Trump In The Ascendant



Trump In The Ascendant


R.E. Prindle


How shattering Trump’s last primary triumph in California was for the Trump haters and baiters. They still cherish the hope that maybe their will be a Hail Mary moment yet between now and the July convention. Witness Ye Editor of the Wall Street Journal 6/8/16:

If Mr. Trump doesn’t start to act like a political leader, and his poll numbers collapse, between now and the July convention he may start to hear rumblings that delegates are looking for someone else to nominate. As traumatic as that would be, the Republicans desire to avoid a landslide defeat that costs the House and Senate might be stronger.

Should the ‘regulars’ take such drastic action in violation of all political law and tradition, the Republican Party would not only lose Congressional, Senatorial and Presidential elections but it would be the final act of the Republican Party itself. Listen, the winds of change are rising.

We are prepared for dirty, dirtier and dirtiest tricks between now and November but such a dirty trick as setting aside a legal election would probably endanger the health of the perpetrators. Such an ‘executive order’ made by the Party hierarchy would bring their house down on their heads.

In the first place Ye Editor’s fears are misplaced. Although Trump may be a political novice his genius is to see that old-fashioned party politics have seen their day. They are as obsolete as the proverbial buggy whip. While the Democrats appear to have been able to squelch Sanders’ campaign it is no coincidence that he and Trump have risen on the ruins of a corrupt party system. Hillary Clinton is the symbol of that system.

Trump sagely has reached out to frustrated Sanders’ supporters to whom party lines are irrelevant offering them a place in his neo-political ‘movement.’ Or, to put it another way: We got us a convoy here.

With fear of being too confident, from here to the White House is going to be a cakewalk for Trump. He has already said that he is jettisoning the first stage of his rocket and will jettison the second when appropriate until his goal of transforming the Republic is clear.

Trump has understood that just as Obama knew how to make himself a media Star that being a Star is what modern politics is about. Personalities, baby, personalities. Trump is the consummate Star; Hillary is the consummate butt. She is not now a Star and will not become a Star. She is Toast. The election is over.

So, Ye Editor, get on the bandwagon now while you can because I can assure you there will be a house cleaning beginning this January when Trump swears on the Bible and becomes Mr. Republican Party. Take a lesson from Megan Kelly.


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