Trump Puts China On Notice



Trump Puts China On Notice


R.E. Prindle


Soon to be President of the United States Donald Trump today had a conversation with the president of Taiwan. Astonishingly it appears that China pretends to dictate to the President of the United States with whom he can or cannot have conversations. They reprimand the President of the US for speaking without permission. China makes a major issue of what our own media calls a gaffe. It is true that China now owns huge chunks of US territory through purchase including an evident takeover of the film industry in Hollywood but at last count the US was a sovereign nation, notwithstanding the attitude of the media, in charge of its own affairs.

The pansies, I almost said pussies, of the US media evidently went Code Red in a state of hysterical alarm over the conversation. Oh my god, Trump, they said, has already jeopardized US-China relations. Good! I say, and this is just the beginning. China must alter its trade relations with the US removing the many obstacles to free trade, which everyone purportedly highly prizes, with our people without and within China.

China, for instance, refuses to allow our companies to operate unimpeded within China. Ridiculous laws require US companies to surrender controlling interest in intra-China operations while the arrogant Chinese expect to own and operate US operating with no restrictions.

They are alarmed because Trump had a conversation with the President of Taiwan? Well, be prepared to be deeply offended when Trump begins trade negotiations. Things are going to change China boys. The gold rush is over lads and the bum’s rush is on unless you adopt reciprocal conditions. We will own huge chunks of China and operate freely with no restrictions wholly owned subsidiaries.

You are not talking to wussies like Nixon and Kissinger now. The gravy train doesn’t start from here anymore.


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