Save Our Souls



Save Our Souls


R.E. Prindle


One is astonished at how thick Liberals are. During this campaign they have offered a never ending stream of insults at Donald Trump, not to mention the rest of we knuckledraggers, gun huggers etc. Trump has not only been insulted but the insults have been basely demeaning, did I use the word defamatory? That’s what I meant.

To insult someone running against a useless piece of baggage like Hillary Clinton takes a lot of chutzpah.

In their assumed sense of superiority one would think they’re dealing with an idiot child. Now, how does one react to truly hurtful reproaches by those who claim to be the most sensitive people on earth? You can’t get angry and bury yourself which is what they’re aiming at. Few people have given Trump credit for an amazing level of self-control. Rather than lash back he reacted by jokes that are just too subtle for the Liberal intelligence. They don’t get it.

Witness his sly parodies of the Levy Bread ads of the Sixties, while using a solid six point star just as others such as Disney have and being savaged by brutes who using their famous double standard of Good for us but Bad for you. A six point star is not the so-called Star of David. The so-called Star of David is actually an occult symbol indicating the Above and Below. It was appropriated by the Jews as their special symbol sometime in the Middle Ages. To make a fuss over Trump’s use of it only demonstrates how thick they really are.

If it were possible to believe the preposterous one would be the unbelievably insulting question put to Trump that if he is elected in November does he intend to assume the office? I guess one can believe the preposterous. It’s open season now. Can anyone understand the depth and breadth of such an insult? Can anyone understand the hurt that the Trump had to swallow? Can anyone understand the depth of his contempt when he refused a direct answer and laughingly replied: You’ll have to wait and see.

In the Liberals contempt for Trump, they couldn’t even see that he was putting them on.

Only we can save ourselves from a perpetual servitude to these Liberal thugs. The question really is, will they allow Trump to be sworn in, or will they reject the voice of Democracy? All their blather about the rule of law is just that, bushwa.

Save Our Souls

Vote Trump


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