Election Strategies

Election Strategies


R.E. Prindle


It is time to develop election strategies here on the grass roots level. There is no reason to leave matters up to the RNC which has proven itself singularly incapable. Obviously the key issue is immigration. The key point there is that we have more ‘new citizens’ than we can assimilate. The ‘new people’ have been elected. All our resources both human and material are fully stressed. Stressed to the breaking point.

While the Wall is important and should still be pressed it is also useful to present other talking points. One might be the example of a balloon that can only hold so much air before it bursts. We being at the point where one more puff of immigrants will burst the balloon.

Another might be that of a cake that when baked to perfection must be removed from the oven lest it burn and shrivel. The lesson being that immigration has reached that level where more baking will be destructive.

And then there’s that good one- think of the children and their future. What sort of conditions are we creating for them?

Any such point can be introduced without jeopardizing your job or standing- or worse. One says merely that while one has no quarrel with immigration per se, one is worried because…. That will keep you on the safe side.

Doubt must be sown among the least dogmatic of the Libs.

Write your Congressman, local TV newscasters or even national newscasters. Submit them to a barrage. Make your opinion known; use different names and addresses. Maybe the ‘Russians’ will pitch in and help. Who knows?

Now is the time to act.


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