fuck or fail.

     Perhaps Barry is some sort of Black ‘savior’ after all.  Looking for love in all the wrong places.  Unless you’re partial, of course.



The Presidential Job


The Presidential Job

     Anyone who has been watching the role of the Presidency from Clinton to Bush to Obama must have noted the total unresponsiveness to and concern for the the opinion of the electorate.  Public opinion that used to be feared is now totally and fearlessly disregarded.

     A member of the crowd tells Obama he feels immigration should be tightened.  Obama looks him in the eye  and says:  ‘We’ aren’t going to do that.

     Eighty percent of the electorate is opposed to the bailout.  Bush does it anyway but then doesn’t execute it.  We’ve decided to hold onto the money he says. Then opposed to everyone’s wishes he says he’s going to give 25 billion to a commercial concern that cannot earn a profit.

     Who is the ‘We’ of which Obama speaks?

     Obviously the president is no longer the elected president of the people to administer affairs for their benefit.  No, he is the appointee and mere employee of persons unknown who prefer to operate from the shadows.

     True, they do not feel they can expose themselves by dispensing with an election but they can control who will be the candidates and how they will conduct their campaigns to win or lose.

     Obama raises and spends a billion dollars.  A billion dollars!  That job is sure worth something isn’t it?  He didn’t get any billion dollars from small contributors you can bet on that.  McCain all but resigns from the race pulling a Cuban Jack Johnson.  He threw it!

     How much lattitude Obama will get for his pet racist programs depends on how they coincide with those of his employers and those employers are not the people of the United States.  In truth the President of the United States is an enemy of the people.

     So are Congressmen and Senators.  We the People are under no complusion to obey any edicts coming from the Washington controlled by shadow employers.

     The precedent has been set by the Liberals.  The City of San Francisco has openly defied Federal laws. The City of Portland, Oregon has refused cooperation with Federal officers.

     We the People can do no less that the Liberals.  If the will of the People is resisted let those who balk us beware of the consequences.

     Congressmen, Senators and the Excecutive no longer represent us.  They are traitors to us.  They work for employers whose objects are concealed from We the People.  Obey no longer.

Brother Barack Obama And Change 2


Brother Barack Obama And Change 2


R.E. Prindle


America now has one of the highest high school drop out rates in the industrialized world.  By their senior year, American high school students score lower on math and science tests than most of their foreign peers.

Barack Obama

The Audacity Of Hope p. 160


     Certainly in the above quote are a multitude of distortions.  There is no America or Americans per se; there is instead a multitude of racial and cultural identities.  Bill Clinton voicing the Liberal opinion of today has said that America is only an idea.  I cannot pledge allegiance to an idea, expecially an idea in which I have not had a  hand in formulating and don’t accept as true.

     With or without Barry ‘Bama this is a period of change.  One of those changes being wrought is the dissolution of national identities into racial and cultural identities.  Thus Africans throughout the world- Africa, North and South America, Europe, anywhere can be thought of as one unit.  The same with Caucasians, Chinese etc.  Thus the allegiance of the African is to Africans, that of the Chinese to Chinese, that of Caucasians to Caucasians no matter where they reside.  This is one of the major changes we are going through.

     Rather than the obviation of natiionality eliminating conflict, the conflict is merely transferred to one of race or culture.  The scale of warfare has been increased from one of geography to one of peoples.

     Thus for Barry to say America has a high drop out rate is so much nonsense.  One has to say, for instance, that Africans attending the schools of the United States have a high drop out rate and so on.  Thus one finds that Africans and Hispanics have a very high drop out rate while in comparison the Caucasian population of the United States has a much lower drop out rate.  This is the sort of change we must expect and deal with.  Each culture or race must take responsibility for its own actions.

     If more Africans drop out of the high schools in the United States that is a problem that Africans have to address among themselves.  Their problems are no concern of Caucasians nor should the achievements of Caucasians be diminished because of African failure.

     Likewise ‘American’ high school students do not score much worse in math and science than foreigners.  Caucasians are at least equal to the better scoring ‘foreigners’.  This is a fact that Barry has to deal with.  If African schools as Barry specifies are ‘crumbling’ that is because Africans are trashing them not that no money is being spent on them.

     So, Barry should enter the twenty-first century and realize that change must come from within the African community.  Caucasians quite simply have tired of carrying Africans on their backs.  He ain’t my brother and he is mighty heavy.  It is time for Africans to stand on their own.  Yes, Barry, we are looking for change and we want it now.  What is your plan?