Mexico, Trump And The Holocaust



Mexico, Trump And The Holocaust


R.E. Prindle


John Bussey wrote a WSJ column (6/17/16) ‘The Nazi-Era Papers My ‘Mexican’ Mother Kept.’ It’s meant to tug at our heartstrings and show what beasts we are if we don’t go along with John. Being the WSJ it is an anti-Trump article. The Journal misses no chance to defame Trump.   The article condemns Trump’s questioning of Judge Curiel’s qualifications to try the Trump U case.

Bussey, as with all of the Left, condemns Trump as an unreasonable racist and bigot for doing so. Me smelteth hypocrisy. Just as a point of reference I know I know a retired Federal judge. His opinion is that a judge does not belong to an organization such as La Raza or the KKK and that on that basis Curiel ought to have refused the assignment, born in Indiana as an anchor baby or not. On the bench it would be something like Eichmann being tried by the Jews.

Trump, myself and all concerned citizens should demand that Curiel remove himself from the suit. Obviously he was appointed to be a Mexican version of Judge Roy Bean.

To compound his error, Mr. Bussey somehow associates Trump with Hitler. Bussey himself is an anchor baby, his mother having slipped over the border behind her limping father in 1939. Hence Bussey associates her with Mexicans doing the same. Bussey compares Mexicans fleeing the tyranny of Mexico with his mother fleeing Nazi Germany. Hitler and Trump are compared in Bussey’s line: But even an enlightened society, one ruled by law, can quickly cut across tribal lines, as we see again (my italics) in the dust-up over Judge Curiel and more broadly in this presidential campaign.

I would like to point out to Mr. Bussey that Germany was a very law abiding country; Hitler was law abiding and broke no laws which is something that can’t be said about our current president Barry ‘Executive Order’ Obama. Further the civil war in Germany was between Tribal Jews and Tribal Germans. Think, Mr. Bussey, think.

Nor need I mention that the atrocities committed against the native population of Palestine have all been committed under Jewish laws. The law can be used for good or evil depending on the human legislators, Mr. Bussey.

And then, Mr. Bussey wheels out the tear jerker about his mother speaking English with a heavy German accent nevertheless fighting her way through high school and then courageously attacking the college curriculum ending her life uttering her last words in five different languages.

In clearing her safe deposit box among the few items saved was her old German passport stamped with a big yellow J, we all know what that means, in fact, the story is getting stale. The facts are that neither she nor her parents suffered in any concentration camps. They lived well and comfortably in the US while not only Jews were being killed but White American men were being slaughtered in Africa, Europe and the whole Pacific and the US was consuming all its resources.

While Mr. Bussey will not acknowledge it there is a whole school of scholarship that attributes both WWI and WWII to the machinations of Jewish schemers. Roosevelt, handled by Jews, maneuvered the US into the Pacific war to draw the US into the European or Jewish War. The latter was the ‘Good War’, you know.

But, what does all this have to do with Judge Curiel and Mexico? I don’t really know. You’ll have to write Mr. Bussey at the WSJ to find out. Or, perhaps, there is a Part 2.

Vote Trump


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