Trump And The Perils Of The Presidency



Trump And The Perils Of The Presidency


R.E. Prindle


The pitch of hysteria over Trump’s victory passes all understanding. Well, not quite, but it surpasses the asinine. One wonders what is going on in Jill Stein’s mind. She bandies all the trite words around, democracy and all, as if Trump hasn’t been elected democratically.   Study the word Jill. The people want to know, she says. Know what? There is no evidence in sane minds that the voting machines were tampered with. But the totally mediocre non-entity Stein plows on.

Second only to Stein, although with more reason, if paranoidedly, Johnathan Sarna, linked above, writing in the Tablet ezine laments the issue further. Tablet is a hysterical Jewish site as is the hysterically Jewish Jill Stein.

Mr. Sarna links this year’s election with the 1920 election that pitted Warren G. Harding against the Cox-FDR ticket. The latter was soundly beaten as was Hillary Clinton. However immigration was the key issue of that election in Jewish minds also. At that time the entire Jewish population of Europe was poised for transfer to the US, destined for the ports of New Orleans and Corpus Christi in Texas. The Harding administration slammed the door shut closing unlimited immigration disappointing Jewish aspirations. As a reading of Sarna’s essay shows immigration is his big concern.

Then as now the Jews seem to be oblivious to the consequences of unlimited immigration completely disregarding the rights of the domestic population. Those citizens have no rights according to the Jews. On the resource level the population of the US in 1920 was relatively small while the physical resources of the country were fatuously deemed ‘inexhaustible.’

At the present time those resources are exhausted while the population is unsupportable. The key resource, water, is in short supply. The Jews, still agitating for unlimited immigration don’t seem to be concerned with the quality of life for everyone else.

On the social level under the pressure of hundreds of languages and dialects, innumerable religions and various levels of civilization and sophistication the country is losing if it hasn’t already lost its unifying center.

As the Jews protect their own unified center in Israel we can only question their motives in the US.

It has been said that events cast their shadow before them. One wonders whether in recalling the Harding election comparing it with Trumps the Jews aren’t forecasting the same fate for Trump as befell Harding.

Harding not only ended unlimited immigration but, an equally egregious sin, he hadn’t forwarded US entry into the League of Nations. Democrats fatuously believed that given the European turmoil caused by that misshapen Versailles Treaty ending WWI the League would somehow been alleviated by US membership. Nothing could have been more mistaken.

Still the League adherents held Harding responsible. Harding was a very popular president, at least in most quarters, so that his reelection was a given. Thus the League would have a been a lost cause. The Democrats believed a colorless candidate like VP Calvin Coolidge had no chance to be elected in his own right so that with Harding gone the 1924 election would have been a chance to reassert the need for joining the League.

In fact, as a preliminary, the Leaguers formed the CFR, Council for Foreign Relations, in 1921 for the express purpose of controlling elections.

It can hardly be surprising then that Harding caught a bad case of food poisoning, supposedly from oysters, two years into his term and died. The evidence of murder is only circumstantial nevertheless an impediment to the 1924 election was removed.

Trump gives every indication of crossing the CFR and the Jews in much the same manner as did Warren G. Harding. The Dems, as per Jill Stein and whoever is backing her, give no indication of accepting the results of the current democratic election. I think the recollection of the 1920 Harding-Cox/Roosevelt election should give Trump pause. If he shows any sign of success in his endeavors he should keep a sharp eye on food, drink and whatever.

He walks on gilded splinters.


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