The Aryan Cultural Crisis



The Aryan Cultural Crisis


R.E. Prindle

The current expansion into an incipient global culture indicates a significant sea change in the Aryan relationship to its own culture.  The expansion of globalism itself coincides with a critical moment in the evolution of the Aryan culture.  My generation is perhaps the end of Aryan culture.

In 1950 when I was approaching awareness Aryan culture was firmly in place, a model for the rest of the world.  But it was backward looking as our literature was still of the Victorian and Edwardian periods.  The development of culture was interrupted by the Great War of 1914-18.  Except for pulp literature that was unrecognized as cultural the 20s, 30s, and 40s produced very little writing that became an integral part of Aryan culture.  The ‘classics’ of the nineteenth century ruled.

Even as late as the 1970s the shelves of bookstores mainly contained nineteenth century novels.  In the last couple decades I notice the shelves filled with writers that quite frankly I’ve never heard of.  Writers with catalogs of seven, eight, nine or more too.  Even on the shelves of used bookstores classic literature is disappearing or being sold at very low prices.

There is much more of an emphasis on international titles and authors, not only European but Chinese, Japanese, Middle Eastern, South American  and even a sprinkling of African.

At the same time the nineteenth century has quietly receded into a more distant perhaps even an ancient past.  Already slightly odd to my generation as writing styles have changed it has become foreign to the current generation or two.  It takes a certain learning to understand it.  Scientific and technological developments have placed it beyond understandability.  The reactions of the characters of old novels have no context in the current social, sexual and technological context.

Thus time, science and technology have severed current generations of Aryans from their past.  In addition current social conditions mock and disparage the founders of modern social, scientific and technological developments as those of old dead White men.  Thus the young of today are completely severed, cut off, from their origins.  They have essentially lost their culture.

At the same time literary contributions of Negroes, Chinese, Japanese, Jews, Middle Easterners and others become their required reading so that any connection with their own Aryan past is disconnected and stays disconnected.  Aryan works either do not get published and if published get little or no promotion.

As there are only twenty-four hours in a day students have no time to forage on their own while as I indicated  they can only be really interested in works of the last twenty or thirty years.

What is true of literature is also true of music and movies.  Few if any of any generation usually show interest in the cultural achievements of their predecessors taking more pride in what they themselves are doing.  Thus if the current generation is only shown the work of other cultures, if their minds are filled with those cultures to the exclusion of their own then they will have to create their weltanschauung from a collation of other cultural influences.

Thus we will have the unprecedented situation in which the multi-millions of volumes in our huge libraries will be ignored, unread, except by the very few of a curious disposition.

If one visits today’s college campuses one is dismayed to find the student bodies made up predominantly of non-Aryan students, many barely speaking English, to whom those vast collections of books have no relevance whatsoever.  What can Huckleberry Finn, thought of as the greatest of American novels, mean to them?  If Aryans find, say, Balzac incomprehensible, Dumas beyond comprehension, perhaps even Sherlock Holmes beyond the pale of understanding what can they possibly mean to hordes of students not even familiar with contemporary American culture?

Think of it.  Perhaps millions of volumes in, say, the Berkeley library of the University of California untouched for decades to come.

We are indeed on the brink of a strange new world, a world in which Aryans will inevitably be swallowed up and disappear leaving behind millions and millions of volumes to oblivion.  Thousands of years of history and scholarship down the memory hole.  In a way it like the ancient classical world that disappeared leaving the Jewish bible as the dominant text of the past.  It was only two thousand years later that archaeology exposed the derivative nature of Judaism.  What does the future hold?

The Jews vs. John Galliano

The Jews vs. John Galliano


R.E. Prindle

How’s This For Blonde?

The great European Affaire Galliano has not yet ended.  A little over a hundred years ago the great Affaire Dreyfus raged through France setting the country at loggerheads.  In the great Jewish war against Europe the Dreyfus Affaire established the Jews as a semi-autonomous culture within France.  One wonders what the Galliano Affaire is meant to achieve.  Perhaps only redressing Dreyfus by inflicting a humiliation on a Franco-English hairdress… uh, I mean Fashionista.

The Jews have already forced through a French law making it a criminal offense to utter a single word of criticism about themselves.  Perhaps the Galliano Affaire was provoked to show that no star is bright enough to escape retribution for the least, the very least, of utterances spoken in obscurity, almost one might say, a dream, while the persecuted is so draconically punished out of all proportion to the imagined offense that anyone with even a shred of ‘anti-Semitism’ in their heart will be cowed into submission.

Thus, while Galliano escaped any punishment at the hands of the French court save being criminalized, the Affaire is being reopened on the issue of whether Galliano can be allowed to be rehabilitated to the rank of a mere human being.  He has been excommunicated if not outlawed.  One would consider this as subject for the opera buffe, a comic opera, if it weren’t so serious for Galliano and actually the future of France as an independent country and not a satrapy of Israel.

Thus the July 2013 issue of Vanity Fair features what must be a 10K word article supposedly pleading for Galliano’s readmission to the human race and possible reinstatement to gainful employ.  The article is written by one Ingrid Sischy, an assimilationist Jew.  Naturally a Jew would be selected to reintroduce Galliano to humanity.  I don’t know what Vanity Fair pays for very long articles, possibly 10 to 25K or even more, but the Jews continue to profit from the Affaire to the exclusion of Aryans.  Twenty-five thousand might be pocket change in those circles but still, it does fill the tank.

Apparently the enormity of a drugged out, drunken Galliano’s response to harassment as a poofter by a Jewish woman in a Paris street bar is such that two years after the verdict the wound is still fresh in the hides of Jews that even the Chief Rabbi of France, Gilles Bernheim, another assimilationist Jew going by his first name, is still smoldering.  P. 121:

Ingrid Sischy


Not everyone has believed it to be appropriate to have Galliano in their midst.  Gilles Bernheim, the chief rabbi of France, rejected requests to meet with him.


But, to be fair and balanced, same page:


On the other hand, Rabbi Barry Marcus, [another assimilator] of Central Synagogue, one of London’s oldest Orthodox synagogues, has begun a dialogue with Galliano.  The designer attended a service one Saturday morning…wearing a tallith and kipa.


So, just as Dreyfus returned from Devil’s Island, Galliano is being drawn back from limbo.  Apparently a tit for tat.  Marcus is holding out a warming hand to the sinner to raise him from his degraded depths:


As a Jew and a rabbi, if anybody makes a mistake- and we all make mistakes- built into Judaism is the concept of giving a person another chance, or forgiving.  So much of who we are and how we operate as human beings is built on that very principle.


Well, gosh, yes.  Magnanimity is just so Jewish.  One can’t be more holy than the Jews.  Such magnanimity is seldom seen on the planet other than in Judaism.    But let’s look at Galliano’s so-called crime and its circumstances.  Miss Sischy begins her article with this dramatic paragraph:


May as well face the worst of it right away, so here it is:  The transcript of a cell phone video of an encounter at La Perle, a bar in Paris’ Marais district, which stunned the fashion world, and millions of people outside that world, with its mix of inexcusable anti-Semitism, childish bile, and outrageous obscenity.  The video was first posted on the Web site of the British tabloid The Sun on February 28, 2011, and immediately went viral:

Woman:  “Are you blond?”

Man:  “No, but I love Hitler.  People like you would be dead today.  Your mothers, your forefathers, would be fucking gassed, and fucking dead.”

Woman:  “Oh my god!  Do you have a problem?”

Man:  “With you?  You’re ugly.”

Woman:  “With all people.  You don’t want peace?  You don’t want peace in the world?”

Man:  “Not with people that are ugly.”

Woman:  “Where are you from?”

Man:  “Your asshole.”


If the above is accurate there is no mention of Jews whatever.  Apparently the subject of world peace as a non-sequitur is uppermost in the woman’s mind not Judaism.  For the people who gave us Lenny Bruce to complain about obscenity is obscenity itself.  The Jews who were responsible for breaking down the barriers of bad language now complain because someone  follows their example.  There is no mention of Jews so there can be no anti-Semitism in the above quote.

As to the woman asking ‘Are you blond?’ that would imply that the first part of the conversation has been omitted.  We are at a loss as to who first initiated the exchange or how provocative it may have been.  ‘Are you blond?’ is either a taunt or a sexual invitation.

There is also a question as to how Galliano would have known the woman was Jewish. It is true that the Mastermind of All Time, Albert Einstein said that he could tell a Jew at sight from a mile away but few Aryans can.  Since the woman wouldn’t have appeared to Jewish to a besotted, drugged out poofter like Galliano then I have to assume that she announced that she was Jewish.

While Galliano may be highly regarded as a fashion designer by Fashionistas, I see him a comic costumier and in the video I saw he was amusingly at his best.  An obvious poofter even to the untrained eye.  Was the woman mocking his sexuality.  I’m afraid we may never know now as that evidence has been deleted.  As this incident was an obvious set up, and I do know set ups, I suspect the Jews themselves were the obvious culprit creating a faux ‘anti-Semitic incident as is their wont.

How outraged did they really think those millions were?  And if millions were outraged, which is questionable, how many other millions, myself included, merely laughed and said:  ‘Here they go again?’  I mean, this isn’t the first time the trick has been tried, or the second, or third, or….

The court itself didn’t take the accusation seriously.  Their own investigation undoubtedly revealed that there was a great deal of provocation and misrepresentation.  Of course, the idiotic self-serving law is on the book.  Galliano wasn’t even adequately represented which is suspicious in itself.  But, as a law had been ‘violated’ I suppose the court was obligated to adjudicate it.

While it was possible to give Galliano jail time as well as a mega fine the court chose to impose no sentence while fining him only minimally and then suspending it.  I’m sure there is Freudian significance to the number but not being French it is beyond my ken.  This may be interpreted as a slap in the face to both this particular law and the Jews.  Both are absurd and somebody other than Galliano should be ashamed and shamed.

One is forced to believe the incident was merely a publicity stunt a la the Dreyfus Affaire to obtain not only a semi-autonomous status but a full autonomy above and superior to the French state and people- in effect a coup, a seizure of government so to speak.

While it isn’t possible for the Jews in the US to recreate their French position they have at least grouped themselves with all sub-cultures in the US against the dominant culture with their Anti-Aryan Hate Laws.  The US Constitution makes their progress a trifle more complicated but as part of their global plan they are only a step or two from autonomy above the US government.

It is time for a big anti-Semitic plot to be discovered in the US now.  From where it will come, who  the designated villain will be is unknown.  John Rocker?  He’s already been used up.  Who then?  Where?  When?

Oy Vey, What Next?

The State Of The Union



The State Of The Union


R.E. Prindle

If wars were won by feasting,

Or victory by song,

Or safety found in sleeping sound,

How Liberals would have made us strong.

But honor and dominion

Are not so maintained,

They’re only got by sword and shot,

And this we Aryans know.

–Rudyard Kipling (with minor emendations.)

     The Union is disintegrating.  As Abraham Lincoln said the Union cannot stand half slave and half free but he also believed the Union couldn’t exist half White and half Negro.  A hundred fifty years hence that understanding of reality has come to pass.

Adolf Hitler in his despairing days in the bunker before the defeat of the Third Reich, grasping at straws, opined that as no other multi-cultural  State had ever survived the hodge podge of the US was living on borrowed time.  He too was correct although premature in his expectations of its demise.  The Soviet troops arrived before doomsday USA.

But now, today, both predictions have come true.  While we were all more concerned with our stashes rather than keeping our eyes on the bouncing ball, Whites fled almost all the major cities letting Negroes become the majority race in them.  Thus with few exceptions the major cities are all majority Negro having become African colonies, seceded in all but name.

Thus, within a few years, the US will become an Afro-centric country rather than a Euro-centric one.  African mores will prevail I expect within a very few elections, I suspect  that fully fifty percent of Congressional seats will be held by Negroes, both male and female, White and other females will hold at least thirty percent with other races holding five to ten percent with the pitiful remainder going to White males.

As Hitler gloated on his electoral success, democracy will have triumphed and as with Hitler’s success will be ended.

While Whites talk of setting up independent White territories Negroes have acted and so have their Jewish allies; both are block voting Democrats.

An interesting article in the April 28, 2013 New York Magazine titled Them And Them by one Benjamin Wallace-Wells, Jewish despite the name, details the virtual secession of Rockland County New York by Hasidic Jews.  The article is worth seeking out and reading.

( ) -that was quick and easy wasn’t it?

While complaining about being ghettoized the Jews have always chosen to huddle thus appearing as invaders and colonizers rather than immigrants.  This was most conspicuous in the post WWII invasion of the Hasidim.  In this case the Hasidic Jews occupied the town of East Ramapo in Rockland County New York.  Once in possession US laws have been supplanted by Jewish law, not unlike what the Semitic Moslems are attempting to do with their own Sharia law, as one may say, as an Israeli overseas outpost.

According to Wallace-Wells the Hasids are extremely inbred producing a very high level of mentally defective children.  As a self contained foreign unit on US soil, for a while the Hasids were able to finance the liability but as the number of defects apparently mushroomed the Hasidic Jews found that they could no longer do so.

Being the majority population of Rockland County, as Negroes are the majority of large US cities, the matter could be handled ‘democratically’ a la Hitler, that is to say the Jews elected themselves to county positions thus expanding their base of operations from East Ramapo to the whole county.  Once in charge they just began to financially rape the majority, as the Negroes and Jews are doing to the US, for their own, as it were, personal use.

When the non-Jews objected the then school president, one Daniel Schwartz, representing the Jewish idea of democracy told the rest of the county point blank:  “You don’t like it?  Find another place to live.”  In other words, love it or leave it.  The Jewish love of minorities had evaporated.

Another wise old Talmudic Jew turned the situation into a case of, well, what else?, anti-Semitism.  Yehuda Weissmandl the school board vice president whined:  “People can’t stand that this community has turned out to be what it has turned out to be.  They want to see us gone because I have a yarmulke on my head.”

An obtuse one he; you object to financial rape and you’re an anti-Semite.  Well, we know how that one works.

The point however is that the beloved Union of Lincoln has been torn asunder as Rockland County has effectively seceded from the Union.  It’s a Jewish principality now and if you don’t like as Daniel Schwartz says:  Eat it!

This secession situation currently in its early, or at least unrecognized state,  is bound to accelerate into hundreds of no go areas.  Southern California for instance.   The Jews and Negroes are going to create their own legal code as they secede so what is holding Whites back from doing the same?  I’ll answer, the failure to accept the lesson of 9/11/01 that the present became the past while the future would evolve from that present.  It was a new world requiring a new response to ‘multi-culturalism.’  Unfortunately we were ill led by the idiot president George Bush- The Great Decider.

Our task then is to accept that what was is no longer and that we have to deal with that reality to create our future; to hell with everyone else.  Multi-culturalism is dead.  Nothing with us has changed internally, our ideals are intact but the union of the United States is now divided at present into three countries, Negroes, Jews and Aryans with Mexicans and Chinese waiting in the wings for their share.

If we do nothing we end up dead or slaves so my suggestion is that we do something.  And do it beginning today.

It Takes A Village…? Part Two

It Takes A Village…?
Part Two
R.E. Prindle

The Communists, like the Africans, and also the Semites, prefer static unchanging societies. They have correctly understood the family unit as the engine directing psychological and intellectual evolution, thus, in order to return to the primitive condition it is necessary to destroy civilization. Freud presented their argument in his pamphlet Civilization And Its Discontented.

What then is the goal of the Communist version of the communal upbringing of children? The first point is to destroy intellectual differentiation, bringing all intellects to the same level. Education breeds differentiation so education must be destroyed. Wealth breeds differentiation so everyone must be reduced to economic equality, property must be declared criminal. Individual families breed differentiation so the family must be destroyed. It is imagined that these actions will create ‘equality.’ Only when all marks of excellence are destroyed can a just society be created Communists believe.

Of course philosophically there doesn’t have be any thought of how such a program can be realized. But on a practical basis how is it to be achieved? Now, anyone who has experienced the village and the family experience can tell you the result.

I spent a few years in the orphanage which is to say in the ultimate communal situation although the armed forces come close. There is constant bickering and fighting as the most aggressive seek to bring all others under their control. Only then can they feel secure. If the situation was controlled at all, which it wasn’t, it was only moderated by the administrators and the house mothers neither of which would acknowledge who the aggressors were. Thus crime and violence is the communal norm as ‘equals’ squabble for dominance or the position of ‘first among equals‘, or in other words, masters and slaves. This is what ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ means.

Thus in the current social struggle here in the US, the Global Money Trust is seeking to establish dominion over the ‘slave’ classes. An equality of ignorance is being sought as totally ignorant people are being hauled out of the jungles of Africa, not unlike the slave days of yore, diluting the established scientifically educated Old Stock.

Manufacturing has been shipped out of the country while the hordes of ‘new’ people are given preference for the mainly government positions available. Thus those with merit are pushed aside while the incapable take their place. On a local scale this replicates the situation in places like South Africa and Zimbabwe.

The better and educated and much feared White male is placed at the bottom of the employment ladder. University student bodies are currently roughly 60% female and when you factor in the huge foreign male population the domestic White male may represent only 25% or less of the student bodies. Thus he is slowly reduced to or below the common level.

He is taught in school to not attempt to excel. Now as ignorant as can be he will be easily manageable . Slave material shuffling along.

Thus a two class society like nineteenth century Africa is aimed at- the Global Money Trust masters and a racially homogeneous slave force. At the same time science and technology are producing more easily managed robots which likely will be able to replace humans to a very large extent. As only a limited number of humans will be needed to perform essentially menial tasks that matter will undoubtedly be solved in the manner of Huxley’s Brave New World.

To begin with it may be necessary to eliminate four or five billion people who are currently overburdening the planet. No problem. You think it won’t or can’t be done? Consider, in the eighteenth century an age old social order in Scotland was willfully scuttled. For centuries the Highlands had been structured along the lines of Lords and common retainers – essentially masters and slaves. Then in the eighteenth century the Lords discovered that now that there was peace with England there was more money in raising sheep than there was in maintaining human retainers. What to do with the human sheep of little monetary value? Run them out of the country breaking the trust of centuries.

The highlands were turned into sheepwalks while as the Americas were still new and thinly populated the retainers were driven off the land, to the coast, forced aboard ship and sent to Canada and the US.

A century earlier when the Irish were proving troublesome to the English, Cromwell, that great Puritan leader, rounded up tens of thousands and sold them as slaves in the West Indies. You heard right, sold as many Irish as possible in slavery where they worked cheek by jowl with the Negroes. Expect no mercy.

During the Irish famine of the eighteen-forties the English systematically removed all food stuffs forcing millions to emigrate to the Americas or starve to death. You are foolish if you believe not only that such things can’t happen again but even that they aren’t happening now. What do you think is going on?

An entire generation is being educated for slavery in our schools now and that is the only education they’re getting. It takes a village to enforce slavery; it takes a family to rear free men.

Awake! You are expendable. Take action while you still can.

Infinite Knowledge And The Finite Mind

Infinite Knowledge And The Finite Mind
R.E. Prindle

The world is fast approaching a very perilous situation. It is not a question of human perfidy but the unavoidable consequence of the accumulation of knowledge. While accumulated knowledge is growing exponentially the human mind is diminishing in capacity compounded by a concentration on the wrong things.

The ability to organize and manage the exploding quantity of knowledge exceeds the ability of the human mind to synthesize. The fraction of knowledge the ablest, the most capacious human minds can absorb is miniscule. The problem is compounded by our very inadequate educational system based on favoritism rather than merit. The level of the best is inexorably drawn down.

The problem of barely educating the most intelligent and mentally capable percentage of the population that amounts to no more than fifteen percent of the total within a reasonable time, say 30 years of age, is made difficult to impossible by the basic needs of the individual- maturation, sex, indolence, hazards such as drugs and alochol, mental fixations and illnesses and what have you.

As at least a full fifty percent of the population can be written off as totally incapable of abstract thinking, the remaining thirty-five percent is barely educable and trainable for ordinary tasks.

Even the most intelligent can be educated to only one discipline or a sub-set of a discipline. To be expert, for instance, in the study of proteins is to unfit the individual for most other technical or cultural subjects. Of course in becoming expert in one field does give one an operating method that can be used to transfer to or include another discipline but the effort takes time and dilutes the knowledge of both or more fields. The nature of memory is that it fades if not constantly used. This is unavoidable.

Human nature and envy being what it is the odds are that the most capable may not do well in the social battle while the much less capable are cunning at manipulating others to obtain their ends. Hence we have a politically able but intellectual dimwit serving as President of the United States, as well as, one might add, most other heads of State. They act from ideology rather than circumstances. It would appear that one of the least capable mentalities serving as head of State in North Korea is quite capable of bringing down the whole of civilization from its present precarious state.

There appears to be no solution to this problem. It is merely a bottleneck that the human race will not be able to pass through.

Bozos rule the world and will continue to do so. Hence, enjoy it while you can; it can’t matter. It has just gotten too complex for the human mind to manage.

Reclaiming Our Culture: Education

Reclaiming Our Culture: Education
R.E. Prindle

People speak of Globalism as if there were no attending problems. Education is a major problem. Perhaps not so much in racially and linguistically mono culture regions such as China and Africa, and neither is going multi-cultural any time soon, but in regions like North America and Europe that have been uniquely declared the common property of the world educating many diverse cultures as a single unit is proving impossible.

The cities of Detroit and Birmingham in the US are unique in being mono cultural but in cities like New York, Boston and Chicago student bodies are extremely fractured along racial lines, or, in other words, diverse. In those cities the student bodies are predominantly Negro and/or Mexican the rest of the students being in much smaller fractions. They are recent immigrants speaking scores of languages. What sort of curriculum has been devised to deal with such incongruous diversity? None.

As these cultures are encouraged to maintain themselves in some sort of United Nations setting would it not be the proper thing to do to establish schools for each culture. After all, of what interest can Shakespeare be to Hmong students who have no history of European culture? Can they even understand Elizabethan English let alone English society? Wouldn’t Khmer history be of more interest to them, the Indianization of the sub-continent?

Negroes insist on an afrocentric education. Who is to say that they shouldn’t have it? Shouldn’t schools be set aside for Negroes in a just multi-cultural society? Jews already have set up their ethno-centric schools as do Moslems. Catholics also have their more religiously centered schools. For all practical purposes Mexicans have their ethnic schools in places they have cleansed of other cultures such as in Los Angeles and San Diego. Is this wrong? I say no.

Separate out the various cultures and let them learn in their own way with a curriculum they desire. No culture left behind. Democracy in action.

When the cultures have been recognized and accommodated perhaps then the remaining White part of America’s students can be given their ethno-centric education with a curriculum based more on learning useful subjects rather than being indoctrinated in racial politics as the whole course of study. After all education in science and Euroamerican literature is sure to be more meaningful to their culture than enshrining anti-Aryan Hate Laws as the ideal.

I say the sooner schools are so culturally sorted the faster this country will get ahead. A healthy intellectual competition never hurt anything. Let the most productive culture prove what it can do.

This is the 21st century; change is now.

Reclaiming Our Culture: Politics

Reclaiming Our Culture: Politics
R.E. Prindle

God gave men all earth to love,
But since our hearts are small,
Ordained for each one spot should prove
Beloved over all…

–Rudyard Kipling

The inevitable consequence of the burgeoning of the world population is that distances disappear; we are all in contact with each other. Thus globalism is the result, a global economy has emerged trumping all local economies. Adaptation to change is the name of the game while it is easier to adapt up than to adapt down.

New classes of people have emerged. Businessmen as a group have no local loyalty. The United States, France, China mean nothing more to them than markets, money to be made. Thus, they transcend all regional or local politics, indeed, they appoint the managers of each regional market, be it the US, France, China or wherever. These managers formerly known as Presidents or Prime Ministers are now nothing more than managers. True there is the charade of elections but their is no real choice, you either vote for their candidate #1 or their candidate #2.

They employ, much as J.P. Morgan managed the loosely knit group of capitalists beneath him, the members of the regional governments, formerly known as congresses or parliaments, to manage the region. But the whole regional government is now divorced from the State or Department population they ostensibly serve. Actually they are responsible to the wishes of the Global Money Trust. This is the change you got whether you believe in it or not.

The States and localities function, or can function more or less independently of the regional managers, much as the redoubtable Jan Brewer of Arizona does. Bless her.

The States and localities are the actual functioning units. Thus, the issue at that level is not of political parties but of ideologies; which mores are going to rule.

You and I in our localities while being cognizant of the Global nature of economics have no direct need of it. We can only be concerned with our one spot ordained for us. It is what happens on the ground we stand on that matters.

…That, as He watched Creation’s birth,
So we, in godlike mood,
May of our love create our earth
And see that it is good.

Rudyard Kipling

So, what do we care about a Global Money Trust that cares nothing for us and its regional appointees. Let them govern that which concerns us not, and let us govern the matters that concern us.

Laws that seem reasonable to them are very unreasonable to us. Someone in rural Northern California has no interest in laws that apply only to the Atlantic Seaboard or New York City.

Our message to the Global Money Trust and the regional manager of the US, meaning Manager Obama, is you mind your business and we’ll mind our own.

We don’t need no stinking regional laws.

Reclaiming Control Of Our Culture

Reclaiming Control Of Our Culture
R.E. Prindle

One of the results of pre-1914 immigration was that Aryans resigned control of the US culture to the immigrants themselves. Even the administration of immigration itself was placed in the hands of the immigrants. The unspoken deal was that the immigrants would recognize the superiority of our political system and culture renouncing their in our favor. This was called the Melting Pot theory. It was delusional and not realistic. The Melting Pot was never to be realized.

Of course there were certain people, denounced as Nativists bigots, who pointed out that theory was based on a false premise and couldn’t work. Liberals hooted them down as bigots and morally corrupt narrow people.

While this struggle was going on immigrants who thought our political system was inferior to theirs were going about laying the ground work for supplanting our system and culture with theirs. First among these peoples were the Jews.

As has been shown by the recent founding of the Paideia organization in Sweden by the ex-pat US Jew Barbara Spectre with the intention of suppressing the history of nineteenth century Aryan culture in favor of what she calls ‘Jewish Knowledge’, this has been their modern goal since the Jewish Emancipation of the French Revolution to the present.

It is no surprise then that from their landing on US shores the Jews set about supplanting Aryan systems and culture with their own.

This attempt fid not go unnoticed. A set of plans entitled the Protocols Of Zion professing this goal made its appearance but was vehemently denied as one would expect. Inn any event the Protocols were written toward the end of the nineteenth century and were obsolete by the time they were promulgated. Based on nineteenth century propaganda methods the twentieth century at its opening provided new unparalleled propaganda venues that went on increasing and improving: movies, radio, recording, TV and improved publishing techniques. The mass market was in front of them.

As movies and the new venues were unexploited those on the qui vive had the most incentive to exploit them and those people were the Jews. It was essential to control the content an personnel of these new opportunities. Thus with these more than powerful venues that caught the Aryans flat footed the Jews were able to begin the displacement of Aryan culture with their own.

When talking pictures became the norm about 1930 the way was clear. Radio that became commercial at about the same time placed the whole propaganda apparatus in Jewish hands.

The death camps of the Nazis placed the weapon of guilt in Jewish hands that was found to be irresistible. The actions of a few while unrepresentative of Jews in the case of Jewish criminals were declared representative of every single Aryan and White person. Thus, by at least the year 2000 Jewish culture and mores had taken prominence over Aryan. The Revolution is almost completed.

Our good will toward all has been traduced. It is only necessary to reject this Jewish influence to defeat the Jewish conquest.

As I indicated in my previous post it is necessary to establish our own presence in the movie and other propaganda industries and reaffirm our own cultural values. It is necessary perhaps as has been done in Canada and England to pass laws limiting the participation in the media of other nationalities.

When Canada and England, for instance, feared the dominance of American cultural influence whether movies, performing arts or other they had no compunction is legally limiting it. The came can be done in this country, Aryan Affirmative Action so to speak. Perhaps such would not be unlike the anti-Aryan Hate Laws championed by the Jews.

Obviously the system we developed, Democracy can be used to subvert the State without restraints. Let us put restraints in place to ensure the smooth operation of Democracy. The time for hope and change is now. A change is gonna come.

Last Year In Marienbad

Last Year In Marienbad
R.E. Prindle

Scene From Last Year In Marienbad- Great Flick

Scene From Last Year In Marienbad- Great Flick

In the rapidly forming Jewish fantasy of the conquest of the Aryans two articles have appeared defining the situation. The first appeared on Jewish World entitled Islamization Of Europe A Good Thing and the second on Tablet Ezine entitled The Haunted Spas Of Europe.

Both deal with the furious Jewish assault on the so-called anti-Semites of Europe. As a Jewish social construct anti-Semitism has no objective existence as is amply proven by Rabbi Baruch Efrati, the Jewish school head of the West Bank who boldly states: “There shall be no remnants and survivors from the impurity of Christianity.” The Jewish fixation on Christianity has no validity as most of the West turned Scientific during the last two centuries. So let’s just say that Efrati means Aryans when he says Christians.

Well, maybe Wolf Hitler was onto something. Maybe genocide is a universal desideratum having been part of Jewish culture dating from the time the Ages changed from Taurus to Aries. In a choice between genocide and victory I think the choice is clear. An us or them situation.

The subtitle to Natalie Naimark-Goldberg’s The Haunted Spas Of Europe is Jews Flocked To Retreats Like Marienbad, But What Couldn’t Be Healed Was Europe’s Anti-Semitism. To quote Natalie

…a new book by Mirjam Zadoff, Next Year In Marienbad: The Lost Worlds Of Jewish Spa Culture…comes to fill the void left by the destruction of a world once populated by a multitudinous European Jewry who lived and often bathed and relaxed together. Drawing from a wide variety of historical sources, Zadoff reconstructs the Jewish experience at the Western Bohemian spas, which she depicts as “Jewish spaces”, places where Jews felt at home after adopting the European middle-class practice of annual spa visits….

After adopting European practices? Jews have truly said they will occupy houses they didn’t build. In other words, displace those who did.

First the so-called anti-Semites built the spa culture. If the movie Last Year In Marienbad, shot in Bavaria, accurately portrays a spa they were spectacular resorts built by Aryan minds and hands to Aryan standards of beauty and comfort. And just when they get it built…here cum de Jews to make “Jewish space” and drive them out.

…Jews constituted the dominant group…It is not incidental that even in the heyday of the Jewish presence at the Bohemian spas, Jews had their own enclaves; coexistence with members of other religions was never widespread. Jews lived apart from the rest, segregated within their own (invisible) boundaries, as if in a protected sanctuary…

One can believe the contempt which these haughty scions of ‘purity‘, treated the impure brethren of Christianity, putting up invisible social barriers daring the anti-Semites to cross and then complaining about their own self-imposed ‘ghettos.’

As Natalie says coexistence with the Jews was made impossible, not because of Aryan attitudes but Jewish attitudes.



…Take…Carlsbad…in the first decade of the 20th century. Wishing for a kosher meal, one would have found oneself being asked the kind of kashrus one preferred, for there was a restaurant that catered to the stringencies of every sect. A similar range of choices would confront whoever looked for a prayer house from imposing synagogues or “Temples” liberal style, to prayer rooms set up ad hoc by Chasidim courts that arrived accompanying the rebbe during his annual cure, and other traditional minyanim for those to who organs and mixed choirs were unpalatable.

Where is the discrimination by anti-Semitic Aryans that Jews say they encountered? These Jews were welcome to come. What of the holocaust, then? Was the crowd of rebbes any different than Rabbi Efrati who preaches that ‘there shall be no remnants and survivors from Christianity’, that is to say Aryans? Of course not. As Fyodor Dostoievsky famously wrote, the Jews would gladly have murdered all the Russians if they had the opportunity. And post-1917 when they did have the opportunity they seized it as best they could.

Holocaust? Holocaust, Bollockscaust! So what? It’s not a matter of Aryans killing Jews, it’s whether the Jews will kill the Aryans. Tit for tat. How can anyone fault Wolf Hitler for protecting his own kind?

What did Aryans do to Jews for hundreds of years as Efrati whines that the good rabbis wouldn’t have done to Aryans if they had the chance. In 1666 the Jews were prepared to murder all Aryans but then the Millennium passed without the appearance of the ‘messiach‘.

How do Jews treat American Aryans today? They have passed laws disenfranchising Aryans. Anti-Aryan hate groups like the Southern (Jewish) Poverty Law Center, the Anti-Defamation League, the American Jewish Committee and their subject NAACP egregiously violate the rights of Aryans by threatening any hotel (read spa) that rents their facilities for Aryan group meetings. They sponsor murder groups to disrupt Aryan meetings in places like Chicago.

Holocaust? Holocaust, Bollockscaust. This is war and has been war for four thousand years. The casualties on both sides have been enormous and apparently will be even more enormous if Rabbi Efrati and his kind have their way. Well, if he really wants to take us on, now is as good a time as any. Declare yourselves, enough of this sneak genocide of Mayor Bloomberg in NYC. Last year in Marienbad; this year in New York City.

Disregard any insults such as anti-Semitism. Anti-Semitism is merely a social construct serving Jewish ends.

Understanding Anti-Aryan Hate Laws V: The Colonial Experience

Understanding Anti-Aryan Hate Laws V: The Colonial Period


R.E. Prindle

We Aryans have a more than thin grasp of historical cause and effect. One can’t understand the impetus for Anti-Aryan Hate Laws without bearing in mind the colonial period from, say, 1600 to 1900. Now, Aryans did nothing than other conquerors had done, probably less. The Mongols of Genghis and Kublai Khan were totally destructive of civilization. They subjected the Russians to defeat and the worst humiliations for centuries.

The difference in the Aryan conquest of the world was that we were fair skinned while defeating all the coloreds of the world subjecting the Earth to our rule. There is no way to white wash any conquest. The conquerors are without exception arrogant. But, the Aryans were of a different skin tone while despising the darker species.

Technologically the Aryans were far superior to the rest of the entire planet combined. The Semites, Jews and Arabs alike, were root bound by their religion and remain so. The Chinese had been stalled for a couple thousand years; there was no hope for any change. The Aborigines of Australia? Well, what can one say.

Our superiority alone combined with fairness was enough to create the deepest hatred. True, Aryans found the world sunk in disease and poverty but unlike any other conquerors in history Aryan medicine and science removed all the diseases, improved nutrition, a concept none of the coloreds had ever conceived, and put the entire world on the track of prosperity. But, well, those are small things compared to having been a White conqueror rather than another colored one.

Thus, the entire issue is the irreparable one of Whiteness. The coloreds state explicitly that Whiteness, by any means necessary, must be eliminated from the face of the planet.

The coloreds cannot and will not rest until this is done. There is no concession that can be made that will change this. Having been rulers we must remain rulers or perish. Although bad the situation is not unredeemable. Dive and rule is always a viable approach. Agitate all differences, set side against side, people against people. There can be no peace without conquest.

Retake the education of Aryan children and then breed like flies. Forget overpopulation, there won’t be any in the long run. Observe no laws that discriminate against us.

This is our life and we must live on our own terms.