Meryl Streep Disses The Donald

Meryl Disses The Donald

by your Hollywood reporter,

The Ronald


It looks like things are getting a little snippy here in Lalaland. The reigning Queen Of Holllywood stepped up to the microphone to get her little statuette for a whole lifetime award from the Golden Globes. Apparently Meryl (Streep, if you’ve been asleep forever Darlings) felt diminished by her award when her fellow Star of fifteen years as TVs The Apprentice translated his TV stardom into the real life time award of President of the United States. Now that, Loved Ones, is the award of awards unmatched by Meryl’s measly little statuette.

Perhaps in a fit of pique at being out-awarded the redoubtable Miss Meryl chose the moment to go all snide over the Donald. Her remarks that would be considered hateful anywhere outside of Tinsel Town came across with a touch of the puerile. Nevertheless they apparently touched home as The Donald using his weapon of choice, The Tweet, twittered poor Meryl into oblivion.

Don’t you just love these Star Wars? Your Hollywood reporter sure does, Children.


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