Global Warming And Immigration

Global Warming And Immigration


R.E. Prindle


A fear of global warming and an affection for unlimited immigration are two positions in what ought to be called the demented Holocaustian religion of the West. The two positions are contradictory. At the same time that the Holocaustians, or Liberals to shorten the name, want to increase immigration to catastrophic levels the land area of the US is decreasing as the sea rises to cover it.

The rising waters will force an internal migration that will shift tens of millions of people from soon to be inundated locations while the remaining land surface will be unable to support the huge population. Tens of millions will die. This is especially troubling as the Eastern Seaboard which will be most severely affected by the rising waters is the most heavily populated. Cities such as New York, Boston, DC itself will be uninhabitable while vast stretches of arable land will disappear beneath the waters.

Major population centers such as the Houston/Corpus Christi and the whole Texas/Louisiana coast will disappear including New Orleans. Southern Louisiana is already disappearing. Florida especially is threatened. The whole peninsula is barely above water. Already areas are being flooded. Perhaps the whole peninsula will be inundated. Where will these tens of millions of internal migrants relocate as they compete for space with the tens upon tens of millions of external migrants being brought into the country by the Liberals?

While the Liberals quake in fear of global warming they continue to call for an ever-increasing population on an ever shrinking land surface. Are they actually thinking about the future or are they reactionaries living in a dreamy past in which ‘immigrants built this country?’ While immigration may have been beneficial in 1900, mainly to the immigrants themselves, it has no place in today’s overcrowded US. We abolished slavery, now let’s abolish immigration.

As the waters continue rising the resources of the US disappear. The ability for the country to subsist with the present day population can’t be maintained. The West of the US is a dry area from California to Washington and from Oregon to the borders of Missouri. The West cannot accommodate millions of immigrants. Already our quality of life is declining. Rivers have been dammed, water has been sucked out of the earth making devastating forest fires inevitable. The last twenty years have seen the devastation increasing yearly. Less land surface and more people isn’t going to help.

One can only hope that our President can put an end to senseless immigration. One applauds his decision to recognize the futility of ‘fighting’ global warming by pulling out of the Paris Accords. Now, let us hope that he has the equal courage to stop immigration in its tracks. None, not one, is the solution. To create incalculable misery down the road for hundreds of millions is not the ‘humanitarian’ result immigrationists should be shooting for. Sometimes humane intentions produce inhumane results. Use your clout, Mr. President, brush the objectors aside. They’re losers.


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