Trump And The Potential For Voter Fraud



Trump And The Potential

For Voter Fraud


R.E. Prindle


The Wall Street Journal (10/12/16) presents an article titled: Trump Warns Of ‘Stolen’ Election by Reinhard and Hook. Of course the CFR crowd snarks at the idea and that there isn’t a history or voter fraud in the US there is, ignore their claim. However what about the CFR (Council For Foreign Relations) and their self-righteous attitude?

The CFR was formed in 1921 in the wake of Wilson’s defeat over the League of Nations and the Cox-FDR election defeat of 1920 in which the despised Republican Warren G. Harding took the presidency back by a landslide. The Leaguers considered their defeat the triumph of the unwashed, in Obama’s term today, we knuckledraggers. As the CFRs cannot believe there is a legitimate point of view different from their own they set about to make sure the vox populi was never heard again.

As the founders represented the wealth of the country while being prominent they were able to secretly vett the candidates from each party to make sure the one elected would further the CFR program.

They have succeeded in every election to the present. But in the 1940 election in which any respectable Republican candidate opposed the CFR war program the CFR brushed the Republican candidates aside and appointed an actual Democrat, Wendell Willkie, to oppose FDR. Willkie was a mere echo of Roosevelt and was defeated. The CFR got safely through that troubled election.

Today we have a candidate running who opposes the CFR program, that is, Donald Trump. So for the first time since 1920’s Warren Harding debacle the CFR program is threatened.

You can see them thrashing around trying to find a Willkie-like replacement for Trump. In desperation they shout that Trump is going to drop out. They are threatening to illegally and forcefully remove him from the ballot. The ‘stupid knuckledraggers’, that is, you and me, may escape their control. Do you imagine then that they would stop at stuffing the ballot boxes? Don’t believe it for one second. Trump as usual is right. Hillary, who despises we deplorables and cellar dwellers must be rejected; the CFR must be stopped. This will not be easy. If necessary bodies will disappear; some may have fatal accidents or health problems not unlike Warren G. Harding himself who mysteriously died of food poisoning two years into his term.

You can bet on election fraud at the very least.

Beware and Vote Trump.


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