Why Hillary Clinton Is In Trouble And Donald Trump Is Solid



Why Hillary Clinton Is In Trouble

And Donald Trump Is On Top


R.E. Prindle


Trump bashers who seem to be functioning from the bottom of a wishing well should at least try for an art form. Their stuff is really boring. They can’t understand that this is not an ordinary election. The rules are suspended. It is the odd one in that the CFR- Council on Foreign Relations- has not been able to vet both candidates as usual or seemingly so, one never knows. Thus while the Obama-Clinton combo is in the CFR bag Trump appears to be a wild card beyond the CFR’s control.

I only grasped the reality and influence of the CFR recently so for those who haven’t, I assume you are the majority, the CFR is real. It is not a so-called conspiracy theorist fantasy. According to reliable sources they have vetted every candidate from both sides, since their founding in 1921; thus we have the consistent policies followed since then no matter which party is elected.

The CFR is the American branch of what Henry Ford called the International Banker Conspiracy. He used the word Jewish but meant Bankers, both Jewish and goi, in other words The Money Trust. As in all organizations the rank and file are unaware of what the elite group’s ultimate plan is. In essence the lower ranks just follow orders.

This election is abnormal because the CFR has pushed too hard on very unpopular programs such as race mixing and the mongrelization of society, also called unrestricted immigration, negative GDP growth in the US and much much more. In point of fact we people are in rebellion and have been in rebellion for some time searching only for the leader to organize our resentment. Donald Trump, seizing the moment, has stepped into the breach.

Now, it is possible that the CFR realizing than an actual revolution was brewing took preventative measures by appointing Donald Trump to seize the day in order to turn the stampede to defuse the possible revolution.

It is also possible that Trump is sincere. Either way he is the brewing revolution’s only bet. He says what we want to hear. And he does make some sincere sounds. So we have to accept Trump as the genuine article while Clinton has said in so many words she will be an Obama clone. In other words as far as her CFR managers go, she is secure.

Thus, in a general election she is not an 80% bet to win but an 80% bet to lose. Obama’s Moslem favorites continue to slaughter the world’s population so that another couple dozen disaster by November practically guarantee Trump’s victory. If Hillary is spending big money on her campaign it is wasted money; if Trump is not it is because he doesn’t have to, he could run a McKinley front porch campaign and win handily. All this agonizing over spending money is irrelevant.

Levy's trump-with-matzoh-ball-soup

Eating At Donald’s Restaurant

Trump also is as good or better an actor than Ronald Reagan while being twice as smart with a sly sense of humor. Of two ads or pictures he has run, one eating tacos to please the Mexicans and the other eating matzoh balls to please the Jews they are clever parodies of the Levy Bread campaign of the Sixties that showed various races of people eating Levy Rye bread under the slogan You Don’t Have To Be Jewish to love Levy’s.

What Trump is saying is Trump’s restaurant of the Tower makes the best tacos, matzoh ball soup and probably next, chop suey. You can’t get more global than that, can you? America eats internationally.

On personality then Hillary isn’t even in the running; she’s a sure loser. Anyone thinking this election is going to follow Party registration has their head in the sand. People are voting issues not Parties. Hillary is on the wrong side of every issue.

Trump must however get the White vote out in large numbers. Here’s a tip on how to get 80% of it: Promise to revoke the hate laws that disenfranchise White men. If that promise isn’t good for 100% of White men and at least fifty percent of White women then the country is truly and well screwed.

Of course there is always the chance that Trump is a put up job of the CFR but a this point it can’t matter.

Vote Trump

Vote For Your Emancipation


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