Moment Of Truth



Moment of Truth


R.E. Prindle


The Orlando Massacre appears to be a defining point in current affairs. The Massacre has shocked and demoralized the Liberals and the Obama Administration. The unthinkable has happened. One of their pet Moslems just went off the rails shooting up a whole nightclub killing and maiming a hundred. Not just any nightclub; some society, White or Hetero club would have been understandable. The Boston Marathon bombing should have been more horrible but that killed indeterminate Whites and athletes. The Orlando shooter attacked a holy church of homosexuals thus threatening the Liberals very identity. Too close to home. Orlando therefore must involve a reassessment of Moslems. Worse still the Right and Trump have been vindicated. They’ve been right all through the Liberal self-denial.

Some way must be found to turn around their position while vilifying Trump. Screw the dead and maimed. Trump’s I told you so stance gave them the ammunition they were seeking for the diatribes against him. Rather than hanging their heads in shame for causing the deaths of fifty and the maiming of fifty more they turned their shame and ire on Trump.

The whole world is watching and what message did they get?   I should think their first reaction would be: Where are the White people? The Massacre seemed to reflect a war between Browns. There weren’t even any Blacks involved. So you have an Afghan Brown, born in New York although his mother may have conceived back home, but still an obvious native American murdering other Browns who are homosexuals. God Bless America don’t you think?

At any rate it is a new game going forward. Regardless of the irrelevant opinion of the MSM Trump is in the saddle. He’s ready to ride as the putative sheriff of Dodge. It is now up to him to bring order to his dominion. He must act and be the Man. First the Republican Party. Trump is the Party. He can unify the Party only by one method; that one method, followed by Stalin and Roosevelt in 1936, is a purge of the Party Fossils. He must direct the steps of Fuds like Ryan and McConnell and the rest to the political desert. Out with them. Take control of the Convention. Let them join the Dems or start a new party. Who cares? The Dems won’t want them and no one is going to listen to these demonstrated failures. They are dead men walking, push them into the grave.

Trump must forget old grievances and his injured ego and seize the moment. This is his appointment with destiny. Carpe Diem or take the long walk back to the dugout.

With the Fuds ejected Trump is leading a united Party. There is no other way. They hate him; they cannot be appeased.

Between now and November the Dems are going to shoot their feet off while politically we can expect multiple disasters in the US and Europe fortifying the vote for Trump.

The Moslems too are reaching a critical point. The succession of events are leading to a climax. You can only burn, rape, loot and murder so long until you have to make an overt attempt of usurpation. That time is shortly, probably this year.

For God’s sake Trump, seize your moment. Take the bull by the horns. With the right attitude now it will be a cakewalk to November. Hillary cannot possibly win unless you fold. Carpe Diem.


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