Brexit Breaks It



Brexit Breaks It


R.E. Prindle


The rejection of the EU by Britain means the Europeans may have found an entrance to defeat the Semitic takeover of Europe. The key to the European problem, of course, is Sweden. A couple decades back a Jewish woman by the name of Barbara Spectre founded a key subversive organization she named Paideia. Paideia is a Greek term for education. So the Jews purloined an Aryan term to disguise Semitic purposes.

Spectre not only formed the organization in Sweden she got the Swedish government to fund its own demise. Why Sweden would fund a Jewish organization when Jews are not only quite capable of funding their own organizations but all of Sweden.

The purpose of Spectre’s Paideia is to undermine European culture thereby continuing Freud’s work. This is its announced goal. Spectre is revolted by the magnificent scientific achievements of nineteenth century Europe and is determined to stop Aryan superiority.

Her announced goal then, in her terms, is to put ‘Jewish knowledge’ on a par with European knowledge. That is, she admits Jewish intellectual inferiority. Put in European terms what Spectre want is to give the Jewish Talmud equal credence with European Science. One almost dies laughing at the notion of placing Jewish superstition on the same level as Science.

Is it a coincidence then that by funding Spectre’s Paideia Sweden has been led to embrace unlimited third world immigration? Having been befuddled by Spectre’s Paideia Sweden then led the European movement to take in all of South-East Asian Semites and Africa thus diluting European culture to the vanishing point while what passes for Jewish culture remains as undiluted as ever. Quite an achievement for Spectre in only twenty years or so. Spectre is a general who has out generaled Napoleon. Napoleon failed to conquer Europe while losing armies while this looney little Jewish lady is on the verge of taking Europe without armies and without losing a single person. One can only say: Bravo!

To have won an election is not to have won the war. Nothing will be implemented for three or four years which leaves plenty of room for maneuvering. There is time to run around end, weaken and defeat the will of the people. Cameron says he is resigning but that won’t take place until October, if it actually happens. These people are as slippery as eels.

Hopefully Britain’s move will be reinforced by the departure of others and perhaps the dissolution of the EU. That would leave each country free to deal with Afro-Asian invasions as they choose. There will undoubtedly by some terrible bloody fighting before the invaders can be killed or expelled but having come that far there is no other choice.

The point is to defeat this latest Jewish attempt to take over Europe. There will be no peace in Europe or the West until the Jews are neutralized, call it quarantined, or what you will.

Carry the good fight forward.


Mexico, Trump And The Holocaust



Mexico, Trump And The Holocaust


R.E. Prindle


John Bussey wrote a WSJ column (6/17/16) ‘The Nazi-Era Papers My ‘Mexican’ Mother Kept.’ It’s meant to tug at our heartstrings and show what beasts we are if we don’t go along with John. Being the WSJ it is an anti-Trump article. The Journal misses no chance to defame Trump.   The article condemns Trump’s questioning of Judge Curiel’s qualifications to try the Trump U case.

Bussey, as with all of the Left, condemns Trump as an unreasonable racist and bigot for doing so. Me smelteth hypocrisy. Just as a point of reference I know I know a retired Federal judge. His opinion is that a judge does not belong to an organization such as La Raza or the KKK and that on that basis Curiel ought to have refused the assignment, born in Indiana as an anchor baby or not. On the bench it would be something like Eichmann being tried by the Jews.

Trump, myself and all concerned citizens should demand that Curiel remove himself from the suit. Obviously he was appointed to be a Mexican version of Judge Roy Bean.

To compound his error, Mr. Bussey somehow associates Trump with Hitler. Bussey himself is an anchor baby, his mother having slipped over the border behind her limping father in 1939. Hence Bussey associates her with Mexicans doing the same. Bussey compares Mexicans fleeing the tyranny of Mexico with his mother fleeing Nazi Germany. Hitler and Trump are compared in Bussey’s line: But even an enlightened society, one ruled by law, can quickly cut across tribal lines, as we see again (my italics) in the dust-up over Judge Curiel and more broadly in this presidential campaign.

I would like to point out to Mr. Bussey that Germany was a very law abiding country; Hitler was law abiding and broke no laws which is something that can’t be said about our current president Barry ‘Executive Order’ Obama. Further the civil war in Germany was between Tribal Jews and Tribal Germans. Think, Mr. Bussey, think.

Nor need I mention that the atrocities committed against the native population of Palestine have all been committed under Jewish laws. The law can be used for good or evil depending on the human legislators, Mr. Bussey.

And then, Mr. Bussey wheels out the tear jerker about his mother speaking English with a heavy German accent nevertheless fighting her way through high school and then courageously attacking the college curriculum ending her life uttering her last words in five different languages.

In clearing her safe deposit box among the few items saved was her old German passport stamped with a big yellow J, we all know what that means, in fact, the story is getting stale. The facts are that neither she nor her parents suffered in any concentration camps. They lived well and comfortably in the US while not only Jews were being killed but White American men were being slaughtered in Africa, Europe and the whole Pacific and the US was consuming all its resources.

While Mr. Bussey will not acknowledge it there is a whole school of scholarship that attributes both WWI and WWII to the machinations of Jewish schemers. Roosevelt, handled by Jews, maneuvered the US into the Pacific war to draw the US into the European or Jewish War. The latter was the ‘Good War’, you know.

But, what does all this have to do with Judge Curiel and Mexico? I don’t really know. You’ll have to write Mr. Bussey at the WSJ to find out. Or, perhaps, there is a Part 2.

Vote Trump

Moment Of Truth



Moment of Truth


R.E. Prindle


The Orlando Massacre appears to be a defining point in current affairs. The Massacre has shocked and demoralized the Liberals and the Obama Administration. The unthinkable has happened. One of their pet Moslems just went off the rails shooting up a whole nightclub killing and maiming a hundred. Not just any nightclub; some society, White or Hetero club would have been understandable. The Boston Marathon bombing should have been more horrible but that killed indeterminate Whites and athletes. The Orlando shooter attacked a holy church of homosexuals thus threatening the Liberals very identity. Too close to home. Orlando therefore must involve a reassessment of Moslems. Worse still the Right and Trump have been vindicated. They’ve been right all through the Liberal self-denial.

Some way must be found to turn around their position while vilifying Trump. Screw the dead and maimed. Trump’s I told you so stance gave them the ammunition they were seeking for the diatribes against him. Rather than hanging their heads in shame for causing the deaths of fifty and the maiming of fifty more they turned their shame and ire on Trump.

The whole world is watching and what message did they get?   I should think their first reaction would be: Where are the White people? The Massacre seemed to reflect a war between Browns. There weren’t even any Blacks involved. So you have an Afghan Brown, born in New York although his mother may have conceived back home, but still an obvious native American murdering other Browns who are homosexuals. God Bless America don’t you think?

At any rate it is a new game going forward. Regardless of the irrelevant opinion of the MSM Trump is in the saddle. He’s ready to ride as the putative sheriff of Dodge. It is now up to him to bring order to his dominion. He must act and be the Man. First the Republican Party. Trump is the Party. He can unify the Party only by one method; that one method, followed by Stalin and Roosevelt in 1936, is a purge of the Party Fossils. He must direct the steps of Fuds like Ryan and McConnell and the rest to the political desert. Out with them. Take control of the Convention. Let them join the Dems or start a new party. Who cares? The Dems won’t want them and no one is going to listen to these demonstrated failures. They are dead men walking, push them into the grave.

Trump must forget old grievances and his injured ego and seize the moment. This is his appointment with destiny. Carpe Diem or take the long walk back to the dugout.

With the Fuds ejected Trump is leading a united Party. There is no other way. They hate him; they cannot be appeased.

Between now and November the Dems are going to shoot their feet off while politically we can expect multiple disasters in the US and Europe fortifying the vote for Trump.

The Moslems too are reaching a critical point. The succession of events are leading to a climax. You can only burn, rape, loot and murder so long until you have to make an overt attempt of usurpation. That time is shortly, probably this year.

For God’s sake Trump, seize your moment. Take the bull by the horns. With the right attitude now it will be a cakewalk to November. Hillary cannot possibly win unless you fold. Carpe Diem.

Obama Rips Trump Over Proposed Muslim Ban



Obama Rips Trump Over Proposed

Muslim Ban


R.E. Prindle


President Obama passionately rebuked critics who say he should condemn terrorists as “radical extremists” saying calling the Islamic State by another name will do nothing to defeat it and could be counter-productive.

–MSN News

And meanwhile violence escalates.


President Obama has always called for an open discussion of race and religion; he has finally stepped up to the microphone to begin it. Unfortunately his speech was so full solecisms he made himself look ridiculous and made Trump look great.

To begin with all ISIL personnel are Moslems, the god all ISILs worship is Allah. The gay club shooter was shouting praise Allah as he shot. If he was unconnected to ISIL then he was just a Moslem religious fanatic. Mr. President, make your lips form the words Radical Islamists.

You, Sir, are trying to turn this into an anti-gay thing that was apparently learned on the internet. So, you are also turning this thing into a plea to shut down the internet so you won’t have to see unpleasant criticism. Let’s stick with the religious for a minute. What we have is an Islamic anchor baby from Afghan Moslem parents. The father believes he is going to be President of Afghanistan. Perhaps not as far fetched as it sounds yet the Boubons are still waiting to attain the throne of France.

The men this Islamist shot up were nearly all Hispanics. The shooter had apparently visited the club several times so he knew the clientele. Hispanics are almost universally Catholic. Moslem’s especially hate Catholics as Christian dogs. Therefore the shooter, crazy, insane or not, killed about three stones with each shot: gay, Catholic, Western. A trifecta of destruction.

What was his reason? Because he is undisputedly Moslem. Now, in the 6/14/16 WSJ Mr. Ayaan Hirst Ali, a Moslem, explains to us all that Moslems are taught to think of homosexuals as the spawn of Satan.

Indeed, he lists all the horrible ways Mohammed teaches the Faithful to treat homosexuals. How they are murdered in the various parts of the Moslem world from East to West and justifies it.

You, yourself, Mr. President were indoctrinated into the Moslem faith, religion or ideology as a youth in Indonesia by your step-father Lolo Soetero. You must know the Moslem attitude toward homosexuals.

Read what Mr. Hirsh Ali says of Moslem belief concerning the treatment of homos:

Under Shariah –Islamic law—those engaging in same-sex sexual acts can be sentenced to death in nearly a dozen countries or in large areas of them: Iran, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Sudan, the northern states of Nigeria, southern parts of Somalia, two provinces in Indonesia, (was one of them yours, Mr. President?) Mauretania, Afghanistan, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates. Death is also the penalty in the territories in Northern Iraq and Syria controlled by ISIS.

Iran is notorious for hanging men accused of homosexual behavior. The Associated Press reports that since 2014 ISIS has executed at least 30 people in Syria and Iraq for being homosexual, including three men who were dropped from the top of a 100-foot building in Mosul in June 2015.

Read the whole article Mr. President, I doubt that it will open your eyes but it may give you some troubled sleep. So stop all this nonsense that being Moslem has nothing to do with slaughtering gay men. Of course it does, you know it as a Moslem, we all know it. Why are you dissimulating?

And finally, Sir, the shooter did not learn his Moslem religion on the internet, he was radicalized in his mosque by his Imam.

Let’s be transparent about this issue, Sir. God Bless Donald Trump and may you enjoy your retirement.

Viva Trump!!!



Viva Trump!


R.E. Prindle



A rather surprising development in the Republican Primary is that both Cruz and Casich threw in the towel in the wake of Trump’s overwhelming win in Indiana.

Not so surprising are the cries and wails of pain from the Trump haters who have spent tens of millions of dollars defaming him. Predictably they are threatening to start a third party to undermine his candidacy. I certainly hope they do, nay, pray they do.

While their intent is to undermine Trump what they would actually do is undermine Hillary or Sanders, whichever comes out on top on the Democratic side. As these terrible people are absolutely opposed to the Trump program the most they could offer is a carbon copy of the Obama-Hillary program already in place that the establishment wing of the Republican Party already endorses. That will hurt Hillary not Trump.

The main problem facing Trump, as I assume he will win the November election, is Obama’s threat that Trump will never be president. Obama is quite correct in fearing a Trump presidency as Trump has every intention of revoking every Executive Order Obama signed.

Overturn the whole lot essentially nullifying the Obama presidency. Obama cannot tolerate being tossed down the historical memory hole. Those grey hairs were earned.

If he is sincere, and I think he is, he has only two options; either assassinate Trump or write an executive order making himself permanent dictator thus refusing to step down.

Perhaps Obama should explain his statement. Sour grapes or what? Is he going to accept a Trump presidency or not?

As for Trump he is going to need an organization of at least a hundred men and women to manage the huge and complicated mess Obama will have left behind. They should be recruited and get to work now planning their course of action during the first year.

Obama has essentially run a spoils system rather than a merit one so those appointees can be dismissed immediately replaced by Trump people. All departments will have to be overhauled while dozens of Obama agencies can be shut down immediately.

Most importantly Trump should organize a propaganda department to equal or surpass that of Obama. There should be a constant stream of articles establishing the administration point of view especially the change of attitude toward trade- the equalization of trade relations. It is very important that the public understand the equalization as well as the equalization of other problems. Equalization of trade and employment comes first.

As regards Mexico there should be equalization of political rights and privileges of Americans to match those granted to Mexicans in the US. Jalisco and other Mexican States are already heavily populated by Americans. These Americans must be given dual citizenship with all the rights accorded native Mexicans. This is our continent not Mexico’s. With Americans elected to important Mexican offices including possibly President equalization can begin in earnest.

Yes, friends, a new sun is rising on a new world. Welcome the Golden Circle.

Viva Trump!!!

America First Is Globalism



America First Is Globalism


R.E. Prindle


The Wall Street Journal continues to amaze. Tuesday, May 3, 2016, p. A11, Bret Stephens posted to his column Global View what I imagine he considers a scathing denunciation of Donald Trump. What Brett doesn’t seem to understand is that there is no particular virtue in globalism. It is merely a state of affairs. Donald Trump is a globalist, I am a globalist, we are all globalists. We have to be, globalism is here and now.

If Bret believes that the Chinese don’t place China First, Africans don’t place Africa First and Moslems Moslems First he is dreaming fantastic dreams. Trump says what everyone else is saying about their peoples; he is saying that yes globalism is here and in that context we have to place America’s interests before everyone else’s interests. The White Man’s Burden has been laid down Bret; let that monkey ride someone else’s back. In a dog eat dog’s world, Mondo Cane, one has to bark loud and bite hard not roll over and expose one’s tummy. Those who roll over are called pussys, Bret. No one respects them. That is the situation our current leadership, so-called, has placed us.

The problem with you Bret is that you think your interpretation of globalism is the gold standard and there is no other interpretation. Trump has bluntly stated the China First position: they are raping America. With impunity they hack our computers, take whatever information they want, as part of the cyber war. We grouse but make no retaliation even though we have the means to shut their computers down. To defend ourselves, if I interpret you correctly Bret would be a violation of globalism.

Further, China has no more respect for our borders than Mexico. Chinese flood our country with illegals. Bert apparently considers open borders ‘a reasonable immigration policy’. Your opinion and your opinion alone Bert. The better opinion is that no immigration at all is the most reasonable policy. Your opinion is not sacred just because it is your opinion.   You are not the arbiter on immigration.

Bret insultingly says of Trump’s America First position:

Either Mr. Trump stumbled upon his worldview through a dense fog of historical ignorance. Or he is seriously attempting to resurrect the most disastrous and discreditable strain of American foreign policy for a new generation of American ignoramuses.

You willfully misinterpret the phrase America First. First does not mean only. First means to look at international or global affairs considering one’s own welfare as paramount. To impoverish ourselves to enrich others is the height of foolishness. To use your example of England in WWII, the English if they had considered their own welfare first, would never have entered into WWII. That war bankrupted them completely, impoverished them for a whole decade or more, left them a no-rate power and stripped them of their colonial empire and that with the connivance of FDR.

FDR himself stripped the US of its ‘inexhaustible resources’ in the short period of seven years, 1938-45. He gave those resources away for free to enemies like the Soviet Union. Stalin didn’t even say: Thanks, Suckers; he said: You got anything left? as he annexed the whole of Central Europe.

Neither England nor the US had any dog in the Nazi-Communist struggle so how were American Firsters disastrous and by whom were they discredited or, actually, defamed? They couldn’t have been more disastrous then that fool FDR and they were discredited by those who wished the US ill.

Donald Trump probably knows his history better than you do Bret. Better bone up on current scholarship; your understanding is outdated not Trump’s.

Who Benefits If Western Whites War On Eastern Whites?



Who Benefits If Western Whites

War On Eastern Whites?


R.E. Prindle


There seems to be a growing threat of violence between the NATO nations and the Russians. Should such a war be forced between these two White sides who benefits?

Consider! A couple decades ago the Negro Kamau Kambon on public television announced that genocide should be committed on Whites. At the same time the Jew Noel Ignatiev then a full professor at prestigious Harvard University was touring US campuses delivering his sermon that Whiteness had to be eliminated from the planet.   This was with the full approbation of Harvard, he was never disciplined. Ignatiev did this with the full concurrence of the Jewish establishment. No Jewish voice was raised condemning him. He was cheered wildly by campus audiences so they were apparently comfortable with their own extinction.

So, both Negroes and Jews want to see White people wiped from the planet. All White people. Genocide.

Consider again that many reputable scholars believe that the Jews began WWI and WWII in which Whites fought Whites with terrible carnage if not to extinction. Thus if the Jews can foment another war of Whites vs. Whites it will be to extinction.

Since WWII Jews have been advocates of mass immigration to the US and Europe of colored and Moslem populations. In the event of war not only would Whites be fighting Whites but Negroes and Moslems who have successfully invaded Europe and taken over in the US would be enemies within.

In the US Jews, Negroes, Moslems and Mexicans or Hispanics if you prefer would be internal enemies in the US. Mexicans are already in revolt. Who is President of the US? The Negro Barack Obama who invariably favors his own Negroes and who are his apparent coreligionists the Moslems.

The Jews and Negroes are seconded by a large body of White Liberal Quislings in both the US and Europe.

So, let us ask ourselves why is the Negro Obama driving us toward war and who will benefit by such a war? Neither the US or Europe are enemies of the Russians or they us. Russia does not want war yet Obama is provoking the Russians to war as hard as possible.

Consider! Obama has said that presidential candidate Donald Trump will never be president. This is reputed to be a democracy so how could Obama prevent a duly elected Trump from being president. What does he mean when he says Trump will never be president? Only by violence, only by a coup in which he seizes the government permanently and prevents Trump from taking office.

We have been forewarned. The Jews and Negroes want to see us dead. They have the means to do so. They have the will. They are acting now.

I am reasonably certain that Trump will be elected. What then will he do? What will we do if Obama refuses to step down?

Well, arrest him.

Vote Trump or vote for your own extinction. Those are your two choices. Do the right thing, Vote Trump.

The US-Mexican War Of 2016 Begins



US-Mexican War Of 2016 Begins


The Battle of Orange County Fairgrounds


R.E. Prindle


How far will the Mexican government go to prevent Donald Trump from being elected president? Reports surfaced a few weeks ago of a determined campaign to register Mexican nationals occupying the US to vote against Trump.

One must ask the question is the Mexican government behind the military style action against the Trump rally in Orange County? Here the combatants a paramilitary unit organized by the Mexican government to attack the Trump rally?

Combatants claimed that the streets belonged to them. In other words they had successfully occupied US territory in their own eyes. This must mean that whatever streets they have claimed are now a no-go zone for Americans. The streets and the area they enclose are a Mexican national colony. Indeed the paramilitary troops arrived with Mexican flags flying. Doesn’t that seem clear to you?

Who are you going to believe: the Liberals or your lyin’ eyes? Go for your lyin’ eyes folks. The invasion is real.

Shouldn’t the Mexican consulates by closed and their staffs ejected? Doesn’t it appear that the Mexican government is terrified that Trump will actually close the border disrupting their plans? I’m sure they are.

Stop calling these military style battles riots; stop calling the paramilitary troops protestors.

This was the Battle of the Orange County Fairgrounds in an attempt to control the election in the neighboring country of the US. Who is going to seat the next president of the US, Mexican paramilitaries or dedicated US citizens? End no-go area now. Regain control of the streets of America by any means necessary.

Invade Mexico

An Open Letter To The Editors Of The Wall Street Journal



An Open Letter To The Editors

Of The Wall Street Journal

Let’s Get This Straight About The Election


R.E. Prindle


In an unsigned article today (4/21/16) an unknown editor afraid to sign his name attempts to lay down the law for the electorate. The Oracle of the Elite speaks. He essentially says Reince Priebus and the RNC and whoever is backing him that they are going to do whatever they please in the selection of the Republican candidate and if we don’t like it we can stuff it.

This historical moron of an editor quotes nineteenth century procedures as though they apply to today.

For his info those procedures ended in 1960 when the media or whoever inaugurated the new era of the idiotic television debates took over. Trump understands media. The candidates no longer controlled their campaigns but were forced into a straight jacket on TV. The old ‘rules’ no longer apply. Since then the candidate has been chosen by popular vote in the primaries.   If Trump has the popular vote by many millions he is the candidate. He has run the course, invested his time and money and no nancy boy of the stripe of Boehner and Ryan is going to replace him. The editor may have a soft spot for the soft boys but we don’t. One nance as president is enough. He’s over in Saudi Arabia selling us out to his Moslems.

With all due respect the Republican hierarchy is composed of morons living in a distant past. The only candidate that can be elected in November is Trump. In case you morons don’t know it at least thirty percent of registered Democrats are going to jump the party line, perhaps more. As registered Democrats they just can’t vote Trump in the primaries. If you will note the Democratic interest is way down; Republican interest is way up. It’s not because of you dodos. Get a clue.

There is no question but that Trump is going to redirect the political trajectory from the absolutely failed policies you idiots have been forcing on us. Read the writing on the wall for Christ’s sake. What it is telling you in this election is to stuff it.

You say: The ‘rule’ in both parties’ nomination conventions throughout US history is simple. The delegates make the decisions and the majority rules. The majority, no more, no less.

Here’s the reality you have shown us, there aren’t any rules. Your motto is simply Stop Trump by any means necessary. Your campaign of vitriol, uncivil language including death threats, and undisguised hatred of Trump has disregarded all rules and even common decency. Do you have any idea how you come across on TV and in print?

The absolutely evil debating system you creeps devised that was designed solely to embarrass and defile Trump failed. What Trump represents, which reflects the majority view, repudiates your criminal designs. Now remember according to you the majority rules.

Back room selections at conventions went out in 1960. Your view of history as one continuous unbroken tradition is erroneous. Your generalization has no foundation and is false. You have spent hundreds of millions of dollars in a foul defamation campaign against your own best bet and it has failed. Yet you persist in your folly. How thick can you be? Trump has spent next to nothing proving that money is not the sole criterion for election. Brings tears to your eyes, doesn’t it?

You boys don’t have a nancy boy equal to the task; look what happened to Rubio. Give it up and come out of the toilet for a breath of fresh air.

Get behind Trump morons. It is the rule for the party to back its only candidate who can win in November.

Mary O’ Grady On Crime And Criminals



Mary O’ Grady On Crime And Criminals


R.E. Prindle


One wonders if the writers at the Wall Street Journal are visiting the planet from a parallel universe where they do things differently. For instance Miss Mary Anastasia O’ Grady has contributed her opinion on ‘Trump’s Crumbling Wall Plan’. (WSJ. 4/11/16 p. A11)

Obviously she’s talking about our neighbors to the South of that old fashioned term Border who clearly have no respect for international conventions and laws, both as people and the government. That’s why they’re called illegals in the US. Sometimes a country should be concerned with how many and who are knocking on heaven’s door- El Paridiso EU.

In three amusing sentences Mary writes:

If voter surveys are correct, Trump supporters are largely native-born and economically aggrieved. As such they are susceptible to ultra-nationalistic attacks on foreign countries. Mexico is the perfect whipping boy.

Hey, now, slow down Mary. Your conditional ‘if’ is a mighty big conditional which you seem to accept as true from what follows that if. Certainly Trump’s supporters are ‘largely’ native-born, that is legal citizens who are having their lives unpleasantly disrupted by people, ‘largely Mexican’, who appear to have no respect for the laws of the US. Since they are breaking those laws that ‘largely’ makes them criminals. Yet you applaud these millions of criminals who illegally enter the US and want no interference in their committing this crime.

Now, what does that say about you Mary?

And now, ‘economically aggrieved.’ Yes, I suppose many people who have seen their jobs shipped to lower wage Mexico are aggrieved but then you aren’t faulting them for that? Where you haid Mary? I myself am not economically aggrieved but I’m sure there is some other reason for supporting Trump. Psychotic? Knuckle dragger? Domestic terrorist?

Don’t you think it’s odd that in this election year Massa Barry has stopped talking about domestic terrorists? No matter, the last I heard he had no patience for some offender, I forget who.

You follow with this line: As such they are susceptible to ultra-nationalist attacks on foreign countries.

That one really boggles my mind and, I, for one, have never attacked countries. Mainly because no country has ever attacked me. I do attack individuals, intellectually speaking of course, and in these attacks I do not discriminate by nationality. Merkel, Soros, Sarkozy, Cameron, they’re all one to me and fair game at that. Don’t they just want to make you scream, Mary? But whipping Mexico? Never, Dear One, Never.

And finally Mary, and perhaps at last, you do not appear to have noticed how Massa Barry, that old slave driver, has creatively used the executive order to override laws, decency and the Constitution of the United States. And his masterful diplomacy, oh Lord, in Libya, Syria and adjacent States. Oh my, it makes me proud to watch old Six-gun Barry in action. Constitution? He don’t need no steenking Constitution.

To think Trump could say he wants to put US interests first!!! Damme, let’s not sell the country to China, let’s give it to them.

Everyone’s entitled to their opinion though Mary. You’ve got yours and us knuckle draggers and Trump supporters have ours.