Moslems: Should We Use Our Head Or Should We Use Our Heart?


Should We Use Our Head

Or, Should We Use Our Heart?


R.E. Prindle


Ye Editor at the Wall Street Journal (9/17-18/16) babbles on. I have never considered the Journal a Conservative paper and now Ye Editor drops the façade and goes full buttoned up Liberal.

Ye Editor: Thanks to the Obama Administration and Congressional Republicans, the GOP candidate now has a chance to show common sense on the matter of Muslims.

I suppose that’s code for saying a back door has been found to let in Moslems. Sure enough. Trump according to Ye Editor has ‘a chance to prove his policy is not anti-Muslim but anti-jihad.’ Ah, then we wrong to think all jihadists are Muslims. I suppose then that as all jihadists are Moslems they wear identifying badges, because if they don’t…. Or one imagines that a Moslem who for a number of years hasn’t been a jihadist may one day wake up and say it is time he came out of the closet. Perhaps Ye Editor thinks that jihadists are born that way. Just another Moslem sect.

Oh, and sects. There are a number of Moslem sects. The Wahabis are supposed to be the most militant of all. The Saudi WTC boys may well have been Wahabis as they were Saudis. Would Ye Editor agree that Wahabis have the most potential to come out of the closet, supposing they are in the closet, and that therefore Wahabis should definitely be banned by Trump or, perhaps, even by Obama, that great and wise leader.

Does Ye Editor even know whether Obama has considered that problem?

And regional. Do most jihadists come from certain regions? Sunnis, Shiites? Perhaps the US should be selective as to sect and region? But, then, what if a Moslem lies about his sect or region? Bigoted to think a Moslem might lie? Well, the Koran, the Moslem guide book and holy script says it’s perfectly A-OK to lie to the Nasranis. US personnel are most likely to be Nasranis so putting the question would be useless.

I’m sure common sense comes in here somewhere. Maybe, just maybe, Trump is exhibiting common sense when he says he will ban all Moslems.   I think he is. Common sense is good but it is not the ultimate test. Don’t education and intelligence work in there too? I sure hope so. Perhaps thought I’m all head and no heart while Ye Editor is the latter and not the former. Well, Ye Editor, it is common sense to not screw yourself. Letting in Moslems is screwing yourself but then, I guess you’re comfortable with that.


Trump: Do not let these geeks back you off from your original stand concerning Moslems. When you’re right you’re right.


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