Mitt Romney Vs. Donald Trump





R.E. Prindle


…all Americans know that most of the United States lies west of New York. The country has come to view that strip of Eastern coast as a miasmatic place whence rises the fetid drivel of all that is subversive in public thought.   It is the home of anti-America propaganda, of pro-Jewish hysteria, a mad confusion of all that passes in some quarters as a picture of America. But America is west of the “metropolis”, New York is an unassimilated province on the outskirts of the nation.

Henry Ford

The Dearborn Independent 3/5/21

Subsequent to Mitt’s speech condemning Trump as a scoundrel I saw an interview in which Mitt’s decades long relationship with Trump was discussed. Bear in mind they are both businessmen. What might not be seen as scoundrely in some of Mitt’s own dealings by his victims is apparently just business in Mitt’s. But Trump? He’s something different.

Back when Mitt needed money for his failed campaign he knocked on ‘The Donald’s’ door and stood there with his hand out. At that time he thought that ‘The Donald’ was a fine businessman and patriotic American, the essence of the all around good fellow. What happened between then and now?

Now Mitt says Trump is not only dense and irresponsible but downright dangerous. What happened? Poor character analysis on Mitt’s part back then or chagrin that because he threw his election he wants Trump to fail too? You know Mitt is part of that East Coast Establishment and you know they look down on Trump as upstart who didn’t pass through the fire. Maybe it sticks in Mitt’s craw that someone he considers beneath him might succeed where he failed. Don’t know.

Mitt’s angst over Trump seems to be that his announced economic policies would offend our allies and trade ‘partners.’ What allies? This is peacetime. This is no time for WWII terminology. We don’t have allies, we have neighbors. We have no concerted action leading to a common goal. Back in Mitt’s day the Soviet Union was said to be our ‘ally and we gave them free and clear at least fifteen billion dollars in aid plus the plates, paper and ink to print as much money as they wanted. Believe it or not that’s true. Thus the Soviets, that grand old ally of ours, went away and behold the successor State under Putin who never did anything to us is our enemy. Trump thinks he could be our friend thus the interrogators of Fox accused him of being a fool. I don’t think he’s a fool. You must have been part of that Mitt. Your side made it happen. Tell us what your thinking was. Inquiring minds want to know.

Now your side has crowded up the Russian border with missiles, conducting all kinds of color revolutions to separate parts of Russia and provoke the evil Putin. Hey, your side says trespass one foot into Estonia and we’ll unleash WWIII. Hey, Mitt, are you for real?

That sounds like dangerous provocation to me Mitt, buy you say Trump is even more dangerous? Wow!

And Trump’s tariff on goods coming from the most favored nations has upset them? Hell, yes, if I were getting a free ride and somebody wanted to collect the fare I’d be offended too. Hurt, man, hurt. Trump is stupid you say because he doesn’t think running a half trillion dollar trade deficit a year is viable and you do? Is he stupid Mitt or are you?

Aw…enough of this Mitt. Go back home and think this out. No wonder you lost the election.

A Touch Of Madness At The Wall Street Journal



A Touch Of Madness At The Wall Street Journal


R.E. Prindle


Ye Editor at the Wall Street Journal is at it again. He is dangerously out of touch with the psychology and temper of the country. He titles his 2/22/16 editorial America’s Moment Of Trump. He might as well have cynically titled it A Touch Of Trump In The Night, hoping Trump will just go away. Let me tell him: It is Trump or nothing.

Trump is the Republican Party. Boy Rubio is merely the alternative Democratic candidate. The Insiders backing him are either crypto- or pseudo-Democrats. Boy Rubio is unelectable. Should the Insiders sidetrack Trump which they seem intent on doing Trump voters will not vote for Boy Rubio. Therefore the election will go to either Clinton or the Bolshevic. If it goes to the Bolshevic look to a reenactment of the Bolshevic revolution of Russia.

Trump is the only electable ‘Republican.’ You may sure that 30% of Democrats will vote for him. This is not a Party issue. Get behind him.

I don’t believe he will be defeated by throwing hundreds of millions of dollars at Boy Rubio but combined with foul dirty tricks and rigged elections that is a possibility.

In point of fact with the shift of full support to Boy Rubio Cruz is a piece of badly burnt toast. He no longer has a chance. His best bet would be to negotiate the best deal he can with Trump, perhaps the vice-presidency, and withdraw from the race throwing his support and any delegates to Trump.

Insiders have made it apparent how much they despise Trump both personally and politically. The refuse to admit that they have fatally bungled their policies in both the US and Europe. Those policies have been rejected by sentient Americans.

It is their intent to submerge the majority population of the US in a sea of color thus murdering the current majority population.

Whatever ideological or sociological motives they have for this criminal genocide are as contemptible as they are themselves. This goes for Ye Editor and his staff at the WSJ also.

Beware! Remember Nuremberg. You balk the will of the majority of voters at your own risk. You have preached democracy as an ideal, fought bloody expensive wars to impose your ‘democracy’ on people who don’t want it yet you deny that democracy to the very people of America who are trying to practice it.

Beware! Beware! Beware!   Remember the Amalekites.

America Strikes Back



America Strikes Back


R.E. Prindle


The offensiveness of the Insider Party- that is, in the US, both the Democrat and Republican leadership if not Parties- has become intolerable. Their disdain for the electorate has passed into the hostile. While they may believe that their policies are above debate, we don’t. In fact we reject them outright.

Recently the only sane voice in American politics, Donald Trump, quite rightly called for a cease in Moslem immigration. This is necessary. His call was denounced by the elite Insider Party as beyond belief.

No demand could be more reasonable. While the previous three administrations have taken a high hand in Middle Eastern affairs their actions were not seconded by the American people. Nevertheless the Moslems were and are guilty of extreme provocation. They need to turn their damper down. People who behead victims in public are not yet ready for civilization; certainly not for admission to the US.

Trump’s call for cessation of Moslem immigration was greeted by the American people, that is 80% of the population with a sigh of relief. Trump’s further call for a forced exit of Moslems from the country was also justified. Saving that, every Imam or religious leader within our reach should be placed in the concentration camps we read about for an intensive sensitivity course. You know how many White boys have had those. It might take years for the Imams to get it, if you know what I mean.

Many mosques should be razed and civil disabilities should be placed on Moslems not unlike the civil disabilities placed on White men in this country commonly called ‘hate’ laws. Moslems gunning down celebrants at a Christmas party apparently don’t qualify as hate while throwing a pig’s head at a mosque does.

Further people pushing the Moslem agenda- Obama, Merkel, Hollande, Cameron, et al. should be tried for crimes against humanity of the magnitude of the Nazi war criminals.

Every one of the murders and casualties at San Bernardino should be charged to Obama who elicited and abetted them no less than Charles Manson in the Tate-La Bianca murders, now serving a life sentence in prison.

Manson murdered no one himself, like Obama, but was convicted for enabling those who did also like Obama. Obama is guilty on the same basis including the Marathon bombing with all its victims. He not only encouraged the crimes but then threatened to severely punish anyone who retaliated against the Moslems. ‘We are not that kind of people.’ Barry hypocritically intoned.

Oh yes we are, Barry. Oh yes we are. Yes, we can.

Obama and his fellow elitists should be arrested now, tried and executed. We are not the kind of people who tolerate serial killers in office or out.

Donald Trump Asks: Will There Always Be An England?



Trump Asks: Will There Always Be An England?


R.E. Prindle


Donald Trump must have the Insider leaders quaking with fear. In the beginning their scorn for this independent rationally minded candidate couldn’t even condescend to sneer at him; two or three months later wile exhibiting the utmost disgust that the majority of Americans would take his candidacy seriously even though hundreds of polls expressed the disgust of the vast majority of Americans for their policies the Insiders showed their first signs of palsied fear. They still however could not comprehend that the root cause was the rejection of their policies.

The Insiders renewed their efforts to discredit and marginalize Trump, unremitting defamation, false polls, the whole works. But Trump’s grasp of the public will was surer than theirs. As doctrinaires they could not possibly grasp the significance of their rejection.

Now, in an unprecedented move their British Insider confederates are attempting to have Trump banned from setting foot in England. You’ve got to be kidding me. Don’t the Brit Insiders know that all the world considers them perverts for allowing Moslems to use English daughters as sexual playthings and then make them shake their money makers to coin gold to help Moslem finance murderous campaigns against White British citizens?

Do the Insider Brits not know that they are a laughing stock of the world? English leaders didn’t have the sense to recognize the nature of their political realities and know enough to say out of WWI. They should have let the Continentals sort out their own hash. But with their back up the tree they called we Americans who had less interest than they in continental problems to pull their chestnuts out of the fire.

Having not learned their lesson the first time they compounded their stupidity a second time twenty years later. Not content with losing the cream of English manhood in WWI they finished off the best of the rest in WWII. Fortunately for them Uncle Moneybags financed them fully twice.

Now with their manhood shot the Elite Insiders are turning over their women to service their enemies to destroy all hope of recovery. England no longer exists. These creeps are denying Donald Trump entry to England? Silly little boys, when he’s elected perhaps he will end the endless follies of British politicians by taking the money and keeping it in the US.

Maybe in addition to boycotting Macy’s Donald should ask Americans to forego touring Englanistan. Then we would see how the money goes.

England as England has ceased to exist. And with their womanhood corrupted beyond repair it is now Moslem territory. And the Insiders are wishing their infamy on us? Let them go their way. Vote Trump!

The Current Crop Of European And American War Criminals


The Current Crop Of European And American

War Criminals


R.E. Prindle


Following on the heels of the Parisian Massacre by the Moslems a second attack has been struck in San Bernardino in the US claiming fourteen or more lives and thirty-some victims. The authorities have no notion of the motive. We do.

The motive is clear to all but instead of acknowledging the attack as an act of war the Criminal in the White House rushes to call for a ban on firearms. Guns are not the problem dear Barry, the problem is ideology. Remove the ideology and the shootings, the bombings, the rapes, the murders will cease. These attacks will not end until you accept that you are mistaken in your idiotic encouragement of these paramilitaries by importing them in their millions. You must be insane.

You and your fellows in England, France and Germany are the true war criminals who should be removed from office and tried like the other war criminals at Nuremberg.

Your evil cohort in Germany, Angela Merkel, is knowingly encouraging the enemies of the German people while disarming the Germans making them defenceless. Merkel is personally responsible for the rapes of these thousands of innocent women. She should be given hundreds of life sentences to be served successively.

Hollande in France as well as the English idiot are no different. They should be removed and tried. Sarkozy with his moronic plan of forcing White women to sleep with Africans should be castrated, put on display and then shot. Hitler was saintly compared to these criminals.

As for Obama his crimes are mounting daily. He should be held responsible for each death in San Bernardino. The problem was ideology not guns. Remove the fellow now. Escort him to the door. He has already said that as long as he is in office he will bring in as many of these Moslem paramilitaries as he can. Stop him now. This is an emergency.

His supporters are no less guilty. Why Congress is even discussing vetting or not vetting the paramilitaries is ridiculous. Can their mouths form the words No Way? No discussion, just NO WAY. They too are guilty of the Berdoo shooting and the many that will follow as the season develops as no effort is being made to discourage the Moslems.   They are all guilty, don’t kid yourself.

Instead three White boys who have committed no crime but are alleged to be only ‘plotting’ retaliation are on their way to prison and long sentences for committing no crime. Think of that! They have committed no crime. These men who have done nothing should be defended strenuously by any means necessary.

If we take no action in either case we have only ourselves to blame.

Part III: Is Paris Burning?



Is Paris Burning?

Part III


R.E. Prindle


Anent the Moslem act of war in Paris in which perhaps as many as a thousand people were killed, maimed and injured not to mention the collateral damage to the thousands of related lives our Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, has pointed out a significant fact. European citizens are unarmed and defenseless. They are intentionally being kept so by the criminally inept and incompetent Insiders in office. Apparently these morons and incapable of understanding the trap they have put Europe in.

Upon a signal no different than the one in ancient Roman Alexandria and Cyprus in the second century when the Jews descended upon the unsuspecting people and murdered a half million the Moslems armed with assault rifles, grenades and who knows what weapons will be able to murder defenseless millions of Europeans. This is what is known as a blood bath that will far exceed any so-called criminal WWII holocaust. You had better take this seriously, untold misery is awaiting Europe. Every European should be issued an assault rifle and ammunition at government expense. They should be allowed to use it rather than seeing the African and Moslem barbarians rape European women and assault the men. If the Insiders consider allowing them to do so unopposed is the rule of law then they should be arrested as accomplices.

Moslem rapists and murderers should be summarily executed by European paramilitaries. This is war; no crimes are involved. Trump is absolutely correct; his critics are fools.

As for the criminal Insiders they should remember the fate of Mussolini while no measures have been taken against the Moslem troops. Hollande closed the borders, indeed! Who does this nitwit think he’s fooling?

Instead he asks the French people to suffer their casualties in silence. Whose side is this nitwit on? Instead of acknowledging those paramilitaries are soldiers engaged in asymmetrical warfare carrying the Middle East atrocities back to Europe he points out that one of the soldiers was a petty criminal. In other words, this is just a crime rather than an act of war. Get with it Insider idiots; they are not petty criminals they are soldiers foraging for supplies. This is war Insider idiots and you are failed generals. You are to be replaced and treated as criminal incompetents and hanged just as at Nuremburg.

As Donald Trump seems to understand the situation well, it is important that we of the Outsider Parties see that he is elected. He is our last best chance before street warfare becomes more imperative in both Europe and North America than it is now.

Gird your loins, my friends.

Part II: Is Paris Burning?



Part II: Is Paris Burning?


R.E. Prindle


On Friday the thirteenth, that symbolic unlucky day, the Moslem paramilitaries unleashed a major assault on Paris killing, maiming and wounding perhaps close to a thousand unsuspecting Parisians. The French security forces say they hadn’t a clue that a major enemy operation was planned.

The incredible response that no counter-attack by French citizens was to be permitted is cowardly. This is an act of war not a criminal act. No response is to be permitted…that means that any French citizens who do so will be arrested as criminals, sentenced and incarcerated.   The French Insider elite running France commanded the emasculation of French Outsider citizens in favor of the Moslem enemy forces. No response? Shame, shame on Hollande and his cowardly government.

The Insider moral reprobates still refuse to admit that a monumental religious war is being waged by the Moslems in which they aid and abet the enemy by their pusillanimous ideology.

We of the Outsider Parties of the US, Great Britain and Europe unanimously require the Insider Elites of the Aryan World including Obama, Hollande, Cameron and Merkel confess their incompetence and relinquish the reins of power to we Outsiders to conduct this war. If they fail to do so they will find the Moslems a minor irritant to their continuance.

The Insider Elite have committed grievous crimes against humanity equaling those of Stalin, Hitler, Mao and Pol Pot by allowing millions of the enemy to occupy key positions in all the Western States including the US and Canada. Thus the enemy is in our very midst while we are unarmed, forbidden to act, where now death and carnage can be the only result. This current Moslem assault is not the end of the war but only the beginning. It is not a crime but an act of war.

The Elite morons are confounded by this act of war unable to comprehend it although tens of millions of more able and realistic minds have consistently pointed out the consequences of their action for decades.

The Elites response was to condemn us as bigots and ‘domestic terrorists’. Down with them! Upon abdication they will be treated as war criminals on the same basis as the Nazis at Nuremburg.

The have betrayed us and their responsibilities.

Step down now while ye yet may.

Is Paris Burning?

Is Paris Burning?


R.E. Prindle

An interesting thought exercise  is to compare Paris under the Nazi occupation with that of the Moslem infestation of today and then marvel at what people are putting up with in the difference of perception.

Under the Nazi occupation there was complete order and safety.  There were no riots.  What’s happening today makes even the ’68 insurrection look like a fly on an elephant’s behind.  While the MSM is mum on the horrors the Moslems are causing in Paris and France the real situation can seen on sites like Global Truth.  There’s a war going on folks.  The destruction caused in the last decade or so is nothing compared to what is coming.  The heavy artillery is moving into Moslem areas, AK 47s, anti- tank weapons, you name it; rockets to bring down planes, fighters or commercial, what difference?

As in the United States where Negroes have occupied cities, Moslems have occupied French cities.  The French army, presumably manned by real Frenchmen, no Jews, Moslems or Africans, are preparing for street to street fighting.  Those anti-tank weapons the Moslems have are going to come in handy.  Damascus comes to Paris and Lebanon to France.  We all knew but…

Well, the French asked for it, at least the Liberals asked for it, demanded it, the rest will have to endure it.  Once the shooting begins the borders will be blown wide open.  Moslem reinforcements in the millions will flow in.  Moslem reinforcements have already taken positions in Germany.  The invasion of France this time won’t be Nazis but Moslems.  Believe me the French would rather have the Nazis.  Combatants will flow in from Germany to the East, probably Italy from the South and maybe Spain.  Maritime invasion across the Mediterranean into the maritime provinces will keep the army hopping, especially as insurrections will probably be nationwide rather than local and with no defined front.

Let me give you guys a tip:  sink the boats at sea, let ’em drown.  It’s you or them.

Unlike Americans who all have weapons real French citizens are unarmed so that a slaughter of French citizens like the slaughter of Alexandrians and Cyprians during the Jewish War of ancient Rome will probably make the European Holocaust look like child’s play much less when compared to the trivial Jewish holocaust.

The hammer is about to fall, there will be no mercy, it is kill or be killed.  Spare no man, woman or child.  If the Moslem insurrection succeeds in France then all Europe will be under siege.  Germans especially ought to arm all its German nationals now in preparation for their Moslem uprising.  It is kill or be killed.  Man up, laddies and lassies; forget that Jewish holocaust guilt, it was never necessary anyway, and do what you have to do.  Make old Wolf proud of you.

When the shooting starts let us pray that a stray bullet finds those Liberals who betrayed you.  Tell me, is Paris burning?

Analyzing The Holocausts



Analyzing The Holocausts- European And Jewish


R.E. Prindle


The Jews have appropriated the ancient word Holocaust to a specific Jewish use but it would appear that the Jewish holocaust of WWII was a minor happening within the much larger, huge, European Holocaust that grew out of the Judaeo-Communist manifestation of the nineteenth century.

Currently the Jews call attention to art works ‘stolen’ from them by the Nazis that individual Jews want ‘returned.’ When all unrestituted thefts within the overall European Holocaust are considered Jewish complaints diminish to the vanishing point.

When the Jewish led revolution of 1917 took place the entire Russian country was looted from top to bottom. Anything of value was ‘appropriated’ as the Judaeo-Communists express it. The entire aristocracy had everything of value taken. Warehouses bulged with fur coats, art works, books, jewelry and anything of value. Kitchen utensils for Christ’s sake.

The Jews murdered the Czar and the Czarina as well as their innocent poor little tiny babies and children, stealing whatever the Romanovs had acquired over three centuries. Now, this is the key, the Russian Orthodox churches were stripped of everything of value while the churches were burned and destroyed wholesale. At the same time anti-Semitism was made punishable by law while synagogues were protected. There was no war on religion per se; there was a war on Christianity while Judaism was protected.

The gulag system was created while millions of Russians suspected of breathing while alive were murdered outright or destroyed in the gulag system.

The monsters Lenin and Trotsky attempted to foment revolution throughout Europe to replicate what was happening in Russia. They succeeded temporarily in Hungary murdering tens of thousands there while appropriating what they could. Multiple revolutions were attempted and put down in Germany. The Communist assault on German institutions created the National Socialist reaction. The Nazis were a mere reflection of Judaeo-Communism not an original political system.

Let us consider for a moment what would have happened if the Judaeo-Communists had triumphed. All of Europe would ultimately have been overrun. Apart from the tens of millions of nationalist Germans, French, Italians, Spanish and whoever that would have been murdered outright or boarded into cattle cars headed to the Siberian gulag, a looting of Europe would have taken place that would have made the colossal looting or Russia miniscule and anything the Jews lost negligible.

Consider the Roman Catholic Church with its vast treasures that the Jews coveted. The Jews had been praying for the destruction of the Catholic Church for two millennia. Imagine the glee when the Jews appropriated all that wealth, trampling all those crosses. Imagine the villas and castles, the Vatican, that the Jews would have appropriated.   Imagine the Jews jumping joyously up and down on the Pope’s bed, wearing his slippers shouting, You kiss mine and I’ll kiss yours. Perhaps the destruction would have equaled the Jewish-Allied bombing of Europe during WWII or exceeded it.

Having accomplished the Russian looting no claims of the Russians expropriated of their belongings have ever been returned or even considered while the Jews are now claiming previous ownership of what are now multi-million dollar works of art. The transfer of wealth goes on- expropriate and then claim.

Can you even possibly begin to fathom the hypocrisy of this people. Enough, shelve your guilt and call Stop to this idiocy.

The Crime Of The Jews



The Crime Of The Jews


R.E. Prindle


Thirty years ago the arch Jewish criminal Jonathan Pollard was sentenced to life imprisonment for selling out the US to his premier loyalty Israel. Under cover of being a dual US citizen Pollard obtained employment with Naval Intelligence. Like a modern Alfred Dreyfus he began selling reams of top secret information to his country of allegiance, Israel.

This information resulted in the deaths of scores of US informants inside the USSR. Pollard thus murdered every one of those agents when the information sold to his home country was given to the USSR in exchange for the release of a few Jews posing as citizens of the USSR for aliyah to Israel.

Nor was that the full story of Pollard’s and the Jews’ treachery. For the last several years Pollard has been languishing in one of the US’ country club retention centers. Now, our fey president has given Pollard a pardon.

It is said by the Jews that Pollard has suffered enough for releasing the documents to what after all is the US’ number one ally. Israel is no one’s ally. He has suffered enough for a crime committed only thirty years ago?

Consider the state of Jewish comparative ethics: Tablet Ezine’s top writer the lame brained Rachel Shukert published one of her articles recently. Her horrendous claim is that in 1933 a seven year old child was photographed giving the honorable Roman salute to the passing parade of Oswald Mosely’s British Nationalist Party. Seven years old, eighty two years ago! A young girl, an angel, a child. Ms. Shukert wants us to denounce this child, now a ninety year old woman for giving a time honored salute! Johnathan Pollard murdered dozens and is excused while the Jews want the resignation of a ninety year old woman who at seven gave a Roman salute?

Indeed, after Ms. Shukert cheers a mass murderer like Johnathan Pollard released from prison after only thirty years? Really, what is wrong with Rachel Shukert and the Jews?

Yes, that little seven year old angel was none other than OUR believed queen, Elizabeth.

Perhaps Ms. Shukert and her demented Jews want the Queen to step down because they are ‘offended.’ Fired from her role as OUR beloved Queen by Jews? Really!

Johnathan Pollard- Queen Elizabeth; Queen Elizabeth-Johnathan Pollard? It is even obscene to couple their names; a mass murderer vs. the Queen of the Western World. And the insane Rachel Shukert thinks we will give the choice to Johnathan Pollard? Fie, fie, for shame; you disgust us. Now you know why Wolf Hitler did what he had to do.