The Civil War Never Ended

The Civil War Never Ended


R.E. Prindle


Considerable evidence exists to show that the Civil War began in England in 1066 when Big Bill Norman stepped ashore at Hastings with his hordes and pasted the natives. The Normans, named after Big Bill known in those days as William the Conqueror but now edited to meet current standards proceeded to enslave the Anglo-Saxons who had been lounging around the area holding the territory for the Normans. The Anglo-Saxons considered their enslavement a betrayal. A fierce debate concerning this so-called betrayal is still raging. The reader is invited to make up his own mind. Get a few more facts first.

Over there in East Anglia, on the East side of England, this slavery bit, iron collars and all did not go down well. A great deal of resentment was stored away. This was before the days of psychoanalysis so it went into their unconscious but not all that deep. This resentment blazed up in 1600 something when the East Anglians rose up and slew the good King Charlie the One. Old resentments die hard and a lot harder than you think. A lesson to be borne in mind.

The fight would have been contained on English shores but for the fact that the New World had been discovered shortly before Charlie’s head hit the basket, or he dangled, I forget which but when you’re dead how important is it? Escaping Charlie’s and his dad Jim’s oppression, real or imagined, a couple decades before a largish body of East Anglians now going by the name of Puritans fled across the big water, much bigger then when boats were slower, while sometimes not arriving at all, to land on the sparsely populated shore that they named New Anglia and that became New England.

Well, wouldn’t you just know it? No sooner were they getting settled than this fellow Cromwell from Old Anglia killed Charlie and seized England. Now the Anglo-Saxon ruled the roost and those damn Normans, now going by the name of Cavaliers, had to hightail it across the water too.

They now, in their turn, crossed over to the New World but veered South and formed the colony of Virginia, named after an English queen of doubtful virtue, don’t let the name fool you. It’s true that Charlie was a Scot and not a Norman but as nothing was named after him in the New World, it didn’t matter.

So, now, here is one of the great overlooked facts of history. The Puritans of New England were glaring almost eyeball to eyeball at the Cavaliers. I have no doubts they would have gone to war right away if the older colony of New Amsterdam, now New York, Old York is North of East Anglia in the Old Country, had it not been blocking the way.

But there was blood in the eye of the unforgiving Anglians. They stewed, their resentment festered. Then the Norman’s enslaved some savage Negroes from Africa. There, the Anglians thought, they went and did it again. It was a habit not a one off. But this time the Anglians were going to get those bastards and get them good. Kill them all.

Well, to make a long story medium long the Anglos began working up a head of steam about slavery even though they were not pure themselves. It wasn’t so much that they cared about the Africans, hell, they were just a bunch of savages anyway, but that slavery bit…if you know what I mean. We was slaves too and we’re not going to tolerate slavery now. If the Jews had been there in numbers it would have been quite a gathering of ex-slaves and slaves. A monster convention.

So the Anglians whipped up the bloodiest war there ever was and by force of excessive numbers, conscripting a whole lot of people who didn’t have a dog In the fight, they drove Old Dixie down. Yes, sir. They drove Old Dixie down. If you think that was enough for the Anglians, it wasn’t. They wanted to kill off the whole damn lot of those Normans, cum Cavaliers and any other White men who got conscripted, no distinctions. Justice is justice, yes, sir. Stern justice. Remember that. The field of Hasting’s will not be forgot although I don’t think it was mentioned at that time. I just made an historical interpolation, that’s all.

Well, those damn Yankees would’ve murdered the Southern Chivalry for sure except for, if you remember, New York was in the way, as well as Pennsylvania that had been added later. Cooler heads prevailed so the Yankees were reduced to imposing Reconstruction. They stripped that Chivalry of all weapons and denuded them of all rights and then made them subjects of their former Negro, African, dark slaves. Racist minds considered this an indignity, but the Negroes enjoyed it.

Yankee power would fade after a while and while Dixie didn’t rise again the White Folks would break their hold and bring their own heads level with their shoulders again. After another little while they had a silent revolution that was called Jim Crow and regained control of their country. Oddly enough they aligned themselves with their New England enemies and became the Democratic Party. Republicans had left a bad odor in the land.

Now, where was I? Oh yea, Jim Crow, believe it or not but the Rebs imposed Jim Crow on the whole of the United States. Then Jim Crow came to a crashing end in 1954, no whimper there, when the Negroes and their Northern allies staged a bloodless coup, a legal decision called Brown v. the Board of Education, something like that. Yes, sir, Jim Crow was over and the Liberal occupation of America began. Another revolution of sorts. Not unlike the first Reconstruction, the disenfranchisement of Whites began. You was with ‘em or you was Nazis. Yes, sir. The Yankees and allies became the Party of Virtue while any who objected to the occupation was of the Party of Evil, styled Nazis after the Party that fought Communism in the Old World.

The Party of Virtue had it their way, no matter what Party occupied the White House until 2016 when the game went wrong somehow. It wasn’t supposed to be that way but it was. The Virtue Party has kicked against the pricks, refused to accept the voice of Democracy that said they had overstepped the bounds. The Virtue party however became unvirtuous and would not accept the will of the country. Democracy or no democracy they should have won, they thought and said, hell, they even rebelled in the streets, they made Sumter look like child’s play. It is too early to tell, but maybe the Second Reconstruction is over and on the National level the Johnny Rebs are back in control.

As you can see, there is nothing new here, the war goes on, only the weapons change. What began in 1066 in England is still being fought out today. Will it end here? Nobody knows. The wheel of fortune is still spinning, the vagaries of history is still happening. My only hope is that it will be the best thing for the country. This I do know, it won’t be right if it comes from those Damn Yankees.


Battle Cry

Battle Cry


R.E. Prindle

When did our national discourse become so consumed with the state of our national discourse? Rarely has so much public dialogue been dedicated to arguing over what can’t be said, who can’t say it and just how they shouldn’t put it. It has always been politically profitable to frame your opponents’ rhetoric as irrational, cruel, even dangerous. But our now-constant public skirmishes over speech have moved to another level entirely: These days, the closer you can situate your opponents’ words to actual violence, the better.

When James Hodgkinson opened fire at a Republican congressional baseball practice in June—wounding Representative Steve Scalise of Louisiana among others—he was killed in the attack and left no manifesto to explain his actions. But the shooting immediately became, for many, a chilling example of the consequences of someone else’s rhetoric, and commentators raced to track down who that “someone” might be.

A Newsweek headline asked if “anti-Trump” rhetoric inspired the shooter…

Amanda Hess NYT

Magazine 8/20/17

This post concerns a discussion on Michael Sellers’ Facebook page.  It should be of interest.

Cc: Johannes Rebhan, Alan Derian, Ian Hawke, Scott Rosen

Gentlemen: In reply to your comments I had written a reasoned comment that attempted to deal with facts and historical opinion. However, since reading your comments among others on Michael Sellers’ post of the last couple days of scurrilous ad hominems and defamation I didn’t think you deserved it while it would be futile as you refuse to answer arguments preferring to resort to slander. Therefore I am going to tell you how you appear to an intelligent reader of your comments.

Scott Rosen is a mere thug with a mouthful of canards and insults. In addition he is not so bright as he spells the Adolf of Hitler Adolph with a ph. Scott is no longer welcome on my site.

Next, let’s consider Alan Derian. His reply was very interesting because he cleverly manages to threaten me with dire consequences if I don’t fall in line without exposing himself to the casual reader as he says it is my choice whether I want to be beaten or whatever thereby exculpating himself.

His comment is very well composed, he obviously knows what he is doing.


OK, RE. Before anyone else reacts to your last discussion about the science of the abilities of the races, let me address two points.


Here Alan admits that there is a science that addresses the relative abilities of the races. This is an important point because he admits that there are races and that they have differing abilities.

As an aside the Liberals on Seller’s thread always speak of scientific disciplines as if that knowledge is wholly different and separate from other knowledge. They speak of scientists as though they were a different race, almost alien, rather than merely someone whose specialty is physics or chemistry etc.. In point of fact anyone with the necessary intelligence can take up a scientific specialty although those who excel at them possess superior qualities and are few.

Scientific disciplines are one thing while the use of the scientific method is available to anyone and applicable to any task. When I was in college we were told to not take the course information too seriously but if we got the method that was the point. I got the method. You Ian, although a fine fellow do not have the method although you have an overweening self-confidence in your opinions.

Alan then continues:

Quote: First, you are correct in saying that in Communist countries opposing speech was censored and how America is supposed to be different [exceptional] and allow free speech. But that term “free speech” is a misnomer. America has freer speech, it has a wide range (of) what kind of speech it allows, BUT, all countries, in order to survive, must enforce their core values and reject and suppress those who work to undermine those values.


As we all know, America is a diverse society of many cultures each vying for dominance. Aryan culture did not inhibit the speech of any culture or political point of view. In other words whatever core values the Aryan society of the nineteenth century possessed and expected all immigrants to accept has now been split into competing cultures with different core values who wish to inhibit speech. So, Mr. Derian leaves open as to which core values he is referring to. As he here offers a tactic of the Jewish culture, which has no provision for free speech or conscience, it is obvious to which diversity Mr. Derian belongs and whose core values he wants to protect.

As Judaism is a semi-autonomous culture, as now are the Negro and Moslem cultures, while he seemingly speaks for Americans in general or universally his concern is for Jewish core values. In the struggle for cultural supremacy the Jews at present are leading the rest. Mr. Derian is also an Israeli citizen; a dual citizen who carries an Israeli passport or can obtain one but it is an important consideration. One needn’t ask where his primary loyalty lies.

Now, these White demonstrators characterized as Nazis by Mr. Derian are specifically guarding the core values of the Aryan population of the US. As Mr. Derian points out they must do this or be submerged. The problem is that they are competing with Jews, Negroes, Moslems on the same basis. Quite obviously they are the enemies of Mr. Derian and his Jews and vice versa. Virtue is not the issue here as all are fighting for the same cause but who they are. There is no possible way of faulting the Aryans without faulting Negroes, Jews and Moslems.
The Aryans were also shouting, according to reports: The Jews will not replace us. Given the competition for supremacy between the Jews and others this is a legitimate war cry. They are also reported as shouting Blood and Soil. As their core values, which Mr. Derian admits must be defended by any means necessary are based on blood as are Mr. Derian’s Jews as well as the Negroes, not so much the Moslems, and soil which means that as they are Americans they have no other soil to claim. This is not the case with Mr. Derian and his fellow Jews. Anywhere they hang their yarmulke is home to them.

Now, Mr. Derian says that ‘free speech’ is a misnomer and that in defense of a culture’s core values anyone who challenges them can be forcibly shut up by any means necessary. This is strange, as Mr. Derian then invokes the Constitution of the United States which guarantees unrestricted freedom of speech as well as assembly and has been confirmed by the recent decision of the Supreme Court as a core value of the United States. Mr. Derian is subjecting himself to a forcible rebuke.

He then quotes the words “all men are created equal” from the Constitution out of context and says that this is a core value that must never be attenuated as if a mere phase could be attenuated. He neglects to complete the sentence to: “in regard to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” There is no reference to preference of certain people. The rest of the sentence changes the meaning imputed by Mr. Derian as the evidence for all men being created equal makes it an oxymoron. Quite obviously all men are not created equal as a certain percentage of births are stigmatized with often horrible birth defects.

Further, in the broader sense, Mr. Derian has already admitted that there is a science of racial differences which implies that all men are not only not created equal but those differences persist throughout life.   Thus, Mr. Derian is hoist by his own petard.

For Mr. Derian it is enough to impose his opinion on US law even though no laws support his points.

Thus while other countries have draconian laws to protect ‘their ‘ core’ values, one of which in most European countries is to never, never criticize the Jews or their interpretations of the holocaust and WWII or you will be put in concentration camps called prisons and have at least a portion of your assets confiscated. It should be clear whose core values take precedence both in the US and Europe and that those values are not endemic to any European country.

The difference in the US, he says, is people might lose their jobs, that is, their means of subsistence, get screamed at by counter-protestors, that is, competing cultures, deprived of their core value of free, not freer, speech and otherwise to be made to feel bad. That is defamation, insults, directed hatred, which, one imagines are acts of tough love to bring the deluded in line.

To cap his climax Mr. Derian makes this dire threat, which one is led to believe is backed by the full force of the Jews and their auxiliaries.


Bottom line: all men are created equal. Not all men are more or less created the same depending on your race, gender, sexual orientation, or religion. Men. Equal. Period. You either adopt that or you get crapped on. Your choice.


So, Mr. Derian ends his diatribe with the threat that you either go along with his and the Jews’ program or they will fuck you over like you have never been fucked over before. Your choice: On your knees before your masters, slaves, or what happens to you you have brought on yourself. Your masters are free of guilt; you have been warned.

So, American democracy has come to that. The Jews are staged to replace Whites and the Aryan demonstrators were quite right to chant Jews Will Not Replace Us. That, does however, remain to be seen. The war is on, not over.

Mexico, Trump And The Holocaust



Mexico, Trump And The Holocaust


R.E. Prindle


John Bussey wrote a WSJ column (6/17/16) ‘The Nazi-Era Papers My ‘Mexican’ Mother Kept.’ It’s meant to tug at our heartstrings and show what beasts we are if we don’t go along with John. Being the WSJ it is an anti-Trump article. The Journal misses no chance to defame Trump.   The article condemns Trump’s questioning of Judge Curiel’s qualifications to try the Trump U case.

Bussey, as with all of the Left, condemns Trump as an unreasonable racist and bigot for doing so. Me smelteth hypocrisy. Just as a point of reference I know I know a retired Federal judge. His opinion is that a judge does not belong to an organization such as La Raza or the KKK and that on that basis Curiel ought to have refused the assignment, born in Indiana as an anchor baby or not. On the bench it would be something like Eichmann being tried by the Jews.

Trump, myself and all concerned citizens should demand that Curiel remove himself from the suit. Obviously he was appointed to be a Mexican version of Judge Roy Bean.

To compound his error, Mr. Bussey somehow associates Trump with Hitler. Bussey himself is an anchor baby, his mother having slipped over the border behind her limping father in 1939. Hence Bussey associates her with Mexicans doing the same. Bussey compares Mexicans fleeing the tyranny of Mexico with his mother fleeing Nazi Germany. Hitler and Trump are compared in Bussey’s line: But even an enlightened society, one ruled by law, can quickly cut across tribal lines, as we see again (my italics) in the dust-up over Judge Curiel and more broadly in this presidential campaign.

I would like to point out to Mr. Bussey that Germany was a very law abiding country; Hitler was law abiding and broke no laws which is something that can’t be said about our current president Barry ‘Executive Order’ Obama. Further the civil war in Germany was between Tribal Jews and Tribal Germans. Think, Mr. Bussey, think.

Nor need I mention that the atrocities committed against the native population of Palestine have all been committed under Jewish laws. The law can be used for good or evil depending on the human legislators, Mr. Bussey.

And then, Mr. Bussey wheels out the tear jerker about his mother speaking English with a heavy German accent nevertheless fighting her way through high school and then courageously attacking the college curriculum ending her life uttering her last words in five different languages.

In clearing her safe deposit box among the few items saved was her old German passport stamped with a big yellow J, we all know what that means, in fact, the story is getting stale. The facts are that neither she nor her parents suffered in any concentration camps. They lived well and comfortably in the US while not only Jews were being killed but White American men were being slaughtered in Africa, Europe and the whole Pacific and the US was consuming all its resources.

While Mr. Bussey will not acknowledge it there is a whole school of scholarship that attributes both WWI and WWII to the machinations of Jewish schemers. Roosevelt, handled by Jews, maneuvered the US into the Pacific war to draw the US into the European or Jewish War. The latter was the ‘Good War’, you know.

But, what does all this have to do with Judge Curiel and Mexico? I don’t really know. You’ll have to write Mr. Bussey at the WSJ to find out. Or, perhaps, there is a Part 2.

Vote Trump

America First Is Globalism



America First Is Globalism


R.E. Prindle


The Wall Street Journal continues to amaze. Tuesday, May 3, 2016, p. A11, Bret Stephens posted to his column Global View what I imagine he considers a scathing denunciation of Donald Trump. What Brett doesn’t seem to understand is that there is no particular virtue in globalism. It is merely a state of affairs. Donald Trump is a globalist, I am a globalist, we are all globalists. We have to be, globalism is here and now.

If Bret believes that the Chinese don’t place China First, Africans don’t place Africa First and Moslems Moslems First he is dreaming fantastic dreams. Trump says what everyone else is saying about their peoples; he is saying that yes globalism is here and in that context we have to place America’s interests before everyone else’s interests. The White Man’s Burden has been laid down Bret; let that monkey ride someone else’s back. In a dog eat dog’s world, Mondo Cane, one has to bark loud and bite hard not roll over and expose one’s tummy. Those who roll over are called pussys, Bret. No one respects them. That is the situation our current leadership, so-called, has placed us.

The problem with you Bret is that you think your interpretation of globalism is the gold standard and there is no other interpretation. Trump has bluntly stated the China First position: they are raping America. With impunity they hack our computers, take whatever information they want, as part of the cyber war. We grouse but make no retaliation even though we have the means to shut their computers down. To defend ourselves, if I interpret you correctly Bret would be a violation of globalism.

Further, China has no more respect for our borders than Mexico. Chinese flood our country with illegals. Bert apparently considers open borders ‘a reasonable immigration policy’. Your opinion and your opinion alone Bert. The better opinion is that no immigration at all is the most reasonable policy. Your opinion is not sacred just because it is your opinion.   You are not the arbiter on immigration.

Bret insultingly says of Trump’s America First position:

Either Mr. Trump stumbled upon his worldview through a dense fog of historical ignorance. Or he is seriously attempting to resurrect the most disastrous and discreditable strain of American foreign policy for a new generation of American ignoramuses.

You willfully misinterpret the phrase America First. First does not mean only. First means to look at international or global affairs considering one’s own welfare as paramount. To impoverish ourselves to enrich others is the height of foolishness. To use your example of England in WWII, the English if they had considered their own welfare first, would never have entered into WWII. That war bankrupted them completely, impoverished them for a whole decade or more, left them a no-rate power and stripped them of their colonial empire and that with the connivance of FDR.

FDR himself stripped the US of its ‘inexhaustible resources’ in the short period of seven years, 1938-45. He gave those resources away for free to enemies like the Soviet Union. Stalin didn’t even say: Thanks, Suckers; he said: You got anything left? as he annexed the whole of Central Europe.

Neither England nor the US had any dog in the Nazi-Communist struggle so how were American Firsters disastrous and by whom were they discredited or, actually, defamed? They couldn’t have been more disastrous then that fool FDR and they were discredited by those who wished the US ill.

Donald Trump probably knows his history better than you do Bret. Better bone up on current scholarship; your understanding is outdated not Trump’s.

An Open Letter To Peg Noonan Of The Wall Street Journal



An Open Letter To Peg Noonan Of The Wall Street Journal

They Also Serve Who Only Stand And Wait


R.E. Prindle


Perhaps a change is gonna come. The ever escalating Moslem outrages may finally have awakened the less alert among us. Of all people Peg Noonan writing in the Wall Street Journal of 3/26-27/16 titled her column Unite To Defeat Radical Jihadism. Welcome to the living Peg. May I give some impressions- impressions- not criticisms to enlighten the argument you have advanced.

It is redundant to refer to ‘Jihadism’ as radical. Jihad is a Moslem military plan of action to conquer the non-Moslem world. Of Course as you move to recognition of the problem it is less easy for you to deny that the Moslem people are involved, not them, because that would be bigotry, so ‘Jihadism’ a more racially neutral term.

No criticism, Peg, but you are not yet ready to face the facts. You still believe that ‘a whole people cannot be held accountable for the actions of a few.’ This isn’t true and you have several examples before you to prove it. I can’t say you do believe it but I’d be surprised if you didn’t, but it is an article of faith that all Germans are responsible for the holocaust of the Jews. That’s what we’re taught and as far as I can see believe. All Germans have to pay a penalty, a very heavy one, for what the Nazi minority did and go on paying it forever. Further Peg as you well know we are taught that all White Americans are inherently racists. All White people bear responsibility for enslaving the Negro. Reparations from all White people are due ad infinitum to the end of time. If you and everyone you have ever come into contact with doesn’t believe the above examples I would have to say you’re prevaricating.

In addition all White people are guilty of the Crusades in Moslem eyes.

But you believe that not all Jews, not all Moslems, not all Negroes are guilty of the actions of their few. I think they are Peg. A notion from the 19th century that seems to have been lost in the mists of time is that ‘they also serve who only stand and wait.’ To not denounce is to approve. Moslems have never denounced a single atrocity committed by their ‘few.’

As that grand old Roman Seneca put it:

If fortune had removed you from the foremost position in the State, you should nevertheless stand your ground and help with your words, and if someone stops your mouth, you should nevertheless stand your ground and help in silence. The service of a good citizen is never useless: by being heard and seen, by his expression, by his gestures, by his stubbornness and by his very walk he helps.

There are no innocent Moslems, Peg. They are all helping according to the terms of Seneca. As far as our people go, Peg, OUR PEOPLE, cherish that thought, I hope I can never be accused of not helping them in any way I can. White Supremacy is not evil or even bad. If Whites are not supreme the Moslems, the Negroes, the Jews, the Chinese or someone else will be.

If you or any Whites are willing to be slaves to less deserving peoples, Peg, may you enjoy your humiliation.

Donald Trump sees our danger while he is willing to put his life, his career, his fortune on the line unlike the whining, pusillanimous Republican Elites who are gleefully leading us into slavery.

May the Gods of our Fathers smite them as they deserve.

Take the next step, Peg, call it Radical Islam, then take a bigger step and just say, Moslems. They also serve as they stand and wait.

Part III: Is Paris Burning?



Is Paris Burning?

Part III


R.E. Prindle


Anent the Moslem act of war in Paris in which perhaps as many as a thousand people were killed, maimed and injured not to mention the collateral damage to the thousands of related lives our Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, has pointed out a significant fact. European citizens are unarmed and defenseless. They are intentionally being kept so by the criminally inept and incompetent Insiders in office. Apparently these morons and incapable of understanding the trap they have put Europe in.

Upon a signal no different than the one in ancient Roman Alexandria and Cyprus in the second century when the Jews descended upon the unsuspecting people and murdered a half million the Moslems armed with assault rifles, grenades and who knows what weapons will be able to murder defenseless millions of Europeans. This is what is known as a blood bath that will far exceed any so-called criminal WWII holocaust. You had better take this seriously, untold misery is awaiting Europe. Every European should be issued an assault rifle and ammunition at government expense. They should be allowed to use it rather than seeing the African and Moslem barbarians rape European women and assault the men. If the Insiders consider allowing them to do so unopposed is the rule of law then they should be arrested as accomplices.

Moslem rapists and murderers should be summarily executed by European paramilitaries. This is war; no crimes are involved. Trump is absolutely correct; his critics are fools.

As for the criminal Insiders they should remember the fate of Mussolini while no measures have been taken against the Moslem troops. Hollande closed the borders, indeed! Who does this nitwit think he’s fooling?

Instead he asks the French people to suffer their casualties in silence. Whose side is this nitwit on? Instead of acknowledging those paramilitaries are soldiers engaged in asymmetrical warfare carrying the Middle East atrocities back to Europe he points out that one of the soldiers was a petty criminal. In other words, this is just a crime rather than an act of war. Get with it Insider idiots; they are not petty criminals they are soldiers foraging for supplies. This is war Insider idiots and you are failed generals. You are to be replaced and treated as criminal incompetents and hanged just as at Nuremburg.

As Donald Trump seems to understand the situation well, it is important that we of the Outsider Parties see that he is elected. He is our last best chance before street warfare becomes more imperative in both Europe and North America than it is now.

Gird your loins, my friends.

Part II: Is Paris Burning?



Part II: Is Paris Burning?


R.E. Prindle


On Friday the thirteenth, that symbolic unlucky day, the Moslem paramilitaries unleashed a major assault on Paris killing, maiming and wounding perhaps close to a thousand unsuspecting Parisians. The French security forces say they hadn’t a clue that a major enemy operation was planned.

The incredible response that no counter-attack by French citizens was to be permitted is cowardly. This is an act of war not a criminal act. No response is to be permitted…that means that any French citizens who do so will be arrested as criminals, sentenced and incarcerated.   The French Insider elite running France commanded the emasculation of French Outsider citizens in favor of the Moslem enemy forces. No response? Shame, shame on Hollande and his cowardly government.

The Insider moral reprobates still refuse to admit that a monumental religious war is being waged by the Moslems in which they aid and abet the enemy by their pusillanimous ideology.

We of the Outsider Parties of the US, Great Britain and Europe unanimously require the Insider Elites of the Aryan World including Obama, Hollande, Cameron and Merkel confess their incompetence and relinquish the reins of power to we Outsiders to conduct this war. If they fail to do so they will find the Moslems a minor irritant to their continuance.

The Insider Elite have committed grievous crimes against humanity equaling those of Stalin, Hitler, Mao and Pol Pot by allowing millions of the enemy to occupy key positions in all the Western States including the US and Canada. Thus the enemy is in our very midst while we are unarmed, forbidden to act, where now death and carnage can be the only result. This current Moslem assault is not the end of the war but only the beginning. It is not a crime but an act of war.

The Elite morons are confounded by this act of war unable to comprehend it although tens of millions of more able and realistic minds have consistently pointed out the consequences of their action for decades.

The Elites response was to condemn us as bigots and ‘domestic terrorists’. Down with them! Upon abdication they will be treated as war criminals on the same basis as the Nazis at Nuremburg.

The have betrayed us and their responsibilities.

Step down now while ye yet may.

Analyzing The Holocausts



Analyzing The Holocausts- European And Jewish


R.E. Prindle


The Jews have appropriated the ancient word Holocaust to a specific Jewish use but it would appear that the Jewish holocaust of WWII was a minor happening within the much larger, huge, European Holocaust that grew out of the Judaeo-Communist manifestation of the nineteenth century.

Currently the Jews call attention to art works ‘stolen’ from them by the Nazis that individual Jews want ‘returned.’ When all unrestituted thefts within the overall European Holocaust are considered Jewish complaints diminish to the vanishing point.

When the Jewish led revolution of 1917 took place the entire Russian country was looted from top to bottom. Anything of value was ‘appropriated’ as the Judaeo-Communists express it. The entire aristocracy had everything of value taken. Warehouses bulged with fur coats, art works, books, jewelry and anything of value. Kitchen utensils for Christ’s sake.

The Jews murdered the Czar and the Czarina as well as their innocent poor little tiny babies and children, stealing whatever the Romanovs had acquired over three centuries. Now, this is the key, the Russian Orthodox churches were stripped of everything of value while the churches were burned and destroyed wholesale. At the same time anti-Semitism was made punishable by law while synagogues were protected. There was no war on religion per se; there was a war on Christianity while Judaism was protected.

The gulag system was created while millions of Russians suspected of breathing while alive were murdered outright or destroyed in the gulag system.

The monsters Lenin and Trotsky attempted to foment revolution throughout Europe to replicate what was happening in Russia. They succeeded temporarily in Hungary murdering tens of thousands there while appropriating what they could. Multiple revolutions were attempted and put down in Germany. The Communist assault on German institutions created the National Socialist reaction. The Nazis were a mere reflection of Judaeo-Communism not an original political system.

Let us consider for a moment what would have happened if the Judaeo-Communists had triumphed. All of Europe would ultimately have been overrun. Apart from the tens of millions of nationalist Germans, French, Italians, Spanish and whoever that would have been murdered outright or boarded into cattle cars headed to the Siberian gulag, a looting of Europe would have taken place that would have made the colossal looting or Russia miniscule and anything the Jews lost negligible.

Consider the Roman Catholic Church with its vast treasures that the Jews coveted. The Jews had been praying for the destruction of the Catholic Church for two millennia. Imagine the glee when the Jews appropriated all that wealth, trampling all those crosses. Imagine the villas and castles, the Vatican, that the Jews would have appropriated.   Imagine the Jews jumping joyously up and down on the Pope’s bed, wearing his slippers shouting, You kiss mine and I’ll kiss yours. Perhaps the destruction would have equaled the Jewish-Allied bombing of Europe during WWII or exceeded it.

Having accomplished the Russian looting no claims of the Russians expropriated of their belongings have ever been returned or even considered while the Jews are now claiming previous ownership of what are now multi-million dollar works of art. The transfer of wealth goes on- expropriate and then claim.

Can you even possibly begin to fathom the hypocrisy of this people. Enough, shelve your guilt and call Stop to this idiocy.

You Have To Be Jewish



You Have To Be Jewish


R.E. Prindle

I’m not White; I’m Jewish.

Current Jewish anthem.

Noel Ignatiev, the Jewish Harvard professor, a couple decades or so ago lectured us all that Whiteness must die, disappear from the face of the earth.  Today’s Jews are moving the plan along by divorcing themselves from Whites.  The current anthem they all sing along to is ‘I’m not White, I’m Jewish.  Let’s hear it again:  I’m not White; I’m Jewish.’

Reet petite, that’s alright with me.  Let’s hear it again; it clarifies the 1914-45 turmoil a bit while getting Wolf Hitler off the hook.  It appears he knew what he was doing even if he wasn’t able to do it.  Now that the Jews have left the building to become just another race along with the Negroes, Chinese etc. we don’t have to take them seriously.  Anti-Semitism- where is thy sting?

Anent, our good friends at the Jewish Daily Forward have published a piece titled Nazi Museum Documents Munich’s Ignominious Past- And Puts Hitler In His Place.  While we weren’t watching, at least I wasn’t, German cities began building National Socialist museums.  Gavriel Rosenfeld’s article celebrates the opening of Munich’s.

One wonders why Gabe thinks Munich’s past is ignominious.  I guess you’d have to be Jewish to think so.  True, the Nazi Movement began in Munich but that was a combination of accidental circumstances not foresight.  Munich certainly didn’t plan it.  Besides what does Munich have to apologize for?  Now that the Jews have officially separated themselves from Europeans, Aryans, Whites, whatever, that is, declared the autonomy they have clearly always believed they were we’re relieved of any obligations to them, if we had any.  It also clarifies WWII.

The Jews were clearly functioning in their own interests, inimical to those of Aryans.  In fomenting the two world wars calling in the US and USSR in WWII to exterminate the Germans for them was genocide; they created a hellstorm that lasted thirty-five years in which the lives of hundreds of millions of Aryans were snuffed or made miserable beyond belief.    And then they whine that they too suffered collateral damage.  Like, who cares?  It’s undeniable as far as I’m concerned.  Merited.

In the US they pout and point fingers screaming their war cry of J’accuse because Roosevelt didn’t stop the war he was fighting for them and remove the five million Jews from the combat zone to safety in the US.  Boy, do we White boys fighting their war feel bad because the thoughtless FDR who had already put us in jeopardy to fight the Jewish war, the one they call the ‘good war,’  didn’t stop the war for their benefit.  Fuck that, as Lenny Bruce would say.  There wasn’t anything good about it.  Too bad a few Jews died along with the hundred million Whites.  What are the Jewish deaths to us; we mourn our own.  The Jews aren’t White anyway.   What’s are they to us? If they dislike us so much they don’t want to be thought of as White I’m not hurt.  OK, you’re not White, you’re Jewish.  Perfect a vanishing act; we’ve had enough of you.  I’m not Jewish; I’m White.

Michael Douglas Cries Halt To Anti-Semitism

Michael Douglas Cries Halt To Anti-Semitism


R.E. Prindle

An Offended Michael Douglas

An Offended Michael Douglas

The above article in Tablet Ezine by Stephanie Butnick refers to a piece printed in the op-ed columns of the LA Times.  Miss Butnick’s article begins with an interesting quote from the Times piece.

While some Jews believe that not having a Jewish mother makes me not Jewish, I have learned the hard way that those who hate do not make such fine distinctions.

Perhaps not but Jewish hates do hence the scorn Michael Douglas receives for trying to ‘pass.’

Actually I’m more Jewish than MD.  My grandmother on my mother’s side was born Jewish make me technically a Jew.  However insofar as churching goes I was raised Congregationalist, Presbyterian and Methodist with just a tincture of Catholicism.    However since all religions come from a primitive form of consciousness I choose to live a more rational live abjuring all religions.  I pity you primitives and that’s not hate, that’s condescension.

The crux of MD’s story is that he and son Dylan were in a European spa, restaurant, whatever at which his son was dangling a Magen David prominently.  Somebody made a comment.   We don’t know whether he was European, Asian, African or what but I suspect a Moslem of some stripe.  Well, OK, but Michael says this represents ‘a rising tide of anti-Semitism in Europe.’  Thus unjustly and wrongly portraying Europeans as anti-Semites while that ‘hate’ speech most likely came from one of MD’s fellow Semites.  A small point perhaps but just let’s set the record straight.  It wasn’t a European.  None of the shooters of late has been a native of a European country.  To imply otherwise, Michael, might be considered ‘hate’ speech from you.  Watch your mouth and your pen.  You know what happened to John Galliano and James Watson.  You might never work again.

To revert to Michael’s son’s Magen David worn so conspicuously.  Let us say Dylan was inviting comment.  And like all such symbols as the Magen David you’re going to get it.  It’s just that way.  If Adolf Hitler were with you wearing a Magen David, Michael, I’m sure he would have received some ‘hate’ speech and you know he wasn’t Jewish.

Just as an experiment may I suggest that you get a big cross and dangle it to your navel and see what happens.  You’ll learn what hate speech means and it won’t be because someone thinks you’re Jewish even though some other Jews think you’re not.

Better yet, if you’re feeling really brave, hang a swastika over your bullet proof vest and watch gentle Jews savagely attack you.  Just cry out:  Wait, wait. I’m a pseudo-Jew and see if that stops them.

For a little light hearted fun put a Confederate flag in your lapel and stroll through Harlem.  You might find that amusing.

Or even put a medium sized US flag in that same lapel and see what comment that provokes.  I guarantee you’re going to hear something offensive.

So, really, Michael, if Dylan invites abuse you can’t be astonished if he gets it.  All those old symbols are barbaric and comments should be made.  Use your head.  It’s not because you’re Jewish it’s because you haven’t a clue.

PS:  If you want to comment it’ll cost you two dollars.