The Wall Street Journal Is Evil



The Wall Street Journal Is Evil


R.E. Prindle


Apparently the Wall Street Journal does not believe in democracy despite its protestations to the contrary. The WSJ is now plumping to set aside the results of the Republican Primary. They simply hate Donald Trump. It is unreasoning foul hatred.

Trump bucking headwinds of hate such as no candidate has ever seen, by the popularity of his program and the force of his strong personality, drove through to victory. The ‘grass roots’ has expressed itself. The WSJ should stifle itself. We elected Trump as the candidate and we’re going to get Trump or there will be consequences such as Moslem terrorists cannot imagine.

The will of the people has spoken; the Republican Establishment has been repudiated.

Two non-entities, obvious stooges, have pleaded in the 6/13/16 issue to set aside the election and nominate some one’s idea of a sure loser and the Republican Party dies on the day they do that. Apparently the Old Fossils don’t realize that they have been both repudiated and superseded. Their vision of the Party as right wing Democrats commands no loyalty and no votes.

The article by the Party stooges is written by something going by the name of Eric O’Keefe and David B. Rivkin. O’Keefe is described as being ‘on the board of Citizens In Charge and Wisconsin Club For Growth; Rivkin is a so-called constitutional litigator who served in the White House Council’s Office and the Justice Department of the Reagan and George H.W. Bush’s administrations.’

The description doesn’t mention which constitutions Rivkin litigates. Their opinions while stated authoritatively are meaningless.

The WSJ through these two stooges puts forth the notion that the Primary was just a popularity contest that was a politically meaningless grass roots lark. The grass roots louts the WSJ says are a bunch of fools and while it was amusing to see them cavort about in this sham election of which there is no need to honor, now that they have had their fun the WSJ will take a hand in selecting a real candidate that they would be proud to sit down to table with. None of that hoi polloi for them.

In the WSJ’s delusional state that has no reference to social realities they have convinced themselves that only a nutty minority has made Trump the candidate. This is nonsense. They proceed at their own risk. Their policies have been repudiated. Their falsity is being demonstrated in the streets of San Diego and San Jose; in the increasing frequency and violence of Moslem attacks on the citizens in Obama’s holy toilets and pissoirs of America.

Trump is not the problem, the WSJ mentality is. Take heed.


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