Mindless Condemnation Of Donald Trump



Mindless Condemnation

Of Donald Trump


R.E. Prindle


I’m getting rather tired of this mindless condemnation of Donald Trump. On 6/6/16 the Editorial Board of the New York Times wrote an item titled Donald Trump’s Contempt For The Rule Of Law. This is pure defamation. Where is the ADL when you need them?

The Board (Boards write editorials?) is referring to Trump’s fears that he will be railroaded by a Mexican judge in the ridiculous Trump University suit. He is going to be railroaded no matter what race or ethnicity the judge is. So just as a base or foundation let us assume that Trump is going to be railroaded (as the Board knows full well) and will undoubtedly be hit with a humongous fine that, like Texaco, he will have to bankrupt himself to avoid the injustice. We may expect the verdict along about October 28th of this year just before the election.

Justice is not the issue here: the issue is Get Trump!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Board quotes a Face The Nation talking head named John Dickerson as remind(ing) Mr. Trump that this country has a tradition of not judging people based on their heritage… Give me a break. The Negroes have been complaining for decades that they can’t get justice from White judges and juries. Our president Barry insists that thousands of Negroes have been wrongly incarcerating and is freeing them daily. That’s a lot of injustice based on heritage Board of Editors. Maybe Trump should be concerned.

The Moslems insist on Sharia law not trusting White law. The Jews get their notion of justice, according to them, directly from their G-d who is an authority superseding the Constitution of the United States.

George Lincoln Rockwell the former American Feuhrer of the American Nazi Party could expect consideration from no judge. Oh, that’s right, he was a Nazi and therefore had no human rights. He looked like one but, you know, appearances can be deceiving. Say, haven’t the Mexicans been comparing Trump to Hitler?

Let’s just say it’s the tradition is an ideal and like all ideals is observed only in the breach. I myself have seen a hostile judge charge a jury with the words: You cannot find for this defendant.   I have read of other instances also. I have seen chicanery on the bench.

I don’t know who the morons are on this editorial board but catch a ferry to this universe from whichever parallel universe you’re inhabiting now.

Mr. Trump is not bigoted toward Mexicans. He can be expected to be objective toward them as much as Curiel can be expected to be objective toward him whether he was born in Indiana or not. Maybe you people are the bigots, Board, did you ever think of that?

So all people born in Indiana have the same opinions, experience and ideals no matter what their backgrounds? I don’t think so. I was born in Michigan, just North of Indiana, and like any other American I had to deal with people from diverse backgrounds. Many diverse backgrounds. We didn’t all think alike and I wouldn’t trust any of them to be my judge.

The specific concern of Trump is that Curiel who is a professional Mexican, leader of La Raza and all that, will railroad him because as an undiluted American Trump demands that Mexicans follow US immigration laws and apply for a visa. The Boards’ opinion is that they ‘don’t need no steenking visas.’

Trying to funny before people with no sense of humor at the risk, (risk? certainty) of being misunderstood, the Mexicans act like banditos, poor ones, as their own people exploit them leading them in long strings across burning deserts where many fall by the wayside leaving their bones to bleach under the burning sun.

Hell, I would call Trump a great humanitarian for trying to stop this senseless waste of human life.   Wouldn’t you?

I…I…Oh hell, I could co on but the Board so disgusts me, they are so impervious to understanding, so bigoted in their beliefs that it just seems useless.

For the good of their own souls, they should stop these mean spirited rants against Trump the Humanitarian. He’s a better person than they will ever be.


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