A Heartfelt Appeal To Peggy Noonan



A Heartfelt Appeal To

Peggy Noonan


R.E. Prindle


Peggy Noonan is back. In her 6/25-26/16 WSJ column she comes clean declaring that Donald Trump is no Ronald Reagan. Let’s hope not and who would want to be?   Reagan had no economic sense and managed to exceed the country’s income by three trillion dollars. His successors were thus convinced that the national debt doesn’t matter. And, as you know the debt is now at twenty trillion pieces of toilet paper and multiplying rapidly.

Secondly, even though he did face the Soviet Union down so that the Berlin wall was taken down, he was so short sighted that he failed to reconcile the US with the Russian successor State leaving us now with the insane notion that Russia is our enemy which it need not be and isn’t. Thank you Ronnie.

Let us hope Trump has learned from the Gimper’s mistakes. Peg hasn’t.

She doesn’t appear to understand Reagan so she has no understanding of Trump’s current situation. Like the other pundits she doesn’t understand what it means to run a multi-billion dollar construction company. Peg in her ignorance, as sweet and lovely a she undoubtedly is, makes the remarkable statement: (Trump) has never held office and has not proved himself a leader of men. (Probably Peg means persons, she would never be consciously politically incorrect.)

Now, Peg, Trump has led architects, negotiated thousands of product deals from steel girders to toilet paper, handled construction crews, union agents, because our society is so fucked he has had to deal with the Mafia and perhaps other criminal organizations. Kennedy, Nixon, Reagan and probably all presidents since 1932 have also had to negotiate with organized crime. Perhaps you’re not aware that Hollywood was rife with the Mob when Reagan led SAG. There may a closer comparison between Reagan and Trump than you think.

Then Peg comes up with the whopper of whoppers: Mr. Hewett told Mr. Trump to “rebuke the crazy one percent” who are Trump supporters but also anti-Semitic and racist.

L-rd, Peggy dear, I don’t even know where to start. Do you realize, dear one, that this is a democracy in which there are no sacred cows? If you wish to be a Semitophile, then by all means be one. I am not a Semitophile nor am I evil as your Mr. Hewitt states. I am as kind, decent and considerate as any Semitophile or actual Semite.

For you the Semites, both Jews and Arabs, seem to be in some sanctified category, that is, above criticism no matter what or how many crimes they commit. The Jews for instance have a National Museum in Las Vegas celebrating Jewish criminals. Alright! For you they are privileged characters. But for ‘one percent’ they aren’t. Jewish estimates place anti-Semites at 100% of the population, no exclusion for you Peg. You say that because this ‘one percent’ doesn’t reverence the Semites warts and all that they are despicable people and worse still, anti-Semites.

That makes you a bigot, Peg, and I know you think you aren’t. But you are. No people is perfect not even the Jews and Moslems. They have their own agendas and they don’t necessarily bode well for anyone but themselves. Perhaps you should examine those agendas carefully and objectively to see if you can continue to unqualifiedly offer them your love and support.

If you can then that’s fine with me but don’t call me a racist or anti-Semite because I don’t or I will have to call you an ignorant fool.

Vote Trump, Peg, Vote Trump.


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