China’s Agricultural Dream


China’s Agricultural Dream


R.E. Prindle


I have read where some people condemn Pres. Trump’s Chinese tariffs because China ‘retaliated’ by placing a 50% tariff on sorghum causing a few ships bearing a sorghum cargo to return to port. This was supposed to be disastrous for American farmers.

In the 5/7/18 issue of the Wall Street Journal there appears this article: Syngenta Pushes Plant Research in China. It is of some interest. I quote the first four paragraphs:China is seeking a lead in editing plant genes, potentially shifting the epicenter of the emerging agricultural technology toward the East.

Syngenta AG, the seed and chemical giant now owned by state-owned China National Chemical Corp., is building up a Beijing hub for developing new gene-editing technologies like Crispr-Cas9, which enable new ways to alter DNA.

The company also intends to piggyback off research being pursued by Chinese universities and access a broader talent pool than rivals like Monsanto Co. and DowDuPont Inc. compete for in the U.S.

“The government is very supportive of this technology in China,” said Erik Fyrwald, Syngenta’s chief executive, who said the company is investing tens of millions of dollars to develop gene editing. “It’s just natural for us to build it up there for China, and for the world.”

That is helping to stoke long-running worries among U.S. farmers, academics and companies that the forefront of agricultural science could swing from the U.S. Farm Belt to China, where the government has encouraged the development of large-scale Western-style farming operations to boost domestic food production and rely less on imports.

As you can see China does not have the talent to develop the technology on their own so they bought a European research ‘giant’ to acquire the latest technology and Aryan talent thus starting from a higher level and hopefully build from that. We’ll see.

It seems clear that China is hoping to become self-sufficient agriculturally as well as industrially. Thus whatever else happens we can expect them to reduce their agricultural imports from the US. We can expect them to grow crops for all their needs including sorghum. It is only a question of how long it will take them to become self-sufficient thus destroying whatever agricultural business is being done with the US. These sorghum shipments are only the tip of the iceberg.

Free Trade obviously means nothing to China, it only means something to the dunces of the West. China does not intend to trade, they intend to become self-sufficient and sell only, not part of any world trade organization but being the world trade organization and masters of the world.

Why the US and Europe are so thick that they can’t perceive this is probably the result of four hundred years of Aryan success and an unadmitted feeling of comfortable superiority over the ‘little yellow man.’ At one time this feeling of superiority may have been justified and Kingdom. real but now the race lacks the will to maintain it. We will watch the world sink into the ancient lethargy of the Middle


First Thoughts On

M’sieu Macron And His Granny


R.E. Prindle


He stuck a feather in his cap and called it macaroni.


One of the most remarkable and laughable political performances of the century took place on the stage of France recently. It was almost unbelievable straight face stand up comedy.

This cute little guy who married his high school teacher twenty years older than himself has been elected by the French to represent them on the world stage in competition with big boys like Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. He self admits that he has no culture and neither do the French although I know of some perverts who are deep into French Culture so tell it to them.

Now, this little guy, cute as hell, M’sieu Emmy MacRoni who as far I know isn’t installed in office yet, stood up on the world stage and threatened Russia with dire harm from France then, turning from the East to the West he threatened the US, although this time he did invoke the EU. Apparently he doesn’t know that the EU is a toothless tiger without an army.

He seems to be relying on the President’s vocal critics in the US as his support.

Even though his Granny was a teacher, she appears to have been a little light on geography. Let me school M’sieu MacRoni in modern geography: France is this tiny little country on the Western end of the European promontory; China at the Eastern end of Asia could incorporate France into its empire off into some obscure corner and never trip over it; India makes France look like an off shore island as it is also much larger while growing rapidly into an economic power. These two Asian giants together rule world commerce while China is still organizing.

China is in the process of laying down a superslab highway along the route of the old Silk Road with ancillary highways. This will tie together all of central Asia and with luck extend all the way to the French coast. China will make the Mongol invasion a reality.

The world laughs at M’sieu MacRoni’s posturing. He seems something of a bad farce to us.

The Russia that M’sieu MacRoni is threatening is incomparably richer than France; for instance, it has oil and gas reserves and France has none. Think heating oil. Tell you anything M’sieu MacRoni?

The US that M’sieu MacRoni is mocking has pulled France’s chestnuts out of the fire twice, 1914-18 and 1940-45. US money set France back on its feet after WWII. OK, let the dead past bury its dead. Emmy MacRoni, who has no culture, has forgotten it so why shouldn’t the US.

The fact remains that the US also dwarfs France and the US and Russia combined are so large that France barely shows up on maps. With a minimum of luck the US and Russia are going to combine. This will leave the EU between the jaws of the anvil. You know what that means. The Eastern States of the EU, Poland, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland are already secession minded so the old EU is toast. A new EU will be formed along rational lines.

So, really M’sieu MacRoni, keep your threats to yourself. Be meek and mild, like you are to Granny, before your betters and cooperate fully.

We still honor the French culture you despise and say doesn’t exist but unfortunately it is going to be swept away in the course of events so it is irrelevant whether it exists or not except as a historical relic.

Accept the role of France in the near future. France can be only a facilitator and not a leader. On stage you act like you’re still in school before your teacher. Those high school essays are cute but they have no place in the real world. It takes more than strut to exist on the world stage.

Donald Trump And The New Progressivism



Donald Trump

And The

New Progressivism


R.E. Prindle


An ideology has to be updated from time to time. Now is the time for a new take on an old ideology. Donald Trump is the president who can make it a reality.

Progressivism means an advance in the welfare of civilization. Through perhaps 1920 progress, significant progress, or the amelioration of civilization, had been made. World War I closed out that period. Since 1920 the application of the old progressivism has become increasingly regressive so that in today’s conditions the old progressivism is a failed ideology.

Whereas in the past European peoples including the US developed a system of Progressivism they shared with the rest of the world, educating the peoples of China, India et al. in its use, those peoples can now stand on their own feet; they no longer need Western help.

The New Progressivism then returns to the care and welfare of our own Western peoples. A tenet of the OP was Free Trade which became a gift to the Eastern peoples. Free Trade means merely that the lowest cost producer is the prime beneficiary. The money flows downhill to them. The low cost producers exploit their people who are naturally receiving the lowest possible wage. Low wages are the prime element of low cost production.

To protect what the West has built up then it is necessary to enact a wage differential bringing every producer’s wage to a certain level. For the West this means a tariff. Tariffs were considered regressive under the OP but become progressive under the New Progressivism. In fact, it is imperative they be enacted for our very survival.

Donald Trump appears to be the candidate who understands this as he has created the New Republican Party discarding the old.

The Democrats are hopelessly behind the times.

As regards Mexico and a border wall that may not be necessary if Trump is neo-progressive in dealing with the Mexicans. He must approach the Mexicans and advise them that if they don’t want a wall they must grant all Americans, both US and Canada, dual citizenship with full rights as Mexican citizens including the right to run for public office up to and including the presidency.

As the US has already generously built up the Mexican economy by sending industry South there is no reason for a border. The US wage rates would immediately prevail in Mexico. Any US residents of any national background would be free to move South to seek jobs as they wish. After all these are US plants and more will be built.

The increase in wages in Mexico would then provide a burgeoning market generating, along with the tariff that would then apply in Mexico also, prosperity North and South for twenty years or so.

Mexico would remain a separate administrative unit so as to prevent unwieldiness.

Trump could be the most progressive president ever known.


Vote Trump

The True Globalism- America First



America First-

The True Globalism


R.E. Prindle


When it comes to today’s ruling philosophy of Globalism let me say at the outset and right here and now, I am as Global in my outlook as anyone and more intelligently than most. However the globe is a vasty ball rolling ‘cross the sky and my home is a fixed relatively small place. As I look out my window I don’t see a globe; I see a flat disc. As Rudyard Kipling put in his poem Sussex:

God gave all men all earth to love,

But, since our hearts are small,

Ordained for each one spot should prove

Beloved over all.

As Kipling rightly sees that even though the fate of all lives are mingled and all earth holy that which is of me and mine is holiest of all. Kipling goes on:

So one shall Baltic pines content,

Or one some Surrey glade,

Or one some palm-grove’s droned lament

Before Levuka’s Trade.

Each to his choice, and I rejoice

The lot that has fallen to me

In a fair ground – in a fair ground –

Yea, Sussex by the sea!

Yea, as I live here in the land of the Douglas fir, and it seems paradise to me. Looking further out I live in the United States of America and its welfare comes first to me among all other nations.

China has it claims for the Chinese I’m sure. The Chinese being able bodied people require no sacrifice from me or mine or the people of the US. True, our destinies are in a general way entwined but we all have to look to our own interests first. First for me and mine, first for my city and first for America the place that gave me my identity. I am not Chinese, I am not Indian, I am not African. They are all able bodied people well able to look after themselves and I’m sure they place their interests first and may God bless them but in the struggle for the last crust of bread I place my needs first.

Kipling writing in 1899 at the height of the White Man’s domination of the world also wrote of what he assumed was the White Man’s responsibility. He called his poem The White Man’s Burden:

Take up the White Man’s burden-

Send forth the best ye breed-

Go bind your sons to exile

To serve your captives’ need;

To wait in heavy harness

On fluttered folk and wild-

Your new caught, sullen peoples

Half devil and half child.

Kipling’s was an admirable creed for a singular time but that time has long since passed and our ‘new caught, sullen peoples’ have assimilated our economy and machine guns, even our atom bombs. Times have changed, power relations have altered. Our task ‘to serve our captive’s needs’ has now been completed. It is time they repaid the debt. It is time we laid the White Man’s Burden down.

I believe that is presidential candidate Donald Trump’s message. Lay that burden down. We don’t have to make concessions to the Chinese, Africans or any of the ‘sullen peoples’ any longer. The Republican Establishment or Old Guard still clings to the White Supremacist attitude inherent in the lines of Kipling’s White Man’s Burden. They are willing to sacrifice our identity, our worth, to ‘lifting’ people who have their own identity and sense of worth and who no longer need the White Man’s largess, if they ever did.

Let the dead past bury its dead. The Republican Establishment represents that dead past while Trump looks to the horizon of the future, that Brave New World that requires a brave new attitude in competition with all on equal terms for the fair fruits of the earth. The intertwining of fates in globalism is inescapable but globalism itself is a mirage because:

God gave all men all earth to love,

But, since men’s hearts are small,

Ordains for each one spot shall prove

Beloved over all.

Each to his choice, and I rejoice

The lot that has fallen to me

In a fair ground – in a fair ground –

[Here in the USA.]

America First.

Vote Trump!

Time Is Wasting Our Past

Time Is Wasting Our Past


R.E. Prindle

The great fear is that the Western World will lose its past. Certainly the Western past as we have known it. Many factors are militating this loss. Not least of the reasons is the transition from the mechanical to the electronic age. Technological developments are severing or already have severed the Millennials from the America that was. 9/11 is a good date to begin the severance.

The literature of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries has little relevance to those born after 1980. The literature of the nineteenth century is rapidly becoming as incomprehensible to younger people as Shakespearean or even Middle English. The mores, especially the sexual mores, make so little sense to Millennials as to make the novels unreadable. I would even guess that there are even those who have never seen live horses or cows.

No generation takes pleasure in what their forefathers did except for the odd ball romantics or historians. This is even more pronounced today after the clean break of 9/11. At eighty myself, I find most of my references falling on uncomprehending but polite ears. ‘No reason to offend the old guy.’, I can see them thinking as they smile blandly. References even to Cary Grant elicit blank stares. Bogart, who knows? Thousands of movies have been made since either was on the screen. Why should the young know? They have their own lives to live.

Not only is the past incomprehensible, it is so vast. How could any new person be aware of the ephemera that makes up a mature person’s life?

This past so important to them whether they know it or not is becoming incomprehensible just as the open door immigration policy floods the country with unassimilated if not unassimilable people whose cultures are given preferential treatment, claimed to be better that those young natives’ own.

Sports have been given over to the Africans, records to world music, book publishing concentrates on immigrant stories and the shaming of Whites. Restaurants offer every national cuisine on earth while American cuisine is despised and European cuisines with the exception of Italian demonized.

Global ‘diversity, is emphasized to the disparagement of ‘dead White men’ and the culture they thought they had provided for their heirs. What is left for young Whites?

In point of undeniable fact genocidal plans are being laid for the elimination of ‘Whiteness’ from the earth without any resistance from the Whites.

So, what is gone, is gone. It can’t be brought back or even revived for a moment. It’s gone, but the future lies ahead. Rather than lament it is necessary to salvage the laws and mores, the customs, the thought that gave Aryans their supremacy over the less evolved. The challenge of the future in this Darwinian struggle for survival is what race or species will emerge supreme on this overcrowded planet? Make no mistake it is time for some few billions to go.

Will it be African Supremacy? Semitic Supremacy, either Jewish or Arab? Chinese Supremacy? Or will Aryans realize finally the nature of this primeval struggle beyond morality and reassert White Supremacy. Perhaps winning the battle is the highest morality. I think so.

The choice is suicide, go under quietly, or Conquest, assuming our rightful place in the racial hierarchy.

This is serious: Let those be offended who will be offended. What is that to us? Being offended never caused anyone any harm. I’m offended by what I see and hear constantly as you should be too. Don’t be offended; get to work and set things right.

Baltimore And The Negro Cities Of The United States


And The Negro Cities Of The US


R.E. Prindle

Today there are upwards of forty-five million Negroes in the US.  It is clear that perhaps forty million live in the cities East of the Mississippi.  At sixty percent of the population remain one hundred eighty million Whites.  Of these perhaps one hundred thirty million live East of the Big River.

The vast majority of Eastern Negroes are bunched in the cities while the White population may be divided sixty-forty with the forty being in rural or semi-rural areas.  That means about eighty million Whites live in cities and suburbs.  As can easily be seen Negroes in the Eastern cities are the majority population in the city centers versus the Whites.

I’m not going to string out a list of cities of majority Negro population rather it would be more productive to list those that aren’t.  So, in the East the Negroes occupy nearly all the US cities.  While Manhattan Island has a relatively low percentage of Negroes, Whites are reduced to minority status by the presence of Asians, Hispanics and countries you’ve never heard of

It is time then for Eastern Whites to review their situation and view their position more realistically.  It’s over.  That America died on 9/11.  As Baltimore demonstrates Whites no longer have the whip hand.  While mouthing platitudes the Negro mayor of Baltimore casually said that in the recent insurrection room was made by the police for those who wanted to destroy, to destroy although as she says they were a minority while the rest were ‘peaceful’ protestors.

Nevertheless the White celebrants at the baseball game were prevented from leaving the stadium, that is that they were illegally imprisoned, for their own safety.  Or was it that a flood of angry White men might have resulted in the Battle of Baltimore that Negroes lost?

Clearly different legal standards than the White law of the old regime recreated as Negro law for the new reality.  The police department is passe in Baltimore as the mayor’s spokesman proclaimed that the Negroes would police themselves.  No professionals needed.  In other words the Negroes of Baltimore are now an autonomous people existing outside the laws of the United States.  Baltimore is an African city displaced to the US.

Of course we realists saw this coming fifty-five or sixty years ago.  We were scorned, but no hard feelings, and here we are.  Make an example of Baltimore.  Cut off all White financial support including EBT cards.  The Negroes claimed they wanted ‘justice’ and I say let them have it.  Baltimore is on its own.  No White labor running the water works and sewers.  No White labor maintaining any of the infra structure.  If the Negroes can’t pay to have food trucked in then let them starve.  You’re on your own now boys.

God bless and good luck.

If Whites don’t even have the backbone to set the Baltimore Negroes free then God help us all.  But…you know he won’t.

The Great Religious War Of The Twenty-First Century


The Great Religious War

Of The Twenty-First Century


R.E. Prindle


The Moslem conquest of the world in the modern era has been simmering for some time.  Lothrop Stoddard sounded the alarm in 1922.  Of course the Moslem religion as propounded by the prophet Mohammed was posited as a universal religion to be imposed by force.  Worldwide conquest began immediately with armies sweeping into central Asia and India through the Iranian corridor, against the armies of the Byzantines, across North Africa and into Europe via the Iberian Peninsula.  As is well known the Moslem forces were checked at Tours in France by Charles The Hammer.

The Europeans then rallied and the reconquest of southern France and Spain began.  After conquest of the Byzantines at the end of the fifteenth century the pressure then ran through the Balkans, Southern Russia and to the Gates of Vienna.  The Moslems were driven back to their European enclave of the former Byzantine capitol of Constantinople, renamed Istanbul.  The Moslem ethic was then apparently exhausted as they became quiescent and stultified.

Awakened by WWI but hopelessly overmatched by the West militarily they began to develop techniques of asymmetrical warfare.  Having both psyched out the West and installed massive colonies through peaceful infiltration and/or traitorous assistance of Western governments they are now in a position to attempt the seizure of control.

They have over the last decade or two or three succeeding in imposing civil disabilities on the native European population through the legislation of traitorous European governments.  European legislatures have made it a criminal offense for natives to criticize Moslems or offer resistance to insults or even murder.  Under protection of the law Moslems have in essence enslaved thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, of young girls and women.  This enslavement is characterized as ‘grooming’.  The term is apparently meant to be less offensive than the criminal and illegal and accurate term enslavement.

This ‘grooming’ has been with the consent of the national governments.  Men have been sent to prison for calling attention to the practice.  It is therefore impossible not to believe these governments are manned by secret or crypto Moslems as traitors to their electorates and country.  These government officials should be arrested and removed from office as traitors immediately.  This includes every existing European and American government.

Just as native populations have been under a regime of civil disabilities that have disenfranchised them in their own countries a severe regime of civil disabilities must be imposed on Moslems until they either return to their own countries leaving all possessions and assets behind or renounce this evil religion and expiate their crimes.  They cannot  remain Moslems and stay in the West.

Even China is driving them out.  This must be done in the West immediately.  Do not hesitate.

Sony, Kim Jong-Un And The Hollywood Sewer

Sony, Kim Jong-Un And The Hollywood Sewer


R.E. Prindle


Pat Buchanan recently complained about the sewer culture of the US.  The culture has now gotten absolutely disgusting.  Within the week I have been so sickened by the sewage coming out of Hollywood that I have lost all interest in movies and television.  I don’t like pornography disguised as entertainment.

Thus when I read of the dictator of North Korea’s hijacking and exposure of the corruption of Sony-Hollywood I was of two minds.  Ambivalence deluxe.  Of course I deplore the Communist politics of North Korea but they have less of an immediate effect on my life than the Liberal corruption of Hollywood.  Let us ask:  Which is the greater evil?

I do not hold Sony Corp. responsible as their control over Sony-Hollywood executives and employees is tenuous at best.  Sony-Japan executives may not have had a clear idea of the movie in question- The Interview.  The movie will not now be shown so ignore it.

The movie as described is an invitation to assassinate Kim.  The US response cannot be directed at North Korea alone or Kim Jung-Un as he is justly angry, perhaps considering the film as an offensive act of the Obama administration; what other response could he have made that would have been listened to?  The nitwit Liberals in Hollywood have to learn what going too far means.  Can the tail really wag the dog?  They are the ones who should be punished, not North Korea or Sony.  After all, some hapless Negro who posted a comment that a cop should be shot on his front porch in front of his family for every Negro criminal killed while resisting arrest was fired from his job, so why shouldn’t the Hollywood Liberals be disciplined for the same offense against Kim Jong-Un?  What does globalism mean anyway?

Nor is this a matter of freedom of speech that Liberals don’t respect anyway.  Nor was the hapless Negro’s comment.  While movies may be entertaining they are also psychological tools that be using suggestion can and will influence future events.

Perhaps even the release of all those Sony-Hollywood executives’ emails may be beneficial.  Let no disaster go unused.  Perhaps this crisis can be used to loosen the logjam of so-called offensive or ‘hate’ speech.  Let’s get those offensive speech laws off the books.  If you don’t like what you see in the mirror it is not the mirror’s fault.  Smashing the mirror won’t change anything.

The hijacking is a regrettable crime possibly partly justified by the offence, but it requires no direct action by the Obama administration.  Learn a lesson and make Hollywood improve their manners.  Clean out that garbage producing sewer.  Do it Now.

Melanin Will Rule



Melanin Will Rule


R.E. Prindle


Let’s review the historical situation of the Aryan race. At one time the Aryans or Whites occupied a territory in Central Asia.  About the year -2000 they began to move.  They went East into China, South into India, West into Europe and Southwest into the Middle East.

In all cases except Europe that was but thinly occupied they were in a minority position, in other words, swamped by melanin rich or swarthy peoples. Even though they bedeviled the Chinese, through numbers the Chinese absorbed them over time so that no remnant survives.  The same is true of the Jewish colonies 1500 years or so later.

Among the Dravidian population of India, a black people, the Aryans put up a fight establishing a caste system forbidding Whites to mix with the blacks. Once again superior numbers triumphed and Whites as Whites have been absorbed into a darker population although Aryan traces survive in physical makeup while Aryan religion forms a major part of Hinduism.

In the Middle East in which the movement appears to have been later than China and India the Aryans were culturally submerged although having established themselves in Europe as the majority people. About -300 the Greek peoples moved eastward conquering the Middle East injecting a fresh infusion of Aryan genes so that the Middle East physically demonstrates Aryan traits although culturally the Aryans have been submerged in Semitism of one sort or another.

In Europe where little or no melanin existed the Aryans prospered and multiplied creating the first Aryan civilization outside the Central Asian homeland, since disappeared.

Expanding rapidly they took their revenge on the melanin peoples conquering the world but except in North America and Australia lacking the population to dispossess the inhabitants. Thus Aryans would have had undisputed possession of Europe and North America except for the fact that Negro Africans were brought to the US.  The conquest of Africa itself opened the doors for a peaceful invasion of Europe by Africans at the present time.

In population terms the Negroes have prospered more mightily than the Aryans.

In all situations melanin will destroy Whiteness. While the Negroes were swamped by European immigration to the US in the nineteenth century they were still able to maintain at least a minimal percentage of 10% against 20% pre-nineteenth century.  Yes, at one time one in five of the population was Negro.

Today with the assistance of Negro overlords Negroes comprise 25 to 30% of the White population. As high as one in three.  At the same time the remainder of the population comprising 15 to 20% is Asian or Western Indian, that is Mexicans and South Americans.

As the Negroes increase as a percentage of the White population they will soon reach one in two or 50% of the Whites.

The ultimate fate of Whites in America and Europe then is to be absorbed into the black, brown or yellow peoples. The die has been cast; there is little chance of any change in circumstances other than further increases in blacks, browns and yellows.

Who knows, but all things being equal within twenty years the number of unmixed Whites will be very small.

So What About IQ?


So What About IQ?


R.E. Prindle

IQ is both more simple and more complex than would appear. First of all the measurement of IQ depends on literacy and numeracy. Without those two you can’t be tested.

Secondly your test must be culturally based. A test suitable for US Whites would be incomprehensible to Negroes or Chinese and vice versa. If tests are culturally sensitive the scores might not be meaningful. It would be apples and oranges in comparison. Obviously a test within a culture can be compared to obtain high or lower scores. Thus the Chinese, Koreans and Japanese are said to have the world’s highest average IQ. But there is no universal test that can be fair for all cultures. So, we are asked to believe that a billion and a half of historically low achievers have an average IQ of 106.

There is nothing to demonstrate that the Chinese, Koreans and Japanese have ever historically performed to a high IQ standard.

Thirdly, a problem involves the nature of the various Homo Sapiens species. Homo Africanus as a species is composed of several races. All Africans are not equal. For instance the Bantu consider the Bushmen to be stupid. Culturally within Africanus the Yoruba of middle Nigeria are quite different from the Kenyan Kikiyu. Any IQ test has to be specific for each of those two very different cultures.

Now, it is said that the range of IQ in species other than the White are within a relatively narrow range while the White varies wildly between a functional 85 and a high of 160 or perhaps above.

If the two Africanus species, Bantu and Bushmen, differ enough in intelligence as races it would seem logical to conclude that Whites are one species but they comprise two or three races within their species to account for the wide variance. I mean, evolution leaves its traces. The earliest evolved Whites, ostensibly from Africanus, have, perhaps, an average IQ of about 85, while a second more highly evolved ’race’ is somewhere between say 100-130 and a third ‘race’ even more highly evolved, above 130, thus accounting for the wide apparent variance among Whites.

After all evolution advances in small increments and not large jumps.

The idea of separate Homo Sapiens species containing distinct ‘races’ runs counter to the ‘all men are created equal’ ideology that prevails so it is denounced and rejected by the prevailing ideology.

Yet scientific research indicates the evolution to be true. That it is true can be confirmed by the fact that those researchers who have determined further evolution to be true have been silenced. Yes, shut up. You don’t silence crackpot notions you ridicule them. The conclusion then is obvious. Intelligence differences are real both special and racial within the species.

The only question is what to do. Squash the facts for ideological reasons or let the chips fall where they may?