On Wisconsin: Dump Paul Ryan



On Wisconsin: Dump Ryan


R.E. Prindle


Just to put things in perspective, Paul Ryan’s congressional seat is insecure. In his bid for reelection he is currently trailing his adversary by more than somewhat. There is an excellent chance he will not resume his seat in January. Could God be that good to us?

After behaving like a eunuch for the past eight years he now attempts to show whatever cojones he has left.

After kowtowing to and sucking off Massa Barry ‘Bama for the last eight years, ever the racist and ever loving that black skin, now that a White man is going to be in office Mr. (I use the term loosely) Ryan is bleating something about the three branches of the government, the Executive, the Judicial and the Legislative. He says his branch, the Legislative, is going to reassert its independence from the executive dictatorship of Black Skin Obama thus reclaiming the equality of the branches. I sure wish he’d learned about the equality of the branches eight years ago.

At least the pus does know he’s been a slave for the last eight years. Perhaps Hollywood would be interested in a script I’ve written up: Eight Years A Slave: The Paul Ryan Story. Of course Ryan doesn’t have a black skin so there might not be much of a market for such a film. Still, Shinola is still being made. Maybe….

So, now that it’s mano a mano with a Caucasian Wussy Paul affirms that Trump isn’t going to get away with the Executive Orders that Massa Barry ‘Bama did. Does this pool dud pay attention to what he’s saying? He says Congress let Massa Barry ‘Bama get away with being a dictator; a black skin can go where a White man can’t.

So, Paul ‘the Wuss’ Ryan is going to snipe at a President Trump in any way he can. That is if he’s returned to office in January. I place my faith in his Wisconsin constituency’s intelligence and acumen.

On Wisconsin. Give us a winning team.


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