History Good And Bad

History Good And Bad:

Steve Bannon Attacked By Doug Irwin


R. E. Prindle


Hot stuff in the WSJ today (7/20/17). Douglas A. Irwin contributed a piece he titled Steve Bannon’s Bad History. Doug is apparently a big deal from Dartmouth with several learned tomes dealing with free trade to his credit.

Through no fault of his own his fame had escaped me till now. We have a clever double entendre in his title.   It can be interpreted as Steve has a malodorous past or, as the article makes clear, a weak grasp of history. From the title I thought the former but fortunately I sought further enlightenment in the body of the piece and learned differently. Is that called research?

Doug is critical of Steve’s ‘faulty’ thinking concerning the tariff issue. His highlight blurb blazons, ‘Immigration and rapid industrialization – not tariffs – made the nineteenth century economy great.’ I take exception to the blurb.

While it may be arguable, the modern economic nineteenth century didn’t begin until after the Civil War. And the economy wasn’t that great in the remaining thirty-five years of the century that included the near collapse of society in the crash of 1873, and that was worldwide, and the equally horrendous crash of 1893. Between the two of them they consumed at least ten of the thirty-five years.

However, even with 1873 and 1893 the industrial base expanded enormously. Time were tough but not for everybody.

Immigration and rapid industrialization can also be written as cheap unskilled labor and amazing scientific and technological discoveries. The century or latter part of it was built on steel rails and high powered locomotives and starvation slave wages paid for unskilled labor.


I’ve been working on the railroad,

Sleeping on the ground,

Eating saltine crackers

Ten cents a pound.


Causes for great pride and no pride at all. History is uneven.

The tariff that restricted European competition, the rest of the world was of no account at the time, facilitated rapid growth as it provided the sufficient profits to develop industries. Believe it or not the US prided itself on its high wage structure, immigrants and underpaid unskilled labor aside. Somebody had to buy all that wonderful stuff. Short life light bulbs weren’t all that cheap.

Doug may think tariffs didn’t help but, perhaps he should tell that to the current Chinese. They don’t bother with tariffs they just forbid foreign competition as they build up their industries often with pirated technology. As Doug ought to know the Chinese are famous for hacking computers and stealing trade secrets.

I know it is politically incorrect to point out these obvious facts but, what the hell, the truth is the truth. But, no defense.

Steve’s history may not be all that good but it may equal Doug’s.


Does Trump Miss The Point On Tech Visas?



Does Trump Miss The Point

On Tech Visas?


R.E. Prindle


There are apparently many jobs Americans won’t do. One is obviously the very high paying job of CEO of IT companies which seem to be headed by Hindus. While Americans were quite capable of inventing computers, the internet and all the IT accoutrements they are incapable of managing that which they have invented. At least until recently. The personnel of talent now come from outside the US which is incapable of producing anything other than dummies, at least of the male variety. Sometime in the recent past White males lost the ability to function but fortunately women and people of color are here to pick up the slack.

The country of choice for choosing the CEOs seems to be India. The Hindu mind that produced virtually nothing for the last three thousand years or so seems to be ideally suited to the computer sciences. So much so that Americans adequately performing tech jobs are now being fired, one presumes for incompetence to be replaced by Hindus or others who have surpassed White people in intelligence while in many cases according to Jason Riley are even paid more than the American morons they replace thus actually raising costs to their companies. One marvels that such super intellects have been hiding in India unused lo these many millennia. It took American genius to discover them in their lairs, give them a shave and new suit of clothes and get them on the job.

Mr. Riley writing in the venerable Wall Street Journal (8/17/16) gives us his thoughts in a piece he titles: Trump Misses the Point on Tech Visas. Obviously the President of the United States may be one of those jobs Americans won’t do along with picking grapes and basic construction. Indeed, our current Negro president was chosen because his skin isn’t White. While most Americans believe he has done a poor job, his signature legislation Obamacare is heading toward bankruptcy, the people in charge are convinced he has been the greatest president ever. Perspective is obviously involved.

Mr. Riley who is a senior fellow at something called Manhattan Institute is also a WSJ contributor. Those should be stellar credentials but Mr. Riley, perhaps a little too senior, is difficult to follow.

In yesterday’s times these H1B immigrants would have been called wage busters or scabs. While there are several instances of importing these workers to displace an already existing work force Mr. Riley chose for his illustration the Disney Co. of Orlando. Disney World is appropriately a fantasy world.

Choosing his words carefully Mr. Riley says that 250 American Disney tech workers were ‘furloughed’ to be replaced by 250 H1B workers while Mr. Riley doesn’t say from where a good guess would be that they are Hindus from India. Now, the word furlough means a leave of absence, applied especially to the military. Those 250 American workers were not furloughed, they were fired. They aren’t coming back while they were compelled to train their replacements. Mr. Riley glosses over this truth to avoid the obvious. The ability to do this is why he works for a ‘think tank.’

He explains further making even less sense: Something called the National Foundation for American Policy released a study, by whom and of what quality isn’t mentioned, but according to the study “Companies are not replacing long time employees with new workers doing the exact same jobs but rather replacing the employees with new systems in an attempt to perform the function in a more efficient way.’ In other words, these Hindus are far superior workers than the Americans.

Let us hope for Disney’s sake the attempt is successful. We are not informed who devised the new more efficient systems, one would be surprised they could have been inefficient Americans, whether from domestic or ‘outsourced’ sources but what is clear is that 250 Hindus replaced 250 American workers who apparently were too stupid to be retrained to the new more efficient system.

What is interesting here is that Disney accepted 250 employees sight unseen. They did not vett them themselves. Mr. Riley explains:

In reality [interesting word to use in the Disney fantasyland] hiring a contractor is often done through a competitive bidding process and the company doesn’t know beforehand whether or to what extent the winning bid will use H1B visa holders.

Competitive bidding? Mr. Riley doesn’t say on what basis the competition was defined but in business it is usually for the lowest possible price. The only reasonable conclusion is that in the bidding by various agencies it is to provide 250 qualified workers who will accept the lowest possible wage. But no, Mr. Riley say this is an unreasonable assumption.

US employers turn to high-skill immigrants for the same reason they turn to low skill immigrants… [that is the lowest possible wage] out of necessity. Foreign nationals who tend [they tend?] to be either more skilled or less skilled than the typical US worker.

So essentially Disney is getting a pig in a poke; 250 workers who may be more skilled or less skilled than the workers they are replacing, hence no gain in efficiency under any system, new or old. But they are replacing ‘typical’ American workers. (Perhaps at this point one can see Donald Trump scratching his head because he probably doesn’t understand.) ‘Typical’ seems confusing in any case. Obviously American universities have found Americans too stupid to teach because more than 70% of full time graduate students in electrical engineering and computer sciences of American universities are international students says Mr. Riley. Over the past three decades, college-degree holders outside the US have more than doubled while the US share of those with college degrees has declined by 30%. Has anyone asked why American college degree holders have declined? It would seem something to look into, don’t you think?   It would seem that something is going on. Discrimination?

I have trouble making any sense of Mr. Riley’s article and I’m not sure Mr. Riley is able to either. Certainly while Mr. Riley claims that Trump misses the point on tech visas nowhere in his article does he show reasons of Trump’s ignorance. After reading this article I doubt if Mr. Trump is any more enlightened.

The Wall Street Journal should be ashamed to print such incompetent articles as Mr. Riley’s. Of course Mr. Riley is an inefficient American brain worker who should, perhaps be replaced by a foreign worker using a new more efficient system.

I’m still voting Trump who, by my standards, has a better grasp on the nature of the problem’s facing us.

Mary O’ Grady On Crime And Criminals



Mary O’ Grady On Crime And Criminals


R.E. Prindle


One wonders if the writers at the Wall Street Journal are visiting the planet from a parallel universe where they do things differently. For instance Miss Mary Anastasia O’ Grady has contributed her opinion on ‘Trump’s Crumbling Wall Plan’. (WSJ. 4/11/16 p. A11)

Obviously she’s talking about our neighbors to the South of that old fashioned term Border who clearly have no respect for international conventions and laws, both as people and the government. That’s why they’re called illegals in the US. Sometimes a country should be concerned with how many and who are knocking on heaven’s door- El Paridiso EU.

In three amusing sentences Mary writes:

If voter surveys are correct, Trump supporters are largely native-born and economically aggrieved. As such they are susceptible to ultra-nationalistic attacks on foreign countries. Mexico is the perfect whipping boy.

Hey, now, slow down Mary. Your conditional ‘if’ is a mighty big conditional which you seem to accept as true from what follows that if. Certainly Trump’s supporters are ‘largely’ native-born, that is legal citizens who are having their lives unpleasantly disrupted by people, ‘largely Mexican’, who appear to have no respect for the laws of the US. Since they are breaking those laws that ‘largely’ makes them criminals. Yet you applaud these millions of criminals who illegally enter the US and want no interference in their committing this crime.

Now, what does that say about you Mary?

And now, ‘economically aggrieved.’ Yes, I suppose many people who have seen their jobs shipped to lower wage Mexico are aggrieved but then you aren’t faulting them for that? Where you haid Mary? I myself am not economically aggrieved but I’m sure there is some other reason for supporting Trump. Psychotic? Knuckle dragger? Domestic terrorist?

Don’t you think it’s odd that in this election year Massa Barry has stopped talking about domestic terrorists? No matter, the last I heard he had no patience for some offender, I forget who.

You follow with this line: As such they are susceptible to ultra-nationalist attacks on foreign countries.

That one really boggles my mind and, I, for one, have never attacked countries. Mainly because no country has ever attacked me. I do attack individuals, intellectually speaking of course, and in these attacks I do not discriminate by nationality. Merkel, Soros, Sarkozy, Cameron, they’re all one to me and fair game at that. Don’t they just want to make you scream, Mary? But whipping Mexico? Never, Dear One, Never.

And finally Mary, and perhaps at last, you do not appear to have noticed how Massa Barry, that old slave driver, has creatively used the executive order to override laws, decency and the Constitution of the United States. And his masterful diplomacy, oh Lord, in Libya, Syria and adjacent States. Oh my, it makes me proud to watch old Six-gun Barry in action. Constitution? He don’t need no steenking Constitution.

To think Trump could say he wants to put US interests first!!! Damme, let’s not sell the country to China, let’s give it to them.

Everyone’s entitled to their opinion though Mary. You’ve got yours and us knuckle draggers and Trump supporters have ours.


Donald Trump: The Man Of The Future



Donald Trump- The Man Of The Future


R.E. Prindle


As the title of an old movie has it: A funny thing happened on the way to the forum. The hopes, the dreams, the fantasies that characterized the revolutionary period from 1789 to 2001 disappeared when two fireballs burst as a commercial jetliner crashed into each of the Twin Towers leveling them to the ground in a matter of seconds.

What was the significance of this astounding event. If you remember a ship was built at the beginning of the twentieth century that was a marvel of engineering characterizing the amazing development of the nineteenth century. The ship was so cleverly designed that it was billed as unsinkable. That ship was called the Titanic. In 1912 on its maiden voyage it went to the bottom of the sea after grazing an iceberg.

Thus 1912 ended the great century of progress sending it to its grave. The leveling of the Twin Towers had an equal effect; it ended the optimism of the twentieth century putting a period to the methods that made that century so exciting.

White people talked of the New World of Globalism but they had no understanding of what that meant. It meant that the Old World Order was dead even if it lived on in their imaginations. They have failed to adjust. Change requires adaptation and they are adapting badly.

The old Soviet Union had disintegrated a few years before 2001. Instead of hailing its ending as a new era of concord in which the West, the US could now re-embrace a pacific Russia released from the thrall of the Soviets new excuses of enmity were invented solely on the part of US politicians.

World trade conditions had begun changing after Nixon mistakenly recognized Red China. Then in some mistaken spirit of altruism in order to build up China the economies of the US and Europe were sent to China; thus impoverishment of the US working and middle classes began their descent into beggary.

The lowest economic level of society could see this happening before their eyes. It was happening to them. The reactionary politicians couldn’t. Thus they have clung to outmoded economic ideas like Free Trade without understanding what Free Trade really means- it means a monopoly of the lowest cost producer. Thus China was gifted the world’s economy as they were the lowest cost producer. China has flourished, the West and the US have declined.

Apparently unaware that the resources of Europe and the US were limited these old reactionary dinosaurs opened the country to the teeming billions of a world without borders.

The reactionary reign has continued post 2001 to the present. But now the present and future are sweeping by these lumbering monsters from the past.

A new kind of politician with a new revolutionary understanding of the sweep of ‘progress’ walks the land. Donald Trump has arisen like the legendary Hercules to show the way to the future. He has a new accurate understanding of the problems the dinosaurs cannot solve.

A new understanding of immigration, a new understanding of trade, a renovation of all old failed policies are on the horizon. The dinosaurs are thrashing madly about, they know their day is past, they know the future rests with the New World Order that excludes their worn out policies, a new Global organization that must come into existence, that is crying to be born into this new situation.

They hate him, this Donald Trump, and well they might for he means the end of their day and the birth of a bright new day.

Vote for a brighter future. Vote Trump!

1. How’s The World Treating You?

1: How’s The World Treating You?


R.E. Prindle

Re: Peggy Noonan: Don’t Take New Hampshire For Granite, Wall Street Journal 2/06/16 p. A11.


Miss Noonan get her digs into Donald Trump while probably advising him to look for a real surprise in New Hampshire. (Granite=Granted, it’s a pun son.) While Miss Noonan would undoubtedly deny writing a hatchet piece, as a reader I merely laugh. She uses a number of clichés: A real champ knows how to lose.

Is a real champ blasé about losing? I don’t think so. Anyone hates to lose and it doesn’t reflect badly on you to show your disgust at losing. In a fair fight you know whether you were overmatched or not. So naturally you give a wave or shake a hand but that doesn’t mean you don’t kick a chair as you move away. I respect that although Miss Noonan appears to be derogatory about it but perhaps losing is losing your career as it goes down the tube.

Miss Noonan quietly rejoices because the results showed Trump coming in second.

Donald trump was dinged by losing Iowa, but not by losing- loss happens. He dinged himself, perhaps significantly, with his subsequent reaction. He was robbed, we need a recount, he may sue.

Mr. Trump’s supporters are derided as working-class knuckle-draggers and if it amuses you to see them that way you can, but his people respect style.

I’m not a working-class knuckle-dragger but the people Miss Noonan respects, the Insiders, have characterized my people as domestic terrorists. Why? Simply because we see things differently than her Insiders. Miss Noonan is right in that we respect style but we disrespect dishonest style. Her crowd wanted to humiliate Trump real bad so The Fix Was In as they say at horse races. Trump is right to be indignant.

Does anybody really believe the incredible ‘surge’ enjoyed by the Little Waterboy. Just as the Insiders wanted Trump humiliated they wanted the Waterboy to at least move up from the bottom end and become a pretender. Oops, I meant contender.

My read: [hers] Marco Rubio may emerge as the choice of those who prefer their candidates not be abnormal by which I mean outsized or unsettling. This is arguably an undeserved market on the GOP side. Mr. Rubio is young. What’s in his noggin but hunger? [She put her finger on it.] It will be interesting to find out.

Is that a loaded paragraph or what? Are we working-class knuckle draggers and domestic terrorists abnormal as Miss Noonan obviously sees Trump? Both she and the Wall Street Journal (Rupert Murdoch) have managed to gratuitously insult we working-class knuckle draggers and domestic terrorists who represent a full 40% or more of the voting public. I don’t know if Trump demands an apology but I sure do and you may consider that a class action. I want a personal apology from Rupert hisself, the WSJ and Miss Peggy. Pronto! Don’t wait!!! I’m copying this to Mr. Trump from whom I expect action.

Call me a whiner Pegger and I’ll call you a foul mouthed slanderer. Take that, Champ. Lose gracefully because you’ve lost.

I love the bland insouciance of her statement: What’s in (Rubio’s) noggin but hunger? It will be interesting to find out.

It could be disastrous Peg, take care, his brain may be empty but by then it will be too late. You will have sold your country further down the river than Obama.

Vote Prosperity Vote Trump


Vote Prosperity, Vote Trump


R.E. Prindle


It is very difficult to get anything substantive from these endless so-called Republican debates. As the world is in flames around them the inquisitors would rather concentrate on non-issues such as Cruz’s foreign birth. Obama was born in Kenya in identical conditions as Cruz in Canada so the issue is apparently settled that regardless of the Constitution it isn’t necessary to be a natural born citizen. Heck, I’d even vote for Putin making him the first President to also be a president of another country. Why stop there?

The inquisitor’s goaded Trump and Cruz to squabble over this like they thought it was entertainment. We sat entranced.

Yet, when Trump brought up trade issues with China the inquisitors glossed right over it with no questions for explanations or discussion by the other contestants- oops, I meant candidates for the highest office in the land. For a minute I thought I was watching American Idol.

When Trump brought up the issue of tariffs the inquisitors were thunderstruck; apparently the term was new to them. This remark in turn led to the issue of Free Trade that most of the contest…uh, candidates had never studied as Trump apparently has. Although Freed Trade seemed to be an article of faith with them. I say faith because Free Trade is a social construct. I doubt that it has ever existed. It certainly doesn’t today. Instead trade goes to the lowest cost producer. In a global economy whoever works for less gets the orders. This tends to favor places like China, Malaysia, Basutoland, place like that.

The money is drained from higher cost producers and ends up in the pockets of China et al. Bush and the others call this Free Trade.

Then Trump mentioned the word tariff. He thought the implementation of a tariff would level the playing field. The fact that it always has before didn’t seem to sway the others. In fact while immigrants like to take credit it was actually the tariff that built America. One could save us now. What do we care about what the Chinese like? Think of those Americans who lost their jobs because it was cheaper to import stuff then make it.

Candidate Bush thought having no money to buy anything cheaper or not made life better for Americans. He called the tariff a tax on those who could least afford it. That was a laugh; you can’t tax an empty pocket.

Put Americans back to work and they would cheerily pay a little more. Maybe not cheerily; I exaggerate.

So, who you going to vote for: a dolt like Jeb Bush who fears a tax on empty pockets or Donald Trump who wants to put money back in them? I’ll give you time to think about it.


Vote prosperity; vote Trump.

A Note On Forced Labor In The American Colonies

A Note On Forced Labor In The American Colonies

As written by Charles Beard in his Rise Of American Civilization

pp. 103-05

“A large part of the labor which underlay the social fabric of the American colonies was furnished by semi-servile whites imported under bond for a term of years and by Negroes sold into chattel slavery.  [That is there were two forms of slavery, chattel and bond.] This is one phase of American history which professional writers have usually seen fit to pass over with but a sidelong glance.  Bancroft admitted that having “a handful” of data on the subject he “opened his little finger.”  In fact, although exhaustive researches have not been made for all the colonies, it seems probable that at least one-half the immigrants into America before the Revolution, certainly outside New England, were either indentured servants or Negro slaves.

The white servants [slaves in all but name] fell into two classes.  The first embraced those who voluntarily bound themselves for a term of years to pay their passage.  The second class included those who were carried here against their will– hustled on board ships, borne across the sea, and sold into bondage.  This gruesome traffic was a regular business darkened by many tragedies and illuminated by few romances.  the streets of London were full of kidnappers, “spirits” as they were called; no workingman was safe; the very beggars were afraid to speak with anyone who mentioned the terrifying word “America.”  Parents were torn from their homes, husbands from their wives, to disappear forever as if swallowed up in death.  children were bought from worthless fathers, orphans from their guardians, dependent or undesirable relatives from families weary of supporting them.

To the great army of involuntary immigrants were added thousands of convicts who were either sent by English judges or who chose deportation in place of fines, prisons, stripes, or the gallows.  No doubt many of this class were criminals and incorrigible rascals, but a large portion were the luckless victims of savage laws enacted to protect the property of the ruling classes in England– peasants caught shooting rabbits on some landlord’s estate or servant girls charged with purloining a pair of stockings or a p0cket handkerchief.  Mingled with this motley array of victims were political offenders who had taken part in unsuccessful agitations and uprisings.

The fate of all white servants, whether they voluntarily chose to sell themselves for a term of years to get to America, or were transported against their will, was very much the same.  They were bound to serve some master for a period of years ranging from five to seven.  They were not tied to the soil, as were the serfs of the middle ages, or sold like slaves into life-long servitude, but during their term of bondage they were under many disabilities.  The penalties imposed upon them for offenses against the law were heavier than those laid upon freemen; if they attempted to escape or committed a crime their term of service could be increased; they could not marry, leave their place of work, or engage in any occupation, without the consent of their masters.

Absolutely at the beck and  call of their owners, they could be severely punished for laziness or neglect of duty.  The were, in fact, little better off than slaves while their servitude lasted; their fate depended upon the whims of their masters; and at best it was harsh enough.  When the weary years of indenture were over, the bondmen were set free to enter any occupation for which they were qualified. The more fortunate became independent artisans or went into the interior, where they found liberty as the tillers of small farms, rising out of bondage into freedom.  But others, weighed down by their heritage, individual and social, sank into the hopeless body of  “poor whites,” the proletariat of the countryside.

Finding it difficult to secure an adequate supply of indentured servants, promoters of settlements turned in the course of time to Negro slavery.  Neither the Puritans nor the Cavaliers had fixed scruples against the enslavement of their fellow men, of their own or any other color; it seems to  have been necessity rather than choice that forced them to resort to Africans.  Both sought to reduce Indians to bondage and to a slight extent they were successful; but the haughty spirit of the red man made him a poor worker under the lash.

Nor did the Puritans of [old] England show any invincible repugnance to driving white men and women into perpetual servitude; Cromwell thought the Irish well adapted to that career, for he sold as slaves in the Barbadoes all the garrison that was not killed in the Drogheda massacre, and his agents made a business of combing Ireland for boys and girls to be auctioned to English planters in the West Indies.  Even Cromwell’s own countrymen were sometimes caught in the dragnet; there is in the archives of London a piteous petition of seventy Englishmen carried off from Plymouth and sold in the West Indies “for 1,550 pound weight of sugar a piece, more or less.”  Nevertheless, by the latter part of the seventeenth century, public opinion in England was running against this form of domestic enterprise in favor of seeking slaves abroad.”

It would seem probable then that to some extent the campaign to end the slave trade concerned less Negroes that native English.  By ending the African trade the domestic English trade was brought to a stop.  Note also that slavery both bond and chattel was part and parcel of every English colony whether North or South.  The South was merely the last refuge of slavery in America.

The Attack Of The Sponge People



The Attack Of The Sponge People


R.E. Prindle

Do I Really Get It?

Do I Really Get It?

 Everyone agrees that the administration of Spongemaster Barry is a continuing and mounting disaster. And why not? The Spongemaster has divided the country into two camps- the Providers and the Sponges. The Ants of fable, the Providers, labor so that the Sponges can live off their labor while providing nothing themselves.

The question is how long can the Sponges absorb the productivity of the Providers before they consume it in whole. The Sponges look at the results of the accumulated labor of the Providers and see the results but ignore the labor, the planning and the uses of the accumulated wealth. They think the accumulation occurred by magic leaving them out, hence unjust.

The Sponges merely say that there is no reason the Providers should have the results of their labor but that their labor should be ‘redistributed’ to themselves so that like the Cricket of fable they can play, sing and dance with no thought of the morrow.

Spongemaster Barry and Sponger General Eric ‘My Sponges’ Holder continue to bring more Sponges into the country to sponge up the accumulated labor of the Providers more rapidly. They think the wealth is inexhaustible.

The results of such behavior are obvious to the unaided eye. Why don’t the Providers set Spongemaster Barry and his army of Sponges aside? Put them in their place? That is the question for the curious, isn’t it?


Barry’s Blather: Jobs For Every American

Barry’s Blather:

Jobs For Every American

State Of The Union Speech 2014


R.E. Prindle

The idea’s I’ve outlined so far

Can speed up growth and create more jobs.

But in this rapidly changing economy

We have to make sure

That every American

Has the skill  to fill those jobs.

Here Barry shifts into blather deluxe mode.  What do these two well sounding sentences mean?

Underlying them is the notion that the economy has been nationalized.  The needs of industry are not going to dictate ‘speeded up growth’ and ‘creating more jobs’ but that process is going to be dictated by Barry from Washington DC through such government agencies  as The American Job Centers, a new one on me, ‘places where folks can walk in to get help or training they need to find a new job’ or, get this, ‘better job.’

Barry’s floating around in the ozone in total cognitive disconnect.

This sentence means that any prospective employee is dependent on a socialist politicized government for a favor which undoubtedly would have to be repaid, I mean, everybody must give something for something they get, right?  if by nothing else than loyalty to his governmental benefactor.  In other words it’s back to the nineteenth century views of Karl Marx.

Who can walk right in and be handed a job?  Every American.  Sounds good doesn’t it?  But, who is an American?  Barry has already said that to improve the economy, grow it, he’s going to import millions of immigrants in addition to those already illegally here who have ‘earned’ the right to be American citizens.  In Barry’s lexicon these are ‘new Americans.’

So, where are these additional Americans to come from out of the potential eight billion Americans out there?

Largely from the jungles  and deserts of Africa.  These are people who don’t speak English while they are totally ignorant of the requirements of a high technology civilization.  Boy, are they going to need training, and support while they’re getting it.  Barry and his boy Holder have already demonstrated that they are giving precedence to ‘their people’ so there is no reason to suppose they will not give precedence to these ‘new Americans’ from Africa over ‘old Americans.’

So while Barry says ‘every American’ can just walk in it is obvious that certain ‘Americans’ are going to be more equal than others for these jobs Barry is going to create.  They don’t exist yet.  Barry will have us believe that he is going to ‘create’ these jobs out of whole cloth or thin air.  Unfortunately he hasn’t found the pattern yet having lost many more jobs than this maestro has created in his first five years.

Does anyone, can anyone, have any confidence, even a smidgen, in the blather of this pseudo-religious, utopianist, Communist blowhard.


Martin Luther King did nothing for all Americans and neither has the Blather Master General.  Nor will he.  Put him on a boat back to Kenya.

Barry’s Blather: Barry Defines The Engine Of Economic Growth

Barry’s Blather

State Of The Union 2014

Barry Defines The Engine

Of Economic Growth


R.E. Prindle

Do I Really Get It?

Do I Really Get It?

Finally, if we are serious about economic growth, it is time to heed the call of business leaders, labor leaders, faith leaders, and law enforcement and fix our broken immigration system.

Republicans and Democrats in the Senate have acted.  I know that both parties in the House want to do the same.  Independent economists say immigration reform will grow our economy and shrink our deficits by almost one trillion dollars in the next two decades.

And for good reason:  when people come here to fulfill their dreams, to study, invest, and contribute to our culture they make our country a more attractive place for business to locate and create jobs for everyone.   So let’s get immigration reform done this year.

What Barry promises above is that we will have over trillion dollar debt creation a year for the next twenty years.  That is something to look forward to.

I think that Barry doesn’t really listen to himself.  What he says here is that adding millions upon millions of new immigrants every year is a key to economic growth.  In other words more people equals more money and more jobs.  It’s not clear how this equates but not only Barry but independent economists, independent ones, business leaders, labor leaders, law enforcement and faith leaders say so too.  That’s almost unanimous.  It’s good Barry included faith leaders, whoever they may be and however qualified to have an opinion, because immigration as an economic growth engine requires a lot of faith.

Not only are these immigrants just folks but from wherever they come they are the most industrious, most studious, most inventive, most cultured just plain wonderful folk that it is hard to imagine why they would want to leave the paradises they have created back home.  Oh, yes.  They couldn’t realize their dreams back in those utopias but being dreamy types they see the  US as apparently just one big dream.  A dream is another word for a mirage.

While really stupid conservative types without dreams, you know,  domestic terrorists, the kind Barry’s buddies Cuomo and De Blasio say aren’t welcome in the Liberal paradise of NY city and State can’t understand Barry’s reasoning  don’t count.  Immigrants count.

However, stupid as we may be, we are serious about economic growth and in our extreme stupidity we believe economic growth comes from industry and creating jobs not importing more tens of millions of people when unemployed people are already at an all time high and growing.

I guess we poor stupes have got it backwards.  Read our lips Barry, bring our economy back from China and wherever it is  outsourced and leave all those potential immigrants to work wonders in their own homelands.

Signing off Barry.  Get some new advisors, there is work that we Americans will do.

PS:  Why is it you think things are broken, schools, immigration whatever?  Is it possible that your mind is broken and things just need proper administration?   Just sayin’, Barry, just sayin’.