Sex And The Presidential Election



Sex And The Presidential Election


R.E. Prindle


There is a certain irreality pervading this election. It is being played out like a Hollywood porn flick. The participants don’t seem to notice while the media in playing it up also seems not to recognize the filthy porn element. Imagine playing up some nude photos of Melania Trump with no feeling of shame at all.

The hypocrisy is hip deep with a strong fast current. One is disgusted beyond belief. In a startling turn Hillary is OK even though she was an enabler and procurer for Bill’s sexual escapades and then worked to destroy the women he seduced. Bill used his ‘celebrity’ status as a political nabob to literally take women. As Donald Trump points out in a recent tape of a decades old private conversation being a celebrity does something to women so that they have little power of resistance.

Sigmund Freud, the old lech, also realized that in the presence of doctors women enter the door semi-hypnotized and are easy prey for the medical profession. One imagines that doctors really enjoy their work as I’m sure old Siggy must have.

Women fall over sports figures. Back in the ancient 1960s the quarterback of the Oakland City College team made it a requirement to sleep with any woman he dated. They did it too. Ever notice that Negro jocks have no trouble getting those gorgeous blond White girls. Women are attracted to power or the illusion of it. This fact offends the Lesbos who hate men. They’ve been inoculated…maybe. Check Hillary who is thought to be a Lesbo and Bill’s relationship. In order to maintain an appearance of normality she became his procurer.

So, ignoring the very basis of sexual psychology a huge fuss in being raised about Trump stating the obvious, confirming Sigmund Freud’s observation, while in real life boys and girls play the age old game. The Lesbos say Trump’s great crime was not enjoying his position as a celebrity but, apparently revealing a simple truth: women are not as pure and chaste as they would like to appear. Reality has erected its ugly head. What an election. Reality? What does that have to do with our fantasies?

So, using the amazingly effective Democrat double standard Hillary and Bill, sexual villains for the last couple decades are given a clean bill of health passing the monkey to Trump and are found to be suitable presidential timber. Trump becomes the naughty boy definitely too short of character to be president. What was that I read about the Liberal hero, Jack Kennedy? Naw, couldn’t be true; we all know he was presidential timber.

Obama? The Clintons?

The Empire founders over sex.

Oh well, vote Trump anyway.


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