Obama Rips Trump Over Proposed Muslim Ban



Obama Rips Trump Over Proposed

Muslim Ban


R.E. Prindle


President Obama passionately rebuked critics who say he should condemn terrorists as “radical extremists” saying calling the Islamic State by another name will do nothing to defeat it and could be counter-productive.

–MSN News

And meanwhile violence escalates.


President Obama has always called for an open discussion of race and religion; he has finally stepped up to the microphone to begin it. Unfortunately his speech was so full solecisms he made himself look ridiculous and made Trump look great.

To begin with all ISIL personnel are Moslems, the god all ISILs worship is Allah. The gay club shooter was shouting praise Allah as he shot. If he was unconnected to ISIL then he was just a Moslem religious fanatic. Mr. President, make your lips form the words Radical Islamists.

You, Sir, are trying to turn this into an anti-gay thing that was apparently learned on the internet. So, you are also turning this thing into a plea to shut down the internet so you won’t have to see unpleasant criticism. Let’s stick with the religious for a minute. What we have is an Islamic anchor baby from Afghan Moslem parents. The father believes he is going to be President of Afghanistan. Perhaps not as far fetched as it sounds yet the Boubons are still waiting to attain the throne of France.

The men this Islamist shot up were nearly all Hispanics. The shooter had apparently visited the club several times so he knew the clientele. Hispanics are almost universally Catholic. Moslem’s especially hate Catholics as Christian dogs. Therefore the shooter, crazy, insane or not, killed about three stones with each shot: gay, Catholic, Western. A trifecta of destruction.

What was his reason? Because he is undisputedly Moslem. Now, in the 6/14/16 WSJ Mr. Ayaan Hirst Ali, a Moslem, explains to us all that Moslems are taught to think of homosexuals as the spawn of Satan.

Indeed, he lists all the horrible ways Mohammed teaches the Faithful to treat homosexuals. How they are murdered in the various parts of the Moslem world from East to West and justifies it.

You, yourself, Mr. President were indoctrinated into the Moslem faith, religion or ideology as a youth in Indonesia by your step-father Lolo Soetero. You must know the Moslem attitude toward homosexuals.

Read what Mr. Hirsh Ali says of Moslem belief concerning the treatment of homos:

Under Shariah –Islamic law—those engaging in same-sex sexual acts can be sentenced to death in nearly a dozen countries or in large areas of them: Iran, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Sudan, the northern states of Nigeria, southern parts of Somalia, two provinces in Indonesia, (was one of them yours, Mr. President?) Mauretania, Afghanistan, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates. Death is also the penalty in the territories in Northern Iraq and Syria controlled by ISIS.

Iran is notorious for hanging men accused of homosexual behavior. The Associated Press reports that since 2014 ISIS has executed at least 30 people in Syria and Iraq for being homosexual, including three men who were dropped from the top of a 100-foot building in Mosul in June 2015.

Read the whole article Mr. President, I doubt that it will open your eyes but it may give you some troubled sleep. So stop all this nonsense that being Moslem has nothing to do with slaughtering gay men. Of course it does, you know it as a Moslem, we all know it. Why are you dissimulating?

And finally, Sir, the shooter did not learn his Moslem religion on the internet, he was radicalized in his mosque by his Imam.

Let’s be transparent about this issue, Sir. God Bless Donald Trump and may you enjoy your retirement.


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