Trump As The Wave Of The Future



Trump As The Wave Of The Future


R.E. Prindle


The election of Trump in the US and the cancellation of Great Britain’s ties with the EU has been traumatic for the Left. Little volcanoes of anguish have erupted here and there. One of these being an anguished scream from the New York times in an opinion piece by a Hollander by the name of Ian Baruma. The essay appeared in the New York Times Magazine of 12/4/16 under the title Exit Wounds.

The precis block on the title page tells the whole story: For seven decades the United States and Britain defined and defended a version of democracy and freedom that profoundly shaped the global order. What happens when their own citizens opt out of it?

The Times might as well have asked when that vision failed why should those citizens wish to maintain it?

As the Times says it was ‘a’ not ‘the’ vision of democracy and freedom. The Times editors cannot conceive that perhaps their vision was flawed. Freedom and democracy for whom? In the US White males were disenfranchised and made second class citizens; in Britain British citizens were denied the right to determine their own future as the elites displaced them with unlimited immigration from incompatible cultures and peoples. And now these elites grieve because their subjects, not fellow citizens, but subjects have finally rebelled.

Quoting the Time editors again: No doubt Trump and Farage regard Britain and the United States as exceptional nations. But their success is dismaying precisely because it goes against a particular idea of Anglo-American exceptionalism.

So you see the Left’s dilemma. They espouse ‘a particular idea of Anglo-American exceptionalism.’   While granting that Trump and Farage have a different idea of exceptionalism, if they do, it is not the Left’s idea and their idea is beautiful they believe while the other is ugly.

It is not even debatable than an idea of Anglo-American exceptionalism exists or not. What makes their idea exceptional may not be that exceptional to non-believers. I for one do not believe either the US or Great Britain are exceptional. Nor are the two countries even Anglo nor have been for a century. What do Trump and Farage and we dissidents represent to the Left?

Angela Merkel’s message to Trump on the day after his victory was a perfect expression of Western values that are still worth defending.

She would welcome a close cooperation with the United States, she said, but only on the basis of ‘democracy, freedom and respect for the law and the dignity of man, independent of origin, skin color, religion, gender, sexual orientation or political views.’

Is the woman insane? Is she aware of how her words conflict with her actions? Is she not aware that her prisons are full of political dissidents? Is she not aware that it is an imprisonable crime in Germany as well as other European countries, and one might add, Canada, to discuss certain historical matters in an objective fashion? I am referring to the period from the Soviet Revolution in Russia to the final conclusion of that revolution between the Reds and Whites in 1945.

To deviate from the official promulgated narrative is a crime punishable by incarceration for decades. Is Mad Mama Merkel truly so obtuse that she can’t see she contradicts her lofty words with her base actions?

The silly woman touts respect for the law yet she imports a million or two Moslem immigrants who have no respect for German or Western law systems whatsoever. Is she unaware that in Cologne a year or two ago those persons of a different complexion and religion combined to rape and abuse hundreds, perhaps thousands of German women because they don’t observe Sharia law for women? Is Mad Mama truly mad. She demands respect for freedom from Trump but denies it to her own people? Does she have her wits about her? She even refused to allow the police to pursue and arrest the culprits. Madame, they have institutions for people of your mentality. This silly woman should be sent to St. Helena to die the lingering death decreed for Napoleon. She does not belong in Europe. Send her to Aleppo.

And this crazed woman has the audacity to tell Trump that she will only cooperate with him if he is as crazy as she is, if he allows American women to be raped by Moslems, unless he allows Sharia law to replace American law? What gender is this woman? Or does she have one?

In England Moslems abduct or corral hundreds or thousands of young English girls and ‘groom’ them into prostitutes about which the Leftist authorities do nothing lest they offend the Moslems. Trump is supposed to pay attention to this what, neuter or else?   Woman, look to your soul. What dignity of man and woman are you talking about? How do you conceive it? What insane vision are you following?

Yes, we do have two different thought processes; we are two different nations and yours must be destroyed.

Your thought processes are so twisted, so divorced from reality as to be devoid of the least validity.

Once again the Editors of the Times: ‘Take back our country’ means a retreat from the world that Anglo-Americans envisioned after 1945. English nationalists have opted for a modern version of splendid isolation. Trump wants to put America First.’

Taking back our countries is not a retreat from your particular vision after 1945; it is a rejection of that faulty vision. It is a replacement of an outmoded thought process with one adapted to current realities not the trauma of 1945.

There is no retreat from the new world order. The New Global ordinance is a free for all for supremacy. Up yours with all this race and religion nonsense. It is struggle for existence. Darwin wins again. China regardless of any other consideration has a population of one and a half billion people. It is inevitable that having adopted the Western economic model that it will become by far the largest economy in the world. It will consume the world’s entire resources leaving nothing for the rest. This is an unavoidable conclusion.

The Chinese place China first, the ‘Middle Kingdom’ around which all others revolve. And you’re worried about Trump placing America First? That isn’t isolation idiots that is merely survival in a global economy. Wrap your brains around that reality. Get your head out of your ass. Your post-’45 vision was flawed. It was wrong. You are wrong. The Moslems don’t accept your vision of freedom and equality, the Chinese don’t accept your ideology; we don’t accept your ideology. You are wrong, wrong, wrong. Learn to live with it. Reject your ideology yourselves.

Get over it


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