The Continuing Saga Of Trump

The Continuing Saga Of  Trump


R.E. Prindle


Cry Globalism! First the complaint against Trump was that he was an Isolationist in a Globalist world. Now it turns out that Trump has a better understanding of Globalism than his Liberal opponents.

It would appear that what Globalism meant to Liberals was smearing a thin veneer of Nationalist Americanism over the Globe and calling it Democracy. They appear surprised that they are being challenged by the much despised Putin of Russia. They don’t seem to grasp that Obama has sacrificed US supremacy and that on a global playing field the US isn’t even the first among equals.

Rather than saying that Putin is entering into US politics for global reasons why not say that Russian interests conflict with American interests and in global politics they are jockeying for position no differently than Democrats and Republicans in this election. There is no reason that an accord cannot be reached. Trump understands what Liberals don’t; it would be better for Russia and the US to work together rather than get involved in conflict. Of course Obama would like nothing better than to see Eastern Whites and Western Whites fight a war of annihilation that would completely destroy Western Civilization. What was that Sixties chant: Hey, hey, ho, ho, Western Civilization has got to go? Do you imagine that Negroes have changed their minds? OMG, did I say something racist? If I did then that’s the way it must be. Get over it!

While plumping for a war against the Russians Liberals crazily defend Moslems who are, in fact, seeking to destroy all other religions and societies that refuse to accept their god Allah. Liberals thus by encouraging Moslems work their own destruction.

Trump sees clearly our compatibility with the Russians and our incompatibility with the Moslems. There can be no more reasonable approach to the Moslem problem than not only barring the importation of more but the deportation of those that are here. Obama himself if not a Moslem is sympathetic to and partial to the Moslems. He favors them. Everything he has done since becoming president indicates this. He spent his formative years as a Moslem in Indonesia. His stepfather Lolo Soetoro saw to his indoctrination. The indoctrination seems to have taken.

Obama’s attitude will be followed by his protogee Hillary Clinton if she is elected. It is not improbable that Obama will be the directing power, the grey eminence, behind Clinton if by mischance she is elected. This is undoubtedly clear in political circles while surely known to Trump.

That is why the Dem-Rep Liberals fear a Trump presidency. He is going to upset their apple cart.

It is quite possible that a Trump-Putin agenda may evolve and follow thus uniting Eastern and Western White interests into a unity to which they belong.

If Americans have any sense at all they will vote Trump.

They will vote for their own preservation. One hopes they will forfend this racist bullcrap in which all discussions are framed. Suicide is for losers.


Hillary Clinton: Mad Mama Merkel’s Disciple



Hillary Clinton

Our Mad Mama Merkel


R.E. Prindle


The real bone of contention is this election is whether we will have an influx of a million Middle Eastern Moslems or not. The democrats define their opponents as unfeeling bigots, knuckle dragging morons who flunked out at kindergarten for refusing to allow such a disintegrating element into this country. There are many reasons to reject immigration of any kind none of which refers to religion and/or ethnicity but they do not concern us here.

The important thing here is that as the Moslems fifteen hundred years of history show they always come as conquerors. They mean to change the nature of any country they enter exclusively to their own religion, law, mores and customs. They are Judaism perfected. This is not open to question.

Clinton and the Dems are willing to accept the consequences that they most clearly recognize. Trump and his Party prefer the existing Western Culture of the US hence rejection of Moslem immigration.

There is no difference between the Moslem invasion of the US than the English invasion of post-Columbian North America.

In the English settlements in Virginia the Indian tribes on more than one occasion wiped them out. Was that an act of xenophobia or an act self-preservation? Unfortunately for the Indians English reserves were large and they kept coming. The consequence was that the Indians were wiped out.

In the Massachusetts colony the Wampanoags might easily have destroyed the English invaders but chose to aid them. Whether ‘xenophobes’ pushed to exterminate the invaders or not the consequence of their benevolence was the same as in Virginia. The Indians were overwhelmed.

Hillary, who must have misplaced any brain God gave her, refuses to learn from history so rather than refuse entry she sends planes to the Middle East to fly them here. Inevitable result? A repetition of the Indians with the English.

Do we have to look far to verify the consequences? No. Only across the Pond to the Germany of Mad Mama Merkel. Mama… the derogatory term the Moslems give to that silly woman.

Mad Mama has not only let in but kicked down the doors and waved the Moslems on. The result? Endless and increasing acts of violence, murder, and rape. Wholesale rapes in one day of thousands of German women in the city of Cologne. Mad Mama obviously hates her own sex or she is brutally letting the Moslems fuck them. Maybe Mad Mama is sexually repressed.

Does Hillary think the same won’t happen in the US. Of course not, she hopes it will. She’s going to encourage it just like Mad Mama. It is part of the Liberal ideology. Sarkozy of France wanted to pass a law requiring French women to fuck Africans. It was the only way to break down racial barriers for the amalgamation of races he said. Mad Mama belongs to the same ideology but rather than pass a law requiring German girls to fuck Moslems she gives Moslems carte blanche to rape them.

Is this Hillary’s plan for the US? She comes from the same ideological group as Mad Mama and Sarkozy so what else can be the plan?

So if you vote for the evil witch Hillary, disciple of Mad Mama Merkel, you are voting for the rape of American womanhood. May you suffer the consequences personally if you do.


Vote Trump

Donald Trump And The New Progressivism



Donald Trump

And The

New Progressivism


R.E. Prindle


An ideology has to be updated from time to time. Now is the time for a new take on an old ideology. Donald Trump is the president who can make it a reality.

Progressivism means an advance in the welfare of civilization. Through perhaps 1920 progress, significant progress, or the amelioration of civilization, had been made. World War I closed out that period. Since 1920 the application of the old progressivism has become increasingly regressive so that in today’s conditions the old progressivism is a failed ideology.

Whereas in the past European peoples including the US developed a system of Progressivism they shared with the rest of the world, educating the peoples of China, India et al. in its use, those peoples can now stand on their own feet; they no longer need Western help.

The New Progressivism then returns to the care and welfare of our own Western peoples. A tenet of the OP was Free Trade which became a gift to the Eastern peoples. Free Trade means merely that the lowest cost producer is the prime beneficiary. The money flows downhill to them. The low cost producers exploit their people who are naturally receiving the lowest possible wage. Low wages are the prime element of low cost production.

To protect what the West has built up then it is necessary to enact a wage differential bringing every producer’s wage to a certain level. For the West this means a tariff. Tariffs were considered regressive under the OP but become progressive under the New Progressivism. In fact, it is imperative they be enacted for our very survival.

Donald Trump appears to be the candidate who understands this as he has created the New Republican Party discarding the old.

The Democrats are hopelessly behind the times.

As regards Mexico and a border wall that may not be necessary if Trump is neo-progressive in dealing with the Mexicans. He must approach the Mexicans and advise them that if they don’t want a wall they must grant all Americans, both US and Canada, dual citizenship with full rights as Mexican citizens including the right to run for public office up to and including the presidency.

As the US has already generously built up the Mexican economy by sending industry South there is no reason for a border. The US wage rates would immediately prevail in Mexico. Any US residents of any national background would be free to move South to seek jobs as they wish. After all these are US plants and more will be built.

The increase in wages in Mexico would then provide a burgeoning market generating, along with the tariff that would then apply in Mexico also, prosperity North and South for twenty years or so.

Mexico would remain a separate administrative unit so as to prevent unwieldiness.

Trump could be the most progressive president ever known.


Vote Trump

Brexit Blues



Brexit Blues


R.E. Prindle


While the EU reaction to Britain’s decision to leave may seem somewhat hysterical, yet, I believe that the root cause can be traced back to the founding of the CFR and public relations pundit Edward Bernays.

While the memory of Bernays has been receiving some publicity in recent years it is probable that most people have not heard of him. May I refer you to his Wikipedia biography for a quick brush up.

Now, Bernays and his Party had no confidence in the electorate to follow the course his Party approved so that he, reflecting CFR policies, began a course of propaganda favored by the CFR elites to manage the psyche of the hoi polloi to prevent them from taking a course independent of the CFR (Council of Foreign Relations.)

The Brexit vote confirmed what Bernays and the CFR feared. Peter Brimelow writing in his on-line magazine VDare quotes a Glenn Reynolds from the 6/26/16 issue of USA Today:

The inability of these elites (CFR) to grapple with the rich (first) world’s populist moment has been on full display on social media journalists and academics (check the organizations these people belong to and represent) seemed to feel that they had not made it sufficiently clear that people who oppose open borders are a bunch of racist rubes who couldn’t count to twenty with their shoes on and hence believe any daft thing they’re told.

So, after nearly a hundred years of indoctrination and conditioning the guiding elite of Bernays have failed in their effort to control the stupid, ignorant psyches of the masses. Thus populist is a dirty word equivalent to knuckle draggers and all other nasty terms the Elites use to describe what they consider their inferiors.

Mr. Reynolds neatly explains further.

A lot of people do not view their country the way some elites do: as though the nation were something like a rental apartment—a nice place to live, but if there are problems, or you just fancy a change, you’ll happily swap it for a new one. In many ways, members of the global professional class have started to identify more with each other than they have with their fellow residents of their own countries. Witness the emotional meltdown many American journalists have been having on Brexit.

Reynolds is incorrect in saying ‘starting to identify more with each other.’ They always have since the founding of the CFR in 1921 and Bernay’s announcing the program for Elites to control what they consider their human cattle. The ranch is the world and the Elites are the ranch owners.

As cattle drivers they fear Donald Trump as a rogue bull who will stampede the herd away from the Dodge City cattle yards on the way to the Chicago stock yards and slaughter houses.

The Elites are facing a major breakdown in their century old effort. They have grown impatient and simply pushed too hard and too fast. The question now is will the cattle trample their herders or will the herders slaughter enough of the bellwether steers to turn the stampede.

Unfortunately for the Elites their identities, if not commonly, are known or easily discovered. The world then is now placed in a very precarious position. It is us or them.

Brexit Breaks It



Brexit Breaks It


R.E. Prindle


The rejection of the EU by Britain means the Europeans may have found an entrance to defeat the Semitic takeover of Europe. The key to the European problem, of course, is Sweden. A couple decades back a Jewish woman by the name of Barbara Spectre founded a key subversive organization she named Paideia. Paideia is a Greek term for education. So the Jews purloined an Aryan term to disguise Semitic purposes.

Spectre not only formed the organization in Sweden she got the Swedish government to fund its own demise. Why Sweden would fund a Jewish organization when Jews are not only quite capable of funding their own organizations but all of Sweden.

The purpose of Spectre’s Paideia is to undermine European culture thereby continuing Freud’s work. This is its announced goal. Spectre is revolted by the magnificent scientific achievements of nineteenth century Europe and is determined to stop Aryan superiority.

Her announced goal then, in her terms, is to put ‘Jewish knowledge’ on a par with European knowledge. That is, she admits Jewish intellectual inferiority. Put in European terms what Spectre want is to give the Jewish Talmud equal credence with European Science. One almost dies laughing at the notion of placing Jewish superstition on the same level as Science.

Is it a coincidence then that by funding Spectre’s Paideia Sweden has been led to embrace unlimited third world immigration? Having been befuddled by Spectre’s Paideia Sweden then led the European movement to take in all of South-East Asian Semites and Africa thus diluting European culture to the vanishing point while what passes for Jewish culture remains as undiluted as ever. Quite an achievement for Spectre in only twenty years or so. Spectre is a general who has out generaled Napoleon. Napoleon failed to conquer Europe while losing armies while this looney little Jewish lady is on the verge of taking Europe without armies and without losing a single person. One can only say: Bravo!

To have won an election is not to have won the war. Nothing will be implemented for three or four years which leaves plenty of room for maneuvering. There is time to run around end, weaken and defeat the will of the people. Cameron says he is resigning but that won’t take place until October, if it actually happens. These people are as slippery as eels.

Hopefully Britain’s move will be reinforced by the departure of others and perhaps the dissolution of the EU. That would leave each country free to deal with Afro-Asian invasions as they choose. There will undoubtedly by some terrible bloody fighting before the invaders can be killed or expelled but having come that far there is no other choice.

The point is to defeat this latest Jewish attempt to take over Europe. There will be no peace in Europe or the West until the Jews are neutralized, call it quarantined, or what you will.

Carry the good fight forward.

Moment Of Truth



Moment of Truth


R.E. Prindle


The Orlando Massacre appears to be a defining point in current affairs. The Massacre has shocked and demoralized the Liberals and the Obama Administration. The unthinkable has happened. One of their pet Moslems just went off the rails shooting up a whole nightclub killing and maiming a hundred. Not just any nightclub; some society, White or Hetero club would have been understandable. The Boston Marathon bombing should have been more horrible but that killed indeterminate Whites and athletes. The Orlando shooter attacked a holy church of homosexuals thus threatening the Liberals very identity. Too close to home. Orlando therefore must involve a reassessment of Moslems. Worse still the Right and Trump have been vindicated. They’ve been right all through the Liberal self-denial.

Some way must be found to turn around their position while vilifying Trump. Screw the dead and maimed. Trump’s I told you so stance gave them the ammunition they were seeking for the diatribes against him. Rather than hanging their heads in shame for causing the deaths of fifty and the maiming of fifty more they turned their shame and ire on Trump.

The whole world is watching and what message did they get?   I should think their first reaction would be: Where are the White people? The Massacre seemed to reflect a war between Browns. There weren’t even any Blacks involved. So you have an Afghan Brown, born in New York although his mother may have conceived back home, but still an obvious native American murdering other Browns who are homosexuals. God Bless America don’t you think?

At any rate it is a new game going forward. Regardless of the irrelevant opinion of the MSM Trump is in the saddle. He’s ready to ride as the putative sheriff of Dodge. It is now up to him to bring order to his dominion. He must act and be the Man. First the Republican Party. Trump is the Party. He can unify the Party only by one method; that one method, followed by Stalin and Roosevelt in 1936, is a purge of the Party Fossils. He must direct the steps of Fuds like Ryan and McConnell and the rest to the political desert. Out with them. Take control of the Convention. Let them join the Dems or start a new party. Who cares? The Dems won’t want them and no one is going to listen to these demonstrated failures. They are dead men walking, push them into the grave.

Trump must forget old grievances and his injured ego and seize the moment. This is his appointment with destiny. Carpe Diem or take the long walk back to the dugout.

With the Fuds ejected Trump is leading a united Party. There is no other way. They hate him; they cannot be appeased.

Between now and November the Dems are going to shoot their feet off while politically we can expect multiple disasters in the US and Europe fortifying the vote for Trump.

The Moslems too are reaching a critical point. The succession of events are leading to a climax. You can only burn, rape, loot and murder so long until you have to make an overt attempt of usurpation. That time is shortly, probably this year.

For God’s sake Trump, seize your moment. Take the bull by the horns. With the right attitude now it will be a cakewalk to November. Hillary cannot possibly win unless you fold. Carpe Diem.

The True Globalism- America First



America First-

The True Globalism


R.E. Prindle


When it comes to today’s ruling philosophy of Globalism let me say at the outset and right here and now, I am as Global in my outlook as anyone and more intelligently than most. However the globe is a vasty ball rolling ‘cross the sky and my home is a fixed relatively small place. As I look out my window I don’t see a globe; I see a flat disc. As Rudyard Kipling put in his poem Sussex:

God gave all men all earth to love,

But, since our hearts are small,

Ordained for each one spot should prove

Beloved over all.

As Kipling rightly sees that even though the fate of all lives are mingled and all earth holy that which is of me and mine is holiest of all. Kipling goes on:

So one shall Baltic pines content,

Or one some Surrey glade,

Or one some palm-grove’s droned lament

Before Levuka’s Trade.

Each to his choice, and I rejoice

The lot that has fallen to me

In a fair ground – in a fair ground –

Yea, Sussex by the sea!

Yea, as I live here in the land of the Douglas fir, and it seems paradise to me. Looking further out I live in the United States of America and its welfare comes first to me among all other nations.

China has it claims for the Chinese I’m sure. The Chinese being able bodied people require no sacrifice from me or mine or the people of the US. True, our destinies are in a general way entwined but we all have to look to our own interests first. First for me and mine, first for my city and first for America the place that gave me my identity. I am not Chinese, I am not Indian, I am not African. They are all able bodied people well able to look after themselves and I’m sure they place their interests first and may God bless them but in the struggle for the last crust of bread I place my needs first.

Kipling writing in 1899 at the height of the White Man’s domination of the world also wrote of what he assumed was the White Man’s responsibility. He called his poem The White Man’s Burden:

Take up the White Man’s burden-

Send forth the best ye breed-

Go bind your sons to exile

To serve your captives’ need;

To wait in heavy harness

On fluttered folk and wild-

Your new caught, sullen peoples

Half devil and half child.

Kipling’s was an admirable creed for a singular time but that time has long since passed and our ‘new caught, sullen peoples’ have assimilated our economy and machine guns, even our atom bombs. Times have changed, power relations have altered. Our task ‘to serve our captive’s needs’ has now been completed. It is time they repaid the debt. It is time we laid the White Man’s Burden down.

I believe that is presidential candidate Donald Trump’s message. Lay that burden down. We don’t have to make concessions to the Chinese, Africans or any of the ‘sullen peoples’ any longer. The Republican Establishment or Old Guard still clings to the White Supremacist attitude inherent in the lines of Kipling’s White Man’s Burden. They are willing to sacrifice our identity, our worth, to ‘lifting’ people who have their own identity and sense of worth and who no longer need the White Man’s largess, if they ever did.

Let the dead past bury its dead. The Republican Establishment represents that dead past while Trump looks to the horizon of the future, that Brave New World that requires a brave new attitude in competition with all on equal terms for the fair fruits of the earth. The intertwining of fates in globalism is inescapable but globalism itself is a mirage because:

God gave all men all earth to love,

But, since men’s hearts are small,

Ordains for each one spot shall prove

Beloved over all.

Each to his choice, and I rejoice

The lot that has fallen to me

In a fair ground – in a fair ground –

[Here in the USA.]

America First.

Vote Trump!

America First Is Globalism



America First Is Globalism


R.E. Prindle


The Wall Street Journal continues to amaze. Tuesday, May 3, 2016, p. A11, Bret Stephens posted to his column Global View what I imagine he considers a scathing denunciation of Donald Trump. What Brett doesn’t seem to understand is that there is no particular virtue in globalism. It is merely a state of affairs. Donald Trump is a globalist, I am a globalist, we are all globalists. We have to be, globalism is here and now.

If Bret believes that the Chinese don’t place China First, Africans don’t place Africa First and Moslems Moslems First he is dreaming fantastic dreams. Trump says what everyone else is saying about their peoples; he is saying that yes globalism is here and in that context we have to place America’s interests before everyone else’s interests. The White Man’s Burden has been laid down Bret; let that monkey ride someone else’s back. In a dog eat dog’s world, Mondo Cane, one has to bark loud and bite hard not roll over and expose one’s tummy. Those who roll over are called pussys, Bret. No one respects them. That is the situation our current leadership, so-called, has placed us.

The problem with you Bret is that you think your interpretation of globalism is the gold standard and there is no other interpretation. Trump has bluntly stated the China First position: they are raping America. With impunity they hack our computers, take whatever information they want, as part of the cyber war. We grouse but make no retaliation even though we have the means to shut their computers down. To defend ourselves, if I interpret you correctly Bret would be a violation of globalism.

Further, China has no more respect for our borders than Mexico. Chinese flood our country with illegals. Bert apparently considers open borders ‘a reasonable immigration policy’. Your opinion and your opinion alone Bert. The better opinion is that no immigration at all is the most reasonable policy. Your opinion is not sacred just because it is your opinion.   You are not the arbiter on immigration.

Bret insultingly says of Trump’s America First position:

Either Mr. Trump stumbled upon his worldview through a dense fog of historical ignorance. Or he is seriously attempting to resurrect the most disastrous and discreditable strain of American foreign policy for a new generation of American ignoramuses.

You willfully misinterpret the phrase America First. First does not mean only. First means to look at international or global affairs considering one’s own welfare as paramount. To impoverish ourselves to enrich others is the height of foolishness. To use your example of England in WWII, the English if they had considered their own welfare first, would never have entered into WWII. That war bankrupted them completely, impoverished them for a whole decade or more, left them a no-rate power and stripped them of their colonial empire and that with the connivance of FDR.

FDR himself stripped the US of its ‘inexhaustible resources’ in the short period of seven years, 1938-45. He gave those resources away for free to enemies like the Soviet Union. Stalin didn’t even say: Thanks, Suckers; he said: You got anything left? as he annexed the whole of Central Europe.

Neither England nor the US had any dog in the Nazi-Communist struggle so how were American Firsters disastrous and by whom were they discredited or, actually, defamed? They couldn’t have been more disastrous then that fool FDR and they were discredited by those who wished the US ill.

Donald Trump probably knows his history better than you do Bret. Better bone up on current scholarship; your understanding is outdated not Trump’s.

Who Benefits If Western Whites War On Eastern Whites?



Who Benefits If Western Whites

War On Eastern Whites?


R.E. Prindle


There seems to be a growing threat of violence between the NATO nations and the Russians. Should such a war be forced between these two White sides who benefits?

Consider! A couple decades ago the Negro Kamau Kambon on public television announced that genocide should be committed on Whites. At the same time the Jew Noel Ignatiev then a full professor at prestigious Harvard University was touring US campuses delivering his sermon that Whiteness had to be eliminated from the planet.   This was with the full approbation of Harvard, he was never disciplined. Ignatiev did this with the full concurrence of the Jewish establishment. No Jewish voice was raised condemning him. He was cheered wildly by campus audiences so they were apparently comfortable with their own extinction.

So, both Negroes and Jews want to see White people wiped from the planet. All White people. Genocide.

Consider again that many reputable scholars believe that the Jews began WWI and WWII in which Whites fought Whites with terrible carnage if not to extinction. Thus if the Jews can foment another war of Whites vs. Whites it will be to extinction.

Since WWII Jews have been advocates of mass immigration to the US and Europe of colored and Moslem populations. In the event of war not only would Whites be fighting Whites but Negroes and Moslems who have successfully invaded Europe and taken over in the US would be enemies within.

In the US Jews, Negroes, Moslems and Mexicans or Hispanics if you prefer would be internal enemies in the US. Mexicans are already in revolt. Who is President of the US? The Negro Barack Obama who invariably favors his own Negroes and who are his apparent coreligionists the Moslems.

The Jews and Negroes are seconded by a large body of White Liberal Quislings in both the US and Europe.

So, let us ask ourselves why is the Negro Obama driving us toward war and who will benefit by such a war? Neither the US or Europe are enemies of the Russians or they us. Russia does not want war yet Obama is provoking the Russians to war as hard as possible.

Consider! Obama has said that presidential candidate Donald Trump will never be president. This is reputed to be a democracy so how could Obama prevent a duly elected Trump from being president. What does he mean when he says Trump will never be president? Only by violence, only by a coup in which he seizes the government permanently and prevents Trump from taking office.

We have been forewarned. The Jews and Negroes want to see us dead. They have the means to do so. They have the will. They are acting now.

I am reasonably certain that Trump will be elected. What then will he do? What will we do if Obama refuses to step down?

Well, arrest him.

Vote Trump or vote for your own extinction. Those are your two choices. Do the right thing, Vote Trump.

Mitt Romney Vs. Donald Trump





R.E. Prindle


…all Americans know that most of the United States lies west of New York. The country has come to view that strip of Eastern coast as a miasmatic place whence rises the fetid drivel of all that is subversive in public thought.   It is the home of anti-America propaganda, of pro-Jewish hysteria, a mad confusion of all that passes in some quarters as a picture of America. But America is west of the “metropolis”, New York is an unassimilated province on the outskirts of the nation.

Henry Ford

The Dearborn Independent 3/5/21

Subsequent to Mitt’s speech condemning Trump as a scoundrel I saw an interview in which Mitt’s decades long relationship with Trump was discussed. Bear in mind they are both businessmen. What might not be seen as scoundrely in some of Mitt’s own dealings by his victims is apparently just business in Mitt’s. But Trump? He’s something different.

Back when Mitt needed money for his failed campaign he knocked on ‘The Donald’s’ door and stood there with his hand out. At that time he thought that ‘The Donald’ was a fine businessman and patriotic American, the essence of the all around good fellow. What happened between then and now?

Now Mitt says Trump is not only dense and irresponsible but downright dangerous. What happened? Poor character analysis on Mitt’s part back then or chagrin that because he threw his election he wants Trump to fail too? You know Mitt is part of that East Coast Establishment and you know they look down on Trump as upstart who didn’t pass through the fire. Maybe it sticks in Mitt’s craw that someone he considers beneath him might succeed where he failed. Don’t know.

Mitt’s angst over Trump seems to be that his announced economic policies would offend our allies and trade ‘partners.’ What allies? This is peacetime. This is no time for WWII terminology. We don’t have allies, we have neighbors. We have no concerted action leading to a common goal. Back in Mitt’s day the Soviet Union was said to be our ‘ally and we gave them free and clear at least fifteen billion dollars in aid plus the plates, paper and ink to print as much money as they wanted. Believe it or not that’s true. Thus the Soviets, that grand old ally of ours, went away and behold the successor State under Putin who never did anything to us is our enemy. Trump thinks he could be our friend thus the interrogators of Fox accused him of being a fool. I don’t think he’s a fool. You must have been part of that Mitt. Your side made it happen. Tell us what your thinking was. Inquiring minds want to know.

Now your side has crowded up the Russian border with missiles, conducting all kinds of color revolutions to separate parts of Russia and provoke the evil Putin. Hey, your side says trespass one foot into Estonia and we’ll unleash WWIII. Hey, Mitt, are you for real?

That sounds like dangerous provocation to me Mitt, buy you say Trump is even more dangerous? Wow!

And Trump’s tariff on goods coming from the most favored nations has upset them? Hell, yes, if I were getting a free ride and somebody wanted to collect the fare I’d be offended too. Hurt, man, hurt. Trump is stupid you say because he doesn’t think running a half trillion dollar trade deficit a year is viable and you do? Is he stupid Mitt or are you?

Aw…enough of this Mitt. Go back home and think this out. No wonder you lost the election.