Is Paris Burning?

Is Paris Burning?


R.E. Prindle

An interesting thought exercise  is to compare Paris under the Nazi occupation with that of the Moslem infestation of today and then marvel at what people are putting up with in the difference of perception.

Under the Nazi occupation there was complete order and safety.  There were no riots.  What’s happening today makes even the ’68 insurrection look like a fly on an elephant’s behind.  While the MSM is mum on the horrors the Moslems are causing in Paris and France the real situation can seen on sites like Global Truth.  There’s a war going on folks.  The destruction caused in the last decade or so is nothing compared to what is coming.  The heavy artillery is moving into Moslem areas, AK 47s, anti- tank weapons, you name it; rockets to bring down planes, fighters or commercial, what difference?

As in the United States where Negroes have occupied cities, Moslems have occupied French cities.  The French army, presumably manned by real Frenchmen, no Jews, Moslems or Africans, are preparing for street to street fighting.  Those anti-tank weapons the Moslems have are going to come in handy.  Damascus comes to Paris and Lebanon to France.  We all knew but…

Well, the French asked for it, at least the Liberals asked for it, demanded it, the rest will have to endure it.  Once the shooting begins the borders will be blown wide open.  Moslem reinforcements in the millions will flow in.  Moslem reinforcements have already taken positions in Germany.  The invasion of France this time won’t be Nazis but Moslems.  Believe me the French would rather have the Nazis.  Combatants will flow in from Germany to the East, probably Italy from the South and maybe Spain.  Maritime invasion across the Mediterranean into the maritime provinces will keep the army hopping, especially as insurrections will probably be nationwide rather than local and with no defined front.

Let me give you guys a tip:  sink the boats at sea, let ’em drown.  It’s you or them.

Unlike Americans who all have weapons real French citizens are unarmed so that a slaughter of French citizens like the slaughter of Alexandrians and Cyprians during the Jewish War of ancient Rome will probably make the European Holocaust look like child’s play much less when compared to the trivial Jewish holocaust.

The hammer is about to fall, there will be no mercy, it is kill or be killed.  Spare no man, woman or child.  If the Moslem insurrection succeeds in France then all Europe will be under siege.  Germans especially ought to arm all its German nationals now in preparation for their Moslem uprising.  It is kill or be killed.  Man up, laddies and lassies; forget that Jewish holocaust guilt, it was never necessary anyway, and do what you have to do.  Make old Wolf proud of you.

When the shooting starts let us pray that a stray bullet finds those Liberals who betrayed you.  Tell me, is Paris burning?

Analyzing The Holocausts



Analyzing The Holocausts- European And Jewish


R.E. Prindle


The Jews have appropriated the ancient word Holocaust to a specific Jewish use but it would appear that the Jewish holocaust of WWII was a minor happening within the much larger, huge, European Holocaust that grew out of the Judaeo-Communist manifestation of the nineteenth century.

Currently the Jews call attention to art works ‘stolen’ from them by the Nazis that individual Jews want ‘returned.’ When all unrestituted thefts within the overall European Holocaust are considered Jewish complaints diminish to the vanishing point.

When the Jewish led revolution of 1917 took place the entire Russian country was looted from top to bottom. Anything of value was ‘appropriated’ as the Judaeo-Communists express it. The entire aristocracy had everything of value taken. Warehouses bulged with fur coats, art works, books, jewelry and anything of value. Kitchen utensils for Christ’s sake.

The Jews murdered the Czar and the Czarina as well as their innocent poor little tiny babies and children, stealing whatever the Romanovs had acquired over three centuries. Now, this is the key, the Russian Orthodox churches were stripped of everything of value while the churches were burned and destroyed wholesale. At the same time anti-Semitism was made punishable by law while synagogues were protected. There was no war on religion per se; there was a war on Christianity while Judaism was protected.

The gulag system was created while millions of Russians suspected of breathing while alive were murdered outright or destroyed in the gulag system.

The monsters Lenin and Trotsky attempted to foment revolution throughout Europe to replicate what was happening in Russia. They succeeded temporarily in Hungary murdering tens of thousands there while appropriating what they could. Multiple revolutions were attempted and put down in Germany. The Communist assault on German institutions created the National Socialist reaction. The Nazis were a mere reflection of Judaeo-Communism not an original political system.

Let us consider for a moment what would have happened if the Judaeo-Communists had triumphed. All of Europe would ultimately have been overrun. Apart from the tens of millions of nationalist Germans, French, Italians, Spanish and whoever that would have been murdered outright or boarded into cattle cars headed to the Siberian gulag, a looting of Europe would have taken place that would have made the colossal looting or Russia miniscule and anything the Jews lost negligible.

Consider the Roman Catholic Church with its vast treasures that the Jews coveted. The Jews had been praying for the destruction of the Catholic Church for two millennia. Imagine the glee when the Jews appropriated all that wealth, trampling all those crosses. Imagine the villas and castles, the Vatican, that the Jews would have appropriated.   Imagine the Jews jumping joyously up and down on the Pope’s bed, wearing his slippers shouting, You kiss mine and I’ll kiss yours. Perhaps the destruction would have equaled the Jewish-Allied bombing of Europe during WWII or exceeded it.

Having accomplished the Russian looting no claims of the Russians expropriated of their belongings have ever been returned or even considered while the Jews are now claiming previous ownership of what are now multi-million dollar works of art. The transfer of wealth goes on- expropriate and then claim.

Can you even possibly begin to fathom the hypocrisy of this people. Enough, shelve your guilt and call Stop to this idiocy.

The Crime Of The Jews



The Crime Of The Jews


R.E. Prindle


Thirty years ago the arch Jewish criminal Jonathan Pollard was sentenced to life imprisonment for selling out the US to his premier loyalty Israel. Under cover of being a dual US citizen Pollard obtained employment with Naval Intelligence. Like a modern Alfred Dreyfus he began selling reams of top secret information to his country of allegiance, Israel.

This information resulted in the deaths of scores of US informants inside the USSR. Pollard thus murdered every one of those agents when the information sold to his home country was given to the USSR in exchange for the release of a few Jews posing as citizens of the USSR for aliyah to Israel.

Nor was that the full story of Pollard’s and the Jews’ treachery. For the last several years Pollard has been languishing in one of the US’ country club retention centers. Now, our fey president has given Pollard a pardon.

It is said by the Jews that Pollard has suffered enough for releasing the documents to what after all is the US’ number one ally. Israel is no one’s ally. He has suffered enough for a crime committed only thirty years ago?

Consider the state of Jewish comparative ethics: Tablet Ezine’s top writer the lame brained Rachel Shukert published one of her articles recently. Her horrendous claim is that in 1933 a seven year old child was photographed giving the honorable Roman salute to the passing parade of Oswald Mosely’s British Nationalist Party. Seven years old, eighty two years ago! A young girl, an angel, a child. Ms. Shukert wants us to denounce this child, now a ninety year old woman for giving a time honored salute! Johnathan Pollard murdered dozens and is excused while the Jews want the resignation of a ninety year old woman who at seven gave a Roman salute?

Indeed, after Ms. Shukert cheers a mass murderer like Johnathan Pollard released from prison after only thirty years? Really, what is wrong with Rachel Shukert and the Jews?

Yes, that little seven year old angel was none other than OUR believed queen, Elizabeth.

Perhaps Ms. Shukert and her demented Jews want the Queen to step down because they are ‘offended.’ Fired from her role as OUR beloved Queen by Jews? Really!

Johnathan Pollard- Queen Elizabeth; Queen Elizabeth-Johnathan Pollard? It is even obscene to couple their names; a mass murderer vs. the Queen of the Western World. And the insane Rachel Shukert thinks we will give the choice to Johnathan Pollard? Fie, fie, for shame; you disgust us. Now you know why Wolf Hitler did what he had to do.

Shame, Shame On You Rachel Shukert





R.E. Prindle


The shameless writer for the shameless Tablet Ezine has done it again. For a people who run a vigilante bureau called The Anti-Defamation Society the Jews are quite shameless in defaming other people.

In this case Ms. Shukert has selected a blameless little seven year old angel to defame as a ‘Fascist’ eighty odd years ago. Enough that the Jews seek out a ninety-four year old man and require he get a five year prison sentence for following army orders also eighty years ago as a mere teenager, but now this shameless cowardly act?

Does Ms. Shukert not realize that the war is over or is that Ms. Shukert’s and Tablet’s point- their war is not over. The Jews are waging their war on Europeans as relentlessly as ever and perhaps even more damagingly than the carnage they unleased on Europe and the West from 1914 to 1945.

That poor little seven year old angel Ms. Shukert is defaming is none other than OUR Queen Elizabeth; herself now a sweet little old lady of ninety years. How vicious can Ms. Shukert be? Is no one too young or too old for Ms. Shukert to defame? Perhaps she would like to imprison OUR Queen for five years along with the ninety-four year old German gentleman.

Shame, I say, shame on you Rachel, your viciousness is absolutely unforgiveable. Do not, I repeat, do not apologize; your apology will not be accepted. Suffer in hell forever you despicable bigot.


All the respectable people in the world.

Time Is Wasting Our Past

Time Is Wasting Our Past


R.E. Prindle

The great fear is that the Western World will lose its past. Certainly the Western past as we have known it. Many factors are militating this loss. Not least of the reasons is the transition from the mechanical to the electronic age. Technological developments are severing or already have severed the Millennials from the America that was. 9/11 is a good date to begin the severance.

The literature of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries has little relevance to those born after 1980. The literature of the nineteenth century is rapidly becoming as incomprehensible to younger people as Shakespearean or even Middle English. The mores, especially the sexual mores, make so little sense to Millennials as to make the novels unreadable. I would even guess that there are even those who have never seen live horses or cows.

No generation takes pleasure in what their forefathers did except for the odd ball romantics or historians. This is even more pronounced today after the clean break of 9/11. At eighty myself, I find most of my references falling on uncomprehending but polite ears. ‘No reason to offend the old guy.’, I can see them thinking as they smile blandly. References even to Cary Grant elicit blank stares. Bogart, who knows? Thousands of movies have been made since either was on the screen. Why should the young know? They have their own lives to live.

Not only is the past incomprehensible, it is so vast. How could any new person be aware of the ephemera that makes up a mature person’s life?

This past so important to them whether they know it or not is becoming incomprehensible just as the open door immigration policy floods the country with unassimilated if not unassimilable people whose cultures are given preferential treatment, claimed to be better that those young natives’ own.

Sports have been given over to the Africans, records to world music, book publishing concentrates on immigrant stories and the shaming of Whites. Restaurants offer every national cuisine on earth while American cuisine is despised and European cuisines with the exception of Italian demonized.

Global ‘diversity, is emphasized to the disparagement of ‘dead White men’ and the culture they thought they had provided for their heirs. What is left for young Whites?

In point of undeniable fact genocidal plans are being laid for the elimination of ‘Whiteness’ from the earth without any resistance from the Whites.

So, what is gone, is gone. It can’t be brought back or even revived for a moment. It’s gone, but the future lies ahead. Rather than lament it is necessary to salvage the laws and mores, the customs, the thought that gave Aryans their supremacy over the less evolved. The challenge of the future in this Darwinian struggle for survival is what race or species will emerge supreme on this overcrowded planet? Make no mistake it is time for some few billions to go.

Will it be African Supremacy? Semitic Supremacy, either Jewish or Arab? Chinese Supremacy? Or will Aryans realize finally the nature of this primeval struggle beyond morality and reassert White Supremacy. Perhaps winning the battle is the highest morality. I think so.

The choice is suicide, go under quietly, or Conquest, assuming our rightful place in the racial hierarchy.

This is serious: Let those be offended who will be offended. What is that to us? Being offended never caused anyone any harm. I’m offended by what I see and hear constantly as you should be too. Don’t be offended; get to work and set things right.

Michael Douglas Cries Halt To Anti-Semitism

Michael Douglas Cries Halt To Anti-Semitism


R.E. Prindle

An Offended Michael Douglas

An Offended Michael Douglas

The above article in Tablet Ezine by Stephanie Butnick refers to a piece printed in the op-ed columns of the LA Times.  Miss Butnick’s article begins with an interesting quote from the Times piece.

While some Jews believe that not having a Jewish mother makes me not Jewish, I have learned the hard way that those who hate do not make such fine distinctions.

Perhaps not but Jewish hates do hence the scorn Michael Douglas receives for trying to ‘pass.’

Actually I’m more Jewish than MD.  My grandmother on my mother’s side was born Jewish make me technically a Jew.  However insofar as churching goes I was raised Congregationalist, Presbyterian and Methodist with just a tincture of Catholicism.    However since all religions come from a primitive form of consciousness I choose to live a more rational live abjuring all religions.  I pity you primitives and that’s not hate, that’s condescension.

The crux of MD’s story is that he and son Dylan were in a European spa, restaurant, whatever at which his son was dangling a Magen David prominently.  Somebody made a comment.   We don’t know whether he was European, Asian, African or what but I suspect a Moslem of some stripe.  Well, OK, but Michael says this represents ‘a rising tide of anti-Semitism in Europe.’  Thus unjustly and wrongly portraying Europeans as anti-Semites while that ‘hate’ speech most likely came from one of MD’s fellow Semites.  A small point perhaps but just let’s set the record straight.  It wasn’t a European.  None of the shooters of late has been a native of a European country.  To imply otherwise, Michael, might be considered ‘hate’ speech from you.  Watch your mouth and your pen.  You know what happened to John Galliano and James Watson.  You might never work again.

To revert to Michael’s son’s Magen David worn so conspicuously.  Let us say Dylan was inviting comment.  And like all such symbols as the Magen David you’re going to get it.  It’s just that way.  If Adolf Hitler were with you wearing a Magen David, Michael, I’m sure he would have received some ‘hate’ speech and you know he wasn’t Jewish.

Just as an experiment may I suggest that you get a big cross and dangle it to your navel and see what happens.  You’ll learn what hate speech means and it won’t be because someone thinks you’re Jewish even though some other Jews think you’re not.

Better yet, if you’re feeling really brave, hang a swastika over your bullet proof vest and watch gentle Jews savagely attack you.  Just cry out:  Wait, wait. I’m a pseudo-Jew and see if that stops them.

For a little light hearted fun put a Confederate flag in your lapel and stroll through Harlem.  You might find that amusing.

Or even put a medium sized US flag in that same lapel and see what comment that provokes.  I guarantee you’re going to hear something offensive.

So, really, Michael, if Dylan invites abuse you can’t be astonished if he gets it.  All those old symbols are barbaric and comments should be made.  Use your head.  It’s not because you’re Jewish it’s because you haven’t a clue.

PS:  If you want to comment it’ll cost you two dollars.

The Rising Crisis Of Judaism


The Rising Crisis Of Judaism


R.E. Prindle


The battle of Charlie Hebdo in Paris points up the rising crisis of Judaism.  The world appears to be tiring of Jewish antics once again.  The Jewish view of themselves as saints is coming more prominently in conflict with the Other’s view of them as devils.

While Jews term the latter viewpoint anti-Semitism the fact is that it is a reaction to Jewish activities.  First the Jews encourage the immigration of Moslems and Africans into France then as their known antagonism  to Judaism flex their muscles in a place where Jews are a small minority to them harass and kill them the Jews complain of rising anti-Semitism in France as though the French were responsible.

There is no French anti-Semitism, the French government might be said to be Jewish controlled while it has passed several laws imposing civil disabilities on the French people in favor of Jews.  To mutter a complaint about Jews in a corner is enough to put a true blue Frenchman or woman in jail.  Not even Bridget Bardot is safe, been fined several times for mentioning facts.  The rising anti-Semitism comes from their own Semitic culture- Moslem branch.

It can be no coincidence that Charlie Hebdo was disproportionately represented on its staff; nor is there anything to amaze about an African Moslem taking over a Jewish grocery killing several Jews as well as sacrificing a few French cops.  The French cops usually get overlooked in the reportage.  Both Charlie Hebdo and the Jewish grocery are acts of war, not crimes.  The Jews attack the Moslems in Palestine where they are the majority, the Moslems attack the Jews in France where they have the numbers.  After decades of war in Palestine the war is now spreading into Europe.  Where is the surprise?

Well, the surprise is the European reaction toward the Jews following the battle.  In a farce where the ‘68ers’ heading European governments revived their youth with but another march, this time demonstrating solidarity with the Moslems, including them in their photo-op, arms linked in a human chain while advising Israeli premier Netanyahu to stay home and cool his heels.  A major shunning.  To add insult to injury on Netanyahu’s projected March visit to the US, Islamist president Barack Obama has told the Israeli PM that he doesn’t have time to visit with him.  No eye ball to eye ball this time.

Just as Netanyahu displayed that famous Jewish chutzpah by crashing the Paris party perhaps he could grab his clubs and shoulder into one of Obama’s golf foursomes.  No time indeed.

While one cannot draw firm conclusions about these incidents they would have been impossible at any time from 1948 to the present.  Gosharoonies, Sandy,  is it time for the Jews to reevaluate their tactics?

Is it too much to think that they might have to get real?

Are No Go Zones A Myth?



Are No Go Zones A Myth?


R.E. Prindle


Can anyone believe there are no go zones?  What’s so impossible to believe?  No go areas have existed for decades in the US and probably thousands of years  throughout the world.

When I grew up in Saginaw, Michigan the First Ward, a Negro enclave, was definitely a no go area.  If you did go you were looking for trouble and trouble was not far behind.

Watts in LA was always a no go zone as I learned in the Navy.  When I lived in Oakland the Negro enclave of West Oakland was serious business.  I skirted it one time and was lucky to get by alive.  Harlem, the South Side of Chicago, there’s places even Negroes don’t go and they definitely don’t come out of their apartments at night.  And then there were rough areas in every town that you had no business being unless of course you’re one too.

I made the mistake of getting off the bus in East St. Louis once.  A big guy grabbed me outside the station and told me he didn’t want to see my White ass in town after dark, then he pushed me into the gutter.  Less than friendly I thought.

I crossed the street to stick my thumb out attracting the attention of three young lads who took their knives out in preparation for carving me up.  I was saved by an observant White driver who, very luckily for me, was passing through town on his way to Louisville.  One chance in a million.  Do I believe there are no go zones?  Just ask me.

Anyone who’s been following the news over the last few years knows there are banlieux around Paris where firemen can’t work without police protection; a lone policeman is not safe.  Park your car there and watch it go up in flames.

I like a good time.  I’ll give you a hundred dollars to walk through West Oakland- after you come out- with pictures.

Anyone who thinks there aren’t no go areas should leave their lily white enclaves once in a while and see how the other half lives.  For all I know they might be the perverted kind that enjoys getting beat up.

I’m not bigoted either but I’m not stupid.

The Great Religious War Of The Twenty-First Century


The Great Religious War

Of The Twenty-First Century


R.E. Prindle


The Moslem conquest of the world in the modern era has been simmering for some time.  Lothrop Stoddard sounded the alarm in 1922.  Of course the Moslem religion as propounded by the prophet Mohammed was posited as a universal religion to be imposed by force.  Worldwide conquest began immediately with armies sweeping into central Asia and India through the Iranian corridor, against the armies of the Byzantines, across North Africa and into Europe via the Iberian Peninsula.  As is well known the Moslem forces were checked at Tours in France by Charles The Hammer.

The Europeans then rallied and the reconquest of southern France and Spain began.  After conquest of the Byzantines at the end of the fifteenth century the pressure then ran through the Balkans, Southern Russia and to the Gates of Vienna.  The Moslems were driven back to their European enclave of the former Byzantine capitol of Constantinople, renamed Istanbul.  The Moslem ethic was then apparently exhausted as they became quiescent and stultified.

Awakened by WWI but hopelessly overmatched by the West militarily they began to develop techniques of asymmetrical warfare.  Having both psyched out the West and installed massive colonies through peaceful infiltration and/or traitorous assistance of Western governments they are now in a position to attempt the seizure of control.

They have over the last decade or two or three succeeding in imposing civil disabilities on the native European population through the legislation of traitorous European governments.  European legislatures have made it a criminal offense for natives to criticize Moslems or offer resistance to insults or even murder.  Under protection of the law Moslems have in essence enslaved thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, of young girls and women.  This enslavement is characterized as ‘grooming’.  The term is apparently meant to be less offensive than the criminal and illegal and accurate term enslavement.

This ‘grooming’ has been with the consent of the national governments.  Men have been sent to prison for calling attention to the practice.  It is therefore impossible not to believe these governments are manned by secret or crypto Moslems as traitors to their electorates and country.  These government officials should be arrested and removed from office as traitors immediately.  This includes every existing European and American government.

Just as native populations have been under a regime of civil disabilities that have disenfranchised them in their own countries a severe regime of civil disabilities must be imposed on Moslems until they either return to their own countries leaving all possessions and assets behind or renounce this evil religion and expiate their crimes.  They cannot  remain Moslems and stay in the West.

Even China is driving them out.  This must be done in the West immediately.  Do not hesitate.

Moslem/Jewish Danger Signals From France


Moslem/Jewish Danger Signals


R.E. Prindle

Symi Rom-Rymer writing on the Jewish Sisterhood site linked above in an article superciliously titled Don’t Write Off France Yet make this comment:

When news broke about the hostages being held in the kosher supermarket in Paris, I began to hear rumblings on social media about rampant French anti-Semitism and anti-Semitic acts perpetrated by French Muslims.  At one point on Friday, I overheard a conversation between two women at a synagogue in Washington DC, in which Holocaust comparisons were frequently invoked.  In yet another response to the attacks, an American Rabbi likened Jews to the canary in the proverbial coal mine.

France [that is the French ‘community’] has long struggled with integration of its minority communities- Jewish and Muslim alike.  The French government’s inability to handle tensions over international politics like the Middle East conflict and the disintegration of social cohesion at home has only furthered simmering resentments.

Such muddled thinking as Miss Rom-Rymers’ almost defies analysis.  Her American rabbi’s comment about Jews being the canary in a coal mine seems most apt and even prescient.  Canaries, of course, were taken into the coal mines  because they were early victims to accumulating poisonous gases.  When the canary keeled over it was time to get out.

Indeed inter-community tensions may be near the breaking point and not only in France.  The fantasy the ruling sect of the West entertains that many cultures can maintain distinct identities while living side by side is rapidly being disproved, although god knows there are legions of us who understood in advance of the immigration, including every Moslem alive and I suspect also the Jews who instigated the tension in the first place.  As usual the Jews have cast themselves as the wise old heads and in this case the French as muddlers who just can’t get it right.

The writing about the Charlie Hebdo incident the article refers to seems to want to maintain that multi-culturalism in the West is a success except for rising anti-Semitism in the French community and anti-Semitic acts by the Moslem community, that is, the occasional 9/11 or Charlie Hebdo.

Thus, even though these tensions are actual wars going on in France, that is, on the one hand between Moslems and Jews and on the other Moslems and French, with Moslems being the aggressor in each case.  Miss Rom-Rymer places the fault for the tensions on French men and women because of their failure to integrate the warring parties.  She doesn’t give any indication of how this might be done however.

One must assume that the failure to make Jews and Moslems lie down together is completely one sided.  Even though neither Moslems nor Jews wish to give their identities up, seeking to impose those on French people.   I suppose that means that the French are stubbornly holding onto their trashy French identity.

Apparently Miss Rom-Rymer and her Jewish brethren fail to comprehend that only one identity can survive over time.  In fact the most stubborn, or perhaps fanatical, participant will survive and that one will be transmuted by the others in the process.  Thus when the Moslems stormed into Iran they imposed civil disabilities on the Iranians so that in the long run it was easier to become Moslem and equal rather than Iranian and groaning under onerous civil disabilities.

However, as the Moslems did so they created an Iranian strain of Moslemism called Shia while the Arabs became Sunnis.  The Iranians while converted religiously remained unconquered waging Shiite wars with the Sunnis from then to the present.

So, the disintegrating social cohesion, if there ever was any cohesion, in France is because the French government refuses to accept the consequences of allowing millions  of intolerant historically retarded Moslems into the country without imposing severe civil disabilities on them thus  requiring them to rethink their position among Western mores.  At this stage it looks as though France will be as Moslem as Iran in fifty years and with their own brand of Euro-Moslemism.  And just as hostile toward the Sunni and Shiite retards as the Shiites are now of the Sunnis.

The crisis in Judaism is mounting fast.  Truly as the rabbi says, the Jews are the canary in the coal mine.  It is time for them too to rethink their position vis-à-vis both the West and the Moslems.  They are a stone in the shoe making everyone uncomfortable.  They may have to choose conversion or be removed.  Both Moslems and the West have little care for them.  There are enough other irritants than to tolerate them.

Miss Rom-Rymer might take a few moments to contemplate the conversation she overheard between the two women in the DC synagogue.