The Evil Is Upon Us

The Evil Is Upon Us


R.E. Prindle

Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do.


The poor stupid fools of the CFR really think they can negate the will of the people? They couldn’t manipulate the election in their favor and now the fools think that they can throw aside our elected President and there will be no consequences?

They believe that because Comey lies before the nation that spying was not employed by the CFR, the Democrats and the Left that their lies will be accepted? Think again! When hasn’t lying been the stock in trade of lawyers and politicians? Of course they spied on Trump, and worse. They did it in plain sight. And they didn’t think we saw it? The revolution was televised and succeeded. They have been cast aside. They have been found wanting.

Do they imagine they will bring Obama back? Don’t they realize that we have seen Obama and rejected him, his program and his surrogate? Do they actually imagine that the ‘Russians’ cast ballots in the election? The Russians didn’t elect President Trump, fools, we did. We did it without any help from any Russians. What sort of ass believes otherwise?

But, if those people are going to be delusional they are delusional. Understand this: You and your program were rejected. Oh yes, your power bases in California and New York had a majority of the popular vote, even the greater number of electoral votes but California and New York aren’t the country and the country rejected you. It’s hard, I know, but you’re nothing but sore losers.

You have been rejected. You are not wanted. You were going to Canada? Well, go!

But know this: if you losers succeed in negating our votes you do so at your own peril.   You may be able to cheat President Trump but you can’t cheat the whole country without consequences and the consequences will be terrible.

Flee to Canada or Mama Merkel’s ample bosom while you still can.


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